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At the beach the star-struck boys Ben and Will watch macho fireman Jason relieve his stress in a narcissistic jerk-off, gazing at his own hunky picture in a fireman’s calendar. Later the black muscleboy Darius brings the defiant tattooed ex-hustler Finn to the beach.  Resentful and bitter Finn insults young Will and is punished by Darius and his massive cock. “Feel that, boy?  All ten inches of prime beef in your butt.”


In the previous chapter

The handsome young fireman Jason was recovering slowly.  He had been fighting the California wildfires for several straight weeks in harrowing conditions where a fellow firefighter, Jason’s buddy, had been lost to the fires.  When he came back to the tribe he was shell-shocked and found it hard to shake off the trauma and resume his former life with the men and his boy Ben.

Ben teamed up with his young buddy Will to take care of Jason and start the healing process.

First, Ben and Jason spent a night of sex ranging from tender love-making to wild fucking. 
Then Jason suggested he take Ben and Will up the coast for a few days to the beach shack in the dunes, owned by the cop Mark, where they would, as he told the boys, “hang out together on the beach, do some surfing, just chill out and let all this bullshit wash off us.”

The trip was proving to be a great healing balm, thanks to a lot of love and sex.  On the drive up they had indulged in erotic reminiscences and triple hand-jobs.  As cum spurted and laughter filled the truck. Jason said, “And we didn’t even pull off the road – didn’t even slow down.”

But soon after that an ambulance sped past them with siren blaring and lights flashing and Jason tensed.  He said quietly, “I still get flashbacks triggered by stuff like that siren and the lights.  Takes me right back there. I keep running over it all over in my head …”

Ben and Will both understood that their job this trip was to care for Jason. So when they arrived at the dunes Ben said, “Sir, now that we’re here, here’s what’s gonna happen.  Me and Will are gonna take care of you.  Anything you want, you got it.  I love you, sir, I’m your boy, and a boy has to take care of his man.  So right now, I’m the boss.”

A short while later Jason, in Speedo briefs, was sprawled on a blanket on the beach and fell into a deep exhausted sleep.   The boys watched his body jerk from time to time in his sleep and they knelt beside him to calm him.  In a sequence of erotic moves they licked his body and ended up sucking his cock in turn, making him cum without even waking from his deep sleep. 

It was quite a while before he finally stirred and flicked a sand fly from his face.  He opened his eyes and Ben grinned, “Feeling better, sir?” 

“Yeah … yeah actually a whole lot better.  I feel great.”  He brushed sand from his chest and abs but stopped when he touched his damp Speedos.  Damn, what’s this?”  He grinned, slightly embarrassed.   “Shit I think I had a wet dream.  Long time since I had one of those.  Yeah, I remember now.  I dreamed that two guys were working me over, sucking me off and …”

He shielded his eyes from the sun and stared up at the boys who were grinning mischievously.  “Dammit … you little monsters, it was you.  It wasn’t a dream was it?  But it sure felt like it, the hottest dream a guy ever had.”   Jason jumped to his feet and put his arms round both of them.  “Boys, you sure know how to make a beat-up fireman feel good.”

Ben grinned, “Sir, you’re my hero and I’m your boy. I said we would take care of you, so we did.”
Will grinned, “All part of the service, sir.”

There was a whole new lightness to Jason that was contagious.  Gone were thoughts of fires and flashbacks.  Jason was truly relaxed, his old fun self, and the holiday stretched before them.

Will had prepared lunch which was a noisy affair, laughing with their mouths full.  Suddenly Jason’s cell phone rang.  He looked at it puzzled.   “It’s Miguel.  Hey amigo, what’s up?”  Jason mostly just listened throwing in the occasional “uh-huh”.  At the end Jason said, “Yeah sure no problem, bro.  Thanks for the heads up.  And don’t worry, amigo.  It’ll be fine.”

He shut the phone off. “Seems Miguel’s having more problems with his boy Finn.  You know he took him on as his boy ‘cos he was a challenge, him being an ex-hustler and all.  Well for some reason the boy’s been playing up real bad and Miguel wants a short break.  Darius stepped in and offered to take the boy off Miguel’s hands for a few days and bring him up here. They’ll be here tomorrow afternoon and stay in Zack’s shack down the beach.”

