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Pablo and Darius, two muscle-jocks who had once been lovers, are now fierce rivals.  Their brutal fight has caused them to be temporarily banished from the tribe, forced to spend a week in a remote beach shack with Pablo’s boy Tyler. Their anger threatens to erupt again – until Tyler is in sudden danger and the men join forces fight to protect him – “like superheroes in an action movie,” as Tyler says.


In the previous chapter

The bitter feud between the two muscle jocks Pablo and Darius had come to a head on the construction site.  The hot young mechanic and the muscular black foreman had a vicious fight, which Darius had won and left Pablo bound and humiliated.

The men of the tribe had punished them by temporarily banishing them from the tribe.  They were forced to spend a week in a remote beach shack with Pablo’s boy Tyler.  Although the two men had been lovers for a long time they now dreaded the thought of having to spend time together in such close proximity.

Tyler however was over the moon at the prospect of spending a week on the beach with his master Pablo whom he hero-worshipped.  The boy was the only bright between the surly men who could hardly bring themselves to speak to each other.

Everything changed when Tyler was attacked by a gang of four thugs.  Pablo raced to the rescue and fought savagely, but he was badly outnumbered.  Darius, who had been brooding alone by the water, sprang into action.  He joined in and they ultimately overpowered the thugs, with the help of young Tyler valiantly swinging a big hunk of driftwood.

Afterwards, when Pablo told Tyler the fight hadn’t changed anything, that he and Darius were still enemies, Tyler flared up.   “I don’t believe that sir.  When I watched you fight like a team it sure didn’t seem you were enemies.   You were calling each other ‘buddy’ and ‘bro’.  Those thugs were the enemy and you two were like superheroes in some action movie. 

“I wish you and Darius could be buddies like that again, sir.  I mean, he saved us and … and you haven’t even thanked him properly.  Look at him out there sitting on those rocks all hunched up.  Sir, if ever there was a time to make up this is it.  See, I think you still love each other but you’re both so pig-headed.”

Tyler’s uncharacteristic boldness stunned Pablo who went to have a heart-to-heart talk with Darius.  After tiptoeing warily around the problem Pablo told him what Tyler had said.  Darius replied, “You know, the kid may be young and innocent but maybe he sees things clearer than guys like us who’ve been around long enough to build up real big egos that clash.”

But Pablo still nursed hard feelings over their earlier fight at work when his humiliation had been witnessed by the other men and especially his boy Tyler

“Yeah,” Darius said I feel real bad about that, dude.  I never meant it to be a crowd scene like that, especially with your boy.  But we could do something about that part, at least.  I mean, one of the tribe’s favorite sayings is ‘payback time’. We could show Tyler you’re the boss after all – maybe even get him involved. 

That resulted in Darius submitting to a spit roast where he knelt on all fours with Pablo fucking his ass and Tyler his face. 
Soon afterwards as the three men relaxed over beers on the patio Pablo made a confession.  “Over the last few weeks I’ve been wrapped up in my own rage and not thinking clearly.  In fact, ever since I became Randy’s boy and adopted son I’ve often behaved like a real prick. 

“Tyler, I really put you through the wringer and I’m not sure how or why you took all my bullshit.  Not so long ago I saw you and Mario fucking and I punished you and disgraced myself by attacking Mario. 

“As for you, Darius, our wounds run deep.  But that fight against those assholes made me realize what a great team we once made, and maybe can still make again.  It’ll take a lot of work.  I hope we can make a start while we’re up here this week.” 

Darius said, “Dude, I’ve been waiting a long time to hear you say something like that.  I still don’t know if we can get back to the way we always were, or something like it.  But I’ll give it a damn good try.  And I have a feeling that Tyler here will be a big help, like he has been so far.  You’re a great kid, Tyler.”

Tyler ginned.  “I’ll help all I can, sir, ‘cos I love you both – better together than apart.”  He grinned impishly.  “And if all else fails I can always swing that cudgel again.”

Pablo smiled at Darius.  “Hear that buddy?  I think we’ve let a monster out of his lair.”

*********************   CHAPTER 470  *********************  

Patches Of Blue

And so a thaw set in.  After the burst of dramatic action – Tyler’s peril … the ‘superhero’ rescue by Pablo and Darius … and then the spit-roast of Darius – a lot had changed. There was still an edge of rivalry between Darius and Pablo but the ice had begun to melt, drip by drip.

So they turned to practical matters.  The groceries Tyler had been carrying when he was attacked had to be replaced, and this time Pablo insisted on going with him to the little store in the village.  “You wanna come?” Pablo asked Darius offhandedly.

Darius shrugged casually. “Sure, why not?”  In truth, after the horror of seeing Tyler attacked so savagely, both men wanted to make sure he would be safe this time.  They were pretty sure they had scared the gang off, and Pablo had called their cop buddy Mark and sent him the mugshots of the thugs that Tyler had taken.  Mark said he would forward them to the cops he knew in the local Guadalupe police department

With that business taken care of the trio set off for the store with a lighter step and brighter mood, an improvement over their former doom and gloom.  Pablo and Darius were playing it cautiously, not saying too much, but Tyler picked up the slack and talked effusively, still excited by the rescue and proud of the part he had played by wielding the cudgel, and then helping his master spit-roast Darius.

In the store there were a few laughs as they shopped but, despite the lighter mood, there was still some kind of barrier between Pablo and Darius that was hard to define.  Later on as Tyler and Pablo worked together in the kitchen Darius went for a solitary walk along the beach to try and sort out the confusion in his mind.

The problem was that the rift between himself and Pablo had become so deep and bitter that it still hung like a cloud over everything, a cloud that refused to drift away.  Sure, there were occasional patches of blue now but Darius could not see a way of ever restoring the close friendship they once shared.

