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Dominant, macho Miguel longs for a boy of his own. Bob suggests he get a taste of it first by spending a night with the young gypsy Ben and shy young Tyler.  But roles are suddenly reversed as each boy in turn reams the top man’s ass. “Tyler’s was not the subtle fuck of an expert, but the eager panting thrusts of a rookie mesmerized by the fantasy of fucking such a rugged alpha male as this.” 


In the previous chapter

When the tribe’s leader Bob took the boys Ben and Tyler down to a five-star hotel on the beach he didn’t expect the weekend to turn out the way it did.   He had a surprise in store for him.  

The plan had been that, with the help of his twins Kyle and Kevin, Bob would give the younger boys a view of a sophisticated world beyond the rough and tumble of the tribe.  And things were going well in that regard as the boys were learning how to behave in polite company. 

They were starting to feel comfortable at meals and having staff to wait on them, and young freckle-faced Tyler, the newest member of the tribe, was tickled pink that everyone called him sir.  Nobody ever did that at home where the boot was on the other foot – as low man on the totem pole he was the one who called almost everyone else sir.

So things were going swimmingly until Bob was thrown for a loop by the arrival in the hotel of Miguel, the most recent man to join the tribe, a handsome, muscular alpha male who was now the lover of the tribe’s construction boss Zack. 

As soon as Miguel had joined the tribe some months ago he had had a wild sexual romp with Bob’s lover Randy, the tribe’s rugged gypsy leader, to the exclusion and humiliation of Bob.  Bob had long since evened the score by seducing and fucking Miguel, but there always remained between them a mutual attraction, lust even, that they had so far suppressed.

Miguel was the executive chef at the Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles and had been unexpectedly loaned out for the weekend to the Ritz down here on the coast where he had once been the sous-chef.  It was inevitable that the two men would meet and that the repressed passion between them would ignite, which it did on a grassy plateau half way up a cliff where Miguel had realized his wildest dream of fucking Bob’s ass in a prolonged three-orgasm love fest. 

But the fact that Bob had surrendered his ass to Miguel was a potential problem for his lover Randy who jealously regarded Bob’s ass as belonging to him.  So when Bob and Miguel lay back panting heavily after cumming for the third time, the issue had to be confronted.  Miguel turned on his side, propped on his elbow and traced a finger over Bob’s face, neck and chest.  “You are un-fucking-believable, Bob.  You OK?”

Bob smiled, “What do you think, dude?  After a spectacular fuck like that and a triple climax?  A trip to the moon and back.”  After a long pause Bob said, “Miguel, can I borrow your phone?”  He called Randy who was at home hanging out with Zack.

“Hey buddy,” Randy said, “how’s it hangin’? You having a good time showing those kids how the other half live?  How’s my little brother Ben, and young Tyler?”

“They’re having the time of their lives, Randy.  Ben cleans up well but don’t worry, he’s still your gypsy kid brother.”

“Zack tells me Miguel went there to work a couple days at the hotel. You seen anything of him?”

“Well, er, yes.  As a matter of fact he’s here with me now.”

“Did you fuck?” Randy asked brightly.

“Yeah actually.  And that’s really why I’m calling.  I got a confession.  I let him fuck my ass.  I know I didn’t clear it with you first, but …”

“Hey, hey, cool it, dude.  What’s all this bullshit about a confession and clearing it with me?  Bob, you are my man, a prime specimen of alpha male.  You don’t grovel to anyone, even to me … except when I make you,” Randy chuckled.  “Miguel’s there with you now?  Put him on speaker.  Hi, big shot.  I hear you’re taking care of my guy.  Hey, you fucked my lover so I guess it’s OK for me to fuck yours.  Zack’s right here.”

“Hey, stud,” Zack said, “you hear what you let me in for?  This big lug’s gonna plough my ass.  Do I have your permission?” he chuckled.

“Asshole,” Miguel laughed.

“OK, guys,” Randy joked, “I gotta go lube up.  Bob, take care of our boys there, and have fun all of you.  And Bob, we gotta work on that groveling thing when you get back.”

After the call ended Bob looked with surprise at Miguel who grinned, “See, nothing to worry about.  Your man’s fine with it.”

Bob frowned.  “Yeah, I guess so.  He was in a good mood, drinking with Zack.  Thing is though, you never know with Randy.”


*********************   CHAPTER 403   *********************

After their torrid love making on the cliffs Bob and Miguel jogged back to the hotel where Miguel went straight to his room to shower and change into his chef’s uniform, ready to supervise dinner prep in the large, busy hotel kitchen.

Ben, Tyler and the twins were still lounging by the pool, having indulged in gossipy speculation about what Bob and Miguel were up to.  When Bob joined them it was instantly clear from his glow and the gleam in his eye that major sex had taken place.  He looked down at their empty margarita glasses and smiled.  “You guys been drinking all the time I was gone?  Drunken boys kinda lower the standards of this place.  What, the staff here cut you off, did they?”

Indignantly Kevin said, “None of us are drunk, sir.”  Kevin added, “As a matter of fact, sir, we cut ourselves off.  We know when enough’s enough.”

“Just kidding, guys.  Of course I trust you to know when to say ‘when’.  Come on, you two better jump in the shower and get cleaned up ready for work in the kitchen.  You excited to be working with Miguel?”

“What do you think, sir?  When he said they were short staffed we hoped he would ask us to help.  It’s a real privilege to work in a top-notch kitchen like the one here – especially under a guy like Miguel.  If you know what I mean, sir,” he added cheekily.

“Did he fuck you, sir,” Tyler suddenly asked impulsively, then blushed at his own impudence. He dug the hole deeper by saying, “I bet the guys that he would, sir.”

Bob smiled indulgently.  “Well, Tyler, let’s just say you won your bet.  Now upstairs, all of you.”

