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A Word from the Author

In May 2010 I was hanging out at one of the leather/Levi bars in Silver Lake, my favorite gay-friendly neighborhood in Los Angeles.   I met a friend, Randy, and we began talking about some of our biggest sexual fantasies.

Suddenly Randy said, “Why don’t you write them down?”    One of his fantasies stuck in my mind.   Two straight men get drunk in a bar and end up spending the night together in a run-down Hollywood motel.


So there it was ... the beginning ...

I wrote what I thought would be a one-off story about the two men – Randy and Bob.  But what I didn’t foresee was the power the men really had.  They took over from me, as if they were writing the stories themselves. And that’s why, many chapters later, Randy and Bob are going stronger than ever, aided and abetted by their buddies and their boys.

From the start my aim was to provide context and texture to the stories.  See, I have often thought that in erotic fiction, be it in words or on video, the action so often cuts quickly to the money shot without much build-up.   It’s the fuck-and-suck approach.    But there’s more to life than that – even the life of a macho sex-god.   After all, foreplay can be almost as exciting as the actual event.   Put the two together – and whammo!

In A Trial Of Strength there is always, I hope, a back story.  Events don’t come out of nowhere, guys behave in a certain way for a reason, usually some imperative in themselves.    So, for example, in the first chapter Randy doesn’t attack Bob out of pure sadism.   No, he feels that his masculinity has been threatened, especially since he quickly feels an intense affinity for Bob.     And much later (Chapter 73) Zack whips Bob because his beauty is so intense it hurts him.   If Zack cannot own beauty, he has to harm it.

Even though the guys have taken over, I’m still here, typing into my laptop what they tell me to write.  Like many writers I tend to build for myself a shield of anonymity, but for you, dear reader, I will come a little way out of my protective closet.     I was born and raised in England and educated at the University of London.   With a degree in French I worked for Air France and my travels brought me to Los Angeles where I fell in love with a man.

So I followed my lust and moved here.   I have now lived in Los Angeles for as long as I lived in London, so my accent and attitude can truly be called Mid-Atlantic.   People often ask why I moved to Southern California.  Love, of course, the stunning weather, the excitement of a movie town …… but you know what?   It was mostly the men.   I am a sucker for male beauty and there can be few places in the world with so many gorgeous men.    Apart from being daily eye-candy, they have provided much of the inspiration for my work.  (Modesty aside, I have also been considered a hot item myself – gym five days a week – so I could hold my own with the best of them.)

In the past I have written numerous main-stream screenplays and a stage play – most of which gather dust on a shelf in my Studio City garage.   A Trial Of Strength is my first foray into erotic fiction, and I have to say I love it.   I churn out a new chapter every week, and would be lost if I didn’t.  I should mention that I’m obsessive-compulsive, so Randy, Bob and their buddies have become something of an obsession.

But, as they say, enough about me!   Here is where I have to shout out a big Thank You to my webmaster Mitch Cartwright (www.mmc-enterprises.com).  I created the stories, true, but every other creative facet of this web-site belongs to Mitch.   
I learned early in the process that his creative instincts were always superior to mine, and I am indebted to his patience, imagination, ingenuity and technical skills.   Technophobe that I am, swimming under the murky waters of electronic confusion, Mitch has always ably brought me to the surface.

Finally, another big Thank You to you, the reader.    I have received such positive and enthusiastic feedback from so many of you, which provides much needed sustenance and encouragement.    Episodic writing (a-chapter-a-week) is complicated as the story is continuous but each chapter has to stand alone (with two or three cum-shots an episode).  It’s also a solitary process, so your feedback is essential.   Please go to the Contact Us page and send me your comments, suggestions and story ideas.   Be it praise or criticism, tell me like it is – don’t be shy.

Most important of all, enjoy A Trial Of Strength.  The greater the pleasure for you, and the more frequent your orgasms, the better I, Randy, Bob and the guys have done our work.    Let the games continue.

With best regards to you all …………… Rob Williams



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