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Handsome doctor Chad, a sexual rookie with a newly-awakened libido, has become a self-confessed “kid-in-the-candy-store” fucking his way through the tribe.  First the Hispanic hunk Miguel; then double-teamed by superman lookalike Bob and macho gypsy Randy; then a spit-roast with his fellow doctor Steve and young Ryan.  But what he’s really searching for is a lover to share his house, his bed and his life.


In the previous chapter

There were several good reasons for the weekend trip up the coast by the four men and boys. 

Handsome Doctor Chad, new to the tribe, and the macho Hispanic Miguel had been lusting for each other since their eyes first met, and the beach shack in the remote dunes was the ideal place to satisfy their carnal desires. 

Miguel’s boy, Finn also needed a break, and a chance to indulge in the sexual games he played as the defiant ex-hustler goading his master into butt-fucking him as punishment.

The other boy, the tribe’s freckle-faced assistant chef Will, had been suffering from overwork burnout, and doc Chad had persuaded him to accompany him on the trip to de-stress.

Chad and the young redhead made love and then settled into a long conversation, mostly about Chad’s sexual dilemma.  He was new to the pleasures of man-on-man sex and, with his newly-awakened libido, he had become the self-confessed “kid-in-the-candy-store”, fucking with several man of the tribe and falling in love with all of them.

Will soon sorted that out for the doc, passing on the wisdom he had got from the tribe’s much loved leader Bob.  “Bob teaches me a lot about stuff like this.  He said to always be careful not to confuse lust with love.  Like, when you first see a hot guy and you’re dying to fuck, that’s probably lust, he told me.  And after a great fuck you might think you’re in love, but it takes much more than a hot fuck before you can call it love. 

“The problem is,” Chad explained,” I’m really a one-man kinda guy.  When I fall in love it’ll be just us two guys and probably our dog, sharing my new house.  But you guys in the tribe practice what we used to call free love – making love with anyone.  So where does that leave an old-fashioned guy like me looking for monogamy?”

Will frowned in thought.  “Sir, Bob told me that all relationships are different. He said that some of the best love affairs start slow – you don’t rip each other’s clothes off and jump in bed, like you’ve been doing.   Maybe sir, you’ve already met your new lover without knowing it.  Perhaps you hardly noticed him at first.”

Chad smiled at the freckled face blinking eagerly behind his glasses.  “Will, under that gorgeous mass of red hair there’s a lot of common sense going on.  Next time I need advice about romance I’m coming to you.

A short time later they were joined by Miguel and Finn coming ashore after fishing from a rowboat.  It was clear that Finn was deep into his game of riling up his master, provoking him in the hope of getting the savage fuck Finn craved.  Chad and Will watched fascinated as Miguel got a different kind of revenge.  He tied Finn up, and then proceeded to ignore him, instead making out in a threesome with Chad and Will.

Frustrated and desperate Finn begged, “Please, sir, please fuck me.  I know I behaved badly, and I’m sorry.  I love you, sir.  Please, I’m your boy, you own my ass, sir, I beg you, sir.”

Will pleaded Finn’s case to Miguel.  “Please, sir, you’re hurting Finn, he needs you so bad.  And he’s my friend.  I know it’s not my business, but please forgive him.  He loves you like crazy, sir, he told me.  He’s your boy, sir, and my friend.  Please help him.”

Miguel smiled at Chad.  “Some boy you got here, doc – he’s perfect.  Take good care of him, dude.  OK, now for my boy.”

Miguel approached Finn.  “Hey, kid.  Anyone who can inspire friendship like Will just showed toward you can’t be all bad.  I love you too boy, and I forgive you … this time.    I know what it took for you to grovel in front of those two guys.  But you gotta accept, kid, that when you go too far with that swaggering tough-hustler act, I’m gonna hit back, and I’ll always win. I’m the boss.” 

After watching Miguel give his boy the savage fuck he had craved all along Will asked Chad, “So what’s next, sir?  How do you top that?”

“Oh we don’t have to top it, kiddo, we’ll leave that to them.  We’ve got all kinds of stuff ahead of us.  Eddie’s gonna grill you for hours on all this, and you’ll get back to the twins and Bob and Randy.  As for me, I’ve gotta go see Doctor Steve about my new work project and …”

“And then find that special man who’s gonna share your house and your golden retriever, sir.”

“And if what you say is true, Will, I may already have met him, which means it’s probably a guy in the tribe.  Question is, which one?  The boys in the tribe are probably already taking bets.  You got anyone in mind, Will?”

“I do, actually, sir, though I’d never say who.  I’ll write the name down but keep it to myself until I find out if I’m right.”

“Knowing you, Will, you probably are.


***********************    CHAPTER 496    ******************** 

“Leave The Heavy Lifting To Me, Doc”

Miguel and Finn had played out the sexual master/boy games they both thrived on and now held each other in a prolonged, passionate hug.   Eventually Finn broke away and walked up to Will, who at a crucial moment had come to Finn’s defense and persuaded Miguel to forgive his bad behavior.

Finn was socially clumsy and found it hard to put gratitude into words so he just grinned broadly at Will and said, “Hey buddy, you wanna come surfing with me?”

Will glanced at Chad who smiled and nodded.  He jumped up and grinned, “Sure dude, but I warn you I was taught by the best – Jamie. You gotta be good to keep up with me, champ.”

They ran laughing round the back of the shack, got the boards from the truck, brought them out and waxed them, exchanging opinions on the size and shape of the waves.  Miguel and Chad watched them run down to the water, launch the boards and paddle furiously out to where the waves were breaking.

