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A contrast in styles – boys and men.  First, the freckle-faced new boy Tyler and the young gypsy Ben make tentative love for the first time.  “You sure about this, Ben?”  “Just do it, dude - you’re s’posed to be the top man here.”  Then the macho hunk Miguel at last tops Bob, the muscle-god leader of the tribe.  “Now you know, man.  When I fuck a man I take total control.  You’re mine now, you sexy mother-fucker.”


In the previous chapter

Two of the tribe’s junior boys, Ben and Tyler, were getting an education in two wildly different subjects – how to behave in polite company, and how to react in far-from-polite group sex.

Ben, the swarthy young gypsy, was the boy of the fireman Jason and the kid brother of the rugged gypsy Randy.  Jason was about to deploy for at least a week fighting the wildfires north of Los Angeles, and he sought help from the tribe’s leader Bob, Randy’s lover.

“See my boy Ben gets anxious when I’m away like that, and I don’t like to leave him brooding alone in my house. He thinks the world of you, so I was wondering if you can take care of him for me.”  He grinned, “And maybe some of that classy thing you have will rub off on Ben.  Living with me he don’t get out much and he’s still the wild, shy young gypsy I fell in love with.”

A similar request came from the senior boy Pablo, who was now a mature, macho mechanic with a boy of his own, Tyler.  “Can you help me with Tyler, sir?  You’re always saying we should teach our boys new stuff – broaden their horizons as you call it.  I’m just a roughneck mechanic and I’d like Tyler to get a look at other lifestyles.  I remember how you showed me what you called the finer things of life, so I was wondering if you could do something like that for Tyler.”

Bob’s solution was to take the two boys for a weekend at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel down the coast, a five-star hotel where he had several times taken his lover, the rough, tough construction boss Randy, to clean him up a bit.  Bob included in the trip his own boys, the identical twins Kyle and Kevin.  They had a special status as Bob’s boys, with much of his sophistication, and Bob felt they could help with Ben and Tyler.

The two junior boys were overawed and nervous in the unaccustomed luxurious surroundings, but under the guidance of Bob and the twins they gradually relaxed.  What helped do the trick, soon after they got into their hotel suite, was a boisterous session of group sex.  All four boys serviced their master Bob; then the twins butt-fucked the junior boys, and finally Ben and Tyler offered their asses to their hero Bob.

From then on it was all fun, love and laughter.  The five of them hit the beach, then lazed by the hotel pool sipping margaritas.  In the evening they got dressed for dinner, Tyler and Ben in the smart new clothes Bob had bought for them.   

The boys were now on their very best behavior. Tyler was a bit daunted by the various glasses and knives and forks before him, but he soon realized that the waiters saw to everything.  Even when he dropped his fork, before he could bend under the table for it a waiter was at his elbow discreetly offering a clean one.

The maître d’, an elegant gray-haired man, knew Bob well from previous visits and came to the table to pay his respects.   “Good to see you again, sir.”

“Great to see you too,” Bob smiled.  “Nothing much changes around here does it?  Is Carl still the executive chef?”

“He is, sir, and he is in charge this evening.  Unfortunately he will not be here for the rest of your stay though, as he has suddenly been called out of town.  But never fear, sir, we have an excellent last-minute replacement for the weekend.  Our hotel in Los Angeles is lending us their executive chef for the weekend. 

“Actually he was our sous-chef here before he was promoted and moved to L.A.  He is doing extremely well and it was an easy relocation for him as I heard he is living with some good friends of his.  I’m not sure if you ever met him while he was here.  His name is Miguel.”

The twins looked a little startled and glanced at Bob, who kept his cool and answered, “Er yes, I did meet him actually – wonderful chef.”

“Well he will be supervising your dinner tomorrow, sir.  Bon Appetit, gentlemen.”  He left.

Ben frowned.  “Sir, ain’t that the same Miguel who’s living with Zack and Darius as a threesome?  Tyler, you remember from when you first fell out of that tree spying on the guys.”

Tyler said wide-eyed, “You mean that Miguel – that gorgeous musclehunk who was tied up and getting worked over by Pablo.  I was so turned on I broke the branch and fell at their feet.  He’s real into leather too, like Zack and Darius.”

“Yes Tyler,” Bob smiled, “that would be the one.  Funny, though, he never mentioned he was coming down here.  Must have been a very last-minute move.  It’ll be good to see him down here, though I expect he’ll be busy working most of the time.  Ah, here come the menus.  Let me guide you through them.”

As Bob studied the menu the twins studied him, trying to read his feelings.  They guessed that his pleasure at seeing Miguel here was tinged with mixed feelings from the past.  Everyone recalled how, when Miguel first joined the tribe, he had a brief, intensely sexual, relationship with Randy.  Their macho sexuality was well-matched and for a while they had eyes only for each other – to the exclusion and humiliation of Randy’s lover Bob.

Bob had never really blamed Miguel, knowing that the fault lay with Randy whose cock had led him astray before.  He had made his peace with Miguel, but that bitter memory lingered of the time Bob and Randy had almost split up. 

When the twins talked about it privately later that night out on the terrace, Kyle said, “I hope Miguel’s being here doesn’t change anything.  I know it was all Randy’s fault, but I’ve never been convinced that Bob totally forgave Miguel.”

“It’s not so much that, Kyle.  We both know there was a spark between Bob and Miguel that they both tamped down under the circumstances. Miguel was feeling guilty and scared of rocking the boat any more.  And Bob, after condemning Randy with that fierce tongue-lashing, could hardly express any love or lust for Miguel and risk being guilty of the same thing he accused Randy of.”

Kyle grinned, “As Doctor Steve would say – oh what a tangled web we weave.  But a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, bro.   Things are not as heated as they were.”

“Yeah, but that’s what worries me, dude. No restraint, all bets are off.  Anything could happen.”

*********************   CHAPTER 402   *********************

Bob and the four boys had been seated for dinner at a choice table by the window overlooking the ocean, and when they could tear themselves away from the view they studied the menus. 

The maître d’ had just left them after casually dropping the surprising news of Miguel’s imminent arrival next day as substitute chef, but then the subject was dropped right away.  Bob was more disturbed by the news than he let on and did not want to discuss the reasons.  The twins sensed that, so they avoided the topic out of deference to him.  As for Ben and Tyler, they were concentrating on their first experience of fine dining and puzzling over the menu.