The twins dressed in black pants and white T-shirts knowing that Miguel would give them white chefs’ jackets buttoned to the top, the uniform of the kitchen.  They excitedly left the suite with a “wish us luck, sir.”

The remaining boys, Tyler and Ben, looked at Bob expectantly.  “OK, kids, I made a table reservation for 8pm.  We’ll go the bar for a drink first so we should soon start to get gussied up again – clean shirts and same jackets as last evening. I’m pleased that it’s only the three of us this time … it’ll give me a chance to further your education by going into the nitty-gritty of menus, wine, and carrying on a real conversation rather than just blurting stuff out.”

Tyler blushed again.  “Sorry about that, sir.  I was curious that’s all.  All of us were.”

“Never mind Tyler, that’s why we love you.  And a word of caution.  Don’t try and foist all this fancy stuff on your masters Pablo and Jason back home.  They are more meat and potatoes than rainbow quiche.  None of this is meant to change who you are.  Pablo and Jason wouldn’t want that – they love you the way you are.  This is just to give you a glimpse of life outside the rough and tumble of the tribe. 

“And you can use these skills if you go to one of those smart dinners at Doctor Steve’s house, or get invited to one of the grand occasions they hold up at the Grady House.  The senior boys like Jamie and Nate learned all this a long time ago.  That’s why they always look so confident, like … well, like senior boys.”

After Bob’s little pep talk the boys were feeling increasingly confident when they went down to the bar.  As they sat sipping martinis Tyler said, “You know, sir, I don’t feel that people are looking at me like I’m a rookie at this luxury stuff no more.”

“They’re not, kiddo.  They are wondering who that smart boy with the freckles is over there, with such good manners.”

“They’re also thinking how cute you are,” Ben grinned.  “I’ve seen some of the looks you get.”

They were again given a choice window seat in the dining room, and Bob’s teaching points to the boys were subtle and did not intrude in their enjoyment of the meal.  There was, of course, no sign of Miguel or the twins, busy in the kitchen, and the service flowed smoothly indicating that the kitchen was a model of efficiency.

In fact, Miguel and the twins were all business, concentrating on their tasks with speed and culinary skill.  As they worked, the twins exchanged quick glances from time to time whose meaning was clear. They smiled at the contrast between the commanding executive chef giving orders to the kitchen crew and the naked musclehunk fucking Bob on the cliff a few hours ago.

When Bob and the two boys were about to order dessert the waiter surprised them by bringing out three individual fruit flans.  Thick cream piping spelled ‘B’ on the top of one, ‘b’ on another, and ‘T’ on the third. “Compliments of the chef and his assistants, sir,” the waiter smiled.

“Please give our compliments to the chef,” Bob said. “Tell him he has given us something today we will always remember.”  After the waiter left, the boys giggled and Ben asked, “Did you mean at the table or on that cliff, sir?”

“Another thing you should learn, kiddo,” Bob smiled, “is that even the politest conversation can sometimes have double meanings.  And you don’t have to spell it out.”


When Bob and the boys got back to the suite they took off their jackets but didn’t change out of their smart shirts and slacks as the boys were enjoying the ‘classy look’ as Tyler put it.  Bob was pleased.  “See, guys, one thing that makes a man look and feel the part is to be comfortable in his clothes, whether it’s well-tailored jackets and slacks or greasy dungarees like you wear at work, Ben.  A man should be versatile.

“Sir,” Tyler frowned, “don’t versatile mean that when a boy fucks he can give it or take it, top or bottom?  That’s what Eddie says.”

“And Eddie is right,” Bob said patiently.  “A man can be versatile in many ways.  Take me, for example.  I’m equally comfortable in jeans and T-shirt, board shorts, or a suit and tie.  And when it comes to sex I am an alpha top man who is just as happy getting his ass ploughed by Randy or Miguel.”

Ben looked thoughtful.  “But sir, I don’t think Randy would be comfortable in a suit and tie.”

“Ah,” Bob said, unable to defy Ben’s logic.  “Randy is an exception – some would say exceptional.  He marches to his own drummer.”

Ben grinned smugly, hearing that his hero big brother broke the rules, as Ben felt like doing so often, both of them being from gypsy stock.  The conversation continued along these lines until the door opened and in came the twins, glowing with pride and still wearing their smart chef uniforms bearing the Ritz-Carlton logo.

“Dudes,” Tyler gushed, “you guys look way cool in those outfits.”

Kyle said, “Miguel told us we had been a huge help to him and he wanted to pay us wages, but we said … er …”   Kevin helped him out, saying grandly, “We told him ‘the pleasure was all ours’.   So instead of wages he let us keep the uniforms.  Sir, do you think we could wear them when we cook for those big parties and stuff at the house and at the Grady House?”

“Great idea,” Bob smiled.  “And I’ll ask Miguel if he can spare another one for Danny.  When the three of you work together it’ll be like the party is catered by the Ritz-Carlton.  Very posh.”

“Did you like the dessert, guys?” Kyle said.  “We made the flans ourselves to a recipe Danny taught us.  Oh by the way, sir, Miguel said to tell you dinner is winding down and after he’s given orders for next day’s prep he’ll drop by here if that’s OK.”

Barely twenty minutes later the doorbell rang and an unmistakable Hispanic voice said, “Room service!”  Ben opened the door and Manuel came in pushing a service cart with coffee, drinks and more dessert.  He too was still wearing his chef uniform, splashed with food stains. 

He grinned, “That dessert of yours and Danny’s was a big hit, guys.  We made a big batch and the waiters offered it as a special.  They went like hotcakes – or warm flan – and there were only four left so I brought them up here.  I’m thinking of adding it to the menu – we’ll call it ‘flan aux fruits Daniel.  ‘Course, I’ll have to get Danny’s permission and pay him a fee.”