The men broke open two beers and sat together on the porch.  Miguel said, “That kid Will is really amazing, Chad.  I see the influence of Bob and the twins in him more and more.”

“He couldn’t have better teachers,” Chad agreed.  “While you and Finn were out fishing we had a long talk about love, life and relationships.  The combination of Bob’s influence and the boy’s own solid common sense, damn it was like talking to a seasoned adult.   He gave me a lot to think about.”

“He’s the same with me in the kitchen.  You’d think he’d be intimidated by the chef-de-cuisine of a five-star hotel with diplomas up the yin yang, but no.  When I’m in his kitchen he is definitely in charge and he shows me lots of great culinary ideas he’s come up with.  Can’t wait to see what he does later with the seabass we caught.”  Miguel took a sip of beer and grinned, “So, I get the culinary ideas, but did he give you any ideas about finding a man you can live with?”

“Oh, plenty.  He talked about the difference between lust and love, between the kind of thunder-and-lightning attraction versus the kind that develops slowly.  Sometimes you don’t recognize it at first, he said, so I may even have already met the man of my dreams without knowing it.”

“OK, so if he’s so smart did he tell you who it is?”

“Not exactly, he’s too canny for that.  But he’s made a guess, written the name down and sealed the envelope, to be opened only when I’ve made my choice.  Wish I knew what he’s written down ‘cos he’ll probably be right.  As you know, I thought the guy might be you, Miguel, but you’re happy with Zack and his boy Darius and that little leather family of yours.”

“Yeah, and you gotta find a guy who’d be happy to be faithful to you and not go screwing around with everyone else in the tribe.”  Miguel took a long swig of beer and a salacious smile spread over his face.  “’Course, in the meantime there’s nothing to stop you screwing around before you take that vow of monogamy.”

“Fuck you, man.  How come you make my dick hard just by saying stuff like that?”

“A natural talent, I guess,” Miguel chuckled.  “Maybe you should just leave everything to me.  Is that where Will fucked you, on the floor there?  Just get down there, dude, and let me do the heavy lifting this time.”

Both men were wearing only board shorts and Chad stood up and prepared to loosen his, but Miguel stopped him.  “No dude, like I said, leave everything to me.  Just lie back and relax those muscles – every muscle but one, eh?  That one stays hard.”

Seduced by the handsome Hispanic’s soothing accented voice and his ripped physique Chad did as directed.  He lay on the blanket on the porch just as he had when Will had turned the tables and fucked him.  And now he expected similar treatment from Miguel.  But Miguel had other ideas.

Chad gazed up at the swarthy muscle-god and was a bit surprised when he dropped his shorts and towered over him butt naked.   Miguel dropped to his knees between Chad’s legs and the doc thought, here it comes.  But he got a surprise when Miguel did not pull his shorts down, he just unlaced them and pulled out Chad’s cock.  “Like you said, doc, stiff as a flagpole.  I guess I have that effect on most guys.”

“Arrogant prick,” Chad grinned.  “Get over yourself and fuck, dude.”

“Okey-dokey, I always follow doctor’s orders.”  But he didn’t push Chad’s legs back.  Instead, he shuffled forward until he was kneeling astride Chad’s waist, with Chad’s cock flattened against his own stomach under Miguel’s butt.  Miguel eased back and forth, sliding his butt along the length of the doc’s cock, feeling it shudder underneath him and hearing him groan.

Chad reached up and stroked the mounds of Miguel’s pecs and the ridges of his eight-pack abs.  “Damn, you know how to torment a man, dude.  I could cum just like this, but if you’re gonna fuck my ass just do it, stud.”

“OK, buddy, but slight change of plan.  It’s not your ass I’m gonna fuck … it’s your dick.”   He raised up on his knees, spat in his palm, reached behind him and stroked Chad’s cock.  Chad realized what was happening only seconds before Miguel lower his ass down on his cock.

“Fuck, that is so damn hot, man,” Chad groaned.  “You’re sitting on my fucking dick, buddy … it feels so good in your ass.”   The sudden surprise of the move made the sensation doubly erotic. Instead of getting his ass plowed by Miguel, the hunk was riding his cock!  Young Will had earlier turned the tables on him in this very place, and it was happening again.

But this was no boy fucking his ass.  This was a man fucking his cock – and what a man!  Chad’s mesmerized gaze fixed on the alpha male’s ripped muscles that flexed as he rose and fell over him, his ass impaled on his cock.  Miguel’s dark eyes gleamed with lust and the chiseled features winced as the long shaft pierced deep inside him.

Miguel stared down at the Greek-god face rolling from side to side in ecstasy.  He leaned forward and clamped his hands on Chad’s solid pecs, still riding his cock but at a different angle which redoubled the doc’s pleasure.  Chad reached up to Miguel’s neck, scraped his fingers down over his chest, then grabbed his waist and pulled him down harder on his cock.

As the fuck went on for long minutes they bonded in a union of virile men, where top and bottom roles became blurred – Miguel controlled the action while taking Chad’s cock up his butt.

“Damn,” Miguel smiled, “I could ride that dick all day – except it’s such a fucking turn-on it’s busting my balls and I gotta cum.  How about it, buddy?  How do you feel about watching a top man get butt-fucked and bust a huge load over that hot body of yours?”