Bob said, “Now this is all about us enjoying our meal, not worrying how we look or which fork to use.  So first, you guys, tell me what kind of food you would really like – you know, what meat or fish, that sort of thing.  Er, I would stay away from things like hamburgers and hotdogs, stuff you can get from the fast-food joints back home.

That was easy, they thought, and gave him their choices.  From there he made suggestions from the menu and explained what they were.   When the waiter came Bob encouraged them to ask him questions and he patiently described the dishes.  Bob made the choice of wine, then smiled.  “Well that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Thing is,” Ben said, “there are so many guys around to help us.  It’s more difficult at Burger King where I have to make the choices from the menu on the wall, and the guy behind the counter is so rushed he don’t have time for questions.”

Bob laughed, “Ben, my boy, you have just described one of the joys of gracious living – having lots of people around to help – carry baggage, make the beds, pick up your fork when you drop it.  All we have to do is sit back and enjoy ourselves.”

Which is exactly what they did for the rest of the meal.  The mood was helped along, just after the main course was served, by Ben’s cell-phone ringing.   He looked at the screen, then at Bob.  “Sir, it’s Jason … am I allowed to …?”

“Oh course you are.  Quick, answer it.”  As soon as he did Ben’s face was wreathed in smiles.  “Yes, sir, going great.  This place is totally awesome and I’m learning a lot of stuff.  How are things up there, sir?”  As he listened his smile grew wider.  It was not a long call but Ben was clearly thrilled as he said, “Thank you, sir.  Me too … take care …”

He clicked off and his eyes sparkled.  “He’s doing great, says he’s with a great bunch of guys and they’re working flat out on the fires.  He was on his first break and the first thing he did was call me.  He said when he gets home next week he’s gonna be so hot and horny and he won’t even stop to take off his uniform – he’ll rush straight to the house where he wants me waiting for him – butt naked he said.  Er, sorry sir, is it bad manners to answer the phone at the table?”

“Depends on the call,” Bob said.  “When it’s as important as this one you go for it.”

Ben and Tyler embarked on an excited conversation, trying all the time (and failing most of the time) to remember their table manners.  Bob and the twins smiled to see them having such a good time.  Before this the two junior boys had not spent much time together and now they were great support for each other as they explored this new unfamiliar world.

After dinner they all went to the bar for a nightcap, and it was late when they finally got back to their suite.  Bob yawned, “Guys, I don’t know about you but I’m bushed.  Been a long day.  I’m for bed.  I’d like us to get up early-ish tomorrow and maybe go for a run on the beach.  Best time of the day here.”  The twins readily agreed, Ben and Tyler said polite thank yous to Bob for a memorable day, and they went to their respective bedrooms.

In the main room the scene played out much as it had done so often at home when Bob spent the night with the twins.  They all undressed matter-of-factly, hung their clothes in the closets, and as they brushed their teeth, looking at each other in the mirror, the twins broached the subject uppermost in their minds. 

“Sir,” Kyle said, “do you feel OK about Miguel coming down here tomorrow?”

“Sure.  It’ll be like old times.”  There was a long pause while the twins looked at him quizzically in the mirror.  Bob grinned and shrugged.  “OK, I can never fool you two.  Well, sure, there are some mixed feelings.   Do you recall how we first met Miguel right here in the hotel, before we knew he was the guy Zack had met and lost years ago?  He was still nervous of man-on-man sex until he watched you two make love and eventually, maybe in this very bed, knelt over me and shot a massive load on me.   We had a great time as I recall.”

Bob and the twins left the bathroom and it was taken for granted that they would not make use of both king-size beds – the twins would sleep with Bob.  As they got in Kevin resumed the subject.  “Of course we remember, sir, but we were really thinking about what happened when Miguel came to the house in L.A. and … well, you know, all that stuff with Randy.”

Bob shrugged that off.  “But we got over all that and I never really blamed Miguel.  I got my own back by making Miguel fall for me and I fucked him.  End of story.”

“Is it, sir?” Kyle grinned.  “Face it, sir, it wasn’t only that Miguel fell for you.  As we recall you really had the hots for the handsome hunk.”

“Well naturally I found him attractive, who wouldn’t?  But I didn’t let him fuck me, Randy would have gone apeshit.  Anyway, it’s all over, no more lust.  And you know something, you guys are really pushing the envelope here asking all these questions.  Who d’you think you are?”

“Your boys, sir,” they said in unison.

Bob grinned and shrugged.  “Yeah, well, I guess there is that.  So listen to your old man, drop the subject and go to sleep.”

“You’re the boss, sir,” Kyle said, winking at Kevin.  “They nestled on either side of Bob and dozed off, leaving Bob to ruminate on what they had said.”


In the bedroom at the other side of the suite there was a conversation of a different kind – more excitable but with an edge of shyness.  Tyler and Ben were both shy by nature and now they were finally on their own they were still tentative around each other, even though they had stayed close together all day for moral support in their exploration of this unfamiliar world.

As they put away their smart clothes Ben gushed, “Wow, look at this – two closets, one each.  I only got one at home … ‘course I don’t have any fancy clothes like this.”

“And get a load of this bed,” Tyler said.  “Looks so classy it’s a shame to mess it up.   But like Bob said … ta da!”  He did what Bob had done earlier and yanked down the covers to expose the sheets.  “I read in the brochure they’re made of Egyptian cotton … I think,” Tyler frowned.

“Ugh, don’t like the sound of that,” Ben said.  “Probably cheaper coming from there, but I guess they’ll do.”   The boys undressed self-consciously with their backs turned to each other.   “You still wanna share a bed, dude?” Ben said over his shoulder.

“Don’t ya think?” Tyler replied.  “I like to cuddle.  We don’t have to fuck or anything.”

“‘Course not.”  They kept their boxer briefs on and lay on their backs staring at the ceiling.”

“What a day eh, dude?” Tyler said.  “What did you like the best so far?”

“You mean apart from the sex we had with Bob and the twins?   Hmm … I think it was when we first got here,” Ben said, “walking through that lobby, like Bob said ‘heads up like you own the place’.  I don’t think we pulled it off, though, didn’t fool anyone. People could tell it was our first time.  How about you?”

“OK, what I liked best was how everyone kept calling me sir.  Made me feel … kinda important.”