Maybe, he thought, it was all part of growing up.  Starting out as young boyfriends he and Pablo had matured over time into tough opinionated young men, holding down important jobs in the tribe’s construction company, with all the ups and down that occurred naturally at work.  And yet, wasn’t it possible to grow into manhood and still retain some of the innocent fun and games of youth?  Apparently not – at least they had not discovered the trick of doing it.

Darius sighed deeply as he came within sight of Mark and Jamie’s shack.  Mark and Zack, even from before they knew each other, had owned beach shacks two miles apart in the Guadalupe Dunes.  That’s how Mark and Zack had first met years ago.  Pablo, Darius and Tyler were staying in Zack’s shack, but it had become a tradition in the tribe that if anyone used one shack they would always wander up the beach to check out the other, make sure it was still secure.

When Pablo had called Mark about the fight the cop had told him that he was thinking of bringing his boy Jamie up here soon to unwind for a couple of days, chill out together and make love.  Darius knew where the spare key was hidden and let himself in. 

Everything seemed untouched from their last visit and Darius smiled to himself as he saw Mark’s bed strewn with old T-shirts and used underwear, much as Zack’s bed had been.  As Darius idly sifted through them he realized that his cock was getting hard, and he had a vision of the cop and his surfer, two gorgeous men, fucking on this very bed.

Sex – the making love kind – was an element that had been absent from his muddled thoughts – the spit-roast penance didn’t count.   His mind went back to the more innocent days when he and Pablo had first become fuck buddies, with all the potency and passion of youth.  Then over the years they had grown from boyfriends to lovers, and then to … whatever it was now. 

Maybe, Darius thought, that was a natural progression of life – lust becomes love which settles into a routine friendship that often fades … even into mutual resentment.  The old seven-year itch that breaks up many a marriage.  That was sad, he thought, but there was probably no way to relight the flame.  It would take more than just thinking it through in his mind as he was now – it would take a force beyond mere talk and logic, something beyond a man’s control.”

Darius sighed, took one last lingering look at the rumpled bed, and left the shack.  He hid the key again and started the walk back.



For the rest of the day Pablo was careful not to rock the boat that was relatively calm for now.  He realized that he had been no angel in all the discord, far from it, so he was polite to Darius now.  Overly polite, in fact – not a word guys generally applied to the take-no-prisoners boss’s boy.  Pablo even joked about that to Tyler when they were alone.

“Watching my manners, kiddo.  Get a good look while you can – not often you see that.”

“Sir,” Tyler frowned, “I was always told good manners can’t be faked … you have to mean it.”

“I do mean it … most of the time … I think.  Anyway, don’t waste your time trying to keep me in line, boy.  It don’t work.  I suppose you’ve got this stuff with me and Darius all worked out, eh?”

“Well, sir, I do have a few ideas.  Like, one time my buddy Finn had a big ol’ fight with his master Manuel, you know how Finn can be.  Anyway they weren’t talking to each other so I kinda finagled it so they got back together and ended up fucking.”

“That so, huh?  Quite the little peacemaker ain’t you?  Well, it’ll take more than finagling to work your magic here, kiddo.”

They all three went for a walk along the beach, with Tyler doing most of the talking, but there was a feeling that the ice was still melting, even if it was slow as a glacier.  Tyler made dinner for them (with one of the packets Will had prepared marked H, meaning heat in the oven).

They were all pretty bushed after such a long and event-filled day.  It had begun so early in the morning, then the long drive up here, the attack on Tyler and the big-fight rescue.  But most of all the continuing tension had sapped their energy and they were ready to call it a night.

When they had first arrived and seen the only bed in the shack, a king-size, Darius had said, “You guys get the bed.  I’ll take the couch.”  That seemed like the obvious solution at the time and now Tyler helped Darius make up the couch with blankets and pillows.  There was an awkward silence before saying goodnight and, as Tyler looked at the men’s hesitant expressions, he plucked up his courage.

“Sirs … er … I may be out of line here, but …”

“What you trying to say, kiddo?”

“Well, sir … like, you both saved me from those thugs and, well, now I kinda think of us as a trio so …” it came out in a rush “… so don’t you think we could all sleep together, sir?  It’s a huge bed and …”  His voice trailed away and he blushed.

Pablo and Darius looked at each other and shrugged, with a casual ‘who cares?’ expression that didn’t entirely convince Tyler.

“I dunno.” Pablo said, “OK by me I guess.”

“Sure,” Darius shrugged again.  “I’m pretty much wiped out anyway, so I’m gonna sleep like a log.  We can leave the couch made up in case anyone needs it.”

No more was said.  The men didn’t make eye contact as they all stripped down to their boxers. Pablo pulled Tyler onto the bed and wrapped his arms round him.  Darius lay down with his back to them and a big space between them.

“You OK, kiddo?” Pablo asked.  “You happy?”

“I’ll say, sir.  Kinda romantic with the moonlight streaming through the window, dontcha think?  Thank you for saving me today, sir.”  He looked over his shoulder.  “And thank you too, Darius.  You saved my bacon.”

Darius mumbled, “Anytime, kid.  No sweat.”

And then there was silence as they closed their eyes and fell asleep, three bodies bathed in moonlight.


Tyler Gets An Idea

Tyler had been dreaming when he stirred to consciousness and looked at the clock.  He was surprised that he had been asleep only for an hour or so.  During that time Pablo had shifted on the bed as he usually did, and was now sound asleep on his stomach, his head turned sideways on the pillow facing away from Tyler, his arms stretched upward.

Lying on his side the boy looked at Pablo’s muscular back lit by moonlight.  His gaze ran down the long slim waist to the rise of his butt, the perfect round globes outlined under his tight white boxer briefs.