“Do it, man, ‘cos I’m about ready to fill your ass with jizz.”   Miguel took one hand off Chad’s chest, grabbed his own cock and pounded it in his fist with a manic gleam in his eyes.  He rode the shaft harder, his chest heaved and he groaned, “Here it comes, doc. It’s all yours …”

He pointed his cock down at Chad and it erupted with a stream of semen that splashed down on the doc’s neck and face.  Chad opened his mouth and swallowed the cum as he arched his hips up, thrust his cock in deeper and unloaded his pent-up juice in the Hispanic’s ass.

They stared at each other and their heavy breathing turned into laughter.  Miguel rose up off Chad’s cock and fell forward into his arms and chortled, “Doc, it’s probably just as well I’m not the man you settle down with in front of the fire sipping cocktails.  We’d last five minutes before saying, “To hell with martinis, dude, let’s fuck.”


Pesto Genovese & Other Treats

Having pulled on their shorts the two men were dozing side by side on the porch when they were woken by excited voices.  They came blearily awake and squinted at the sight of Will and Finn trudging out of the water, boards tucked under their arms.

When they approached the shack Chad said, “So how was it, guys?  You still the champ, Will?”

“There were some savage waves out there, sir, and Finn rode more of them in than I did.”

“Nah, let’s call it a draw, eh dude?” Finn said, throwing his arm over Will’s shoulder. “You were awesome out there.  But you know what?  Surfing works up a hell of an appetite.  I’m starved.”

“Ah, methinks I hear the dinner gong,” Chad laughed.

“That was next on my list, sir,” Will said.  “A quick shower and I’ll get to work.”  He ran inside, pulled off his wet shorts and got in the shower.    A few minutes later, wearing dry shorts, his dark green apron and a chef’s hat, the young redhead was energetically chopping vegetables, blinking determinedly behind his owl glasses.

He had his back to the doorway where Miguel stood watching with an affectionate smile.  “Hey, kiddo, didn’t you come up here to get a rest from cooking?”

Will turned and said solemnly, “I came to unwind from the tension of my daily routine, sir, but not to stop cooking.  Cooking makes me feel happy.”

“I know what you mean, Will, I’m the same.  You need any help?  Or would that be too many cooks?  Don’t wanna spoil the broth.”

“That would be great, sir, if you want to be my assistant.  But you’ll have to wear that spare apron I brought and that chef’s hat over there.  I always insist on perfect hygiene in my kitchen.  Sneakers too, sir, we don’t want any slip-and-falls.   Safety first.”

“Aye-aye, chef,” Miguel grinned.  He was wearing board-shorts and pulled the apron over his otherwise naked body and slipped on his sneakers.  “I wish you were a manager in my hotel kitchen, Will, you’d keep those guys in shape.  The job offer’s still there you know.”

“Thank you, sir, I’m flattered but the thing I love most in the world is working in the kitchen with the twins.  We’re a perfect team and often while we’re working they steal a kiss or pat my butt.  I don’t think you could get away with that at the hotel, sir.”

“Hell no.  These days that would be considered harassment and get you fired.”

“Well you can harass me any day of the week, sir.”

“Good to know, kiddo.”  Miguel was looking at a green paste Will had mixed in a bowl.  “Is this going on the fish, Will?  What’s in it?”

“It’s my own special version of Pesto Genovese, sir.  It has the usual fresh basil, olive oil and pine nuts but I’ve added a few ingredients of my own.  If you like it at dinner I’ll give you the recipe, sir.  I’ve got loads of my own recipes in a binder.  I keep them to myself, but I’ll let you see them and you can have any of them you like.”

“I’d love to see them, Will, and maybe incorporate some in the hotel menu.  I’d give you the credit – pesto alla Will.  And, er, about that harassment thing, kiddo.  I don’t want to interrupt your culinary magic but …”   Miguel kissed him on the lips and squeezed his butt.

Will giggled.  “Like I said, sir, any day of the week in my kitchen …”


Mission Accomplished

Dinner was a great success, especially Will’s pesto Genovese, and Miguel spent an hour going through Will’s recipe binder. 

It had been a long action-filled day and they elected to turn in early.  They decided that tonight the men would sleep with their boys, and tomorrow it would be men-on-man, boy-on-boy.  Chad said to Will, “Hey, was that a tent I saw in the shed out back?  You ever go camping, Will?”

“I love sleeping in a tent sir.  Especially when I’ve got someone hot to curl up with.” 

So while Miguel and Finn made up for all their previous bullshit and made love in the shack, Chad and Will pitched the tent in the dunes and climbed in.  Chad smiled, “So let’s do the math, kiddo, what’s the score?  First you fucked me, then I spit roasted you … so we’re even.”

“Sir, how about we forget all this top and bottom stuff and just make love … if you want to, sir?”

“Want to?  You don’t think I’m gonna curl up in a tent in the dunes with my favorite boy without making love to him, do you?   Get over here, kid.”

And that’s pretty much the light-hearted atmosphere that prevailed for the rest of their weekend.  Miguel and Finn had, for now, banished Finn’s ex-hustler demons, at least until the next time they conjured up the sexual excitement of verbal combat that they thrived on. 

Chad and Will had forged a strong man/boy relationship based on shared notions of love, life and friendship, and genuine mutual respect.  Not to mention colorful sex that flipped the notions of top and bottom.

So the objectives of this getaway in the dunes had been well and truly met.  The boys had cemented their unexpectedly strong friendship despite their obvious dissimilarities – one a mild-mannered young chef, the other a wild rebellious ex-hustler. 

As for Chad and Miguel, who had originated this trip to explore their brimming lust and attraction, they had worked that out to their mutual satisfaction – fuck-buddies bordering on the pornographic, but not Chad’s romantic ideal of faithful lovers sipping cocktails before the fire, an equally faithful golden retriever … and wisteria over the door.