Jason grinned, “Sounds to me that a dose of Darius is just what the kid needs.  Darius is not Zack’s boy for nothing.  He’s become as tough as Zack and don’t take no bullshit from anyone.” 

Will said, “And don’t forget, sir, Eddie mentioned that him and Hassan will be dropping by too.”
But Ben frowned, “Sir, I worry about you.  This was supposed to be your time to rest quietly.”

“Oh, we can still be alone if we want to, Ben.  That don’t change.  We’re a couple and we can do whatever you want to.  Like you said, you’re the boss.  But it’s about time I rejoined the land of the living – and I’m ready, thanks to you two.”

Will added, “It might be fun, Ben, add a little spice to our trip.  Finn’s always been kind of a wild card to me and I wanna see how Darius handles him.  I might learn something, like how to handle you, Ben, when you get uppity and play the ‘boss’s-kid-brother’ card.”

“Fuck you, dickhead,” Ben laughed.

Jason grinned, “Now play nice boys or I may end up having to manhandle both of you.”

“Yes please, sir,” the boys said in unison.


*********************   CHAPTER 451    *********************

Chilling out

After all the sexual activity on the ride up to the dunes and then Jason’s ‘wet dream’ on the beach engineered by the two boys, the guys calmed down.  They lazed around the shack, then went for a stroll down the beach that became a jog and ended two miles away at Zack’s shack. 

Any one of the tribe visiting the dunes had a key to both shacks – Mark’s and Zack’s – to check on them, which they did now.  Both shacks were similar as they had been built as primitive living spaces by the Dunites community in the 1920’s and recently remodeled by Randy, with modern plumbing and electricity.  “Yeah, this’ll do fine for Darius and Finn,” Jason said.”

“That’s if they’re still together and talking after their drive up here from L.A.,” Ben grinned.

“Yeah,” Jason sighed, “Darius has taken a lot on his broad shoulders, coming up here with Finn and trying to tame his latest tantrums.  Hope he hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew.”

“No pun intended, sir?” Will chuckled.

“Well,” Jason laughed, “if Darius makes the boy chew on that monster ten-inch schlong of his it’ll sure keep him quiet for a while.”

When they got back to their own shack they decided not to go surfing that day.  “Leave it till tomorrow,” Jason said.  “I just wanna chill out today and get my shit together after all the tension of the last few weeks.”

That was fine with the boys who were happy to relax with the muscle-jock fireman looking splendid in just his board shorts.  In the evening they trudged over the dunes to the village and had dinner at the small Mexican cantina where they feasted on fajitas and jugs of margaritas.

They stumbled back through the dunes to the shack in a pleasant margarita haze and agreed they would call it a night.  Jason and Ben went into the bathroom to brush their teeth and when they came out found Will spreading a sheet and blanket over the living-room couch.

Ben looked uneasily at Jason who said, “Hey Will, what’s up?”

“Oh, I’m just making up the couch for myself.  You two deserve your privacy in bed and I’ll be just fine out here.”

“The hell you will, kiddo,” said Jason.  “No way are you gonna sleep alone tonight, eh Ben?”

“Dude, you gotta sleep with us – after all we’ve been through together.”

Will hesitated.  “I’m always a bit nervous about being what Bob calls, er, de-pop?”

De trop,” Jason smiled.

“Yeah that’s the one, sir.  I knew it was some Italian thing, or French or whatever.  Bob’s good at that stuff.  It means, like, two’s company, three’s a crowd.”

“Now listen to me, Will, you’re Ben’s best buddy and my buddy too. We owe you a whole lot and don’t you ever think for a minute that you’re in the way.  With us it’s ‘three’s company’, get it?”

“Yes, sir.  Thank you sir.”

“Besides, dude,” Ben grinned, “I can’t handle this guy on my own with the big appetite he’s got.”

“And that’s another thing, boys.  The only appetite I have right now is for sleep.  And if I dream it’s gonna be a real dream, not two hungry young punks chewing on my dick while I’m asleep.”