Tyler’s cock stiffened as he remembered the few times Pablo had let him fuck his ass.  His impulse now was to reach out and touch his master but he was sleeping so soundly, with deep even breaths, and it seemed wrong to wake him.

For a while Tyler gazed longingly at the near-naked man, then felt his eyes closing.   But sleep wouldn’t come again as his mind was crowded with the day’s events.  He heard Darius groan in his sleep and felt him turn over.  Darius had fallen asleep with his back to them and a space between them, but now Tyler saw that he was lying on his other side, his head facing toward them on the pillow, his eyes still tight shut in sleep.

With his long muscular limbs Darius tended to sprawl on a bed.  One arm was now spread out, his fingers lightly resting on Tyler’s shoulder.  The boy stared at his muscular, ebony body gleaming in the moonlight and his cock got even harder. 

It felt strange being the only one awake between these two beautiful sleeping muscle-jocks.  It wasn’t that he wanted to have sex with them … well, he sure wouldn’t have said no … but mostly he just wanted to gaze at them, looking in turn from the handsome Mestizo to the square-jawed black stud.  They looked stunning lying on the same bed, even though there was still a distance between them – physical and emotional.

And then Tyler got an idea. 

He didn’t stop to think it through, he just did it.  Gently he removed Darius’s hand from his shoulder then froze as Darius stirred slightly and grunted.  Tyler waited a minute to make sure he was still asleep, then slowly slid down between the two men to the foot of the bed, taking care not to touch them.

Silently he slid off the end of the bed, got to his feet and tiptoed from the room.  Leaving the bedroom door open he lay down on the couch, nestling under the sheet and blanket he had helped Darius put on it.  From there he had a clear view into the bedroom and of the two men he had left on the bed, one sleeping on his stomach, the other on his side. He settled in for a long wait, his fingers crossed.

He was too keyed up to fall asleep, and he didn’t have long to wait.  He heard Darius moan, saw him stir in his sleep and stretch out the hand that had touched Tyler.  This time it came to rest against the nape of Pablo’s neck. Tyler saw the fingers move and then Darius opened his eyes.

Blurry with sleep it took Darius a minute to focus on where he was – and who was sleeping beside him.  Then it all flooded back and he withdrew his hand.  Still on his side he raised himself up on his elbow and let his eyes travel from the back of Pablo’s head, along his back and waist – to the erotic sight of the perfect mounds bulging under his briefs.

“Fuck,” Darius moaned softly.  “Fuck …”

In the past Darius had always loved to watch Pablo asleep.  When the tough, energetic mechanic was asleep he changed – all that pent up energy now at rest under the muscles that rippled only slightly with his heavy breathing. 

They had been glorious years when he felt proud to be the lover of the sexy Mestizo.  One feature he found especially sexy was Pablo’s shaggy black hair that lay thick at the nape of his neck.  Mechanically Darius reached out again and touched the nape as he had before.  “Fuck …” he moaned again. 

Lightly he traced a fingertip down the back of Pablo’s neck, down the cleft in the middle of his muscular back to the dip at the small of his back.  He couldn’t take his eyes off the bulge in the tight shorts, the ass he had fucked so many times over the years.  It felt natural that his own cock was rigid in his boxers.  His hand was so close to the ass but he didn’t dare touch it for fear of waking Pablo.

But, confused as ever, he wanted his buddy to wake up so he could tell him … tell him what?  That he still found him sexy, that he still wanted to …?  But what about all that stuff … that bullshit?  Is that what it was, bullshit?  Now that he gazed down at the perfect man lying next to him it all seemed like small potatoes … bullshit indeed.  “Damn,” he groaned.  “Wake up dude.”

This time he had spoken louder and his hand had strayed onto the bulging ass.  In his sleep Pablo heard the voice, felt the hand resting on his butt, and his head turned on the pillow to face Darius.  Startled Darius yanked his hand back as Pablo murmured, “What the fuck …?  What the fuck you doing, man?”

“Nothing … nothing, I … never mind.  Go back to seep.”

Pablo looked up at the sculpted black face, usually so strong, so self-assured, but now frowning in confusion.  How many times in the past had he looked into this beautiful face when both of them had woken up horny and made love in the middle of the night?   Now, as then, he had a boner in his shorts and he blurted out, “No wait … did you wanna say something?”

“No, I … well, I was just thinking … I wanted to … dammit, man, I wanted to do this.”  He lunged forward and clumsily pressed his full lips hard against Pablo’s mouth.  After a few seconds Pablo pulled his head away.  “Wow, didn’t see that one coming.”

Darius pulled back in embarrassment.  “Dammit, I don’t know why I … fuck … fuck …”  Pablo looked up and saw the confusion in his friend’s face that made him look like a guilty young boy.  He was still murmuring apologies when Pablo reached up, hooked his hand round Darius’s neck and pulled him back down into a passionate, grinding kiss

Watching wide-eyed on the couch Tyler hissed softly, “Yes … yes …”  He uncrossed his fingers and pumped a fist in the air.


The Glacier Melts

In the bedroom the floodgates finally opened.  During the weeks of growing resentment that drove the men apart, the fire of their love had been quenched but not totally extinguished.  It still flickered dimly deep inside them.  They had fought with angry words and fists but they could not kill the love and lust that lay dormant, a different creature from all the ‘bullshit’ happening on the surface.

Earlier in the day Darius, all alone, had mused that there was probably no way to relight the flame.  It would take more than just thinking things through in his mind– it would take a force beyond mere talk and logic, he thought – something outside of a man’s control. 

And what happened now, the reignited love and lust, was completely beyond their control.  When their faces separated Darius smiled down at Pablo, his eyes sparkling.  “Never could resist that ass, dude.”