The boys descended on the cart, pouring drinks for Bob and Miguel, then tucked into the flan.  The men took their drinks out to the terrace and sat at the table facing each other, high above the dark ocean flecked with reflected lights from the shore.

“Thanks for everything you did for the twins today Miguel.  They obviously had a blast, but were they really helpful?”

“Believe me, Bob, this was no mercy fuck on my part.  I really needed those guys and they exceeded my expectations.  They’re not only great chefs.  They have this air of calm confidence with genuine leadership qualities so the crew looked up to them.”  Miguel grinned.  “I guess a whole lot of their master’s qualities have rubbed off on them.”

“Well, every man in the tribe has an obligation to help his boy improve himself.  That’s what this weekend is all about.  Pablo asked me to help his boy Tyler broaden his horizons and Jason made a similar request for his boy Ben.  That’s what I’ve been trying to do.  Except that right now they look more like pigs feeding at the trough,” he chuckled.

They glanced into the main room at Tyler and Ben wolfing down the flans from the food cart.   “I really love those kids,” Miguel said wistfully.  “It’s something I envy about you guys, the way you all have a boy you protect and care for.  It’s an amazing thing about the tribe.”

“Believe it or not, Miguel, the inspiration for that comes from Randy.  He may behave like a barbarian sometimes but when it comes to the boys he’s a pussy cat.  It comes from his early days in Texas, the eldest of six brothers, dirt poor itinerant gypsies.  He had to protect his younger brothers, which he did mostly with his fists.  And to this day, if anyone hurts any of the boys in the tribe Randy steps in with those blazing eyes and clenched fists.  I’ve also seen his eyes fill with tears when he’s talking to one of them.”

Miguel sighed.  “I guess I’ve always been more self-absorbed most of my life.  I never really thought about boys like these – until I joined the tribe and saw guys like Pete and his Brandon, Hassan and Eddie.  I started to feel paternal instincts I never thought I had – or rather big brother instincts.  Maybe one day I’ll end up with a boy of my own to take care of.”

“It’ll come,” Bob said.  “Do you remember what you told me on the cliff earlier today when we made love?  You said that you and Randy were alike – ‘cut from the same cloth – same strengths, same animal lusts’.   Well I wonder how far the similarity goes – whether you have the same protective instincts for boys as he does.”  

“Dunno, but I wouldn’t have the least clue how to start out, how to interact with a younger guy.”

“Well none of our boys are exactly wet behind the ears, you know.  They’re all over eighteen and have minds of their own, but most of them come from what you’d call the wrong side of the tracks.  The twins were living on the streets, scared of being separated.  Jamie and Larry were rebellious skinheads when they first appeared.  As for the two in that room, Tyler came from a poor family in the desert, and Ben actually hitch-hiked from Texas to L.A. to find big brother Randy – a shy, demeaned young gypsy surviving on his wits.”

Another deep sigh as Miguel gazed at the effusive boys.  Bob saw a nascent longing deep inside the ruggedly handsome man and he had an idea.  “Er, I don’t know how your schedule is in the kitchen, buddy, but how do you feel about spending the night here with us?”

“Well I … I would love to Bob, you know that, except that it might not be a good idea if you and I made love again so soon … you know, Randy and all.”

Bob rested his hand on Miguel’s.  “Much as I would love that, buddy, I’m afraid I agree with you.  We’ll have plenty of time for that back in L.A.  Besides, I know the twins wanted to spend another night with me – they’re very excited about their work in your kitchen and are dying to tell me all about it.  No, I, er … I was thinking about something else.   Maybe a weird notion that you probably won’t go for.”

“I tend to like the ideas you come up with, Bob,” Miguel smiled.  “So try me.”

“OK, here goes.  Tyler and Ben have so far been coached and guided by me but I would like them to take some initiative on their own, be put in charge of something … or someone.   They have been looked after as guests of the hotel here and I would like to see how they manage in the opposite role – entertaining someone else.”

“Meaning me?” Miguel smiled.

“In a word, yes.  You see one of a boy’s main duties is to take care of his master, which they do with Pablo and Jason, though naturally the master is always in charge.  You told me you would have no idea how to treat a boy.  I think you’d be just fine, but there’s one way to find out.”

Miguel’s eyes sparkled.  “You are a devious son of a bitch, Bob.  As it so happens I am contracted here only for lunches and dinners.  Breakfast doesn’t call for great gastronomical feats and the kitchen crew can take care of it.  Of course the hotel has given me a room here – though nothing as opulent as this suite – but if they need me in an emergency they would call my cell phone, not the room phone.”

“So what you’re saying, dude, is that you could spend the night here – question is, which room.”

“Bob, you could charm the birds out of the trees, and your idea intrigues me.  Like I said, I don’t have much experience with younger guys, and I do like these two a lot.  If ever I am to have a boy of my own in the future, might as well dip my toe in the water.”

“Great,” Bob beamed.  “And don’t worry about Pablo and Jason.  When they asked me to take care of their boys they made it clear that there were no restrictions, sexual or otherwise – provided everything stays within the tribe, of course.  OK, let me run the idea by them first.”

“Yeah, I want a few minutes with the twins too – kind of a debriefing.  They see our kitchen here with new, skilled eyes and they usually come up with suggestions on how we can tweak things for the better.”

“You’re gonna want to get out of that food-spattered jacket too, buddy.”  Bob went to a chest drawer, pulled out a black tank top and tossed it to Miguel.  “This should do the trick – always works for me.  Here, catch.”

Miguel caught the shirt, pulled off his jacket and sweaty T-shirt and pulled on the tank which fitted snugly and hugged the contours of his muscular torso.  “Incredible,” Bob smiled.