“But dude, you don’t need that ‘sir’ stuff to feel important.  “You are important, Tyler.  You’re real important to Pablo, and to us boys and the whole tribe.  Just see what happens if anyone from outside hurts you.  The whole tribe joins in to help you, led by Randy and Pablo.”

“Yeah,” Tyler sighed.  “I guess these guys here only call me sir ‘cos it’s their job.”

“And because you’re cute,” Ben grinned.  “I saw the way that valet looked at you.”

And so they chattered on, still too excited to sleep.  Before now these two boys had not had much contact with each other since Tyler joined the tribe.  Their paths seldom crossed as Ben spent most of his time in his master Jason’s house and Tyler stayed close to his master Pablo.  And they worked in separate places – Ben as assistant mechanic on the construction site and Tyler as assistant houseboy at the house.

But ever since they climbed into Bob’s Mercedes this morning they had soon become close and compatible.  Although Ben was more secure than Tyler (he had been in the tribe much longer, plus he was boss Randy’s kid brother) they were both junior boys with similar temperaments.  And with the racing hormones of youth they were sexually attracted to each other.

There was a long pause, then Tyler said, “Dude, I’m nursing a huge boner here.  I’m gonna go and rub one out in the bathroom.”

“You don’t have get out of bed for that.  I can do it for you right here.  I’ve jerked Eddie off a few times and he says I’m pretty good at it.”

“I’m not sure if I can cum like that, Ben.  Maybe if I did it to you at the same time it would feel a bit like jerking myself off.  Have you got a boner too?”

“Duh,” Ben said, resulting in a scramble under the sheet to pull off their shorts then grabbing each other’s cocks.  They were still on their backs and didn’t make eye contact out of shyness.   It was the first time they had touched each other in a sexual way and the mere touch made their cocks jump.  “Careful not to shoot, dude,” Ben said.  “This is kinda cool.”

They stroked each other for a few minutes and, as they were both feeling the same impulses, they took care to slow down when they both got close to their climax.  Finally they turned their heads and smiled at each other.  “Dude,” Ben said, “you got a really big cock.”

“Yeah, that’s what Pablo says.  That’s why a couple a’ times he’s let me fuck him.  It feels awesome when I do that.”

Ben chuckled, “Does he call you sir when you fuck him?”

“Nah,” Tyler giggled, “of course not.  Pablo’s real macho, he don’t call many guys ‘sir’, except for Randy and Bob and Uncle Mike.  He sure wouldn’t call me sir no matter how hard I fuck him.”

“I would,” Ben said impulsively.  “I call Pablo sir at work ‘cos he’s my boss.  He’s as tough as they cum and I’ve seen the way you imitate him.  With his training you’d make a great top boy.” 

Another silence as Tyler thought about this and they continued stroking each other.  Finally Ben said, “Er, I know we said we wouldn’t fuck but …”

“We didn’t say we wouldn’t, dude, we said we didn’t have to.  Do you wanna fuck?”

“Hell yeah.  Jason fucks me all the time but with him away … you know how your ass kinda aches for it sometimes?  Go on … on your knees dude?”

“You mean you want me on top?  OK.”  Tyler scrambled to his knees behind Ben who pulled his legs back and grinned up at him.

 “What about lube?” Tyler asked.  “Pablo uses just spit ‘cos he says real men don’t use lube.”

“Oh yeah?  Well you know what Randy says – ‘real men don’t give a shit what real men do’.  But spit’s fine – just use plenty of it.”

Tyler spat several times in his palm, rubbed it on his cock and eased forward.  “You sure about this, Ben?”

“Just do it, dude.  You’re s’posed to be the top man here.”

“OK, you asked for it asshole,” Tyler growled, trying and failing to sound macho.  But when he sank his cock into Ben’s ass and Ben stared up at him with a deep “aaagh”, Tyler felt a rush of adrenaline race through him as he penetrated the handsome young gypsy for the first time.  With the impulsiveness of youth there was little finesse, just a spirited charge into his buddy’s ass at the start of a pounding fuck.

Ben moaned and writhed in an exaggerated version of a boy getting ploughed by his master.  Ben had been intrigued by the idea of getting fucked by the junior boy of the tribe but there was more to it than that.  All day he had watched Bob and the twins bolster Tyler’s self-esteem in lots of small ways.  He genuinely liked Tyler and, as the more experienced boy, felt a compulsion to help him shed his shyness and gain confidence.

That is why he had made the little speech about Tyler being important, and why he now assumed the bottom role.  He had gone a little overboard saying he could call him sir, but he gave it a try now.  Remembering how he reacted when his hot fireman fucked him he thrashed his head from side to side and threw his arms up on the bed in a gesture of surrender.

“Aaagh,” he groaned.  “That feels awesome.  Thank you, sir.  Don’t stop. Fuck me harder, sir.”

They stared into each other’s eyes, Tyler slowed down … and they started to laugh.  “Sounds kinda stupid, don’t it?”

“Yeah, real dumb,” Ben grinned.  “It works with Jason ‘cos he’s, well this hot stud fireman, but we’re … we’re just good buddies.  OK, the ‘sir’ is out, but I love you fucking me dude and I meant it when I said don’t stop.”

All the hesitations and pretensions were banished and they were just two boys making love for the first time.  Now Tyler could laugh instead of growling, Ben could reach up and touch his friend instead of writhing – and even give Tyler hints.

“Slow down for a minute dude, just massage my ass with your dick.  See how great that feels?  OK, now speed up gradually.  Yeah, you’ve got a great cock for fucking, dude, it feels totally awesome.  You look great too.  Pablo’s really whipped you into shape.  Man that feels good.”

Spurred on by Ben’s praised Tyler fucked harder and faster.  He leaned forward and pressed his hands on Ben’s chest while Ben reached up and dug his fingers into Tyler’s pecs.  They smiled at each other and made deep eye contact for the first time.  They were making love, the first time as new buddies, and the new sensation grabbed Tyler so intensely that he lost control. 

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum dude … I can’t stop … your ass feels so fucking hot … oh fuck … here it comes dude … yeah … yeah … aaagh!”