They kissed again, then Darius moved lower to kiss Pablo’s neck, his back and finally his ass.  He licked the white cotton stretched over the bubble butt, then buried his face in the briefs between the mounds.  He pulled off and growled, “Man, I gotta have that ass.”  He yanked the briefs down and salivated over the naked white globes. Again he buried his face between the cheeks and kissed the fine black hair curled round the hole before pushing his tongue inside.

Pablo was groaning, his arms stretched up, digging his fingers into the sheet as he pushed his ass up to meet Darius’s mouth.  Overcome with lust for the lover he had fought against these last weeks Darius fell full length on top of Pablo’s back, stretching his arms up, covering him. 

He breathed in his ear, “Dude, last time I fucked you, after the fight in that warehouse, I went crazy, punishing you.  I was wrong.  What I should have done is made love to you and your ass.  Tell me you want that now, kid.  I really need to hear it.”

Pablo looked back over his shoulder.  “Fuck me, buddy.  I want it so bad.  I lost my mind too … got so mad I didn’t realize I wanted this all the time.  Please, man.”

Darius raised his hips high enough for the tip of his ten-inch cock to ease between his lover’s ass cheeks.  He paused, then whispered, “Here it comes, dude.”  Gently he lowered his hips and his long shaft entered Pablo slowly, inch by inch by inch.  Pablo dug his fingers deeper in the bed as, for the first time in weeks, he felt the ecstasy of Darius penetrating him.

When all ten inches were buried inside him Darius licked the nape of his neck and bit it gently.  “Man, I’ve missed that,” Pablo moaned softly.  “I’m so sorry, dude … all that stuff I …”

“Sssh,” Darius said in his ear.   “This is us now, dude, the real us.  Damn your ass is hot.  I love being inside you, kid.  It’s where I belong.”  He pulled back slowly at the start of a long, loving, massage of his ass.  Steadily the rhythm built, grew more insistent as their passion intensified and brought Darius to the edge of his climax.  He pulled out suddenly.  “Damn, I want it to last.  Come here you son of a bitch and make love to me.”

He wrapped his arms round Pablo, rolled him over and kissed him.  Their mouths stayed pressed together as they rolled over and over on the bed, grappling muscle against muscle, pinning each other, breaking free, indulging their lust through strength.

Tyler was overjoyed, standing on the couch now, excitedly watching the two jocks wrestling, making fiery love.  He gazed in awe as they finally came to rest with Pablo on his back, Darius kneeling over him pinning his wrists to the bed.

Their breath heaving Darius flashed his dazzling smile as they feasted on each other’s eyes. “Man,” Darius said, “we’ve been so fucking stupid.  Wasted so much time when we could’ve been doing this.”

“It feels so good it makes me scared, Darius.  I mean, what’s real?  This, or that other stuff?  Will this last?  What if it all caves in and …?”

“Hey, hey, where’s that stud warrior who totally wasted four guys, eh?  Don’t worry, kiddo, this right now is the real thing.  And I’ll damn well make it good enough to last.”

He released Pablo’s wrists, pulled back on his knees and pushed Pablo’s legs back.   He grinned, “I’ll show you what’s real, dude.  Ten inches don’t lie.”  Once again he pressed his cock against his lover’s ass and let it slide all the way deep inside.  “Now look into my eyes, buddy.  That’s where you’ll find the truth, while I make love to the most beautiful ass in the world.”

Pablo smiled at Darius’s soothing tone, the macho black stud who could drop a man with one blow, the fighter, the boss – and now the lover.  As he felt the huge black rod making love to his ass he could believe that this was real – and that it would last.

“Fuck me, man.  Dammit, I love you, Darius.  Always have.”

“You have a weird way of showing it, asshole.”  He flashed another dazzling smile – and Pablo melted.  He wanted to feel Darius’s strength while he made love to him.  “I wanna be your prisoner, dude.  Pin me down like you did in the warehouse.  Fuck my ass, make me cum, order me to cum for you.”

“Mother-fucker,” Darius grinned.  “Damn you turn me on … fucking beautiful muscle jock begging for it.  You sure know what buttons to press you sexy son of a bitch.  OK, stud, you asked for it.”

Darius leaned forward between Pablo’s legs and again pinned his wrists to the bed.  Impulsively he began drilling his ass with his long pole making his lover groan, then howl.  But that wasn’t what Darius wanted to hear.  It was what he had heard in the warehouse when he had pounded the ass in anger.  But this was no longer about anger – love had pushed it aside.

So he slowed, and instead of attacking his ass he caressed it with long slow penetrations.  Pablo stared up the face he knew so well with its pale green eyes set in chiseled ebony features – and that gleaming white-teeth smile.  “I love you, Darius.  Man, I’ve been such a prick to you … How can I show you how much I …”

“… how much you want me?  Easy.”  Darius released Pablo’s hands.  “See, hands free.  And that’s how you’re gonna do it, bro.  I know you can.”

Pablo’s cock was hard as a rock but he didn’t touch it.  Instead he reached up and ran his hands over the hard muscles of Darius’s flawless body, his shoulders, abs and chest.  He cupped his hands over the slabs of his pecs then stroked his nipples.

“Damn, you’re driving me wild, dude,” Darius panted. “I’m so close.”

“Tell me when, Darius.  Order me to.  Please, man.”

“OK, I’m gonna go, but I wanna see you go first.  Do it, stud.  Do it.  Now!”

Pablo sighed deeply.  “I love you man, aaah … aaah … yeaahh …!   His cock reared up and spurted juice over his abs, then a pause, and then long jets of semen that splashed on his chest, then even more onto is neck and face.  Darius’s cock erupted deep inside him making Pablo cum again as he felt his lover’s warmth flooding his ass.