“God I love you, man,” Miguel grinned.  “Am I allowed to say that?”

“Hm. When we’re alone, yeah.  Sounds good.”


Bob called the two boys out onto the terrace and Miguel went in to debrief the twins.  Tyler and Ben sat at the table facing Bob, with a tingling sense that something was up.  Bob explained his idea to them as they listened wide-eyed.

“Now you don’t have to say yes, you know that.  And it would be quite a responsibility.  That bedroom is your room and if Miguel stays the night with you he would be your guest, you would have to take care of him.  The thing about being a host is that you have to make the guest feel at ease and put his needs first – in fact you have to anticipate his needs.”

They frowned, unfamiliar with the term.  “What I mean is that you have to try and guess what the guest needs before he even asks for it.  In the short time you’ve been here you’ve both learned a lot and grown in confidence.  I know, Tyler, that you find Miguel a bit intimidating, so if you want to say no to this there will be no hard feelings.  What do you say?”

Ben and Tyler looked at each other with nervous excitement.  “We say yes, sir.”

“Good boys.  I know how well you take care of your own master’s needs, so you have a head start with this new guest.”

And so the party broke up.  The twins pulled Bob into the main bedroom, reluctant to take off their chef’s uniforms they were so proud of.  Left alone Miguel and the boys looked at each other shyly.  Tyler and Ben were mesmerized by the sight of the dark Hispanic muscle-god, his pecs bulging under the ribbed black tank.  “You sure about this, guys?” Miguel said.  “If you’d rather be alone …”

“Sure we’re sure,” Ben said.  “We were alone last night and fucked each other so we’ve done that and it’ll be great to have company.”

“… to have a guest,” Tyler corrected him.

“Yeah, that’s what I meant.”

Miguel followed them into their bedroom and they all looked at each other expectantly.  Miguel shrugged.  “Tell you the truth, guys, I’m a bit nervous.  See, I’m fine with guys like myself – Randy, Zack, Bob – even when I’m in leather, tied up and forced to suck dick by other leather guys like Zack and Darius.”

The boys stifled gasps as they focused on that image and felt their cocks swell in their pants.

“But I don’t have any experience with boys, except senior boys like Pablo and Darius, but they don’t count ‘cos they’re more grown up and mature.  Oh, shit, that didn’t come out right.  I didn’t mean that you two are not grown up, I … I …” Miguel blushed.  “See, I told you I was nervous.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, sir,” Ben said.  “We’ll take care of you … we know how to do that.”

“I was hoping you would say that,” Miguel smiled.

“Sir,” Tyler ventured, “after all that work in a hot kitchen you’re probably sweaty and … oh not that there’s anything wrong with that, sir,” he added quickly.  “Like, when Pablo takes me to bed he’s often sweaty, and greasy too, and I love that because …” 

Ben shot him a warning glare and Tyler quickly added, “Sorry, sir, too much information.  When I’m nervous I always talk too much, like my friend Eddie who usually …”  He winced.   “Anyway what I was trying to do was to antipi …”  He faltered and Ben prompted “anticipate”.

“Yeah that’s it, anticipate your need for a shower, sir.”  He blushed.  “I fucked that up, didn’t I?”

Miguel laughed, “You guys are terrific.  I have a suggestion.  Why don’t we stop walking on eggshells and just relax and get to know each other?  And yes, Tyler, I could use a shower.  Can you help with that too?”

Ben said, “Now that’s something we do know how to do, sir.  I do it all the time for Jason, and Tyler does for Pablo.  Leave everything to us.”

They approached Miguel and ran their hands over the tank top, damp with sweat, feeling his solid muscles flex underneath.  Then Ben pulled it up slowly while Tyler sank to his knees and took off Miguel’s special black, no-slip shoes he always wore in the kitchen.  Tyler looked up and gasped, seeing Miguel now stripped to the waist in just his black pants. “Aaah … sir, I …”   Another warning glance from Ben, and Tyler muttered, “Sorry sir.”

Tyler unzipped the pants and Ben pushed them down from behind.  Tyler pulled off the socks and the pants and gazed up at the gray boxer briefs hugging Miguel’s slim waist and muscled thighs.  He stared, hypnotized, at the long tubular bulge of the master’s cock stretching down almost to the bottom of the shorts.  “Aaah … aaah …” he moaned, immobilized.

Miguel said gently, “Maybe you can help me with that, too, Tyler.  Hey, Ben, lend your buddy a hand … or a mouth.”

“Definitely, sir.”   Ben got on his knees, shoulder to shoulder with Tyler, and they went to work on the bulge.  They licked the thin fabric together, feeling the cock strain under it, then took it in turns to clamp their mouths over it.  They grinned at each other as they saw the damp patch of pre-cum that oozed under the shorts.

Miguel looked down at the eager boys – the one freckle-faced with tousled brown hair, the other a dark gypsy with long black hair.  As he watched the two young buddies work fervently to give him pleasure he started to feel a kind of love that he had never felt before.  

Men like Zack, Bob and Randy he admired, respected and lusted for in the form of man-on-man love between alpha males.  But this was different – and hard to define.  It was affection – deep affection – and something close to compassion for these sweet kids trying to please him in an act of hero worship.  They moved him – and his protective instincts surged.  As he watched their heads bob up and down and felt their mouth press round his cock his impulse was to scoop them up, put his arms around them and make them feel warm and safe.

But he resisted the impulse – he was having such a good time.  And that was another surprise.  With the macho men of the tribe his sexual gratification came from the feel of their bodies against his, his cock driving inside them and the sight of such rugged males.  With the boys he felt sexual arousal too, but it went deeper than the merely physical.  These were rookies, slightly intimidated by him, he knew that, but working diligently to give him pleasure and show him affection too in the way they knew best.

