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Characters featured in this chapter are:


The shy sexual rookie Ryan and the man he lusts for, the black muscle-jock Darius, prepare for a trip away together. Ryan gets sex lessons from his buddies, and Darius has his endurance tested by his master Zack – two black construction workers, one splayed over the hood of a truck.  Alone at last on their trip Darius introduces young Ryan to butt-fucking in a stunning act on a truck that bends all the rules.   


In the previous chapter

The just-hired young office assistant Ryan was a shy, self-styled ‘computer nerd’ and he was good at his job.   But the only thing he cared about right now was the handsome young black foreman on the company’s construction site - Darius.  

Ryan had never had sex with a man – with anyone actually – but he felt sexual stirrings for the muscular jock that confused and scared him.  He had even jerked off looking at him, and Darius had taken a liking to the shy Thai boy. But Ryan had discovered that all the men in this tribe had their boys, and a big part of that relationship was sex.  A couple of times he had even seen men butt-fucking and he was absolutely sure he could never do that with Darius’s huge 10-inch cock.

Ryan had only been on the job for two days when he was called urgently to the tribe’s construction site.   An inspection team for the L.A. City planning department was considering whether to give the green light for the company to undertake work for the city.

Boss Randy and his men had convinced the team of their expertise on every topic except one – cybersecurity.  Hence the frantic call to Ryan, who had previously said to Darius, “I may look like just a skinny nerd to you, sir, but when it comes to computers I know my stuff.”

Did he ever!  He dazzled the inspectors with his advanced knowledge of computer security until the city manager said, “Gentlemen, I’ve heard enough.  Randy, Bob, you already proved that you run a solid, well-financed operation here.  But your young Ryan was very impressive on security, he sure knows his job.  He nailed it for you guys.” 

A jubilant Randy declared Ryan a hero, and Darius agreed.  He had been watching Ryan throughout his presentation with growing admiration and affection. It was stunning that a shy kid like this, so innocent about the world, could suddenly blossom into a confident articulate expert, holding his own with officials twice his age. So when Darius drove Ryan back to the office he impulsively asked him to become his boy. 

Ordinarily this would have been a dream come true, but Ryan knew he could never satisfy Darius sexually.  He stammered, “I can’t, sir.  I can’t ever be your boy. I couldn’t … I’m sorry, sir.  I just can’t.”  He fled in a panic – from Darius, from the tribe and from his new job.

Bob, the handsome, charismatic co-leader of the tribe went to see Ryan in his small apartment where the tearful boy said, “Sir, I know a boy has to do things for his master, like have sex and, and get butt-fucked and stuff, but I’ve never done that with anyone and I couldn’t with Darius.  I did cum just by looking at him but even that made me feel guilty.  I could never do no more than that … You know, that great big cock of his.  I knew for sure I could never do that.”

Bob said, “Frankly, Ryan, Darius jumped the gun asking you to be his boy. He’s young and impetuous and genuinely wants you, but you’ve only known each other a couple of days. What I would like to see is you two being friends, like you’ve been up to now.  Get to know each other, then see what happens.  I’ll talk to Darius and I’m sure he’ll go for that as he likes you so much.

Bob suggested that for tonight Ryan should stay over at the compound and share the room of their young chef Will.  The two boys were alike in many ways and had already become friends.  Before bed they talked freely about sex.  Will gave Ryan lessons on how to kiss, and even demonstrated what sixty-nine meant.  The lesson ended when they came in each other’s mouth.  “You were terrific, dude,” Will said.  “You and me, we’re gonna be real good buddies, I can tell.”  

After a dream-filled sleep Ryan stirred blearily to life next morning.  Will had already left for the kitchen to start preparing breakfast. Ryan struggled awake and his thoughts went immediately to Darius.  As he showered he tried to imagine doing with Darius what he had done with Will – but it didn’t work.  Not with that monster cock, and anyway Darius would want to fuck and …

He stopped himself.  No … Bob had talked about all that yesterday and said he and Darius could still be just friends, which gave him some comfort.  He had just dried off and pulled on his shorts when Darius poked his smiling face round the door.

“Hey, kiddo, I’ve only got a minute ‘cos I gotta get to work.”  He came in dressed for work – shirtless in the usual black jeans and boots.  He grinned and held his hands up.  “See, no hands – no touch.  I just wanted to make sure you had a good night with Will.”

“Very good actually, sir, thank you.”

“Listen, kiddo, I may be jumping the gun again but I want to ask you something.  No, no, not all that be-my-boy stuff of yesterday, that’s forgotten.  Bob was right, I was too impulsive.  But he said you and me could still be friends and I would like that. 

“So here’s the deal.  Zack has a beach shack up the coast in the Guadalupe Dunes.  Every so often one of us has to go up to check on it, make sure it hasn’t blown away or anything.  So I’m going up there for the weekend and ... well, it’s a long drive all on my own, and I … I was wondering if you would like to come with me.

“Just friends,” Darius added quickly.  “No sex or nothing, I promise, just good buddies enjoying the beach.  All that other stuff from yesterday – forget it.   I checked with Bob and he thinks the trip would be OK.  So what do you say?  You can say no, I won’t mind … well I would mind actually, but I understand if …”

“Yes, sir.  Yes please, sir.  I would have to check with Jamie and Brandon but … yes …”

“Great, terrific.  Listen I gotta run.  But it’s a date, then – this weekend … just buddies … great.”  He paused as if about to kiss him but instead turned and strode from the room.

Ryan was reeling.  So much was happening to him.  But only one thing mattered.  He was going to spend the weekend with Darius … in a shack … on the beach … just good buddies …”


*********************   CHAPTER 483   *********************

Ryan Breaks The News

The twins, Kyle and Kevin, were in the kitchen with their boy Will – all in apron’s and chef’s hats – busy preparing breakfast for the tribe.  As they worked Will described his night with Ryan. 