Pablo gave Darius his crooked grin.  “I can’t stop cumming, man. I’m gonna cum forever.”

“That’s good, dude.  Then I’ll have to stay inside you and fuck you forever.  We’ll be a freak of nature – joined at the cock and ass, inseparable.”

“Asshole,” Pablo grinned, then started to laugh.  Darius pulled out of him at last, fell on him and laughed along with him.

And so did Tyler.

They looked up and saw the boy standing on the couch naked, holding his cock that was still dripping after he came watching the men’s climax.

“What the fuck you doing there, kiddo?” Pablo laughed.  “Why did you get out of bed and leave us alone?”  Tyler blushed and Pablo grinned, “You planned that stunt, didn’t you?  You left us alone in bed deliberately and jerked off watching us.  You little devil.  Come here boy and get punished.”

Tyler jumped off the couch and ran to the bed.  Pablo pointed to his cum-smothered body.  “That’s your punishment, kid.  Clean me up.”

Never was a punishment more welcome.  Eagerly Tyler went to town, lapping up his master’s juice from his abs, his chest, neck and face.”  He raised his exuberant face, his mouth drooling cum.  “Now kiss my lover, kid, ‘cos you’re gonna be his boy too until he finds one of his own.”

Darius reach behind Tyler’s head and pulled him into a churning kiss where they shared the warm jizz of the man they both loved.  Then Pablo pulled Tyler down between them. “Now you sleep kiddo, and no more tricks.  You were way out of line.”

“Sorry, sir,” Tyler smiled, pressed between the two men.  Pablo whispered in his ear, “Thanks for pulling that stunt, kid.  You sure know how to take care of a man.”


The Party Heats Up

Next morning they slept in late.  After yesterday’s long action-packed day they were in no hurry.  When they did finally stir Pablo and Darius were in each other’s arms.  Pablo opened his eyes and murmured, “Where’s my boy?  Dammit he’s gone, pulled the same stunt again?  And what’s that smell?”

“Breakfast, sir.”  It was Tyler, grinning widely in the doorway and holding a large heavy tray.  “And I didn’t have to use any of Will’s food packages, I did it all myself – bacon and eggs, toast, oatmeal, yoghurt and berries, juice, coffee, the works.”

The men propped themselves up on their elbows and Darius grinned, “Hey, bro, this kid’s a real find.  We should keep him around.”

“Yeah, forever,” Pablo agreed.  “OK, kiddo, bring that tray here before you drop it.”

All three sat together and had a picnic breakfast on the bed.  The atmosphere was the opposite of yesterday’s gloom, almost giddy, but there was still an air of uncertainty about what came next.  Tyler sensed that the men had a lot to talk about so when breakfast was over he said, “Sirs, would it be OK if I went for a run along the beach?  I could do with the exercise.”

Pablo glanced at Darius, then said, “Sure, OK.  Darius and me have some unfinished business anyway.  But don’t go farther than Mark’s shack, and take your phone with you.  Any sign of trouble you give us a call, OK?  You can leave the breakfast things to us – we’ll clean up the kitchen.  Have fun.”

Tyler kissed them both, pulled on the blue board shorts Pablo had given him and set off.  As he ran through the spray of the surf his heart was light as air, he had never felt happier.  The quarrel between Pablo and Darius had been a real threat to him, but now everything seemed to have turned the corner and was headed in the right direction.

He was smart enough to know that the guys had a lot of work to do to patch up all the deep wounds, but he would help all he could and he knew the other men and boys would pitch in too when needed.

Then suddenly his carefree mood changed when he saw a figure in the far distance that appeared to be coming toward him along the beach.  Instantly his senses were on high alert, recalling the four thugs of yesterday.  Maybe one of them was coming back for revenge.

He fingered his phone in his pocket and hesitated, poised to run back.  But, he thought, he was Pablo’s boy and Pablo never ran away, so he plucked up his courage and walked on.  As the figure got closer he shielded his eyes from the sun and squinted.  There was something familiar about that determined walk, the head turning from side to side taking everything in.  His face broke into beaming smile.

It was Will … of all people.

Tyler ran forward and the other figure broke into a run too.  “Dude, it’s you,” Tyler laughed.  “What the hell are you doing here?”

They hugged and Will said, “Catering gig.”

“All the way up here?”

“See, Mark had promised to bring Jamie up here for a long weekend but he didn’t want Jamie to be stuck in the kitchen … plus he knew you guys were here so figured there might be a lot of cooking.  Bingo – yours truly.  Mark paid me to come along too as their chef, so I’m in charge of the kitchen and pretty much the rest of the shack.  I just served them breakfast and came for a walk.  When I get back Jamie’s gonna take me out surfing.  Hey, come back there with me.”

As they walked along the beach Tyler said in a conspiratorial tone, “So dude, tell me.  On the drive up here did … like … did Mark pull off the road and fuck Jamie on the truck?”

“’Course he did.  It’s a ritual with them.  And I got to watch.”

Tyler preened.  “Me too, Will.  When we drove up yesterday Pablo did the same thing.  We drove out to that place in the brush, he pulled down the tailgate and gave me the same treatment as Jamie gets.”

“No way, dude.  And that’s not all, so we hear.  Pablo called Mark about that huge fight you guys had with that gang.  Seems you were the big hero, dude, slugging them with a hunk a’ driftwood.  That story flew round the tribe I can tell you.  Did you get hurt?”

“Nah, few bruises is all.  No big deal.”

Will laughed.  “You’re starting to sound like Pablo, the way he shrugs off a fight.  He got that from Randy.”  It was Will’s turn to sound conspiratorial.  “Say, talking of Pablo, how are things … you know … between him and Darius?  They still at each other’s throats?”