He wanted them to know that they pleased him in a way that was a new and moving experience for him, and he played it light.  “Hey, dudes, did I hear someone mention a shower a while ago?”

“Oh yes, sorry, sir,” Ben said.  “We got kinda carried away here.  We’ll just get rid of these for you.”  He pulled down the briefs and Miguel’s dick sprang out long and hard.  “Aaah,” Tyler gasped, his tongue hanging out like a panting dog.  Instinctively he and Ben licked the cock and the silky strand of pre-cum oozing from it.”

“Guys,” Miguel chuckled, “we have a choice here.  Either we jump in the shower or I cum in your faces right now.  What’s it to be?’

“Hmm.”  The boys frowned at each other trying to choose.  Then Tyler remembered Bob’s instructions.  He jumped to his feet and pulled Ben up with him.  “Sorry, sir, Bob said we’re supposed to give you what you want, not the other way round.”  He winced, “We’re kinda screwing this up aren’t we, sir?  Not being very good hosts, not antypi…”

“Anticipating, Tyler.”  Miguel stifled a smile.  “And you are being great hosts, bringing your guest right to the edge of his orgasm – and we’ve only been in here a few minutes.  But, if you say the choice should be mine, I’d go for the shower right about now.”

“Okey-dokey, sir.  Just wait a sec.”  They fumbled trying to get out of the smart clothes they had worn at dinner.  Tyler nervously struggled to pull off his shirt without unbuttoning the cuffs, and Ben got his zipper jammed in his shorts.  But finally they made it and stood naked before him. 

Miguel was surprised at his own reaction.   He always lusted for the bodies like his own –sculpted muscular physiques like Zack, Bob and Randy.  But as he looked at the lithe, well-defined young bodies facing him, accompanied by shy, uncertain smiles, he found his cock getting harder.  It wasn’t Greek-God sculpture that made his pulse race this time, it was the eager, anxious-to-please grins on their winsome faces that turned him on.

And this time Miguel gave in to his impulse.  “You guys are gorgeous, you know that?”  He wrapped his arms round them both and hugged them tight.  He was used to muscular man hugs and came on a bit too strong. They felt he would crush them in his brawny arms, though the thought flashed through Ben’s mind that it would be a great way to go.

Hearing them whimper Miguel loosened his hold and pulled back.  “Sorry guys,” he chuckled, “I overdid it, like some big ole’ grizzly bear.  It’s just that you look good with no clothes on.  You know what, boys?  I think we’re gonna get on like a house on fire.  OK, let’s hit the shower.”


Once in the shower the boys were again in familiar territory.  They did this for their men almost daily and this shower was big enough to accommodate all three of them.  First, soap him up.  Miguel gave himself up to their nurturing care as they turned on the water, made sure he was good and soaked, then turned the shower off and lathered him up.

It was a highly sensuous feeling running their soapy hands smoothly over his wet body. They felt his muscles ripple under their touch as Tyler concentrated on his chest and Ben ran loving hands over his back and wide, sloping lats.  Their sensuality was felt by Miguel, the object of their rapt attention, hearing their muted gasps and feeling their young bodies sliding against his as they reached round him.

But suddenly the gentle rhythm was interrupted by Tyler’s heaving breath building to an unrestrained gasp.  “Aaah … no …”  The boy had become so roused as his cock pressed against Miguel’s thigh that he in voluntarily lost his load and splashed cum on Miguel that streamed down his leg.

“Oh, sorry, sir – I didn’t mean to … I mean, I couldn’t help … but I’ll clean it up, sir, I know how to do that.”

Tyler dropped to his knees on the bathmat, bent low and licked Miguel’s foot, then moved up his shin, catching the jizz flowing down it.  His expert tongue went to work sucking in the spilled semen as he had down so often for Pablo.  When he got to the top of his thigh the stiff cock slapped against his cheek and Miguel said, “Hey, dude, don’t stop there. Go for the gold, kiddo.”

Tyler opened his mouth and swallowed the long shaft while Ben massaged the solid mounds of Miguel’s ass.  Miguel stretched his arms to the sides and braced himself against the walls of the shower while the boys worked on his loins.  He felt himself approaching his climax and yelled, “That’s enough, guys … stop, please.”

Tyler pulled his mouth away and stood up with Ben looking nervously at the naked soap-covered muscle-god.  “Sorry, sir,” Ben said.  “Were we doing it wrong?”

“Wrong?  I loved what you guys were doing to me, but I liked it too much.  I was gonna shoot my load and I don’t wanna cum yet.  Please don’t be so nervous around me, guys.  I love being here with you, and I’m flattered that I made you cum, Tyler.”  He grabbed their heads in turn and gave each a hungry kiss.”

“OK, guys, let’s cut to the chase here.  I know there are two beds in this room and as your guest I get to choose.  And I choose that we use only one of them.  I wanna sleep with you kids.  So let’s rinse off and get the hell out of the shower.”

They obeyed instantly.  They turned the water back on, rinsed Miguel and themselves off, then wrapped a big thick towel round Miguel and dried him off by rubbing his gorgeous body hard.  “Hey,” Miguel laughed, “better not dry my dick or I really will cum all over you.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that, sir,” Ben grinned.

Miguel was pleased to see their sense of mischief kicking in – they were loosening up at last.  They were all standing naked looking down at the bed and Tyler said, “Sir, I don’t think we can … anticipate … (he grinned proudly getting it right) … anticipate your wishes now. You choose.”

Easier said than done, Miguel thought.  Tough choice.  In other circumstances it would have been automatic – he would have fucked these adorable young guys in turn.  But he had to consider the tribe, and specifically his place in it.  He had already taken a risk of alienating Randy by fucking his lover Bob.  And he could not judge the reaction of Pablo and Jason if he fucked their boys. 