Ben pushed his ass up to meet the stream of jizz that poured into his ass and loved the sight of his freckle-faced buddy finally letting go, totally uninhibited for the first time.  Tyler kept driving his cock in until he was drained and stared down at Ben, wide-eyed and panting hard.  But his crazed smile slowly turned to a furrowed brow.  “You didn’t cum … I didn’t make you cum.  I wasn’t good enough to …”

“Ah, cut the inferiority crap, dude.  You were a great fuck and you know it.  Nah, the reason I didn’t cum was …” He grinned impishly …”was because I wanna fuck you, buddy.  Fair’s fair.”

He quickly flipped Tyler over on his back, spat on his own cock, pushed his buddy’s legs back and eased his cock into his ass.  “Aaah,” Tyler groaned, “I’ve just cum, dude.  It hurts.”  Ben started to pull out but Tyler pleaded, “No, dude, don’t stop.  I like it really … just go easy.”

By this time Ben was so fired up that just by sinking his cock into his buddy could have made him cum.  But he held back as long as he could, massaging his buddy’s ass gently and grinning down at his wide-open eyes.  “You’re doing great kiddo.  I love you dude.  You wanna feel my jizz in your ass?”

Tyler gulped and nodded.  He reached up and ran his fingers through the young gypsy’s long black hair and they both howled as Ben thrust in deep and poured warm juice in his friend’s ass.

 “We did it, dude,” Ben yelled and collapsed on top of Tyler in peals of laughter.  They rolled around in bed hugging and kissing and when they calmed down and lay in each other’s arms Ben said, “Dude, if you wake up in the night feeling you want to go to the bathroom for a wank, don’t.  Wake me up and we’ll fuck again.  Deal?”

“Deal.  Thank you, sir,” which set off another bout of giggling.

The doors to both bedrooms were ajar so their euphoric shouts carried across the suite to where Bob and the twins were almost asleep.  “Told you they would fuck,” Kyle grinned.

“Yeah,” Bob said drowsily, “but who do you think fucked who?”

Kevin said, “I’m sure they fucked each other, sir.  It’s what we would do.”

“Tell me about it,” Bob chuckled. 


The twins woke early next morning through force of habit.  Back at home they were always the first up to prepare breakfast for everyone, but this morning they were on vacation so breakfast preparation consisted of lifting the phone.  They knew the precise breakfast favorites of each man and boy so they were able to give a detailed request to room service. 

They showered quickly, pulled on their matching board shorts and set up a table on the terrace overlooking the ocean.  When the young waiter arrived he did a double-take (a double-double-take actually) at the sight of the handsome identical twins, their tanned, muscular bodies on full display.  But he kept his professional poise as he wheeled in the cart laden with food.

He began his routine of setting the table but Kyle said, “That’s OK, dude, we can take it from here.  Thanks for being so prompt.”  He tipped the waiter who gave them one last, longing glance and a “thank very much, sir … sirs” before leaving the room, bumping into the doorpost as he went.

The twins went to work transferring the food, coffee, juice and cutlery from cart to table, finishing up with a small vase of flowers from the living room.  They went into the boys’ room and found them fast asleep in each other’s arms.  The bed was such a mess it was clear there had been more action during the night.

Kyle opened the window blinds and sunlight flooded in.  Kevin coughed loudly and the boys stirred.   “Breakfast is served on the terrace, gentlemen,” he said in a voice professional enough to win him a place on staff here in the unlikely event he ever wanted it.  The boys opened bleary eyes and Tyler jumped out of bed thinking he had overslept, before he realized where he was, where there was no such thing as oversleeping.

“We’ll leave you guys to shower,” Kyle smiled, “while we wake Bob.”  The boys grinned at each other guiltily and stumbled into the bathroom. 

When the twins went back to the main bedroom Bob was still asleep sprawled naked on the bed.  When they had got out of bed the covers had pulled off him and he looked stunning, on his back, arms splayed out on the bed, his superman face lolling to one side, dark hair in a tousled mass, his semi-hard cock lying across one thigh.  Breathing steadily his chest rose fell, his muscular body lit by the striped sunlight coming through the slatted blinds.

The twins grinned at each other and knew instantly how they would wake him.  They stood one on each side of the bed, unlaced their shorts and pulled out their cocks, which were already hard just at the sight of their man.  They stroked their cocks, slowly at first then increasing the tempo until they nodded to each other that it was time.  

Bob was dreaming when his consciousness was stirred by muffled groans and he opened his eyes to the sexy image of identically fine-looking boys standing over him shirtless, muscles rippling as they pounded their cocks in their fists.  His eyes had barely focused when he felt warm liquid splashing down on him – lots of it, on his abs, chest, neck and face.

“Aaah, stop … what you doing? … I’m drowning in jizz here, guys.”

“Breakfast is served, sir,” Kyle said.  “This was just a protein appetizer,” Kevin smiled.  The twins changed sides, fell to their knees, bent over Bob and licked their brother’s cum from his body. They ran their tongues over his abs, then his pecs and the up the cleft between them.  They cleaned his neck and his face before ending at his lips in a three-way morning kiss.

Bob raised his hands and pressed them behind their heads, pulling them harder onto his mouth.   When they pulled back he laughed, “Boy, the room service in this hotel is great.  I get woken up and showered without moving.  Guess I’m all ready for breakfast.  Lead the way, guys.”


Breakfast was a merry affair as everyone was now settled into the lifestyle and Tyler and Ben had lost all their discomfort at the unfamiliar surroundings.  “You sleep well, boys?”  Bob asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“Er, yes sir,” Tyler murmured.  “Like logs,” Ben added.  They caught each other’s eye and sputtered in giggles.  “You heard us, didn’t you, sir?” Ben blushed.

“Mm, we did hear something, I guess.  Sounded to me like a coyote howling, eh guys?”

“More like a cow mooing,” said Kyle.  “Or a pregnant frog,” Kevin offered.

“You don’t know what a pregnant frog sounds like,” laughed Tyler.  “Anyway, frogs don’t get pregnant, they lay frogspawn.  Come on, guys, you knew it was us fucking.” 

“Yeah we did,” Bob chuckled, “and we took bets on who fucked who.”

“We fucked each other,” Ben said, and Bob high-fived the twins for guessing right.

After breakfast they decided to go to the beach but Tyler said, “Shouldn’t we tidy the beds first?”

Bob ruffled his hair.  “Get with the program, kiddo.  I told you, we have staff for that now.”