And so they went to bed together and fell asleep together, Ben on one side of Jason, Will on the other.  And the only cock-sucking was in their dreams – real dreams.


Horny Surfer

Will was used to getting up early to bring coffee to the twins and make a start on breakfast for the tribe.  Early rising was a hard habit to break, so he left Jason and Ben curled up in bed while he made the coffee, warmed the croissants and took a tray into them.

Jason grinned, “Wow, Ben, cute room-service staff in this shack eh?  You think he puts out?”

“Rumor has it that he does, sir.  He says it’s all part of the service – right up there with the Ritz Carlton.”

That set the light-hearted tone for the day, leaving all the angst of the last few weeks behind them as a fading memory.   Ben helped Will cook breakfast, which they ate outside on the porch.  They let it digest and then Jason said, “OK, guys, let’s hit the surf.”

Jason was an experienced surfer and had taught Ben well during many trips to the beach.  And Will was hardly a novice.  He had come up to this very place as a surfing rookie and had been well instructed by two experts, the iconic California surfer Jamie and his Aussie pal Nate. 

The only impediment this time was non-stop laughter that got in the way of their concentration.  It became a contest, though it was hard to tell whether the winner was the one with the most stylish rides or the most flamboyant tumbles.

They stayed out a long time but finally decided to call it quits and dragged their boards up to the shack, exhausted but exuberant.  They dug the boards upright in the sand, then flopped into chairs on the porch and Will brought out beers. 

“Thanks, kiddo,” Jason said.  He took a long swallow and sighed, “Mmm, surfing sure makes a guy thirsty … and horny.  He rested his head back on the chair and closed his eyes.  His right hand strayed to his crotch and he idly stroked the bulge in his wet shorts.

Ben knew Jason intimately and, ever alert to his moods and needs, he grinned at Will and jerked his head as a signal for them to leave.  They stood up quietly but their chairs scraped on the deck and Jason opened his eyes.

“Hey, where d’you two think you’re going?”

“Ah, well,” Ben shrugged, “I know how you are at the end of a gym workout sir.  You feel real pumped and you either fuck me or jerk off looking at yourself in the mirror, your body all ripped and gorgeous.  After all that surfboard action I thought you’d feel kinda the same and want to get rid of all that adrenaline by jacking off.”

Jason laughed. “Hey you do know me well, kid.  You’re right.  Sometimes working out is like foreplay for me and I get so turned on by the guy in the mirror that I simply beat off.  It relieves all the sexual tension.”

“That’s why I thought you’d like to be left alone, sir, and just do your thing.”

“Yeah, but don’t forget, kiddo, I like an audience.  Appeals to my vanity, and you know how big that can be.   But it seems kinda lame to just go in the bedroom and rub one out in front of the mirror.  I gotta have some other image to get me off.”

Will’s eyes sparkled.  “I’ve got just the thing, sir – next best thing to a mirror.”

“He ran inside the shack and returned with a large envelope, out of which he pulled … “Ta-da!”

Jason roared with laughter.  “You’re kidding me … that damned fireman’s calendar.”

“I never leave home without it, sir, same as lube.  You never know when you’re gonna get horny and wanna rub out a quickie.  So lube and this calendar – match made in heaven – especially August page you’re on.  When I jerk off to that picture it’s a major turn-on that I actually know the hunky fireman.  And for you, sir, like I said, it’s the next best thing to a mirror.”

Ben flung his arm round Will.  “Dude, you are such a trip.  And here I thought your only talent was for rhubarb pie.  Come on, let’s give the guy some space.”  Will put the calendar on the low table in front of Jason and beside it a tube of lube that he pulled from his pocket. The boys stepped off the porch and lay on a blanket on the sand watching Jason.


Moving Pictures

Jason chuckled, mildly embarrassed, but thought he would go through the motions at least, ‘cos that’s what the boys wanted.  He had looked at the calendar when it was first published but not since then.  But he was flattered by all the raves he got from the boys about the August page.