Bob had assured him that there were no restrictions but he wanted to err on the side of caution.  And besides, looking at the boys now, wondering if he would ever have a boy of his own, he wanted to experience every sensation with them, and give them a thrill into the bargain.

And so he made his choice.  As the boys watched he stretched his arm above his head and yawned.  Damn, it’s been a long, tough day supervising lunches and dinners, even with the twins’ help.  I’m bushed.   He pulled the bed covers all the way down and threw himself onto the pristine sheet.  He lay on his back, linked his hands behind his head and smiled up at them. 

“OK, guys, here’s what your guest would like.  He would like to get his rocks off without putting in too much effort, ‘cos he’s bushed. Luckily he’s got two really hot young guys to help him with that.  And then he wants company in bed, preferably the same two hot guys who fucked him.

The boys gaped.  “You mean … you want us to fuck you, sir?” Tyler asked.  “But you’re a … you’re so …”

“’Course, it you guys are not up to it … I just assumed that as a guest I could ask for …”

“No, sir, he didn’t mean that,” Ben said, nudging Tyler hard.  “We’re up to it, damn straight we are.”  (Miguel smiled, seeing the gypsy fire in Ben that he inherited from his brother Randy.)  “Hell, I’ve fucked Jason and he’s a big stud fireman, and even Tyler has fucked Pablo.”

“What d’ya mean even Tyler.  I know how to fuck.  I done it lots of times.  I fucked you last night didn’t I?”

Miguel was loving these boys more and more all the time.  “Look,” he shrugged, “if you guys are gonna fight over who’s the best fucker, I could always just turn over and go to sleep.”

“Hell, no,” Ben said.  “You’re not gonna sleep until you’ve had your ass fucked … sir.”  He winced and blushed fearing that his outburst had been too strong.  But Miguel flashed a smile and said, “That’s more like it, stud.”  Ben reached in his backpack, pulled out a tube of lube and greased up his cock.  “I’ll go first, Tyler, OK?”

Tyler had a feeling he had not come out of this skirmish too well and he should keep quiet right now, so he merely nodded his agreement and watched as Ben approached the bed. 

Miguel looked up at Ben coming forward stroking his rigid cock, and he was struck by the transformation.  The boy’s shyness had gone, replaced by a fire in the eyes that Miguel had seen before – in Ben’s big brother Randy.  It was Randy’s eyes that had turned Miguel on and now he was about to get butt-fucked by his young gypsy brother with the same fire in the same blue eyes set in the same intense, dark face – only younger.  It was an exciting prospect.

Miguel raised his legs and offered his ass to the young gypsy boy.  Ben faltered only slightly, then knelt on the bed at his raised legs and guided his cock between his ass cheeks.  Miguel smiled, “You’re a beautiful boy, Ben.  I wanna feel that big cock in my ass.”

“You got it, sir,” Ben said, still pumped after his flash of boldness.  He eased his hips forward and felt his cock sliding into the ass of the musclehunk master.  He saw his head fall back, heard his deep voice groan and watched his muscles flex as he took the cock inside him. 

Ben stopped suddenly, feeling cum surging up his cock, and took a few deep breaths.  He waited till his heartbeat slowed, then pulled back and pushed in again, more confidently this time.  “Is that OK, sir?”

“It’s beautiful, Ben.”  Miguel gazed at the swarthy gypsy, mesmerized by the similarity between the boy and his brother Randy.  He had been blown away by the dominant construction boss and now his reaction was almost as strong but in a completely different way.  This was a young man growing into maturity – shy at first, hesitant, but gaining in confidence as his anxious frown became a beaming smile.  “Feels great, sir. Could I see you stroke your cock while I fuck you?”

Miguel obliged, stroking his cock slowly so as not to cum too soon.  Ben leaned forward and pressed his palms on the slabs of Miguel’s pecs, and he soon established a rhythm, steadily driving his cock in the master’s ass. 

He had to pause several times when he came close to his climax, overwhelmed by the image and feel of the handsome master.  He stared down at the muscled physique and the chiseled Hispanic features, heavily stubbled jaw, thick black hair and penetrating dark eyes.  He could hardly believe that he was fucking the ass of this powerful top man … and he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

Miguel saw that too, from Ben’s wincing frowns and sharp intakes of breath.  “You’re close aren’t you, Ben?”   He nodded and Miguel smiled, “I want you to cum inside me, dude.  Would it help if I jerked off all over myself?”

“Yes, sir … please, sir.”  His voice was barely a whimper now as he concentrated hard on not messing up this crucial moment.  And it was that look on the boy’s face, that youthful intensity in trying to please his master, that moved Miguel beyond words. 

The affection he felt for the boy was somehow emotional and sexual.  Sex before had always involved man-on-man lust, but this was something new.  He felt responsible for the boy, protective, a need to give him pleasure.  It was a sexual urge he had never felt before and he said softly, “That feels so good, Ben.  You are such a great fuck.  You’re gonna make me cum.”

“Really, sir?” Ben grinned proudly.  Then he put on the fierce face he had learned from Randy.  “OK, stud, let’s see you pump that load while I fuck your ass.”  His dominant tone didn’t quite work – and that’s what made it so enchanting.

Miguel reached up and ran his hands over Ben’s gypsy face and through his long hair.  “Ben, you’re so beautiful, I’m gonna cum ... I’m gonna cum …” He pumped his cock faster, his body tensed and he yelled as his jizz spurted up to his chest and neck.  His clenched his ass round Ben’s cock and the boy looked at him in wide-eyed disbelief as he poured cum into his ass. 

Miguel raised his arms, Ben fell into them and they kissed long and hard.