“I mean, he knows almost nothing about sex, but he learns fast.  I taught him how to kiss and then we sixty-nined. He took to it like a dick to water – I’d say he’s a natural.  But he’s got it real bad for Darius – talks about him all the time.  He still insists he could never be Darius’s boy ‘cos he could never satisfy him sexually, him and his monster ten-inches.  He’s a really nice kid and … oops, sounds like that’s him now, thundering down the stairs.”

Ryan burst in and Kyle chuckled, “Wow, Will said you two had a good night but that glow you got could set the Hollywood Hills on fire.  That good, uh?”

“No, sir … I mean yes sir we had a great time but that’s not why I … Guess what!  Darius asked me to go with him this weekend to the, er, Gudalop …

“Guadalupe Dunes?” Kevin prompted.

“Yeah, that’s the one.  He’s got this beach shack thing and were gonna spend the weekend there and …”

“We know, Ryan,” Will smiled.  “Darius told us when he came down from talking to you.  If he’s mentioned it to Eddie it’s probably all over the grapevine by now.”

“Oh,” Ryan frowned.  “I thought it would be a surprise.  Seems whenever stuff happens around here all you guys know already.”

Kyle laughed, “That’s pretty much how it works, kiddo.  Most efficient grapevine in the West.”

The door opened and Bob came in – he looked in every morning to make sure everything was going OK.  “Well here he is, the man of the hour.  Randy is still boasting about how brilliant you were yesterday with the inspectors, Ryan – you closed the deal for us.  He’s as proud as if you were his boy.  He thinks all the boys are his to take care of, which in a way they are I suppose.”

“Sir, sir,” Ryan said excitedly … “oh I suppose you know already too sir.”

Bob smiled.  “If you mean your trip to the dunes with Darius, sure I do – everybody does.”

“Sir, I said yes but is it OK if I go?  I mean, you will let me go won’t you?”

“Ryan,” Bob said gently, “you know you can always come to me for advice, but you don’t need my permission.  That’s up to you.  Personally, though, I think it’s a good idea.  After all that upset when Darius rashly asked you to be his boy I think this is a good way for you to get back to being just friends, like you were to start with.  You’ll be good company for each other and just have fun on the beach.  I absolutely trust Darius not to bring up the issue again and I know he’ll keep his hands off you ‘cos that’s what you’ve said you want.” 

Ryan frowned in confusion again.  He wasn’t sure he did want that hands-off thing.  Bob smiled at his uncertainty.  He had brought up the subject deliberately to set Ryan thinking.  Bob knew, and hoped, that Ryan and Darius would be doing a lot of thinking on the trip.  “But maybe you should talk to Jamie and Brandon over breakfast to get their OK.  They are your bosses so you’ll need a little time off work.”

“Oh yes, sir, right away.  Thank you, sir.  And thank you, sirs,” (to the twins) and thanks a million Will.  As he hurried out they heard him mutter, “I hope they say yes …”

“He’s a wonderful kid,” Bob chuckled.  “Actually I already cleared it with Jamie and Brandon and they think it’s a grand idea.  But I wanted Ryan to follow the correct protocol.  You know how I am about rules and protocol.”

The twins exchanged grins and Kyle said, “Yes we do, sir, and talking of which …”  Kevin took over “… protocol says we should chase you from the kitchen.  You are in the way and a danger to the chefs.”

“OK, that does it,” Bob said in mock irritation.  “I’ll see you two later.  Anybody mouths off to me that way gets his ass fucked.”

“Both at once or one at a time, sir?” they asked in unison as Bob left, giving them the finger.


Zack & Darius Get Serious

Ryan rushed up to Jamie and Brandon who were standing at the breakfast buffet table.  “Guess what, sirs …” he gushed.

Jamie frowned, “Er, at a rough guess I’d say that Darius has invited you up to his beach shack for the weekend.  Am I close?”

Ryan grinned, “You know already don’t you, sirs?  Everyone seems to know.  I said yes to Darius but told him I have to ask my bosses first.  I know I only just got hired so I know it’s a bit of a cheek, but I really, really …”

Jamie interrupted.  “What d’ya think Brandon?”

“Hmm, I dunno, it’s a tough one, dude.  I mean, there’s all this stuff to do and …”

Ryan was looking crestfallen.  Jamie and Brandon grinned at each other then burst out laughing.  “Of course you can go, Ryan,” Brandon said.  “It’s a weekend and we try never to work weekends unless there’s an emergency.  We’ve got three working days before the weekend so you’ll have to work hard on those new programs we’ll be installing.”

“Oh, no problem there, sir, I can do those pretty fast, and I’ll work evening and nights if I have to.  Thank you for letting me go, sirs.”

Jamie smiled, “We’re not slave drivers, kiddo. You’re weekends are your own.  We were kinda hoping you would spend it kicking back here at the compound, but obviously a trip to the beach with Darius is a much more tempting offer.  You’ll have a great time.  OK, grab some breakfast and sit with us so we can go over the work schedule for the next few days.”

It was hard for Ryan to concentrate on anything but Darius at first, but when the conversation quickly turned to his next favorite subject, computers, he became engrossed and gave them his full attention.  At least he didn’t have the distraction of Darius at the table as he was already being driven to the construction site by Zack.

Although Darius was Zack’s boy he was so mature now that they treated each other as buddies.  But the macho black musclehunk Zack was one of the most senior men in the tribe, the construction boss of two of the sites, so he still commanded absolute respect from his boy.  And Darius still copied him in many ways, including the way he dressed for work – both of them shirtless in black jeans and boots.

As they drove Zack said, “So what’s all this I’m hearing about you taking the new kid up to the shack this weekend?  Not still pushing him to be your boy are you?”

“No, sir.  You know what a disaster that was when I suggested it to Ryan, and Bob told me I was jumping the gun to even bring the topic up.”

“He was damn right too.  You’ve only known the kid a couple a’ days.  Like I told you before, it’s time you started to look for a boy of your own, but when I said you should go with your gut instinct I didn’t mean you should take a leap in the dark.  Having a boy is a huge commitment, Darius, someone you gotta nurture and take care of, it’s not just about sex.  Hell, it’s not like you lack for sex – you’ve got me and your boyfriend Pablo, but you don’t have to take care of us.