So he nonchalantly opened it to the January page – and his interest spiked.  He knew most of the guys in the calendar. They had done the shoot together on the same weekend and several of them were from his own fire company.  “Damn, Scott looks good.”   As he admired Scott’s sculpted buddy, stripped down to his combat pants and a loose, filthy, ragged tank hanging over his muscular torso, Jason mechanically unlaced his board shorts and pulled out his cock. 

He squeezed some lube in his palm and stroked his cock slowly as the turned the page and grinned at the next picture of a young dark-haired fire-fighter, his handsome face and bare chest streaked with dirt and ash.  “Fuck yeah. I always wanted to get in your pants, Luke.”

When he came to June he said out loud, “Oh man, Joe and me go way back.”  The boys recalled the June picture.  The tall black man was a fire captain, built like a brick-shithouse with a sexy, craggy face, long braided dreadlocks and a gleaming white-tooth smile. As he looked at the picture and stroked his cock Jason told the boys the story.

Late one night he and Joe had been the only two in the station house gym.  It had been a tough day and they were both trying to work off their pent-up testosterone.  They had stripped down to just gym shorts and worked out together.  One thing led to another, their lust mounted, and Joe forced Jason down on his knees and grabbed his hair. 

Jason had groaned, “No man, I don’t do that,” but his words were stifled by the massive black cock pushing in his mouth and choking him.  The young blond fireman had never sucked dick before, and this one was a monster.  He was gagging, close to passing out when he gathered enough strength to heave Joe off him onto his back.

He pinned him to the gym floor, and growled “Now here’s something you’ve never done before, captain.”  Joe could have struggled but, looking at Jason’s gorgeous body, chiseled face and piercing blue eyes, the captain yielded to Jason’s cock driving in his ass, the first time the rugged top man had even been fucked. 

Jason still had a vivid picture of it, pounding into the black muscle-stud’s ass, his magnificent ebony body writhing beneath him, his head thrashing wildly, the long black dreadlocks whipping across his handsome face.   Even when Jason no longer pinned his arms to the floor Joe didn’t fight him off.  Instead he groaned “Harder, man.  Ream my ass … harder.” 

The boys listened to the story spellbound.  They pictured the two sweat-soaked firemen fucking on the gym floor, the young blond hammering the black captain’s ass until Joe howled when he felt Jason’s hot jizz pumping inside him and his own huge cock reared up and blasted streams of semen onto Jason’s chest above him.  After that, Jason said, they showered together, then went back to work and never spoke of the incident again.

So much for the June page.  The boys subsided and Jason went back to flicking through the pages, drooling over his buddies, solo or in twos and threes and then a photo of the whole company, all ruggedly masculine with ripped gym-built bodies.  He skipped over the August page, stoking his cock all the way to December.

At last he went back to August and narrowed his eyes, blurring the image so he couldn’t tell it was him.  Slowly the picture came into focus – the young blond fireman shirtless in heavy yellow combat pants, red suspenders hanging loose from his waist, a hose thrown over his shoulder.  “Damn,” he groaned, this was the hottest page of them all and he beat his meat faster.

He could have come looking at himself, as he had done so often looking in the mirror.  But this was not the same as looking at a living, panting, sweating man, muscles rippling after a tough gym workout.  Now it was not enough just to look at a picture. 

Sure, he had got off looking at his buddies Scott, Luke and especially Joe, and he wondered if those guys ever looked at the calendar, at the August page.   He was pretty sure Joe did and jerked off over Jason’s picture, judging by some of the looks Joe still gave him when they were working.  It was inevitable, he thought, that one day Joe would pay him back for fucking his ass.

He had heard so often that all the boys in the tribe had a copy of the calendar under their beds and had jerked off to the August page when they were alone and horny – even when two boys were together. He had been told that boys sometimes used the picture to get hard in their foreplay before sex.

Jason tried to imagine how that looked – and that’s when he knew what he wanted.


Art Comes To Life

Jason surprised the boys by tossing the calendar down to them on the blanket.  “Hey, guys.  You’ve both told me you jerk off to this thing.  Have you ever done it together?”