The search for such a man would inspire the next chapter of Chad’s adventures in the tribe.


“Dudes, You Made It”

On the ride back to town late on Sunday afternoon they all made bets as to who would be at the gate of the compound to welcome them.  The runaway winner of that wager was Eddie. 

“Definitely hands-down Eddie,” Miguel laughed.  “Don’t forget Will, you’ve been calling home to the twins, telling them of your exploits here, so by now Eddie will have snippets of information like a homoerotic patchwork quilt that he’s dying to stitch into a whole pornographic movie.  I guarantee he’ll be hopping from foot to foot waiting to pump you for information …”

“… exaggerations accepted,” chorused the other three.”

And of course he was right. As they pulled up at the compound Eddie burst through the gate and yanked open the door of the truck.  “Dudes, you made it!”

Chad laughed.  “Eddie, you make it sound like we just got back from a trip up the Amazon.  All we did was drive down California Highway 1 – no snakes, no alligators.  Phew!  We made it.”

“Yeah but you had your adventures, sir, so rumor has it, and you gotta spill all the beans, Will.”

“OK Eddie, but you’ll have to come to the kitchen ‘cos I gotta report to the twins and help them with dinner.  Oh, here they come.”

Approaching from the house were the twins, followed by Bob and Randy.  Amid an orgy of hugs and laughter, Randy ruffled Will’s hair and said, “Hey, Red, I hear you fucked the doc real good.  That’s my boy.” 

Will blushed and Bob winced at Randy’s typical straight-for-the-balls bluntness but Chad laughed.  “Yeah he put me in my place alright – on my back at his mercy.  Seems he learns a lot in those gyms sessions with you, Randy.”

“But not refinement, I’m afraid,” Bob smiled. “He has to come to the twins or me for that.”

“Maybe so, but he’s a great chef and fed us like kings.  I tell you, when I have my housewarming I want Will to cater it, if he has the time and the twins are OK with it.”

The twins beamed and Kyle said, “Will’s in charge of his own catering gigs, sir, so it’s up to him, and we’d be happy to stand by as his assistants.”

Will threw his arms round Chad.  “I would love to, sir.  When you’re ready we can work up some menu choices.  And thank you for giving me such a great weekend.  I loved it.”

“Talking of housewarming,” Bob said, “you gotta buy the house first, Chad, and I’ve been working on that. Randy and I need to talk to you about it, right now if you can.”

There were more hugs between Chad and Miguel, Will and Finn, then Miguel and his boy went up to their apartment and a reunion with Zack and Darius.   The twins, Will and Eddie headed for the kitchen, all talking at once.    And Chad accompanied Bob and Randy to their house to talk business.


Sealing The Deal – Randy Style

As they sat together in Bob’s office Randy said, “Before we start, doc, I wanna thank you for taking care of Will.  It’s obvious he had a great time and he told the twins he’s crazy about you.  That’s good enough for me.  Any friend of Will’s is a friend of mine and I wanna do whatever I can for you and your house, buddy.”

“It was a real pleasure, Randy.  He’s an incredible kid and kept quoting the advice he gets from you, Bob and the twins.  You are his great big hero, Randy.”

As Randy preened with pleasure Bob said, “So, Chad, things are moving real fast on the house.  I spoke to the seller who wants to unload the property fast.  He’s got cash flow problems and can’t keep up with repairs, the reason it’s so rundown. He needs the proceeds from the sale to stay afloat and buy a condo.  So, seeing right away that we had the advantage, I made an insanely low offer, which he accepted.”

“Sounds like you were pretty ruthless, Bob.”

“Hey, it’s your money I’m spending, doc, and you’re my client so I gotta do the best for you.  And at this price you could afford to buy the house twice over, so we’re looking real good.  He wants the sale to close fast so I did a deal.  It’s unorthodox but he’s agreed to us starting right away on the renovations, that is if you agree to all this.”

“Thing is, doc,” Randy added, “I run the government contracts division of our Construction Company and we currently have a two-week lull, waiting for some last planning permits.  I never want to lay off any of our crew, so this way I can put them to work on your house right away. 

“I want you and me to meet with our architect Lloyd over at the house tomorrow.  We’ve already done a thorough inspection and there’s no structural damage.  The renovations will be mostly cosmetic, plus whatever changes you want to make.”

Chad looked at them stunned.  “Guys, you leave me breathless.  When you men get going you don’t mess around.  Everything you’re doing sounds perfect and I really appreciate … I mean, up to now I’ve had to take care of all my stuff on my own.  I never realized how great it felt to have the support and love of guys like you … plus the boys and …”

He choked up and his eyes brimmed with tears.  “Shit, fuck, I didn’t mean to ...”

Bob put his arm round him.  “Chad, when we said ‘welcome to the tribe’ we meant it.  You’re one of us and we got your back, buddy.”

Chad smiled a watery smile and ran the back of his hand across his eyes. “There’s also another problem I got that you maybe can help me with.    Dammit, here’s you Bob in your white V-neck stretched over those bulging pecs, and you Randy, you gypsy musclehunk, bare-chested in jeans, so naturally I’ve got a massive boner.  I need to go and jack off or I’ll cream my shorts right here.”

“What d’ya say, Bob, we gonna let our new client go and do that?” Randy grinned.  “I don’t think so.  See, doc, usually guys drink a toast to seal a deal like ours.  But we have our own time-honored ritual.  It’s all part of the service.”