They spent the morning swimming, romping in the waves and working up an appetite for lunch. Bob suggested that they get cleaned up and have lunch at the terrace restaurant.  “Pretty casual there for lunch – you gotta wear a shirt though.”

Half an hour later they were settled and working their way through the menus. “Er, sir,” Kevin said carefully, “do you think Miguel is in the hotel yet?”

“Oh, I’m sure he is,” Bob said, trying to sound casual.  “The maître d’ said the executive chef would be gone all day so Miguel is probably supervising lunches.  But like I said, he’ll no doubt be busy all day so we may not be seeing anything of him.”

The twins glanced at each other, each of them knowing Bob so well that they caught the slight edge to his voice.  And actually Bob was wrong about one thing.  Near the end of the meal when the lunch crowd was thinning out they were engrossed in conversation when a voice with a deep Spanish accent said, “Hey, guys.”

They looked up and Bob actually blushed.  Miguel was wearing his chef’s uniform of white jacket buttoned up to the neck and black pants.  But no uniform could hide his muscular physique, and certainly not his ruggedly handsome Hispanic face with his heavily stubbled chin, almost a beard, and his thick black hair and dark penetrating eyes.

Bob knew that the twins had noticed his blush and he quickly regained his poise.  “Hey, buddy, they let you out of the kitchen eh?”

“Just a breather.  I gotta go back and give the orders for dinner prep.  Then I get a three hour break before the fun starts tonight.  But how are you guys enjoying your stay?  Tyler, Ben, you having fun?”

“Yes thank you, sir,” they replied shyly, always a bit intimidated by this stunningly macho man.

“And Kyle and Kevin,” Miguel smiled, “as I recall you guys pretty much make your own fun wherever you are.  I remember that time you helped me out in the kitchen here when I was the sous chef.   You were terrific, gave us suggestions they use here to this day. 

“We’re real short staffed right now.  ‘Course, I’m replacing the head chef but the sous chef has gone down with a cold too.  So we’re a bit thin on the ground.  I almost feel like making a public address announcement like they do in emergencies for doctors – ‘if there is a gourmet chef in the house please report to the kitchen immediately’.”

The twins glanced at each other as Miguel flashed his dazzling smile.  “But enough of my problems – sorry to bore you with them.  Hey, like I said, I’ll be free soon for a few hours and I usually have a drink at the pool bar.  You guys probably have a ton of things to do, but if you happen to be by the pool maybe I could buy you all a drink.”

The four boys looked at Bob entreatingly and he grinned, “Well actually we’re all beached out so I was gonna suggest an afternoon getting some sun by the pool.  So maybe we’ll see you.”

“Of course you will,” Miguel smiled.  “It’s a date then.”  He sighed.  “OK, great to see you but it’s back to the meat grinder for me for now.  See you later, guys.”  He flashed another smile and as he turned he rested his hand on Bob’s shoulder and squeezed it lightly.  Then he was gone.


When they got back to the suite Tyler and Ben were buzzing as they changed clothes in their bedroom.  “That guy is sooo hot,” Tyler said.  

Ben agreed.  “He spends so much time with Zack and Darius when he’s not working that we don’t see him much and I always forget what a stud he is until I lay eyes on him.  But dude, you don’t know the whole story of when he joined the tribe – that was before you showed up.  See, Miguel and Zack became lovers right away but Randy muscled in and took Miguel fishing up at the lake and they had hot and heavy sex up there nonstop.”

“Yeah, they look kinda alike in a way, as if they would turn each other on.”

“Oh, it was major stuff.  For days they were crazy about each other and … well you know how intense Randy gets.  He kinda shut out Bob and we all thought it was curtains for them.  The shit really hit the fan and everyone got involved.  But you know how these things go. They sorted it all out in the end and Bob got his own back by seducing Miguel and fucking him.

“So it’s all over,” Tyler said.

“Well,” Ben said conspiratorially, “that’s the point.  Everyone knows Miguel kinda fell in lust with Bob, but it seems it wasn’t just a slam-bam-thank-you-man revenge deal for Bob either.  I heard from Eddie who heard it from the twins that Bob still has the hots for Miguel.  ‘Course, he’d never let on, but did you notice how Bob reacted to Miguel just now?”

“No,” Tyler frowned.  “If anything he seemed kinda cool with him.”

But that’s it, dude, don’t you get it?  He’s playing it cool, don’t wanna rock the boat no more.  If you ask me …”

“Hey you guys,” Kyle interrupted, poking his head round the door.  “When you’re done gossiping we’re ready to go down to the pool.”  He came in and said softly, “And one other thing, guys.  I caught the last bit you were saying and I just wanna say that whatever happens with all of that it has nothing to do with us.  It’s between the men, and boys don’t get involved in those things.”

“But you do, don’t you, dude?” Ben said.

Kyle smiled.  “Well we’re Bob’s boys and we may give a nudge now and then but after that we stand back and watch how things pan out.  And you should do the same.”

“No harm in watching, eh Kyle?”

“No one ever said there was,” Kyle grinned.  “Not in this tribe.”

They all went down to the pool wearing board shorts and a waiter led them to a group of five chaise lounges and took their drinks orders.  By now all their minds were on Miguel, though Bob feigned nonchalance, with only a fleeting glance at the bar noticed only by the twins.  No sign of Miguel so they settled back in their chaises with varying levels of disappointment. 

They closed their eyes and even dozed.  Tyler was the most excited of all, involved for the first time in any kind of tribal intrigue, and he kept one eye on the bar. 

And it was Tyler’s voice that roused them.  “There he is, there he is.  Dudes, he looks totally gorgeous.”  Such an outburst couldn’t be ignored and they all looked at the bar where Miguel stood in brown and beige striped board shorts and a faded, pale blue T-shirt that accentuated his perfect physique.

But he wasn’t looking at them and seemed more interested in chatting to the barman, who was clearly a friend.  They all looked at Bob, but he kept is cool, lay his head back on the chaise and closed his eyes.  The boys followed suit but they were soon roused again by the familiar deep Hispanic voice.   “Care for a refill gentlemen?”

They looked up to see a smiling Miguel standing above them with a tray of five margaritas.  He put them on a small table and pulled up a chair beside them.  “I thought your glasses looked empty so these are on me.”

They all sat up in their chaises and Miguel handed round the drinks.  When he came to Tyler he asked with a big smile, “And you, sir?”