“I dunno, Zack,” Darius grinned.  “Seems to me I take care of you often enough when you’re feeling horny.  Like all those times I’ve sucked your dick on the way to work.”

“Yeah,” Zack chuckled, “I brought you up to know your priorities, and look at you know.”  Zack glanced across at Darius.  “Damn you’ve grown up into a sexy young buck.  Makes me hard just looking at you?”

“You want me to suck your cock, boss?” Darius teased.

“Fuck you and your smart mouth, boy.  Nah, I got something better in mind.  The master of a boy has to be tough, able to take it as well as give it.  So let’s see if you’ve got what it takes – and I get my rocks off as an added bonus.


Two Construction Workers & A Truck

There was a patch of waste ground on the way to work that they had stopped at on previous occasions when Zack wanted a blowjob.  The shaven-headed black construction boss was always horny in the morning and liked to bust a load before work.  It reduced his tension.

One reason the waste ground had not yet been developed was the big cluster of trees on it, but that made it perfect for a private fuck session.  Zack pulled his truck into the middle of the trees and, instead of telling Darius to suck his dick, he ordered him out of the truck. They walked round to the front and Zack roughly pushed Darius forward over the hood facing the windshield. 

Knowing what was coming Darius automatically splayed his arms forward over the hood while Zack grabbed two lengths of rope from the back of the truck.  He used them to tie Darius’s wrists and secured the other ends to the wing mirrors.  “Fuck you, man, you really mean business,” Darius said insolently.

“Just seeing if you’re tough enough to have a boy.  Sure, you’ve got that ten-inch schlong swinging between your legs but let’s take a look at your ass.”  Zack reached round Darius, yanked open his jeans and pulled them down below his ass, two perfect globes flexing already in anticipation of what was coming.   

Zack raised his arm and slapped his ass repeatedly with his palm and the back of his hand, watching the mounds bounce under the blows.  Darius gritted his teeth, knowing that not making a sound was a sign to Zack of his toughness and endurance.

The construction boss gazed down at the bound jock, his arms stretched upward, muscles rippling in his back that tapered down from broad shoulders to his slim waist.  “Damn you’ve always turned me on, boy – that body, that ass.  Perfect for me to unload in.”

He ripped his pants open, pulled out his long, thick cock, already hard, and spat on it.  He looked at Darius’s face reflected in the windshield.  Here it comes, man, you ready for this?”

“Yeah, give it to me, stud.  I can take whatever you dish out and more.  Aaagh!” he howled as Zack’s cock drove into his ass like a piledriver.  Zack pulled all the way out and slammed in again at the start of one of his fiercest assaults on his boy’s ass.  

Darius stared at the reflection in the windshield of Zack’s black chiseled features and shaved head, his eyes gray as steel, as he pounded his ass.  Darius accepted that this was a trial of strength and endurance to prove he was man enough to have a boy, to fight for him and protect him.  To help him withstand the assault he imagined that Zack was playing the part of a rival who was threatening his boy and he had to endure this attack to save the boy.

To anyone watching it would have been a stunning sight – a homoerotic fantasy.  Two muscular black construction workers, a macho alpha stud and a younger muscle-jock, both shirtless, had stopped on their way to work because the older one was horny and needed to get his rocks off before he started work.  He had tied the young jock face down over the hood of his truck and was pounding his ass, his long shaft power-driving in and out like a piston.

But Darius was tough and could take a lot of punishment, even to the point where he taunted Zack – “That all you got, stud?  You a fucking pussy?”

Zack glared at Darius’s face reflected in the windshield.  Enraged he slapped his ass and his cock became a jackhammer ramming into the boy’s ass.   “You can’t take this, boy, no man can take this … give up, submit …”  When Darius howled Zack said, “That’s it, boy, let me hear you scream, let me hear you submit. I love to watch you suffer … aaagh … aaagh.” 

But the cries of defeat, and the massive orgasm – were Zack’s.  The sight of this beautiful, bound young jock, the muscles in his back rippling as he writhed beneath him, was too much for Zack and his cock erupted deep in his ass. 

Darius had not cum.  He had not surrendered to the savage attack of his master.

Zack fell forward on Darius’s back and panted in his ear.  “Damn, you were fucking beautiful, man, you made me cum in your ass.  You win … I’m so damn proud of you, buddy.” Slowly he eased his cock out of Darius’s sore ass and untied his wrists.  They pulled up their pants, shook hands and Zack pulled Darius into a warm man-hug.  Then they got back in the truck as if the stop had been all part of the day’s work, which many times it was.

As they drove to the site Zack said, “Fucking beautiful.  I tell ya, if all it took was bodily strength to earn the right to a boy, you nailed it dude.  But there’s the other side too – strength of mind, maturity – and I leave that for Bob to assess, he’s skilled at those things.  Hell he’s already made a start with that pep-talk he gave you.  He’s real protective of a shy young kid like Ryan, but he OK’d this weekend for you two knowing it would test both of you for better or worse.”

Darius grinned, still jubilant at beating Zack in a sexual contest.  “Er, I didn’t get my rocks off back there, Zack.  OK if I rub one out now?”

“No it’s not OK.  I want you to stay horny, it’s part of the test.  See, some guys would see that cute Thai kid as fuck bait – like, the master owns his ass and can butt-fuck him whenever he’s horny.  But like I said, having your own boy is not about sex.  I don’t want you, every time you’re horny, thinking you can butt-fuck the kid just to get your rocks off.  That would cheapen the boy and set the wrong tone for your relationship.

“So for the next few days I want you not to cum at all.  See if you can control yourself sexually even when you have a cute kid running around naked on the beach.  You get it?”

“Man, you drive a hard bargain,” Darius grinned.  “But I get your point.  I’m gonna build up a whole head of steam though.  Gonna be tough.”