Chad found himself suddenly wrestled to the floor by the business executive and the swarthy construction worker.  Bob knelt behind his head and pinned his arms to the floor while Randy ripped open Chad’s shorts and pulled them off.  He grinned down at Chad’s stiff cock rearing up like a pole.  “Yeah,” Randy chuckled, “I’d say we got ourselves a deal here – a big iron-clad doozy of a deal.  All we gotta do now is seal it.”

Randy knelt on the floor, pulled his cock out of his jeans and spat on it.  “Hold him down, bro,” he said, then in his classic no-foreplay style, pushed the doc’s legs back and rammed his cock in his ass.  Chad howled as if in pain but his words said otherwise.  “Yeah, fuck my ass, stud.  Have we got a deal or what?”

“Yes we do, doc.  And it goes something like this …”  It was not the savage fuck Randy was capable off but it was hard, fast and fierce.  Chad stared up at the dark, chiseled features, square stubbled jaw, shaggy black hair swirling round his face, the pale blue eyes piercing his.

He felt Bob stirring behind his head, and his wrists were released as Bob leaned forward, his back arched, arms braced on the floor, his face close to Randy’s.  “This is one way to seal a deal, buddy.”  The lovers’ mouths met and their lips sealed in a burning kiss. 

Chad looked up at the superman lookalike and the macho gypsy making love above him.  Then the view was obscured by Bob’s cock pointing down at his face.  Reflexively he opened his mouth and the shaft lowered into it.  Chad clenched his throat round Bob’s cock, and his ass muscles round Randy’s as it reamed his ass. 

Swept away in a daze of flexing muscles and animal groans Chad reveled in the double-fuck by the two leaders of the tribe, one pounding his mouth, the other his butt.  Randy’s hand closed round Chad’s cock and Bob’s wrapped round that, and he felt both men jerking his cock.  He was reaching his climax when Randy pulled his mouth off Bob’s and yelled, “OK, guys, time to seal the deal … this is it … yeaahh …!” 

Chad felt the massive cock bulge and erupt in his ass while Bob blasted cum down his throat.  He screamed into the gag of Bob’s cock as the two men jerked him off and he spurted jizz over his own heaving body.”

Even as their hearts still pounded, Randy, as always, got right back to business.  He pulled out his cock and said, “OK guys, the deal is done.  Let’s get to work.”


Two Doctors See Eye To Eye

They cleaned up after ‘sealing the deal’ and sat sipping pre-dinner cocktails.  Bob said, “Now I have a few other suggestions, Chad.  When Randy has finished in the house it’ll need a thorough cleaning, so you should speak to Adam’s boy Nate about handling that, and regular cleaning thereafter.  

“As for the garden you can’t do better than hire our gardeners Finn and Tyler.  They work closely with Mario, a hot Italian you haven’t met yet who’s an expert landscape artist.  And I understand you’ve already selected your chef for catering your housewarming party,” Bob smiled.  “None other than your good friend Will.”

“Thanks, Bob.  There’s another major task I have, related to work.  You know my grand plan is to integrate my surgery and post-op physical therapy with mental therapy to help guys cope with inactivity and depression during rehab.  I was hoping to invite the tribe’s therapist Doc Steve to work with me on that.”

Randy said, “Good choice, doc.  He’s my brother and he’s the best – he sorted out most of our guys at one time or another, though his methods are kinda way out there sometimes.  Him and his lover Lloyd will be at dinner tonight so you can attack him then.”

“There’s one other thing,” Chad said.  “I looked at the hospital’s computer records and they’re a mess.  I’ll need a new system to interact with Steve so we can each access patients’ files, and I heard from Will that you’ve got a boy here who’s a computer whiz.”

“That would be Darius’s boy Ryan,” Randy grinned.  “He’s a fucking genius.  Without him I would never have landed the government contracts that I did.  And he created a three-dimensional architectural program for Lloyd.  He works in the office under Jamie so you better talk to him there.”

Chad sighed deeply.  “Wow, like you said, Bob, things are moving real fast.”

“Yup, the tide runs fast in this crowd, doc, and you just have to go with the flow.”

Sunday night’s dinner always drew a big crowd and when he joined them Chad surveyed the handsome faces round the table and wondered if one among them would wind up sharing his house, his dog, his bed and his life.  But he shook his head – that was for another day – and sought out Steve.

Chad outlined his plan and Steve said, “Yeah, I heard you were thinking on those lines, doc.  Hey, nothing stays private for long around here once it’s up on the grapevine.  And Chad, I think it’s an exciting idea.  I can’t tell you how many patients I’ve treated after surgery who are going through physical therapy with all kinds of psychological issues that slow their healing.   I’ve long wanted to coordinate the two levels of rehab – physical and mental. 

“If you can come up to my home on Mullholland tomorrow afternoon we’ll thrash it out, try to come up with the outline of a plan?  I’ve a feeling I’d enjoy working with you doc.”

“Me too, doc,” Chad smiled, blushing slightly.


Chad’s Shrink Session

Chad again slept in the guestroom Bob and Randy had offered for his use until he was able to move into his new house.  And next day was a busy one for Chad.  Early in the morning he spent a couple of hours at his new house with Randy and Lloyd who both peppered him with questions about the features he wanted and offered him options. 

Randy told him what was feasible and Lloyd said he’d work up preliminary plans.  “With that 3D computer program Ryan created for me I can show you exactly what the finished rooms would look like – try out different colors, stuff like that.”

“Sounds terrific, Lloyd.  Actually, guys,” Chad grinned, “the only thing I’m adamant about is a nice big fireplace in the living room … and keeping the wisteria over the doors and windows.”