Ben was first to find his voice.  “Er, yes sir, a number of times.  We like doing it when, er …”

“Don’t tell me, boy.  Show me.  I’m tired of looking at pictures.  I just wanna chill out here, drink my beer and watch you do … whatever you do.”

Suddenly the roles had changed.  The boys were now the performers and Jason was the audience.   They had just watched the hunk in the calendar get off on his own picture, knowing they were watching him.  Now they would be the ones jacking off to the picture, knowing that the man in the picture was actually watching them.  It was like a hall of mirrors, the ultimate act of compound narcissism and the boys found the prospect highly erotic.

So they did what they always did.  They lay on their sides facing each other propped up on one elbow with the calendar open between them.  Their cocks were already out of their shorts and they stroked them now as they flicked through the pages. 

They lingered over the June page having heard the pornographic story of the young blond fireman sucking the fire captain’s black dick, then flipping him over and fucking his ass. But inevitably they came back to the August page, always their final destination before sex. 

Jason was feeling great – all his sexual impulses were being satisfied at once.  He had never actually watched the boys have sex, though Ben had described it often even to Jason.  Now he smiled as he watched the swarthy young gypsy and the cute redhead jerking off together – their eyes riveted on a picture of Jason himself.

Soon they reached across and stroked each other’s cock, looking alternately at the calendar then at each other.  They had done this often before but this time they had the biggest turn-on of all, knowing that they were being watched by the fireman himself, in the flesh.

Jason was holding back his orgasm and hoped the boys wouldn’t cum yet.  But they had a few moves left.  Will suddenly got up on his hands and knees looking down at the calendar.  Ben knelt behind him, and reached for the lube that Jason had tossed down to them.  He lubed his cock, grabbed Will’s hips and pulled his ass onto his cock.

Will gasped, staring down at Jason’s picture and fantasizing that it was the fireman’s dick in his ass.  It was as if this gorgeous man had stepped out of the picture and was ploughing his ass.  His mind was spinning, his cock shuddering … but just then the fireman shouted from the porch.  “Don’t cum yet, boy.  That’s an order.”

Ben pulled out and switched places with Will – Ben on all fours staring down at the picture while Will fucked him doggy-style.  For a moment Ben forgot that he was Jason’s boy.  He was just the most gorgeous fireman he had ever seen in a calendar … and the guy was watching them from a few feet away in real life!   Like Will, Ben was close to his climax when Jason shouted, “Get on your knees, boy, next to your buddy.”

They obeyed and, kneeling side by side, they looked down at the August picture and pounded their cocks.  They had often shot their loads like this together but now they heard a chair scrape on the deck and looked up to see the very same man, only this time not in fireman’s gear but in board shorts.  Jason stood above them on the porch stroking his cock.

It really was the muscle-jock in the picture come to life – the ultimate fantasy.  He stepped down from the porch and strode toward them.  Towering over them, his hand curled round his cock, he ordered, “Look down at the ground, boys.”

They bent their heads and gazed at the musclehunk in the picture, jacking their cocks until they knew they had to cum.  “Now look up!”

They raised their heads, gazed up at the man, at his square-jawed face, his ripped physique and at his cock … which suddenly blasted semen straight into their faces.   They gasped, opened their mouths and drank the juice as their own cocks spurted jizz on the ground, on either side of the calendar open at the August page.

There was a sudden silence, broken only by the sea breeze, the hiss of the surf and their own heavy breathing.  Then Jason laughed, “Well, guys, at least your jizz missed the picture.  Don’t wanna get it all sticky.  You might need it again.”

“Why, sir,” Ben grinned impishly, “when we have the real thing?”

A voice came from the dunes, “You sure as hell do, dude.”  It was Eddie, running down from the dunes, stuffing his cock back in his shorts.


Eddie Tells A Story

Eddie stared at the boys’ cum-covered faces and grinned, “Hey, dudes, you look awesome.  And you too, sir, of course, but you know that … sorry sir, that didn’t come out right.  I didn’t mean to bust in on you like this but Hassan dropped me off at Zack’s shack a while ago and I walked along the back of the dunes to say hi and see it there was any action – and boy, was there ever.  But I thought best not to join in … didn’t wanna be, er, de-pop?”