Tyler had watched all this in awe.  He too saw some of Randy’s toughness in Ben, something he could never match.  How could he give Miguel what Ben had given him?  He was nervous when Ben finally stood up, his eyes gleaming, and said with a tone of authority, “Your turn now, dude.”  That was another trait Ben shared with his brother Randy – so stoked after a sexual triumph he momentarily lost sight of what his buddy might be feeling.

Miguel’s smile was warmer, less triumphal now.  “OK. Tyler.  You wanna give it a shot?” 

Summoning a bravado he didn’t feel Tyler took Ben’s place and looked down at the macho alpha male – gorgeous, powerful …and intimidating.  The pressure to perform was overwhelming and, as he picked up the lube Ben had discarded, Miguel noticed that Tyler’s hand was trembling as he lubed his cock.  He leaned forward against Miguel’s raised legs, pressed the head of his cock against his hole … and lost his hard-on.

Panic seized him, tears filled his eyes and he blushed deeply.  “Sir, I … I don’t think I can …”

Miguel’s heart went out to the boy, his freckled face wincing in despair, and he wanted to wrap him in his arms and console him.  But Miguel’s long-hidden older-brother instincts now surfaced and he knew intuitively that he had to restore the boy’s shattered self-confidence before anything else.

He smiled up at Tyler.  “It’s OK, Tyler.  We were just rushing it, that’s all.   It’s what’s called performance anxiety and it’s happened to me a lot.  Hell, do you know how long it took me before I could fuck Zack?  I mean, he was so gorgeous that I really wanted to but he scared me to death.”

“Really, sir?”

“Oh sure - it was all in my head.  But I had no excuse, unlike you who just busted your load all over my leg in the shower.  So we can wait – you don’t have to do it now.”

“But I want to so bad, sir.  I mean Ben was so good at it and …”

Miguel chuckled, “Hey, it’s not a contest, kiddo.  We’re just having fun is all.  There’s no hurry.  Here, give me a kiss.  He pulled Tyler down to him and kissed his cheek, his eyes and his lips.  Then he eased back so their faces were inches apart.  “See that wasn’t so bad was it?”  
Tyler gazed down at the smiling dark eyes and felt his cock stiffen.  “As a matter of fact, kiddo, you’ve taken the pressure off me.   I mean, I just came too with Ben.  I can sometimes cum twice one after another … hell, I came three times when I fucked Bob today.  ‘Course, Bob could make a man keep cumming and cumming, don’t you think?”
“Oh yes, sir, he’s totally gorgeous.  All the boys are crazy about him, they call him a muscle-god.  I mean, er, they call you a muscle-god too, sir.”

“Do they really?” Miguel smiled bashfully.  “I didn’t know that.”  Miguel was subtlely taking Tyler into his confidence and easing his fears – just two buddies, no pressure.

“Oh yeah,” Tyler grinned.  “If the guys could see me now they’d wanna trade places in a heartbeat”

“Well, as soon as I can get a hard-on again after cumming just now, maybe I really can take your dick in my ass.”

“Oh, we don’t need to wait, sir.  We can do it now.”

“Miguel’s eyes sparkled.  “You think so, dude?   I’ll need your help though …”

“No problem there, sir.  Like I said, I’ve done this with Pablo.”

When Tyler scooted back to his former position at Miguel’s ass his cock was fully erect, without thinking about it – which had been Miguel’s idea.  Tyler pressed his cock against Miguel’s well-lubed hole and flinched slightly at the memory of what happened before.  Quickly Miguel reached up and squeezed the boy’s nipples in his fingers, making him gasp with pleasure.

“Help me out here, Tyler.  I’m still a bit nervous.”

“No problem, sir.”  Tyler looked down at the handsome hunk, saw the muscles flex in his raised arms, felt the erotic sensation in his nipples – and his anxiety evaporated, his confidence flooded back.  He pushed his hips forward, felt his cock slide into the master’s warm ass, and his eager face was wreathed in smiles.  “Wow, that feels awesome, don’t ya think, sir?”

“Totally awesome, dude.  Oh man, I want you to fuck me so bad. I wanna feel what you make Pablo feel.”
The reference to Pablo was perfect as Tyler equated his feelings now to the ecstasy he felt when he had fucked his master.  The restoration of the boy’s confidence was complete and he began to fuck hard.  It was not the subtle, measured fuck of an expert, but the eager, panting thrusts of a boy mesmerized by the fantasy of fucking such a rugged alpha male as this. 

As he looked down at the hard-muscled body and dark, square-jawed face thrashing from side to side, Tyler felt empowered like never before.  And Miguel felt the full sexual force of youth, the enthusiasm and energy of a boy thrilled to be fucking a master. 

Tyler’s eyes danced as all trace of inhibition vanished and he was seized by a sexual frenzy to please and … and even to dominate this beautiful man.  He leaned forward and pinned Miguel’s wrists to the bed as Pablo always did to him.   Miguel struggled as if trying to escape and the erotic fantasy of a macho top-man held captive turned the boy on even more, to the point where he knew he would soon cum.

He held back as long as he could but finally pulled one hand off Miguel’s wrist and planted it instead on his chest.  “Grab you dick, man,” Tyler growled, or did his best to growl, and Miguel obeyed, using his freed hand to stroke his hard cock.

Miguel was entranced by the change in Tyler, the shy freckled face transformed with a new, fierce intensity as he panted harder and said, “I think I’m gonna cum, sir … I’m gonna cum in your ass … fuck … yeah … aaagh!”

It was the joyful look of triumph on the boy’s face that did it for Miguel, who stroked his cock to a climax and sprayed semen over his own body as he felt the boy’s cock erupt inside it.

Man and boy stared at each other, then Miguel’s eyes crinkled at the edges, he smiled … and laughed.  Tyler joined in happily, pulled out his cock and fell forward into Miguel’s arms. 