Randy laughed.  “I think we can manage that, doc.  Sounds like you have romantic plans for your new love nest.  We have a nice line in white picket fences, and I could make you a kennel for the collie.”

“It’s a golden retriever, Randy, and no thanks, he’ll sleep with us … I mean me.”

“Don’t be bashful, buddy.  You said ‘us’ and that’s what you meant.”

Chad chuckled.  “Dammit, guys, you know me too well already.”

Chad’s next stop was the office where he was greeted enthusiastically by Jamie, Brandon and Ryan.  Jamie said, “I guess you’ve come to ask us about using Ryan in your new venture with Doctor Steve, sir.”

“Damn,” Chad chuckled, “I never have to explain anything around here.  Everyone knows everything almost before I do.”

“Actually we’ve already discussed it, sir, and we can certainly free up Ryan to help you with the project.  That’s if Ryan wants it.”

“Yes please, sir,” Ryan said shyly.  “I love building new computer programs – like I did for Randy and the suits from the City.  ‘Course, I’ll have to check with Darius, sir, I’m his boy, but he encourages me to get involved in stuff like this.”

“Great.  I won’t go through the details yet – hell, I don’t know them myself yet till I meet with Steve.  You should probably be involved in our discussions, though, so later on I’ll call to see if you’re free.” He flashed that Greek God smile and went out, leaving three hard-ons behind him.”

That afternoon Chad drove up to Mulholland Drive to the big house in the Hollywood Hills with 360-degree views of the city.  Wow, he thought, this is what a Beverly Hills therapist with an architect lover can get, wondering if he would ever have a relationship like Steve and Lloyd.

He was met at the door by Tommy, the golden-boy house manager and ex-gymnast, his athletic physique evident under his snug-fitting uniform of burgundy T-shirt and tight black pants that perfectly displayed his stunning gymnast ass.” 

They had briefly met before at dinner and Tommy now flashed a smile.  “Welcome, sir, please come in.  The doctor is waiting for you in his study.  I understand we might be seeing a lot of you here in the future.  I do hope so.”

As he followed Tommy Chad couldn’t take his eyes off that dimpled ass pushing against his pants.  Dammit, he thought, am I gonna get an instant boner in every house I go to?  Tommy led him into the study and Chad’s eyes followed the ass as it left.

“I know, Chad,” Steve laughed.  “Exquisite isn’t it.  Many of my patients have erections when they come in here.”

“It’s not only here Steve.  Since I met the tribe it seems have a permanent boner everywhere – every room I go into my stiff cock precedes me.  I’m becoming a sex addict, doc.  Up in the dunes this week I lost count of the times I fucked with Miguel.  Hell, I had a business meeting with Randy and Bob yesterday and ended up getting double-teamed by both of them, and loving it.  Dammit, I’ve got a hard-on just sitting here looking at you, doc.”

Steve smiled.  “If it’s any consolation, Chad, so do I.”

“Anyway, you don’t wanna hear about my sexual problems, Steve, that’s not what I’m here for.”

“Hey, buddy, I’m a therapist – I listen to guys’ sexual problems all day.  I’ve heard about your sexual confusion on the grapevine and I’d be happy to help professionally.  And I promise you, this is one of the few places where the grapevine’s tendrils don’t stretch to.   Everything said in this room stays in the room.  By the way, did you bring Ryan with you?”

“Er, I said I’d call him when we need him.  But I guess he should be here from the start, right?”

“Tell you what, Chad.  You call him and ask him to come up here, and while we’re waiting for him we can talk about you and your non-stop boners, eh?”

Chad chuckled, “OK, doc – I can see why you’re the psychiatrist and I’m just the surgeon.” 

Chad called Ryan who was only too eager to drive up here to learn about the technical needs of the new project.  Chad sat facing Steve and felt like he was at a shrink session.  Which, informally, he was.

“Seems I’ve told my story over and over again, Steve, which is probably why it features so prominently on your grapevine.  But I’ll repeat the main plot points to you.  When I first met Mark and Jamie I had never had sex with a guy – though I had jerked off enough thinking about it.  Well, Mark in his cop uniform pushed me over the edge and after I had fucked with him I was off to the races.  I was like a kid in a candy store and had sex with one hot guy after another.”

Steve smiled, “And you yourself Chad were the best eye-candy in the store so all those guys were only too happy to hit the sack with you.”

“Kind of.  But the trouble was, I fell in love with all of them.  It took Will of all people to show me it was not love but mostly lust or infatuation … though he couldn’t even pronounce the word.”

“I know, that kid is phenomenal.  Sometimes I think he should be sitting in this chair giving guys the benefit of his homespun wisdom.  But let me tell you a story, Chad, that I have told many times before – about the chocolate factory. 

“When management hired new workers on the assembly line, packing chocolates into boxes, they were afraid the new staff would eat as many chocolates as they packed.  The solution was to let them.  And after a week of stuffing their faces with chocolate the workers never wanted to taste another one again.

So that’s my solution for you, dude, to eat your fill of men, which you seem to be doing very nicely already.  Pretty soon you’ll find you can walk through a room of hot guys without getting an instant hard-on, and you’ll start wanting something different.”

“But Steve I already do … I know what I want.”

“I know, buddy, I heard about that – monogamy, with a lover, a fireplace and a dog …”

“… and wisteria over the door, Steve.”

“Yeah I heard about that too.  That wisteria thing is already the stuff of legend in the tribe. Look, dude, I’m not gonna give you that old platitude about ‘stop looking and love will find you’.  No, you gotta search.  Some shrinks tell guys to socialize more, join a club.  Well you’ve already done that, a club of gorgeous men, and you have a good chance of eventually finding one who shares your views of fidelity and domestic bliss.