Bob Recruits The Twins

While Darius was being primed by Zack for his weekend at the beach, so was Ryan.  He had already spent a night sharing the bed of his new buddy Will who now suggested that he stay the next few nights until he went off with Darius.  Ryan accepted eagerly.  He felt comfortable with Will and appreciated the lessons in kissing and sixty-nineing he had given him.  The boys were alike in many ways and it was a natural friendship.

Someone else pleased by the sleeping arrangement was Bob.  As Zack had said, he felt very protective of the shy new boy.  Bob had been impressed by the boy’s computer knowledge and his articulate performance in front of the inspection team at the work site.  He had come out of his shell at work and now Bob wanted to ensure he would do the same in his personal life, maybe even as Darius’s boy sometime in the future.

As with all things Bob shared his thoughts with his boys the twins after breakfast. “I gave my approval for this trip up to the dunes because there’s nothing like spending three hours in a truck and then a whole weekend together to see if you get on each other’s nerves.  In my experience you end up either being real close or hating each other’s guts.  The drive home is either in a glowering silence or under a rainbow of bliss.

“Last night, I gather, Will gave Ryan elementary lessons in sex – kissing, hugging and even sucking dick.  Actually I’d like to see a bit more of that, ‘cos I think Darius has a better chance with him if the kid is not a complete novice sexually.”  Bob smiled.  “Call it priming the pump – almost literally – and, er, I was wondering if you two could lend a hand in that … a hand or whatever other body part come to mind.”

“As usual we’re way ahead of you, sir,” Kyle grinned. “We’ve already been planning something of the kind.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Bob chuckled.  “And talking of which, is there any chance of you two priming my pump before work?”

“We already had plans for that too, sir.” Kevin said.  “Meet us upstairs in five minutes.”


Priming The Pump

And so the twins Kyle and Kevin, who had been observing on the sidelines ever since Ryan arrived, were now to play a small active role in the furtherance of his education.  After their beloved Bob willingly surrendered himself to their erotic double-teaming, and as they recovered from their triple climax, they returned to the subject of Ryan.

Bob talked again about the delicate approach that was required to help the shy boy come to terms with his sexual desires, whatever they were.  It was essential not to force anything and only to go where Ryan was willing to follow.  It was important that he find himself, rather than have ideas or inclinations thrust upon him. 

So it was under this guidance that that evening, after dinner had been cleared away, the identical twins, intuitively reading and sharing each other’s thoughts as always, decided to make their move. 

After a productive day at work in the office with Jamie and Brandon, Ryan had eagerly joined in helping Will and the twins in the kitchen, proudly wearing the uniform of dark green apron and chef’s hat that made him feel like one of the tribe.  And all the time he felt excited about the prospect of sharing Will’s bed again.  Last night he had been apprehensive, but he had found the kissing, hugging and cock-sucking to be an exciting new experience.  Will’s natural charm banished any sense of guilt.  He made everything so … inevitable somehow.

The twins had left the cleanup to the boys and gone to their room.  When at last the boys got upstairs they quickly shed their clothes like two young kids ready to explore again.  There was a moment of indecision when they first got into bed but Will giggled and that set the mood.  Lying face to face they touched each other tentatively, grinned, then eased forward into a clumsy kiss. 

“Remember what I said last night, dude,” Will said.  “Mouth slightly open – and it’s all about tongues.”  They tried again and connected, an open-mouthed, tongue-searching kiss that was building in intensity … when there was a knock on the door.

The door opened and the twins poked their heads in.  Seeing Will and Ryan suddenly break apart Kevin said, “Oops, sorry guys, we kinda forgot you were sharing a room.  Don’t mind us, just … carry on doing what you were doing.”

The door started to close and Will said, “No, wait, sir.  It’s OK, please come in, we were just …”

“Well,” Kyle said, “it’s just that we were hoping …”  They came in and stood together – butt naked.  They looked stunning – identically beautiful, identical muscular bodies … and identical cocks swinging in unison between their legs.  Ryan gasped and gripped Will’s hand.

“Sorry to be so … well … naked, but we were hoping …”

Will explained to Ryan, “The twins often come in and, well, I am their boy so I … you know …”

“Sorry we scared you, Ryan,” Kevin said.  “We’ll go back to our room and …”

“I’m not scared, sirs,” Ryan said.  “You look so …”

“Of course, if you and Will want to … it would be easier with the two of you.  Usually poor Will has to do double duty.”

“Let’s do it buddy,” Will said eagerly.  “You know, what I showed you last night.  But only if you want to.  You just have to follow my lead.”  Will jumped out of bed, stood in front of Kyle and reached out to Ryan, who got out of bed and held Will’s hand, facing Kevin.  The twins were surprised to see that Ryan’s cock was hard.  That made things easier and dispelled any reticence they had felt about persuading the new boy.

What was so exciting for Ryan was that everything happened in tandem, and in perfect unison.  The twins reached up, put their hands gently on the sides of the boys’ faces and pulled then into a gentle kiss, first running their tongues across their lips, then easing them in their mouths.  To Ryan it felt like a different kiss from Will’s … more confident, firm but gentle, and he quickly relaxed into it. 

The twins pulled back and kissed the boys’ foreheads, their eyes and cheeks.  Then, to Ryan’s huge surprise, the twins turned to face each other and kissed, with building passion.  He felt a moment of panic watching brothers kiss, but the obvious love shared by these beautiful boys gave him a warm feeling and … and he wanted to join in.

The twins broke apart and Kyle smiled, “Will, would you show Ryan what to do?”

“Just follow my lead, dude.  And you can stop whenever you want to.”

“I won’t want to stop, Will.  Show me.”

Will tugged on his hand and they both sank to their knees, facing the twins’ cocks that were slowly growing harder even as they watched.  Will smiled encouragingly at Ryan, then flicked out his tongue and licked the head of Kyle’s cock. Tentatively at first Ryan copied him and licked Kevin’s.  Then, following Will’s example, he ran his tongue up the whole length until his face pressed against the soft thicket of pubic hair.