Tyler’s wide eyes sparkled.  “No, that’s the other thing, bro.  All day it was like hell had frozen over but last night we all slept in one bed and, guess what?  I snuck out of bed and watched from the other room.  Darius woke up and looked at Pablo sleeping, and his gorgeous body and … ta-da … that butt of his that drives Darius crazy.

“Anyway, he touched it and Pablo woke up.  He was mad at first … until Darius kissed him, hard.  Well that did it.  Long story short they made love, really went at it, all over the bed.  So Darius fucked Pablo of course and they kept saying how much they loved each other, always had, and they’d been real pricks all along, they were real sorry … yada, yada, yada.”

“And it did the trick?”

“Sure looked like it from where I was standing.  ‘Course, only yesterday they were sworn enemies so there’s a lotta stuff to sort out, but man those two are crazy in love with each other, I said so all along.  It’s like Eddie always says – love conquers all.”

“Dude, you gotta come and tell Mark and Jamie all this.  I know Mark for one will be totally pleased.  He’s been worried about the effect all this was having on Bob – well, you know Mark’s always been in love with Bob.  But Bob has to cope with all this stuff and keep everything from falling apart … and sometimes Randy’s no picnic either.  Bob has a ton of work to do, puts in long hours, and Mark’s afraid he’ll crack up. 

“Anyway, here we are.  And there’s Jamie.  Damn, he always makes my dick hard in those sexy board shorts of his – the poster boy for the California surfer with his blond hair and golden tan.”

“Tyler!” Jamie shouted, running up to him and throwing his arms round him.  “Hey, you didn’t bring that piece of driftwood with you, did you?  Rumor has it that when you start swinging that thing guys better take cover.”

Tyler giggled and blushed.  “I think Pablo exaggerates my part in that fight, sir.  It was him and Darius really creamed those guys.”

“Ah, don’t be modest, kiddo.”  It was Mark, appearing suddenly on the shack’s patio.  Tyler inhaled sharply.  Whenever he saw the cop his dick got hard and now the Greek God musclehunk was just wearing Speedos.  Tyler’s cock shot up like a tent pole in his shorts and he looked down at it in embarrassment, blushing deeply.  “Sorry, sir.”

Mark laughed heartily.  “No sweat, kiddo.  You know Bob always says you should never apologize for getting a boner when you look at a guy.  Biggest compliment you can pay him.”  He grew serious.  “So listen, kid, how are things down the beach there?”

“Come on Tyler,” Will urged.  “Forget the boner and tell Mark and Jamie what you told me.”

So Tyler repeated his story and Mark looked relieved and thoughtful.  “Hmm, time I had a talk with those guys, I think.”

“Hey Tyler,” Jamie said.  “I was gonna take Will out surfing before lunch.  You wanna come?  I brought two surfboards with me and I keep another in the shed behind the shack.  The waves look great … be fun.” 

Tyler winced.  “I’d like to, sir, but I’m not very good.  I haven’t done it very much.”

“All the better, give me a chance to coach you.  I’ve taught a lot of the boys to surf.”

“And few other things too,” Mark smiled.

“OK sir, thank you,” Tyler said.  “I just gotta call Pablo and tell him what I’m doing.”

Mark said, “While you’re at it, Tyler, ask him and Darius to take a walk up here.  We can all have lunch together and there’s stuff I wanna go over with them.”

And so that’s how it went.  Jamie and the boys waxed the boards and launched them in the surf, Tyler rather clumsily under the watchful and encouraging eye of the expert.

Mark brought a six-pack out to the patio and pretty soon he saw two sturdy figures jogging up the beach toward him.  He stood up, smiling warmly, and shook their hands as they walked up to the shack. 

“Hi, guys, great to see you.  Come join me, the beer’s cold.  As you see Jamie’s doing his thing out there with the boys.  Tyler was reticent at first but don’t worry, Pablo, he’s in good hands.”  He grinned, “Besides, if there’s any trouble he can always grab a hunk of driftwood as it floats by.  I hear Tyler and driftwood get along real well … comes in handy in lots of ways.”

Pablo and Darius laughed, sat down with Mark and grabbed their beers.


Advice From A Cop

“I’m glad we’ve got this chance to talk, guys,” Mark said, “’cos there’s a few things I wanted to go over with you.  First of all, well done on what you did for Tyler yesterday.  There’s a group of asshole guys who drive through Guadalupe occasionally looking for trouble.  I’ve tangled with some of them before and the local cops here are always on the lookout for them.

“I forwarded the pictures you took to the cops up here, and while we’re here I’ll go see my pals on the force and see if they match any of the mugshots they have. I’d bet a month’s pay they do. But you guys really creamed them and Randy and Zack will be real proud of you.”

“Thank you, sir,” Darius said.  “Tyler’s a great kid and it’s good we came on the scene just in time to pull those assholes off him.  And he was real brave.”

“So I hear,” Mark smiled. “That story of him and the cudgel was up on the grapevine in a nanosecond.”  He hesitated.  “But there’s another topic I wanted to get into, though really I have no right to.  It concerns you two, and I don’t want to muscle in on territory that belongs to your guys, Randy and Zack.  But I do think I can give useful advice if you’re prepared to listen.”

Mark was one of the most respected senior men of the tribe, with his experience as a cop and his impartial judgements.  So Pablo said, “We’d appreciate your advice, sir.”

“Good, now I understand from Tyler that you two kind of patched things up last night … at least you realized what was obvious to the rest of us, that you are still in love with each other.  But take it from me, you gotta work hard to stop that rivalry from flaring up again. 