“So my advice is fuck your way through them, Chad, and eat your fill until you find that guy.  You’ve fallen into a honeypot, Chad, so enjoy the sweet taste until someone pulls you out – someone with a golden retriever and a bunch of wisteria.  Will was right when he said you’ve probably met the guy already.  You won’t know it at first and it’ll take time for the penny to drop, but when it does … it’s cocktails by the fire.”

Chad laughed heartily.  “Randy told me your methods were kinda out there, Steve, wrapped up in all those mixed metaphors.  So I’ll do what you say – fuck my brains out until the lightbulb goes on over my new lover.”

They chatted a while until Tommy knocked at the door. “Sir, Ryan is here.  Shall I show him in?”

“Yeah sure, thanks Tommy.  It’s time we got down to business.”


Ryan Dazzles The Docs With Science

Ryan came in nervously.  He had put on a white formal shirt, untucked over his jeans, and a blue tie, thinking that’s what a boy should wear to a business meeting with men like these.

“Welcome, Ryan,” Steve smiled, “and thank you for coming so quickly.  Here, let’s all sit at this table and hash things out.  Kind of exciting to be embarking on a brand new project, eh?”

Ryan sat down tentatively and placed on the table a laptop he had brought.  “Would it be OK if I took notes, sir?”

“Essential, I should think, Ryan,” Chad said. “I’m glad one of us thought of that.  Er, one thing I want to say at the outset is that we will be talking a lot about medical records, which are strictly private and confidential.  The medical industry was at first reluctant to transfer paper charts and records to computers, and they are still nervous about getting hacked.  That would cause endless lawsuits and disruption.”

“Oh, I know all that, sir, and in everything I do security is a number one priority.  I build in anti-hacking protocols all the time.”

The doctors glanced at each other, impressed right away by the boy’s understanding and terminology.  Steve said, “So I suggest that you outline your plan first, Chad, and we can build on that framework.”  Clearly and succinctly Chad went over the reasoning for his plan to integrate pre- and post-op physical and psychological therapy in repairing a patient’s wounds and self-confidence. 

Ryan typed notes into his laptop and Chad wound up by saying, “As I see it one of the keys to this integration process is the computer files that both providers would have access to.  And therein lies a possible security complication.  Any thoughts, Ryan?”

Ryan cleared his throat nervously.  “Er, I don’t see a problem, sir.  I would naturally install multi-faction authentication, which you probably know as MFA.”  (They didn’t, but listened fascinated as Ryan explained). 

“So users would sign into the program with an interactive logon where their password is verified at whatever level you choose.  You’d prob’ly have several tiers of permitted use – receptionists, then nurses, middle management, upper management and at the top you two doctors.”

Chad frowned, trying to follow.  “So you mean that elements of a patient’s record would be flagged to indicate which parts were available to which personnel, eh?  And when either Steve or I make notes on a patient, each of us has full instant access to the updated file which would help us run our treatments in parallel?”

“If that’s the capability you want, sir.  I can set it up anyway you choose.”

“Wow,” Steve said.  “You’ve already taken a load off my mind.  I’m the old-fashioned kinda shrink – I make notes on a clipboard and lock the file away in a file drawer.”

“What if you forget to lock it, sir, and the office cleaner takes a peek at the files?  No interactive logon there, sir – just pull open the drawer.”

Steve laughed.  “Point taken, Ryan.  Like I said, I’m just too old-fashioned.”

Chad grinned, “Not a word I would use to describe you, doc, after the advice you gave me earlier.  I’d say you’re way ahead of your time.   Er, Ryan, I’ll probably meet some resistance at the hospital – always happens when systems change.  Would you be available and willing.to come with me at some point to explain all this the way you explained to us?”

“Of course, sir.  I’d have to check with Jamie and Darius, but I think Darius would let me.”

“Do you always run everything by Darius, Ryan?”

“Of course, sir, I’m his boy.  And he always knows what’s best.”

“Hmm, there’s a therapy session right there,” Steve mused.  “OK, back to business.  We would make you our tech consultant, Ryan, and pay you accordingly – handsomely, in fact, as you are so essential to the project.   Let’s just go through a few more details and then celebrate by breaking open a bottle a wine on the terrace and have a bite to eat.”

*******************************    .

Team Coordination

After the meeting ended an excited Ryan phoned Darius and told him how it had gone.  “Kiddo, I am so fucking proud of you, proud that you’re my boy.  Later tonight I’ll show you just how pleased I am, and that’s one activity they still haven’t computerized.”

“Any day now sir,” Ryan said cheekily. “I could probably write a program right now, except that equipment of yours would probably crash any computer … sir.”

“Don’t get smart with me, kid.  You may be the king of the keyboard but I’m still the boss.  Hey, talking of which, I just wanted to say that when you guys celebrate up there you can do it in any way you want, kiddo.  Those doctors are two horny hunks and I know the way they seal deals.  Now of course, you don’t do anything you don’t want to, but on the other hand you have my full permission to do anything you do want.”

“Thank you, sir.  And whatever we get up to, you’ll still do what you said later tonight, sir?”

“Trust me, kiddo, I will crash your computer, guaranteed.”

Being Darius’s boy always boosted Ryan’s confidence so when he joined the doctors on the terrace by the pool he was not as intimidated as he would have been in the past.  They drank white wine and ate the sandwiches Tommy had provided, and Ryan listened to the doctors who talked shop at first.  But as the wine flowed, their conversation turned more to the tribe, which inevitably involved sex.”