Will went lower and licked Kyle’s balls – and Ryan did the same to Kevin.  He felt no reticence, no inhibitions.  It felt great.

From the corner of his eye he saw Will hold Kyle’s cock and close his mouth over the head.  Ryan took a deep breath, curled his hand round Kevin’s long shaft, hesitated, then bent forward and took the head in his mouth.  There was another instant of panic, then he heard Kevin’s gentle voice.  “That feels great, Ryan.  Remember now – no teeth.”

Ryan didn’t need Will’s example now.  Slowly but with growing confidence he lowered his mouth down on Kevin’s cock, recalling Will’s advice of last night to breathe through his nose.  When the head of the cock touched the back of his throat he gagged, but pulled back a bit and he was fine.  He was getting the hang of this – he was starting to enjoy it.

So was Will beside him, and Ryan picked up on his excitement and got into the rhythm.  He pulled back and went down again, back and down, and heard Kevin’s groan of pleasure above him.  He was doing that.  He was giving pleasure to the handsome Kevin, and his buddy Will was right beside him giving the same pleasure to Kevin’s brother.

Suddenly it felt right.  All four of them, two gorgeous naked twins and two boys on their knees servicing them.   Will took a breather and asked, “You OK, dude?”

“This is great, Will,” Ryan murmured, then went back to feeding on Kevin’s cock.  He loved the feel of it in his mouth and the bitter sweet taste of the liquid oozing from it, that he later found out was pre-cum.

“Look at these guys, bro,” Kyle said.  “They make a great team don’t they?”

“They’re really good.  We should ask Darius if we can borrow Ryan sometimes – the two of them together are perfect.

Ryan felt a jolt of excitement at the thought of Darius loaning him out.  For a reason he couldn’t pin down it gave him confidence and he redoubled his efforts.  He and Will were now really going to town, in friendly competition, bracing their hands on the twins’ thighs, their heads bobbing back and forth – the redhead and the dark-haired Thai boy,

The effect on the twins was decisive as they grabbed the boys’ heads, held them steady and drove their cocks in deep.  They smiled at each other and knew they were ready.  “Here it comes guys,” they said in unison.  They turned and kissed each other and the boys felt juice pumping in their mouths.  Another moment of panic for Ryan, but he controlled his gag reflex and gulped hard, swallowing most of it down.  He pulled back at the same time as Will and the twins sprayed the last of their semen on their faces.

Will reached across and grabbed Ryan’s cock and Ryan instinctively reciprocated.  They were both so hot it only took a few strokes of each other’s cock before Ryan gasped and both boys spurted streams of cum onto the twins’ bare feet. 

As they panted hard and their hearts pounded they heard the twins’ joyful laughter above them.  They felt hands under their armpits and the twins pulled them up on their feet and kissed them, licking their own cum from their faces.

“You were terrific, guys,” Kyle said.  “We gotta do this again soon,” Kevin added.  “OK, guys, sorry to have barged in on you like that.  Go back to what you were doing when we interrupted.”
With a last hug and kiss the twins left the room and Will and Ryan jumped joyfully back into bed.

When the twins went back to their room they found Bob smiling inquiringly.  “All is well?”

“Better than we could ever have expected,” Kevin said.  Kyle added, “You could definitely say we primed the pump for Darius.”

“That’s my boys,” Bob laughed.


A Coming-Away Present

And so the big day came. 

In the days leading up to the weekend Bob had advised Will and the twins to cool it on Ryan’s sex lessons.  “He’s already learned enough to loosen him up but the next steps should be taken by Darius.  He should guide the boy’s future from now on – if that’s how things play out.”

Brandon had given Ryan Friday off work so he could have a three-day weekend at the beach, and as the day approached Ryan got increasingly excited and nervous, in equal parts.  Darius deliberately kept his distance, not wanting to raise or lower the boy’s expectations.  But one evening after dinner Darius came up to him.  “Hey kid, Jamie’s offered to lend us two surfboards to take up there.  You ever been surfing?”

“When I was younger, sir, in Thailand; all us boys surfed in Phuket.  But I came here when I was fourteen and I’ve never even been to the beach since I got here.  Never had anyone to go with.”

“Never been to the beach?  Kiddo, this is Southern California, land of sun, surf and sand.  Well do you have a treat in store!  And you’ll be fine – they say that riding a surfboard is like riding a bike – you never forget how to do it.  But you gotta look the part.  Here, I got you these.”  He handed Ryan a bag.

Ryan pulled out of it a pair of light blue board shorts with a brown stripe down the sides.  He blushed.  “These are for me, sir?”

“Well I don’t see anyone else around here, do you?  ‘Course they’re for you.  My going-away present for you, or coming-away I should say.  Try them on.”

Modestly Ryan turned round, dropped his own shorts and Darius gazed at the white globes of his ass.  ‘Down tiger’, he thought inwardly.   Ryan pulled on the board shorts and turned round with a shy smile.  “Perfect,” Darius beamed, “they fit perfectly.  Let’s see them without the shirt.”  Ryan pulled off his T-shirt and looked at Darius self-consciously.

Seeing the tight young body and shy smile Darius felt his cock jump.  “You’re gonna look great riding a surfboard kiddo.  How do they feel?  You like them?”

“I love them, sir.  Thank you very much.”  Instinctively Ryan wanted to hug his thanks, but his own no-touch rule held him back. 

“They look so good on you I want you to wear them all the time we’re up there, kiddo. That OK?”

“Definitely, sir.  I won’t ever take them off.”

“Well … we’ll see about that.  OK, we’ll plan on leaving right after breakfast on Friday.  You won’t need to bring much, but be ready to help me load the truck.”  Darius turned and walked away, shaking his head and muttering, “Damn, never been to the beach …”

The evening before they left Ryan was getting ready for bed in Will’s room.  He was glad of Will’s company these last few days which calmed his nerves.  There was a knock on the door and Bob came in.  “Hey, guys, I just looked in to make sure Ryan was OK and ready for the trip.  How you feeling kiddo?”