“See, with so many macho alpha males in this tribe they are bound to be competitive and there will be clashes.  There’s a lot of anger to go around, and believe me, I’m someone who knows about anger.  In the police force it goes with the territory. 

“Cops are used to being the top man, always obeyed, and when someone challenges us we have a hard job holding back our anger.  Some cops even get brutal.  I think you two know something about that.  When one of you challenged the other that’s when the shit hit the fan.”

“Yes, sir,” they said in unison.  Mark had nailed the situation exactly. 

“The problem is the anger always lies dormant, never really goes away.  That’s why I go to regular anger-management sessions with Steve.  That’s how I first met him – the police force refers a lot of officers to him.  And I introduced the rest of the tribe to him, especially anger-prone Randy who then discovered he and Steve were long lost brothers.

“And that’s why I urge you to set up regular therapy sessions with Steve yourselves, individually or together.  ‘Cos believe me, no matter how much you love each other, you are two strong alpha males and that demon rivalry will rear its head again.  The whole cycle will repeat itself.

“One big problem is the collateral damage, like hurting the people we love.  Any cop’s family knows about that.  And you, Pablo, were even unkind to your own boy, and your problems spilled over to the rest of the tribe. Hell, I remember that burnout I suffered not so long ago and I really took it out on Jamie.  I was ashamed that I hurt my boy, the guy I’m in love with.

“Right now I’m really worried about Bob.  That guy has a lot on his shoulders and we all think of him as solid as a rock.  But this latest conflict was kind of the last straw and I’ve seen signs of him unraveling.  I’ve spoken to him but he pushes even me away.  But he’ll deal with that in his own way, probably by going to see Steve.

Anyway, that’s what I had to say, to give you some perspective on what you’ve been going through.   Now, let’s drop the subject, kick back and enjoy ourselves.”

The guys thanked Mark for talking to them so openly and they all settled back to watch Jamie and the two boys out there riding the waves.


The Master Surfer

The seriousness of their talk was in stark contrast to the pure joy of the two boys being coached by the sexy blond surfer.   Their laughter broke through the noise of crashing waves and the scream of the seagulls wheeling overhead.

Pablo said, “See that boy of mine, sir?  He’s doing real good out there – gets some good rides.”

“Jamie’s a great teacher,” Mark said proudly, “and he loves those kids.”

“Tyler’s a real smart kid,” Darius said.  “You didn’t know, sir, that he pulled some stunt that brought Pablo and me back together.  He was sleeping between us but he crept off the bed, knowing that leaving us two alone there would do the trick.  Has great instincts.”

After a while Mark said, “Looks like they’re ready to come back … watch this, guys …”

The surfers were sitting astride their boards in the swell looking over their shoulders for the next wave.   Suddenly Jamie gave them their clue and in perfect sync they rose up on the boards, arms stretched wide for balance.  And it was a great ride, the perfect ending to their lesson as all three skidded out of the surf and up onto the beach.

“Yes,” Tyler and Will shouted, pumping their fists in the air.  They tucked the boards under their arms and followed their hero up to the shack.  “See, we did it, sir,” Tyler grinned and Will’s freckled face beamed. 

Jamie sprawled on a beach chair in front of the patio and the boys sat on the steps.  “I should be making a start on lunch, sir,” Will said to Mark.  “That’s what I’m here for, after all.”

“You’re here to have fun, Will,” Mark smiled.  “We’re not that hungry yet, eh Jamie?”

“Not for food, sir,” Jamie grinned, “for something else.  I’m horny as a toad.  Surfing always does that to me, my balls scraping along the board while I’m sitting out there.”  He stroked the bulge in his shorts.  Damn, I need some help with this.”

Mark laughed, “Don’t look at me, dude, I’m off duty.”

“Us neither,” said Pablo.  “Me and Darius have been getting it on ever since you left us, Tyler, and we’ve drained each other dry.”

“Fuck,” Jamie groaned.  “Guess I’ll have to jerk off behind the shack.”  That image hung in the air and roused the boys even more.  They stared at the stud surfer, water still running down his pumped muscles, his tousled blond hair framing his tanned face as he stared down at the bulge in his wet board shorts that clung damply to his thighs. 

The fantasy of the macho young jock getting up, walking round the back, pulling his cock out of his shorts and jerking off against the wall of the shack was like a scene from a porn movie.   Then a different porn scene presented itself.

“Hey, you kids.  Stand up, let’s get a look at you.”

Will and Tyler had been craving some kind of sign and they jumped to their feet and stood obediently in front of Jamie.  “That session really pumped your muscles, boys.  You enjoy your lesson out there?”

“Yes thank you, sir.”

Jamie sighed, “But ya see, lessons from a master surfer don’t come cheap.  Doubt you could afford it, but I’m prepared to take it out in trade.  There’s something I need more than money.”  He linked his hands behind his head, which made his biceps and shoulders flex.  “A surfing instructor I know gets his students to service him after the lesson – you know, help him relax.”  He closed his eyes.  “Mmm, I could sure go for that.”

Tyler looked over pleadingly at Pablo who grinned and nodded his consent.  The boys exchanged excited looks.  Shyly they approached the chair where Jamie was sprawled, hands behind his head, eyes closed, his wet tanned body gleaming in the sun.  They knelt in the sand on either side of him, their faces level with his exposed armpits.

Reading each other’s minds they bent forward and licked the blond hair in his pits, tasting of salt water mixed with sweat.  He groaned and from the corner of their eyes the boys saw the bulge swell in his shorts.  They buried their faces in his pits and inhaled deeply.

When they pulled back they saw Jamie lick the salt water from his lips.  They moved up to his face and licked his lips, then licked the water from his cheeks, his forehead and his closed eyes.
He stirred and they pulled back and stared at the handsome blond surfer, a sight that brought them both close to creaming their shorts.