De trop,” Will corrected him with a jubilant smile at Jason.

“Yeah that’s the one.”  Eddie was off and running.  “So I Just stood in the dunes, pulled out my schlong and watched the show.  Damn it was hot, never seen anything like it and I shot bucketsful. 

“It’s a shame, don’t you think, when you shoot a real gusher like that and there’s no one to see?  Like that thing … if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears, does it make a sound?  Like, did I really cum?  Well, dudes, I’m here to tell you I came, pumping away like a squirt gun, like a fucking whale spout, like a fire hose – ‘course you would know all about that, sir, you being a …”

“Eddie, have you had coffee yet?” Jason asked, squeezing a word in edgewise.

“What?  Oh no sir, Hassan and me didn’t have time for breakfast ‘cos he had to report early at the base after dropping me off.  It’s only twenty minutes down the road and he …”

“So let me rustle up some coffee and grub for you, dude,” Will said.

“Good idea kiddo,” Jason grinned.  “I could do with something to eat too.  Getting my rocks off always makes me starved – feeding one appetite leads to another.”

Will and Ben ran down to the water and washed Jason’s jizz off them, then got busy in the kitchen.  A short time later they came out to the porch and Will announced, “Gentlemen, coffee, juice and four-egg spinach-and-cheese omelettes, courtesy of the house – I mean, the shack.”

As Jason and the three boys wolfed into the food Jason asked, “So Eddie, what’s the gossip from L.A.?   And what’s all this about Miguel and Finn?”

“I know, right?” Eddie said with his mouth full.  His gulped his food and put down his fork.  His eyes opened wide and he raised his palms.  “Guys, you will not believe …”

The others all recognized the breathless opening to an Eddie saga and they settled in for the long haul.  Jason grinned at the boys as the story poured out.   “Well, let’s see, it all began when … no, tell a lie, you really have to go back to the day when they first…”

“Eddie, please, can we have the CliffsNotes version?”

“Oh … right, sure sir.  Well, everyone knows that Miguel’s relationship with Finn has always been stormy.  One reason Miguel took Finn on as his boy was for the challenge.  Finn was a hustler at the time and Miguel met him at a leather event where he was tied to a chain-link fence and his former john was quote-unquote, ‘selling him off’.

“’Course, that was kinda degrading for Finn as he always saw himself as a tough top-man.  He was gonna say fuck you to Miguel but when he got a good look at the Hispanic hunk … well, Miguel ain’t the kind of man you say fuck you to.   Like I said, Finn was an exclusive top but he finally bottomed for Miguel and after that there was no looking back.

“Trouble was, as a hustler Finn was passed from one john to the next, and that built up a big armor-plate defensive thing.  So he was never cut out to be anyone’s lover.  For him it was like being owned.  Don’t get me wrong, he did fall in love with Miguel but always had a problem admitting it, even to himself.”

“Eddie, can we cut to the chase soon or this’ll go on thru lunch and dinner.”

“I know, right?” Eddie grinned.  “OK, sorry sir.   I was just setting the scene for when the balloon goes up.  Now Miguel is a really tough dominant guy, total gorgeous and built like a brick shithouse as you know, so he dealt with Finn’s tantrums calmly and punished him usually by fucking his ass, which of course Finn secretly loved. 

“Miguel put up with a lot ‘cos he really loves Finn and understands why he’s the way he is.  But a few days ago the shit really hit the fan.  Miguel came home from a tough evening’s work as the head chef at the Ritz and found Finn smoking weed in their apartment.  Miguel only objected to him doing it indoors but Finn got real defensive, flew into a rage and threw all kinds of crazy insults at the big guy.  Well, Miguel lost it and hit him … slapped him around real fierce. 

“You know Darius and Zack’s suite is right next door and Darius told me Finn stumbled in and Miguel yelled after him, ‘Boy, I want you to stay out of my face until I’ve decided what to do with you,’ and he slammed out.  Well, long story short …”

Jason and the boys exchanged relieved smiles.