“I’m excited, sir, but … kinda nervous too.  What do you think Darius will want me to do?  I don’t want to screw it up and disappoint him.”

“Ryan,” Bob smiled, “I’ve told you before.  Darius will not ask you to do anything you don’t want to.  I trust him to take good care of you or I would never have agreed to let him take you.  He’s very fond of you – that’s why he invited you to go with him. 

“Now, you have my cell number in your phone so feel free to call me at any time if you have a problem or questions or just want to chat.  Keep in touch with Will too and he’ll let me know how you’re doing.  Above all relax and enjoy yourself.  I know this is kind of a big thing for you but I also know you’re gonna have a great time.  And when you get back I’m gonna want to know all about it, every last detail, OK?”

“OK, sir, and thank you.”  Bob wrapped his arms round the boy in a tight hug, then kissed him and left.  Will pulled him into bed and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


“Don’t Do Anything I Wouldn’t Do”

Ryan was up next morning even earlier than Will, who was always the first to wake as he had to prepare breakfast for the tribe.  Will found Ryan frowning over the open draw of the chest that Will had let him use for the few clothes he had brought from his home.

“I don’t know what to take, Will.  I mean I …”

“Dude …  First of all put on the board shorts Darius gave you.  OK, very sexy – that alone would do for a beach vacation.  But if you wanna dress it up, put on a T-shirt and sneakers.  Then take another one of everything for changing into and that’s it.  And don’t forget your phone.”

A while later Ryan appeared at breakfast in the garden, a backpack slung over his shoulder.  Brandon was there already and smiled, “He’s out at the truck, buddy.”  Ryan ran outside where Darius was transferring two surfboards from Jamie’s truck to his own.  “Hey kid, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I see.  Those shorts look great on you.  Come give me a hand here.”

Ryan’s cock got hard in his shorts just looking at Darius wearing his own faded brown board shorts and a white tank top that contrasted with his muscular black physique.  Ryan tossed his backpack in the truck and helped load the rest of their gear. 

Darius saw that he was trembling and faced him with his hands resting on his shoulders.  “Kiddo, I hope you are trembling with excitement and not fear.  We are just two buddies going up the coast for a couple days at the beach.  “Oops,” he grinned removing his hands. “Forgot your no-touch rule.  Come on let’s grab a bite of breakfast before we hit the road.”

While they were eating breakfast Will ran out with several bags and a cooler.  “Here, dude, I’ve cooked you a lot of stuff that just needs heating up. That way you don’t have to spend all your time in the kitchen.”

When it was time to leave they were accompanied out to the truck by Will, Jamie, Brandon and Eddie (always front and center at any event).  The senior men came too – Bob, Randy and Zack.  Bob said a few last words to Ryan, and Zack confided in Darius.  As they went to the truck Randy said, “Have a blast, guys.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Bob sighed.  “Randy, everyone knows there is nothing you wouldn’t do.”

Amid laughter, cheers and exaggerated hugs from the boys, Ryan at last climbed into the truck beside Darius and they were off.


“What Does It Feel Like, Sir?”

Ryan was tongue-tied at first as he got used to the thrilling sensation of sitting shoulder to shoulder with the man he idolized.   He wanted desperately to touch him and eventually plucked up the courage to say, “Sir, buddies touch each other, don’t they?  I know I said no touching but that’s a bit silly don’t you think?”

“Glad to hear you say that kid.  So go ahead and touch.”  Ryan’s hand slowly crept over to Darius and rested lightly on his bare thigh.

“Yeah, that’s better.  So, you happy kiddo? 

“I … I think so, sir.”

“You only think so?” Darius laughed. 

“No, I know I am, sir … happier than I’ve ever been, I think.  Just a bit nervous is all.”

“Well don’t be.  Hey that was quite a send-off you got from the guys back there.  You’re quite a hit with the tribe, you know that?  And … rumor has it that you got quite pally with your buddy Will and even with the twins.  Now you don’t have to talk about that but I’d like it if we could be real open with each other.”

“Oh, I want to sir.  I mean, Will’s been a real good pal and taught me a few things. Fr’instance …” and he was off and running.  Darius listened with an affectionate smile as Ryan gushed every detail of their night in bed when Will taught him how to kiss and suck dick.  “And then one night the twins came in and they were naked, wanting to have sex with Will, and well …”

“I know how that story ends,” Darius laughed.  “Me and Pablo have done the same act with those guys many times, kneeling on front of them and giving then a double blow-job.  Damn, looking up at those gorgeous identical brothers as they cum in your mouth is a sight you never forget.  So, er, that’s it, that all you did?  Like, no butt-fucking or anything?”

“Oh no, sir, I could never do anything like that.  I mean, I seen guys do it, like Bob and Randy and you and Pablo, and Will told me even the twins do it to each other.  But I never could.  I mean, it’s not natural is it?”

“Hm,” Darius smiled, “that depends who you’re talking to.  Some guys think it’s the most natural thing in the world.  Take Mark and Jamie, the cop and his surfer.  Whenever Mark brings Jamie up here they stop halfway.  There’s a small turnoff a few miles up ahead where Mark swings off the highway and takes this dirt path a mile or so into the brush to a dense stand of trees. 

“So they park in the trees and get out of the truck.  Mark lowers the truck’s tailgate, lifts Jamie up and sits him on the tailboard with his legs over the edge.  He pushes Jamie back so he’s lying on the flatbed then pulls his boy’s shorts down and off. He yanks out his own cock, pushes Jamie’s legs up in the air … and bingo … he shoves his dick in the surfer’s ass and fucks him.”

Ryan winced.  “Does Jamie like it, sir?”

“Of course, they both do, or they wouldn’t do it.  Jamie loves being overpowered by the cop.”

“And what does it feel like for Mark, sir?”