Ben had watched with a succession of emotions – anxiety at first when Tyler lost his nerve, then admiration for Miguel who so skillfully restored his self-confidence, and then pure joy as he watched his friend pound the muscle-god’s ass.

Miguel beckoned to him.  “You too, Ben … we’re a threesome now.”  Ben dived onto the bed and the boys lay together with Miguel propped on his elbow smiling at them.

“God you guys are a couple of sexy young dudes.  But I just wanna make sure you two are solid – I mean, no rivalry, no contest. Like any two guys you are different from each other in several ways, but both of you are equally good, strong … and great sex.  I want you to be real good pals to each other, so don’t ever let me hear of any arguments between you, is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” they said in unison, grinning at each other.  They snuggled up against him and were asleep in minutes.  But Miguel lay awake a bit longer.  He gazed at them sleeping together in the innocence of youth with faint smiles on their lips, and his eyes became moist.  The feelings that had been stirring deep inside him for a while now came to the surface and brimmed over into a certainty.  He wanted a boy of his own.


Next morning room service brought breakfast at 8:30.  Miguel was due in the kitchen at 10:30 to supervise lunch preparations so they had time for a leisurely meal.   

While Miguel was on the phone and then in the shower, Tyler and Ben talked nonstop, regaling Bob and the twins with all the details of their night with Miguel.  They held nothing back – the slow striptease, the erotic shower and Miguel’s surprising request to get fucked.  They described Ben’s triumphant fuck like a junior Randy and even Tyler’s initial humiliation at not being able to get it up.

“Guys, I was so, like, embarrassed, but Miguel was great.  He talked to me like I wasn’t a junior boy, just his buddy, and told me it was no big deal – even happened to him with Zack.  He said he had already shot his load with Ben so he wasn’t sure he could get it up again … needed my help.  He was so cool, like he was the one with the problem, not me.  So I fucked him, real hard, like I fuck Pablo sometimes – only different somehow.   He’s such a great guy.”

Breakfast was a joyful, noisy affair.  It was obvious that Tyler and Ben hero-worshipped Miguel, who talked to them like equals – buddy to buddy.  And as the bright-eyed boys gushed Bob was struck by the way Miguel looked at them – with affection bordering on longing.

Afterwards, while all four boys showered, Bob had a chance to chat with Miguel alone, sipping coffee out on the terrace.   “Looks like you were a big hit with the boys,” Bob grinned.

“Yeah we had a great time.  Bob I’m so glad you suggested I sleep with them.  It wasn’t just … I mean … it was more than …”

“Miguel – what are you trying to say, buddy?  This is me – you can tell me anything.”

Miguel looked at him with shining eyes.  “Bob, it was like a whole new experience.  You know those moments in life where suddenly a light bulb goes on and you think, ‘why did I never think of that before?’   You pretty much know my story.  I had never had sex with a guy when I met Zack in a bar all those years ago and we had a nervous jack off session – first time for both of us with a guy.

After that we didn’t meet again for several years but I thought of him all the time and jerked off thinking of him.  Well you know the rest.  Thanks to you, Bob, we met again at the hotel and … here I am now – great lover, great home life with Zack and Darius, great job as executive chef at one of L.A.’s finest hotels, plenty of money.” 

“But …” Bob smiled.

Miguel chuckled. “Trust you, you can always hear a but in my voice.  OK, but something was missing … something I barely felt at first, certainly I couldn’t put my finger on it.  But I guess it’s been growing in me deep down. 

“I got a clue when Zack told me he was building an addition to his house so I could have a place of my own.  Oh, we’d still spend most of our time together, Zack, Darius and me, but he says a guy should always have a place he can call his own, be private when he needs it.  I tried to picture myself living there alone. It reminded me of those years living alone after I first met Zack.

“And then this weekend the penny dropped.  I realized that I had always been with guys my own age.  I loved that man-on-man camaraderie, all the macho testosterone where I didn’t have to take care of anyone but myself.  Then I saw you with the twins and got to know those sweet boys Tyler and Ben.  And of course – it was as clear as day.   I wanted a boy of my own.

“I knew I could only be a real man if I had my own boy to love and nurture, take care of and protect.  Does that make sense to you, Bob?”

Bob smiled.  “You only have to see me with the twins to answer that question, Miguel.  That’s why all the men have their own boys.  The tribe wouldn’t exist without the boys.  It would just be a bunch of oversexed alpha males boozing and fucking their brains out.”

Bob smiled. “In so many ways you remind me of Randy.  His love and fierce protection of the boys is legendary, even though, as I said before, he can be a mean son of a bitch with other men.  I was listening to Tyler earlier describing how you took care of him when he was devastated at losing his hard-on.   You would be terrific with a boy of your own, Miguel.” 

Miguel sighed.  “I can’t get over the thought that somewhere out there there’s a kid feeling alone, confused and afraid, and I want to wrap my arms round him and tell him he’s safe now.”

“It’ll come, Miguel,” Bob smiled.  “Just take your time.  If the desire is strong these things have a way of resolving themselves.”

“Thanks, Bob.  Right now I have to report to the kitchen.  But I’ll see you all after dinner OK?  And maybe we can all go back to town together in the morning.”

“Sure.  It might be a good idea for you to take Tyler and Ben in your car.  Two boys chattering endlessly in your ear might just change your mind,” Bob grinned.

“I doubt that, buddy.  And when we get back I guess I have to face Randy, Pablo and Jason, and even Zack, ‘cos I seem to have done it again, fucked with everyone – you, Tyler, Ben.  Don’t know what those guys will have to say about that.  My dick always gets me in trouble.”

Bob laughed.  “Another thing you share with Randy, dude.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 404

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