“… long story short, Zack and Darius talked and Darius offered to take Finn out of town for a few days.  Zack said they should come up here and stay in Zack’s shack – good place to chill out and see reason.  They are probably on the road right now, even as we speak … or I should say even as I speak, sir, ‘cos I guess I do most of the talking, don’t I?”

“Yes you do, Eddie, most of the time,” Jason smiled indulgently.  “But I’m glad you filled us in on all this so we know what to expect.  So boys,” Jason grinned at Ben and Will, “looks like two miles down the beach in Zack’s shack we’re gonna have Eddie and his hot Marine Hassan, plus Darius and a very hostile Finn.  How about that?  ‘De trop’ do you think?”

Ben and Will exchanged excited glances.  Will said, “Sometimes a bit of ‘de trop’ is not such a bad thing.  I mean, when the plot thickens in this crowd, all bets are off.”


Darius & Finn

Eddie was right that, at that moment, Darius and Finn were already on the road – in stony silence.  Darius was driving and Finn slouched sullenly in the seat beside him.  Darius had been kind of surprised that Finn had agreed to come at all.  But having been temporarily thrown out by Miguel he had no place else to go.

Which was actually part of the problem.  Priding himself on his tattooed bad-boy image he had always freelanced as a hustler, going from one john to the next.  Being in a love relationship was new to Finn and he sometimes felt trapped, dependent on another man for the first time.  

After a while the silence became depressing and Darius said, “Look, dude, as it seems we’ll be spending the next few days together I think we should actually talk, don’t you?  Or do you wanna communicate with notes or sign language?”

“Huh,” Finn grunted, “I don’t even know what the fuck I’m doing here.”

“Neither do I, dude, except to keep you and Miguel from beating each other up.  And you’ve both got faces that are much too pretty to be messed up.”

Another sullen silence, then, “Let’s just start by getting a few things clear.  Zack and Miguel are lovers and senior men in the tribe.  I’m Zack’s boy and you’re Miguel’s boy, which in a way makes us equal.  Only reason I’m senior to you is that I was the very first guy to join Randy and Bob soon after they became a couple.

“Which brings me to another point.  I know you have this giant chip on your shoulder about having been a hustler.   But that kinda thing don’t matter in the tribe – most of the other boys came from the wrong side of the tracks too.”

“Except you, uh?”

“Bullshit.  I used to work as a kind of servant to a bunch of rich guys who got off putting on sex shows.  One day they ran across Randy and Bob, the hottest musclehunks they had ever seen.  This was when the two guys were still living hand to mouth, so when the men offered them a shit load of money to put on a sex show they jumped at it.  And I was the lowly assistant.

“The rich guys were into rough stuff and the show was kinda brutal.  I was massively turned on.  At one point Randy was forced to kneel and suck a line of cocks, and my ten-inch schlong was the star turn.  Man, I remember that macho stud gypsy gag as I shoved every last inch down his throat and when I busted my load and watched him gulp it down it was the hottest damn thing I had ever seen.

“I decided then and there that I wanted to be with these guys.  So after they left the big house with a huge wad of money, which they used to start their own construction company, I followed them to L.A.  Randy was hostile at first.  All he could remember was the humiliation of having to suck my huge dick and he beat me up real good.  But I didn’t run away and Randy always admires a guy with guts, so he took me on as a kind of slave at first.  And the rest is history.

“So you see, Finn, by loving and working for those guys I built myself up to where I am now, the senior boy of the tribe.  Why don’t you give the same thing a try?  With a master like Miguel you too could be a respected member of the tribe if you could only get over all your fucking hang-ups and stop resisting Miguel, throwing everything he does for you back in his face.”

“Ah, I’ve had it with the mother-fucker.  After what he did I’m not going back to him.”

Darius was starting to bristle.  “First of all, boy, on this trip I don’t want to hear you use that language about Miguel or anyone else in the tribe ‘cos they’re all my buddies.  And you’ll be on your best behavior with the other guys who are up here at the beach.

“And second of all, as I recall, Miguel made it clear you can leave anytime you want to.  You’re not his slave – though I can think of lots of boys who would love to be, to a gorgeous muscle-god like him.  Matter of fact, if you don’t like my company I’ll pull over right now and you can just go your own way.  Hitch a ride and hustle the first john who pulls up – just like the old days.”