“Oh damn, you’re asking what it feels like to fuck a guy.  It’s so incredible it’s hard to describe, you just have to do it.  Mark always says it’s the best feeling in the world to have his boy’s soft warm ass wrapped round his cock while that beautiful face stares up at him. 

“It’s totally different from jerking off or getting a blow job.  It’s … well, like I said, impossible to describe … the only way to know is to do it.  I still remember when I first fucked a guy years ago.  I went wild, nearly yelled the place down.  And when I came in his ass ...  Damn you got me going here, kid.  I don’t wanna go any further down that road or I’ll cream my shorts.”

He wasn’t the only one close to creaming his new board shorts as Ryan felt the heat of Darius’s thigh under his hand.   The subject was mesmerizing, but it troubled him too.  “Sir, I know you would like to do to me what Mark did to Jamie, but …”

“Kiddo,” Darius said sharply.  “Now we said we wouldn’t talk about that again.  It’s what made you run away from me that time.  I have said that there is no way on god’s green earth that I am gonna bury my ten-inch schlong in your ass.  The subject is dead so I don’t want you worrying your head about it.  That ship has sailed and ain’t coming back.”

They drove in silence for a while but as he stared at the road ahead a smile was spreading over Darius’s face and he murmured quietly, “However …”


The Big Shocker

A few miles further on Will said, “Sir, like I told you, I came a few times with Will and then with the twins, but that was several nights ago and Bob said I shouldn’t do it again until I came here with you.  But, I liked it a whole lot and …”

“.. and your cock is rock hard in your shorts ‘cos you’ve built up such a head of steam, right?”

“How did you know, sir?”

“Because I’m the same.  Zack told me I shouldn’t cum for a few days before this trip and, man, I am horny as a fucking toad.  Er, listen, that turnoff I mentioned is coming up in a mile or two.  What say we do a Mark, make for the trees and get our rocks off eh?  But I swear again your butt is totally safe.  I just wanna jerk off or something to relieve the pressure.  What d’ya say?”

“You mean jerk off looking at you, sir?  In real life?  Yes, sir, I would like to do that.”

Darius grinned and ten minutes later he braked sharply, “There it is … almost missed it.  OK, kiddo, here we go.” 

Ryan’s heartbeat quickened and he squeezed Darius’s thigh harder, as the truck swung off the highway onto a minor road, then turned onto a dirt track and bumped along for another mile or so.  Ryan looked around at the vast scrub-covered emptiness, not another soul for miles, and he felt another stab of panic.

Darius felt him stiffen. “I’ll say this one last time, kid.  You don’t have to be scared, we’ll only do what makes you feel good.  One word of protest from you and we’ll be right back on the highway – promise.  See those trees over there?  That’s where we’re headed.”

They reached the trees and Darius parked the truck in the middle, completely out of view.  Not that there was anyone for miles around to see or hear anything.  “Imagine, kid, this is right where Mark and Jamie stop.  This is where they look at each other and their cocks get hard.”

Ryan did imagine it and he felt elated that Darius had brought him here just as Mark does with his boy.  He imagined Jamie getting fucked by the cop and that excited him, though he knew for sure that wouldn’t happen to him.  His fear had been snuffed out by excitement.”

“OK, kid,” Darius grinned.  “Let’s follow in the footsteps of the cop and the surfer.”  They got out, went round to the back of the truck and Darius pulled down the tailgate.  “I’ll show you what Jamie does that turns Mark on so much.  I guarantee it’ll make you wanna jerk off.”

Darius dropped his shorts and kicked then off, then heaved himself backwards onto the tailboard his legs hanging over the end.   Ryan inhaled sharply at the sight of the muscular black jock, bareassed in only unlaced sneakers and a white tank stretched over his torso, his long thick cock lying halfway down his thigh.   Ryan thought, no he knew, that he had never seen anything as sexy as this.

Behind Darius in the truck the two surfboards slanted upward from the flatbed and rested on the top of the cab.  “Here’s what Jamie does to turn on the cop,” Darius smiled.  He leaned back on the slanting surfboards, stretched his arms up and grabbed the fins.  “It’s almost as if Mark has tied Jamie down like this, body stretched upward, his bare ass waiting to get plough by the cop.

Mesmerized by the homoerotic image Ryan grabbed the bulge in his shorts.  “Go for it, kiddo.  You wanted to jerk off looking at me … now would be a good time, dontcha think?”

In a daze Ryan dropped his shorts and stroked his rigid cock, staring at Darius and fantasizing about Mark staring at Jamie in this same position before fucking him.  Ryan was being swept into a world of lust, body-worship and man-on-man sex.  He wanted to touch Darius but hesitated.  He had said all he wanted to do was jerk off, but now somehow it wasn’t enough.

Darius saw his indecision and said, “Don’t cum yet, kiddo.  Let me show you what Jamie does that drives Mark crazy.”  He let go of the fins and reached into a backpack next to him.  He pulled out a tube and said, “This is what’s known as lube, and Jamie uses it to do this …”

Darius pulled his legs back, exposing his ass.  He squeezed lube out of the tube on his hand, reached down and pushed his greasy fingers into his ass.   “Makes it easier for Mark to slide his dick inside.”  He flashed a smile.  “You might say he’s greasing the skids – literally.  Anyway, whatever, it sure turns the cop on and when he sees that young jock’s greasy hole there’s only one thing he can do.”

Darius stretched up again and grabbed the fins, his muscles flexing under the white tank that was now blotched with sweat and clinging to his chest.  “Great fantasy, eh, kid?  The black muscle-jock tied up on a truck, body stretched, bareassed in just a tank and sneakers, his legs pulled back like this, all greased up and ready to get a cock shoved in it.”

“Aaah,” Ryan groaned, his gaze running down from the chiseled face, the muscled chest and sweaty tank, to the huge cock now lying on his stomach, legs pulled back, ass on full display.  He couldn’t take his eyes off the ass, waiting to get penetrated.