Tyler frowned.  “Sir, I was wondering about that.  Like, as you are kinda on staff here, do you have to call me sir like everyone else does?”

“Hm, interesting question,” Miguel said with an amused smile. “Strictly speaking yes I should.  But as I think of us as buddies, I could get away with calling you Tyler, or dude.  Of course, if you prefer ‘sir’ you have every right as a guest to expect it.”

“Oh but I don’t, sir … I mean, I prefer the buddy thing.  I was just confused about it is all.”

“Good, so that’s settled, Tyler.  Here’s your drink.  Enjoy, buddy.”

Bob smiled affectionately at Miguel and the kind, gentle way he spoke to Tyler.  And from then on everyone relaxed and Miguel was bombarded with questions about the inner workings of the hotel and especially the kitchens.  Bob had noticed the frisson that had run through the twins earlier when Miguel had mentioned the shortage of kitchen staff.

“Er, that call you were gonna put out for gourmet chefs, Miguel.  I don’t think you have to go on the public address.  Maybe you could find skilled chefs closer at hand.”

The twins looked at Miguel with pleading eyes and he said, “Oh, I didn’t dare to suggest that and interrupt your little vacation here.  You are guests here – honored guests if I may say so.”

“Well,” Bob said, “I was planning to have dinner in the restaurant this evening and was hoping to have time alone with Tyler and Ben to explain the menu in more detail – you know, food types, wine choices, that sort of thing.  I didn’t do it before ‘cos it would bore the twins gutless.  They learned all that years ago.  So, if Kyle and Kevin would like to give you a hand and you think they might be helpful …”

“Thank you, sir, thank you,” the twins gushed.  “It’s a dream to be part of a busy kitchen in a hotel as grand as this.”

“It’s a date then,” Miguel said.   “If you report to the kitchen at five o’clock I’ll get you kitted out and you can be my assistants.”  He paused and his professional confidence gave way to mild shyness.  “Er, that’s a few hours away and in the meantime I, er, I usually go for a walk on the beach, breathe some fresh air away from the stoves and ovens.  I, um, wonder, Bob if …”

“Would you like company?” Bob said quickly.  “I wouldn’t mind working off the effects of these margaritas.”  The twins glance at the boys with slight shakes of the head, which Tyler and Ben understood perfectly.

Tyler jumped in with, “Can Ben and me stay here with the twins, sir … and watch how all the posh people behave?  It’s good for our education.”

Bob smiled at Tyler’s lame excuse but he loved him for it, and everyone knew exactly what the clumsy ploy was about.   “Of course, kiddo,” Bob smiled, “and when we get back I want a full report on what you’ve learned.”

“Aye-aye, sir.”  Tyler smiled at the twins, proud to have contributed to the latest bit of intrigue.”


Bob and Miguel walked together down the winding cliff path to the beach.   Miguel pulled off his T-shirt and stuffed it into the waistband of his shorts behind him, and it swung over his ass as he walked.  Bob glanced at Miguel’s flawless physique, muscles rippling as he strode along.  But he turned away, eyes front, a split second before they made eye contact.

And that’s how they continued along the beach, in a self-conscious silence.  They didn’t break into a run as they both wanted to talk, but had no idea how to begin for fear of screwing things up.   But at last Miguel said, “I’d like to show you my own special place where I always used to come to be alone and meditate when I worked down here.  It’s a place I took Zack to when he first came here and we … well, met again after so long … and I found out his name was Zack.”

“I would like that a lot,” Bob said.   “And how are things going with you and Zack, buddy?   We see so little of you these days, you three are always doing your thing across the street.”

“Going great, Bob.   Zack and I are still crazy about each other and it’s great how Darius fits right in.  A threesome could be difficult – you know, two getting off on each other and the third feeling neglected, but Zack and Darius are real solid with each other so it all works out perfectly.

“That, er, recent fight between Zack and Randy troubled me a lot but I stayed well clear of it – didn’t want to muddy the waters.   I did enough of that when I first came up to town and had that … that thing … with Randy and hurt you so bad.  I was so fucking stupid and hated what I did to you.  I was just so new to everything and, like a kid in a candy store, bit off more than I could chew …” he chuckled … “if you’ll pardon the expression.”

Bob smiled.  “Oh there was a lot of blame to go round in that little drama.  I also felt bad afterwards about the way I treated you – taking my revenge by turning on the sex appeal, shamelessly seducing you and then fucking you, just to prove I could match what Randy did to you.  Nobody came out of that mess looking like a choirboy, but it’s all over now.”

“Hey look,” Miguel said.  “Over there is the start of the path up to my secret place.  I discovered it by accident years ago.  Come on, buddy.”

The faint path began behind a rock which is what kept it so secret.  It rose steeply up the side of the cliff and they panted hard as they walked.  As Bob followed Miguel, their shared physical effort somehow brought them closer together.  And then suddenly the path widened into a plateau, a wide ledge cut into the cliff side, a sunny, grassy area with a few sturdy shrubs bent into strange shapes by the wind over the years.

Today there was no wind, just a slight breeze.  The rustle of leaves was the only sound apart for the cry of the seagulls wheeling overhead and the waves hissing onto the beach far below.  They stood for a while gazing out over the sparkling ocean and Bob said, “I can see why you used to come here, Miguel.  It’s a magical place.”

“Yeah, it’s real special to me.  It’s the place I used to meditate, and where I knew beyond doubt that I was in love with Zack.”   Miguel dropped to the ground and sat cross legged, then pulled Bob down beside him.  “Breathe deeply, buddy.”

They sat silently, shoulder to shoulder, gazing out to the far horizon.  The peace and beauty of the place wrapped round them and time seemed to slip sideways.  All the painful events of the past, the foolishness of men, faded into insignificance.  The recent turmoil between Randy and Miguel, then Zack and Randy, had been replaced by the certainty of so much love between all the men of the tribe.   And the sweetness of that harmony now imbued these two men. 

“Bob,” Miguel said after a long silence, “I wanna get something off my chest.  That time you fucked me after the Randy episode.  I know you did it as payback for what I had done, but …”

Bob smiled, “It was you called it a revenge fuck, buddy.  I said it was a forgiveness fuck.”

“Revenge, forgiveness, whatever.  To me it sure felt like making love.”