They paused, waiting for their cocks to calm down, and Jamie moaned, “Come on, boys, clean me up.  You know what to do.”

They grinned at each other across him and in a frenzy of muscle worship got to work on his sprawling physique, licking his neck, his chest and nipples, taking turns to run their tongues down the cleft between his bulging pecs.  The taste of salt and sweat spurred them on to lick between the ridges of his abs, then his waist, the waistband of his shorts … and then the bulge.  They licked it and took turns clamping their mouths over the soaking wet shorts, feeling the surfer’s cock stir under their mouths.

Jamie opened his eyes and grinned down at them.  “What’s the matter, boys?  Scared of raw flesh?  Sacred of a hunk of meat dripping pre-cum.  I saw you drooling, staring at my crotch out there in the waves.  Not gonna chicken out on me now, are you boys?”

“No, sir.”  Together the boys undid the crisscrossed laces of his board shorts and pulled them apart, gazing down at his rock-hard cock that really did have pre-cum oozing from it. They pulled the shorts down a bit to expose his balls and curly blond pubic hair.  Will licked the pre-cum from the tip, drawing it out in gossamer threads, while Tyler buried his face in the wet pubes and sucked his balls.

Jamie groaned, “Damn that feels good.  Don’t make me cum though – not yet.”

“No, sir.”  Eddie had taught them both the art of edging, bringing a man to the edge of his climax repeatedly, then backing off, driving him wild with lust and frustration.  They traded places, Tyler licking up the cock to the head, Will licking down and sucking his balls into his mouth.  Then Tyler clamped his mouth over the cock and took it all the way down, to be replaced by his buddy as they competed to suck the surfer’s shaft.”

On the porch Mark, Pablo and Darius drank beer and watched in admiration as the boys serviced the surfer’s dick.  “Damn they’re good,” Mark smiled.

“Taught by Eddie,” Darius chuckled.  “Can’t go wrong.”

“Yeah,” Mark said, “but I can tell Jamie’s dying to bust a load.  He’s near his limit … he’ll give in soon.  Watch.”

The husky young jock was writhing in his chair now as the boys worked his cock – sucking, licking, then clamping their throat muscles round it.  But as Mark had predicted Jamie was approaching the limit of endurance.  “Damn I’m close.  I can’t take anymore, guys.  Fuck, my balls are fit to burst.”

“He grabbed their hair and pulled their faces off his cock and balls.  He curled his fist round his own cock and stroked it slowly.  The boys stared down at the gorgeous blond surfer, his muscles rippling as he beat his meat – not behind the shack but right here beneath them as they stared down mesmerized. 

Their gaze traveled down from his square-jawed face thrashing from side to side, over his writhing body and then focused on his cock, oozing pre-cum while he stroked it.  They bent down and licked the head, slurped up the pre-cum, and finally, together, licked the hard sensitive corona of the head.

Jamie couldn’t survive that.  “Holy shit … damn, I’m gonna cum … fuck ... fuck … yeaahh!”   His body convulsed as semen blasted from his cock straight up to the open mouths hovering over it.  The boys drank eagerly, competing to drink the jock’s juice that spurted endlessly. 

When the flow subsided they licked up the jizz that had run down his cock and into his pubes.  Then they stood up and gazed down at the homoerotic sight of the blond jock, his body heaving, smiling up at them.   Each boy pulled his cock out of his shorts and it took only a few strokes before their jizz flooded down on the surfers face and bare chest.

“Dammit,” Jamie teased, “I thought you were supposed to clean me up.”

They knelt beside him again and licked their own cum from his tanned body, to cheers and applause from the three men on the patio.   “Now that was a porn flick,” Darius laughed.


News From Home

They were all lazing on the patio, the boys basking in the admiration of the men, when Mark’s cell-phone rang.  He grabbed it off the table, looked at the screen and frowned.  “It’s Pete.  I’ll take this inside.”  He went indoors and the guys heard his muffled voice in a serious conversation with the Forest Ranger Pete.  It was a while before he emerged looking worried.

“Trouble, sir?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, I don’t like the sound of it.  Seems Bob’s been giving a hard time to Pete’s boy Brandon in the office.  He’s been cracking the whip a lot lately, worried about the time it’s taking to do the budgets for the company’s new project.  He as good as blamed Brandon for the delay and the kid’s real upset.”

“That’s bullshit,” Jamie said. “Brandon and I have been working overtime on that thing.  It’s why I wanted to get away for a few days and told Brandon to take a break too.  Everyone knows how hard the boy works and how good he is.  I’ll give Brandon a call.  But it’s weird – so unlike Bob.  What’s Pete gonna do?”

“Well that’s the problem.  This is rock solid Bob we’re talking about, loved and respected by everyone.  If it were Randy Pete would challenge him, bawl him out and even get physical.  But you can’t do that to Bob.  And he can’t go to Randy ‘cos he’d go apeshit and defend Bob.

“It’s tough.  Like I said, I think Bob is really on edge, cracking up.  I told Pete he should just take care of Brandon for now, the boy is pretty shook up.  And Pete should call Doc Steve and get his advice.  Nothing else we can do right now – just have to see how it pans out.  But I’m worried.  Nothing like this has happened before, not with Bob.”

There was a heavy silence, finally broken by Will.  “I’ll call the twins later. If anyone knows what’s going on with Bob it’s them.  They’re his boys after all.  But right now I got work to do – lunch.  You come and give me a hand, Tyler?”

Tyler’s face brightened, he put his arm round Will and they went to the kitchen.  Mark managed a smile.   “Thank god for the boys, eh?  Whatever happens, we sure won’t starve.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 471

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