“You wanna give it a try, kiddo?  You wanted to know what it feels like, why Mark loves it so much?  Just to check it out, nothing else.  It’s OK if you don’t want to …”

Ryan lost all traces of fear or inhibition, all sense of what he had called ‘not natural’.  All he saw was the pornographic image of a half-naked black jock tied down on the truck, all he felt was the straining of his own cock, all he heard was the deep voice saying, “Fuck me, boy, that’s an order.  Fuck my ass.”

Ryan stumbled forward, braced his hands on the raised legs and felt the tip of his cock touch the greasy softness of the jock’s hole.   “Aaagh … Aaagh … Aaagh …!”   He howled as his cock sank into the velvet warmth of the waiting ass, and he gazed into the smiling green eyes of this beautiful man, his idol. 

“You’re inside me, boy.  Feels great, uh?  Lean forward … touch me … fuck me.”

Obeying the seductive voice Ryan leaned forward and braced his outstretched hands on the solid mounds of Darius’s pecs, feeling them flex under the damp tank as he pulled his cock back up the shaft, then pushed in again. 

He was fucking Darius, the man he worshipped … he was fucking him in the ass, and the sensation in his cock was like nothing he had ever felt.  He yelled out loud, again and again, watching the handsome black face toss from side to side on the surfboard. 

His screams were carried away on the desert breeze and the fire in his cock radiated over his whole body.  He was alive as never before, his body was alive, and when his cock sank into the fiery depths of the man’s ass he gasped and held his breath, desperate not to cum … not yet. When his cock stopped shaking he pulled slowly back, and as he pushed in deep again he felt Darius’s ass clench round his cock.

“Aaah …”  He dug his dingers into Darius’s chest to stop from cumming.  But Darius knew the boy couldn’t hold back for long – and neither could he, the kid looked so beautiful howling in pure ecstasy.  One hand let go of the fin and he stroked his own cock.  “You feel so good inside me, boy, you’re gonna make me cum.  Damn that’s hot.”

One arm was still stretched up to the top of the surfboard, his body flexed, muscles rippling as he pounded his own cock.  The spectacle drove Ryan wild.  His fingers dug in harder into the sweaty tank and as he fucked harder he yanked on it, ripping it down from one shoulder and leaving the shredded fabric spread over his heaving chest. 

“Aaagh, here it comes boy … yeah!”  Darius’s cock exploded with the pent up juice of days, stream after stream that splashed on the torn tank, on his neck and face.  Ryan stared wide-eyed at the most erotic sight he had ever seen, drove his cock in deep and screamed as it erupted deep inside the writhing black jock, his body soaked in his own cum.


The Rustle Of Dune Grass

Ryan was shaking and he closed his eyes, unsure for a moment where he was or even what had happened.  As his pounding heart slowed he opened his eyes and saw Darius looking up at him with a dazzling smile.  “You wanted to know how it feels, kid.  So now you know.  Like I said, you can’t describe it – you have to feel it.  And you just did … hell yes.”

Ryan was still stunned, with a mix of elation, confusion and fear of what this meant.  Darius answered that one for him.  “Like I said, kiddo, just two buddies having fun – in the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere.  Now ease your cock out of my ass, pull up your shorts and we’ll hit the road.  There’s a beach shack up there in the dunes with our name on it.”

A few minutes later Ryan was sitting in a dazed silence next to Darius as they drove back up the dirt road to the highway.  Darius was deliberately making light of what had happened to bring Ryan back to earth.  He was taking this all one step at a time and didn’t want Ryan to leap to wild conclusions that could be dashed later.

Gradually Ryan did come back to earth and, although he had a feeling something major had happened, he was content to sit next to Darius in silence.  Though he did keep glancing over at him and the torn tank hanging over his chest drenched in cum.  His hand ventured back onto Darius’s thigh and Darius slung an arm over the boys shoulder, steering with one hand.

With only occasional small talk the rest of the way they finally drove into the small town of Guadalupe, took the narrow road out to the dunes, then the sandy track behind the dunes until they pulled up behind the shack.  “We’ll unload later, kiddo.  I want you to see the beach.”

They left the truck, walked round the shack and stopped.  “Wow,” Ryan said, gazing at the long expanse of deserted beach that stretched in each direction and disappeared in the far distance in a haze of spray mist.  “It’s so beautiful, sir.”

“And so are you, kid,” Darius grinned.  “Come on, let’s wash off the dust of the road in the waves.  They pulled off their shirts and shoes and ran down to the surf.  They romped there for a while, then ran back up to the shack.  Darius got the cooler from the truck and they sat together on a bench on the porch sipping beer.

Darius put his arm over Ryan’s shoulder and the boy snuggled close, resting his head against Darius’s neck.  For a while they were both silent with their thoughts, surrendering themselves to the peacefulness of this enchanted place, with the sound of the surf, the breeze rustling the dune grass, and the cries of the inquisitive seagulls whirling overhead.

Both were thinking of what had happened on the truck, which had come as a surprise to them both. Ryan knew that it was a role reversal of what usually happens and was a little scared that he might be expected to reciprocate.  Reading his thoughts Darius reassured him.

“What happened back there was great, kiddo but, like I said, it was just two good buddies getting their rocks off.  I wanna make clear that there is no way that’s gonna happen to you.  Never gonna happen, OK?” 

“Thank you, sir.”

“We’ve got a long way to go, kid, you and me – one step at a time. We’ll just kick back and see what happens this weekend, OK?”  Then he laughed.  “But we sure put the kibosh on that no-touch bullshit didn’t we.   I sure like the feel of you here nestled against me.”

“Me too, sir.  I think this is the happiest I have ever been in my life.”

“Good.  Oh, and one other thing …”  Darius reach down beside him to the ripped tank top he had tossed on the porch.  “This is for you, kiddo.  I know it still stinks of my sweat and cum, but I want you to keep it always.  Whatever happens to us it’ll always remind you of our first trip away together.”

“Thank you, sir.  I’ll keep it forever, no matter what.”  He held the shirt up to his face and inhaled deeply.  “I love it.”  He kissed Darius on the neck and snuggled closer


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 484

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