“Miguel, surely you realize that my attempt at seduction backfired on me.  You were so fucking gorgeous I did make love to you.”

“Thanks for saying that, Bob.  But you’ll notice that ever since that day I’ve kept my distance.  Like I told you at the time, what I felt when you and I made love scared me.  I was out of my depth.  Hell, I had fallen in love with Zack, then with Randy, as I thought, and then made love to you.  Was there something wrong with me?  Doctor Steve used that kid in the candy store line and said I was overdosing on sugar.  And, I gotta tell you, buddy – sitting here with you now I still am scared of it.”

“Don’t be scared, buddy.  The thing about the tribe is that we find all different kinds of love – affection, infatuation, raw sex, passion, but it’s all a kind of loving and we share it with each other.  It’s bound to cause complications and problems at times but we eventually rise above it.  So when you and I made love, it was all part of that wild and wonderful lust for life.”

Miguel pondered on that.   “I talked to Zack about all of that – yeah, him and me we talk about everything – and he said much the same as you.  Except there are a few taboos.  You recall when you fucked me and I said ‘OK this time I gave you my ass but one day soon I’m gonna fuck your hot ass?’  I’ve wanted it ever since, but it didn’t happen ‘cos Zack says that’s one of the taboos.  Randy has lightened up a lot over the years, he said, but he still sees your ass as his exclusive property.”

Bob bristled at those words.  “Miguel, I am no man’s property, and if I wanna get fucked in the ass I do it.   You’ve wanted it ever since?  Well don’t you think I’ve thought about it too?  When the time was right, I thought.”  He paused.  “Like now.”

Miguel stared at him.  “You mean right here?  Oh man … listen, I’ve got my cell phone in my pocket.  You mean you would really call Randy and ask him for permission?”

Again Bob bristled.  “Damn it, man, I do not need Randy’s permission or anyone else’s to get fucked or to do anything I damn well please.  Do you need to call Zack for permission?”

“Hell no,” Miguel chuckled.

Bob sprang to his feet and stretched his arms out to the sides.  “Look at me, buddy.  Do I look like a lesser man than you or Randy or Zack or any other guy you know?   Take a good look.  Impulsively Bob dropped his shorts and towered butt naked over Miguel.  He turned his back.  “See this ass?  It belongs to me, no one else and I can give it to anyone I choose.  And right now it’s yours, Miguel … if you want it.”

Miguel got to his feet, put his hands on Bob’s shoulders and stared at him.  “Bob, you don’t know how often I’ve thought about fucking you – jerked off thinking about it.  But I don’t want it to be an act of defiance on your part.  I need you to really want it.”

Bob calmed down, smiled at Miguel and shook his head ruefully.  “Buddy, as Shakespeare said, ‘Lord, what fools these mortals be!’”  He clamped his hand behind Miguel’s neck and pulled him forward in a hard, grinding kiss, then broke away abruptly.  “There, does that convince you?”

Bob threw himself down on the grass on his back and spread-eagled his arms and legs in an attitude of submission.  “I’m all yours, stud.  Fuck my ass.”


Miguel’s heart beat wildly as he gazed down at the naked superman offering himself to him.  He paced around the grassy space high up in the cliff and linked his hands behind his head.  “Oh Jesus … oh fuck ... do you know how many times I’ve thought of this?   You lying there naked, so fucking gorgeous waiting for my dick inside you.   The way I always pictured it was like this. 

Miguel pulled his T-shirt from the waistband of his shorts and slowly twisted it into a rope as he stared down at Bob with a steely look in his eye that Bob had seen so often in Randy.  He knelt beside him and tied Bob’s wrists together above his head, then fastened the loose ends round the thick stem of one of the bushes.  He stood up, grabbed Bob’s ankles and pulled them, stretching his body like it was being stretched on the rack. 

Again he paced around the captive superman, his muscular body writhing as he tugged at his restraints.  “That’s a fucking pornographic fantasy,” Miguel said.  “Superman in bondage getting stretched on the rack waiting for a dick to spear his ass.”

Bob stared up at the dark Hispanic muscle-god towering over him, and moaned watching him slowly unlace his board shorts and let them drop.  His huge cock sprang out hard and proud, already oozing pre-cum.  “Man,” Miguel said, “if I were to just touch my dick right now it would explode with jizz … but we don’t want that, do we?  I have another idea.”

Miguel knelt down and pushed one of Bob’s legs up high.  He stared down at the hole he had wanted for so long and without touching his own cock he pointed it straight at the hole.  “No lube yet but I can take care of that too.  At first you’re gonna feel pain ‘cos I know you get off on that you sexy mother-fucker,” he smiled.  Then he said what Randy always said.  “Look into my eyes, man, and do what I tell you.”

Suddenly Miguel drove his dry shaft hard and deep in Bob’s ass, making him howl with pain.  The shock intensified as he felt cum blasting inside him and his own cock erupted all over his heaving chest.  His head thrashed from side to side and he yelled with pain and euphoria until his body stopped writhing and he found himself gazing up at the chiseled, stubbled features of the man whose cock was inside him for the first time.

The smile on Miguel’s face was the smile of a dominant alpha male.  “Now you know, man.  When I fuck a man I take complete control.  You’re mine now, you beautiful son-of-a-bitch, tied up and at my mercy.  I knew we’d both bust out loads as soon as I entered you, and now I can ream your ass the way I want to.  And we now have lube – your jizz and mine.

“Remind you of anyone, big guy?  Me and Randy are alike, we’re cut from the same cloth – same strength, same animal lusts.  That’s why him and me had such a sexual connection that drove us both wild.  It’s why I want you the way he often wants you – at our mercy.  Only difference is, he’s your lover and I’m just a great fuck.  Now I’m gonna make love to you, buddy, the way you deserve.  Anytime you want me to stop, you just say the word, OK?”

Bob was blown away by the strength, the power of the man … and the feeling of the cum-smeared cock filing his ass.  “Don’t stop, man.  I want it all … I want it so bad.”

“OK, buddy.  Here it comes.”  Miguel pulled his cock almost all the way out, paused, then slammed it in again, mesmerized by the wild look on the square-jawed face thrashing in ecstasy, the tousled dark hair flying over his brow.  Instinctively Bob pulled hard on his bound wrists and Miguel growled, “That’s it, man, that’s what I like to see.  But you ain’t goin’ nowhere, stud.  Right now you’re mine and I am gonna … fuckyourass.”