About that time Lloyd came home from work and immediately stripped naked and dived in the pool. “Hey, Tommy, he yelled when he surfaced, “let’s get a load of that flawless body of yours. You know how to turn a guy on.”  Tommy flashed a gleaming smile.  He and Lloyd had sex a lot, especially when  Lloyd came home from work, and he knew exactly what Lloyd liked most. 

He stretched languidly, then slowly pulled up on his tight T-shirt.  Steve bent close to the wide-eyed Ryan and said softly, “Striptease is Tommy’s specialty.  When he worked at the hotel he would do this for male guests as a well-paying side job that was definitely not on the menu.” 

Ryan watched in awe as the gymnast pulled off his shirt, then bent over and took off his shoes, displaying his magnificent butt.  With his back to them he pushed down his pants and there was a collective gasp as the perfect white globes were exposed.  He stood butt naked by the pool, stretched his tanned body, then did a dramatic swan dive into the pool. 

He surfaced next to Lloyd who said, “Dude, all day I’ve been bent over a drafting table.  Now it’s your turn.”  He pushed Tommy chest first against the side of the pool and bent him forward over the edge.  Lloyd stood behind him in the water and sank his cock between the hard mounds of his ass then deep inside.

Ryan and the two doctors watched mesmerized as the dark, handsome architect gently fucked the California Golden Boy underwater.  “OK, guys,” Steve said, “tell the truth, guys.  Which of us has a giant erection right now?”  Three hands shot in the air.

Steve grinned, “Now that’s coordination.  We’re gonna make a great team I know it.  Er, Chad, tell me again how you, Bob and Randy sealed your business deal.”

“I got double-teamed … Randy fucked my ass and Bob my face.  They told me that’s how men of the tribe always closed the deal.”

Ryan listened to the docs tease him while he watched the ecstatic looks on the faces of the men fucking in the pool.  His cock was pulsing in his jeans and he said to Steve, “Sir, Darius gave me his permission to do … like … anything I want to if …”

Steve grinned, “You hear that, Chad?  Maybe we should check out how our new team works.”

“Sure thing, Steve.   Let’s take it for a test-drive, see if all the parts work. You and me are supposed to work on a patient together with the support of our young assistant.”

They stood up together facing Ryan who trembled with excitement watching them as they pulled off their shirts and dropped their slacks and briefs.  The muscular doctors stood naked before him and Steve said, “OK, the docs are ready for the operation. 

Ryan rose unsteadily to his feet and, far less gracefully than either Tommy or the doctors, yanked off his shirt and tie and tugged off his jeans.  “Right, Steve,” Chad said, “here’s how it works.  The shrink works on the patient’s head while the surgeon penetrates the rear.”

Ryan got the picture and in a euphoric haze he knelt on the deck on all fours.  The doctors soon showed how well they could synchronize their treatment as Ryan felt one enter his mouth and the other his ass.  Chad said, “Don’t forget our medical oath, doc – ‘first do no harm’.”  So their treatment was gentle and pain-free as they spit roasted their young assistant. 

It was sensory overload for Ryan as the cocks moved in and out of him at both ends, and beside them water splashed as Lloyd and Tommy fucked and moaned with mounting passion.  Ryan took both men like an expert, the result of blowjob lessons from Eddie and daily butt-fucks by Darius’s monster dick.

The pool and terrace were a frenzy of sex.  What had started out as a business meeting full of technical jargon, had evolved – probably inevitably in this tribe – into a breathless orgy of raw lust and sexual gratification, involving an architect fucking a gymnast, and two doctors spit roasting their tech assistant.

Drawing energy from each other the pounding orgy seemed endless.  Fucked at both ends Ryan was so lost in sexual fantasy that his mind drifted to Darius and the thrilling prospect of being reamed later by his master’s massive cock.  But finally he was jerked back to the tumultuous present by Chad’s voice.

Gazing at Steve over Ryan’s back Chad said, “Oh yeah, doc, this partnership is gonna work out just fine – and we’ve found the perfect assistant.  You say we gotta treat the patient in tandem, so let’s see how that works out for us – and the patient.”  

They moved in and out in perfect sync and both sensed that Ryan was about to cum.  He groaned as loud as he could with his mouth stuffed with Steve’s cock and the doctors yelled in unison.  Their teamwork was flawless as doctors and patient climaxed together in a perfectly timed triple orgasm, accompanied by howls from Lloyd as he emptied his cock in Tommy’s legendary ass.

The men pulled out of Ryan and Steve yelled, “What a team!”

Chad said, “Ryan, you were terrific.  Pity you can’t program that into a computer.  We’ll just have to do it over and over – like my prescriptions that say, Repeat as necessary.”  


It’s Been A Pleasure

Ryan got dressed, hugged the doctors, and scrambled into his truck to drive home to Darius and tell his story, which would no doubt begin, “Sir, you will not believe …”

Steve and Chad finished off the wine and Chad smiled, “Well, Steve, it’ll sure be a pleasure working with you but one thing’s clear to me.  Regretfully you are not my wisteria-and-golden retriever guy, not with everything you got going on here.”

“Afraid not, Chad.  But you seem to be taking your shrink’s advice and fucking your way through the tribe.  It’s a process of elimination.  I have a feeling that quite soon you’ll find the guy and it’ll be a surprise to you and everyone else.”

“Yeah, at dinner last night I was surveying the faces in the crowd and one or two stood out, though I’m naming no names.  But I tell ya, Steve, I sure am enjoying the search.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 497

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