Every muscle in Miguel’s glorious body flexed as he fucked, not so hard now, just long steady strokes that drove in a bit deeper each time.  He did what Randy always did, alternating savage pile-driving with slow, gentle love-making, keeping Bob on edge, not knowing what to expect next and always taken by surprise.  

Several times Miguel leaned down and kissed his groaning prisoner while massaging his ass with his cock.  Then another onslaught until Miguel knew Bob was driven to the edge of his tolerance.  With the same skill as Randy, Miguel pushed Bob over the limit for a split second, taking pleasure in his screams of euphoric pain. 

The minutes went by but time stood still for these virile men, lost in the joys of rugged man-on-man sex as their powerful physiques clashed in a trial of strength and animal lust.  Once again Miguel was bringing Bob toward his climax and this time decided to push him over the edge.  “You gonna do just what I tell you, stud?”

“Yes, sir,” Bob said reflexively.  “Just keep fucking my ass.”

“Right … I wanna see you bust another load.”  Miguel increased the pressure, jackhammering his ass faster and harder than ever and watching the magnificent body stretched on the rack, writhing in ecstasy and howling as they both came together, Miguel flooding the ass of his captive who spurted a second load over his struggling body.

Miguel bent down, lapped up the cum from Bob’s abs and chest and kissed him, passing the warm juice between them.  He pulled back and said, “You OK, buddy?”

“Yeah,” Bob panted. “Just don’t stop.  Don’t pull out.”

“I didn’t intend to, buddy.  I could go on doing this forever.  One more act to play out.”  He reached up and untied Bob’s wrists.  “Touch me, man.”  Bob reached up and ran his hands over the contours of Miguel’s eight-pack abs, his rock-hard pecs, his neck and the thick stubble of his face.  Miguel similarly made love with his hands and fingers to Bob’s chest and nipples.  Then he fell forward and they kissed, rolling over the grass in each other’s arms, all the time with the rugged Hispanic’s shaft buried in the superman’s ass.

Incredibly their cocks were hard as rods again and Miguel smiled at Bob.  “Time to end this once and for all, dude.”  Bob was on his back, Miguel on his knees as before.  He reached down, scooped more jizz from Bob’s chest, wrapped his hand round Bob’s cock and stroked it.

Bob smiled up at him.  “Man, I’m not sure if I can …”

“I am,” Miguel said.  “Remember, I’m in charge.  You do what I say.”

Yes, sir,” Bob said, but with a smile this time.  Miguel pumped Bob’s cock faster until he saw pre-cum oozing from the head.  He drove his cock in his ass a little deeper each time until it was pressing against the inner sphincter.  “So,” Miguel smiled, “you don’t think you can cum again, uh?   Well I say you can.  Like this.”   Their eyes pierced each other as Miguel suddenly thrust his cock over the inner sphincter and pumped juice deep in the sensitive fiery depths of his ass.

Bob’s eyes opened wide and his scream pierced the air as his cock erupted in Miguel’s fist.  Miguel bent down low, clamped his mouth over the head of Bob’s cock … and gulped down the last of Bob’s semen as it spurted down his throat.”


And that was the end.  They fell on their backs side by side, their bodies heaving, gazing up at the seagulls soaring overhead, the only witnesses of two beautiful men making savage love on a secret cliff ledge high above the beach.

Miguel turned on his side, propped on his elbow and traced a finger over Bob’s face, neck and chest.  “All this and Shakespeare too,” he smiled. “You are un-fucking-believable, Bob.  You OK?”

Bob smiled, “What do you think, dude?  After a spectacular fuck like that and a triple climax?  A trip to the moon and back.”  Another long pause, then Bob said, “Miguel, can I borrow your phone?  I gotta call Randy.  You can call it weakness but…”

“Not weakness, buddy, love.  I assumed you would call him, make things right with him.”

“Well, I’m not so sure about that.  Touch and go I’d say.  Is there a signal up here?”

“Sure, there are poles on the clifftop.  Go ahead.”

Randy was at home hanging out with Zack. “Hey buddy, how’s it hangin’? You having a good time showing those kids how the other half live?  How’s my little brother Ben, and young Tyler?”

“They’re having the time of their lives, Randy.  Ben cleans up well but don’t worry, he’s still your gypsy kid brother.”

“Zack tells me Miguel went down there to work a couple days at the hotel.  You seen anything of him?”

“Well, er, yes.  As a matter of fact he’s here with me now.”

Did you fuck?” Randy asked brightly.

“Yeah actually.  And that’s really why I’m calling.  I got a confession.  I let him fuck my ass.  I know I didn’t clear it with you first, but …”

“Hey, hey, cool it, dude.  What’s all this bullshit about a confession and clearing it with me?  Bob, you are my man, a prime specimen of alpha male.  You don’t grovel to anyone, even to me … except when I make you,” Randy chuckled.  “He’s there with you now?  Put him on speaker.  Hey big shot.  I hear you’re taking care of my guy.  Hey, you fucked my lover so I guess it’s OK for me to fuck yours.  Zack’s right here.”

“Hey, stud,” Zack said, “you hear what you let me in for?  This big lug’s gonna plough my ass.  Do I have your permission?” he chuckled.

“Asshole,” Miguel laughed.

“OK, guys,” Randy joked, “I gotta go lube up.  Bob, take care of our boys there, and have fun all of you.  And Bob, we gotta work on that groveling thing when you get back.”

After the call ended Bob looked with surprise at Miguel who grinned, “See, nothing to worry about.  Your man’s fine with it.”

Bob frowned.  “Yeah, I guess so.  He was in a good mood, drinking with Zack.  Thing is though, you never know with Randy.”

“Ah you’re just paranoid.  Come on, we gotta get back.  The twins are reporting to me at five and they’ll give me hell if I’m late,” Miguel grinned.

At Zack’s house in town Zack smiled at Randy.  “You really have lightened up, bro. You sure about this?  I can remember a time when … still, good for you … and good for Bob and Miguel.”

Randy raised his beer bottle. “Yeah, let’s drink to Bob and Miguel.  Here’s to them.”

Zack gave his buddy a quizzical look. “Can it be?  Peace at last in the tribe?”

They looked at each other, then sputtered with laughter.  “Nah ...”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 403

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