Finn blushed and clenched his fists.

“Sorry, dude, that was below the belt.  You don’t deserve that.    But Finn, don’t make things so hard for yourself.  Enjoy these few days off.  Tell me one thing, the most important thing.  Are you in love with Miguel?”

Finn tensed and clenched his jaw but stayed silent.

“Can I take that as a yes?”

“Fuck you man,” Finn growled.

“Good,” Darius smiled, “I thought you were.  At least we got that settled.”


Finn Smolders

The rest of the journey was easier as the heavy cloud of resentment hanging over Finn lifted somewhat.  The truth was he liked Darius – the good humored black guy with the square-cut ebony features and flawless physique who moved easily among masters, senior boys and juniors alike. 

But Darius was universally loved and respected … and that made Finn jealous.  His deep-rooted persecution complex was a barrier right now to full assimilation in the tribe.  He resented the way the other boys fit in like a family – even guys like Will.  That kid was junior to him, the last boy to join the tribe, and look at him now, getting applause from all the guys just for cooking.

Will had even befriended him once when Finn refused to admit that he wanted to get butt-fucked by Miguel.  He had helped Finn through that one and he had seen the goodness in Will.  But the tattooed bad-boy resented that too.  Yeah right, like he would need the help of a kid like that!

Still he kept his mouth shut.  If nothing else he would get a few days at the beach out of this.

When at last they swung off the road and onto the sandy track behind the dunes Finn’s eyes opened wide and Darius smiled as he heard Finn mutter to himself, “That’s gorgeous.”  He had never been here before, had really not been to the ocean much – the beach was not his thing. 

They got out of the truck and walked round to the front of the shack.  Finn stared at the endless expanse of beach fading into a spray mist in the far distance.  “Where is everyone?” he asked.

“Oh this beach is nearly always deserted it’s too remote.  Folks mostly go to Pismo or Avila beach up the coast – they’re more family-friendly with parking and services and all.  Ah, here comes Eddie.  Hassan’s dropped him off already.”

Eddie came running out of the surf and up the beach.  “Dudes, you made it.  Welcome to the dunes, Finn, you ain’t been here before have you?  I’ve tidied the shack for you and aired it out and you’ll have it mostly to yourselves.  It’s Zack’s shack after all and Darius is his boy.  When Hassan comes we’re gonna pitch a tent in the dunes.  He likes fucking in a tent and we ain’t done that in a while.  Hey, I was gonna walk up the beach to see Jason and the boys again, you wanna come?”

“Sure Eddie, give us a minute to unload our gear.”  They grabbed their stuff out of the truck and stowed it in the shack.  Darius pulled his board shorts out of his backpack, then tossed another pair to Finn.  “Here dude, present from Miguel.  He said you didn’t have any so he told me to give you these when we got here.”

Finn turned away and Darius guessed it was because he didn’t want to be seen with tears in his eye despite his defiant clenched jaw.  They got changed and went outside.  Eddie said, “Dude, those shorts are way cool.  Blue and tan, perfect fit.  Looks sexy on you – that tan stripe shows off your butt a treat.”

“Miguel gave them to me,” Finn said with an involuntary hint of pride that he instantly quashed.

They set off up the beach and Darius told Finn the story of the Dunites who built shacks almost a century ago, of which Zack’s and Mark’s were two of the few remaining.  But Finn was mostly silent grappling with the confusing emotions of residual anger at Miguel and the gift that showed he hadn’t entirely given up on his boy. 

His resentment still simmered, even toward Eddie, everyone’s pal.  There was nothing to dislike in the lively kid, except that he was everyone’s pal.  How did these guys like him and Will get so popular anyway?  Only by sucking up and ass crawling, he guessed.  They shoved their heads so far up guys’ asses they lost their own independence.  Well he sure as hell was not gonna lower himself to that, even to the guy who bought him these shorts that looked so good on him.

As he had done so often in the past Finn was thinking himself into a negative and bitter frame of mind.  It was always the same.  When he was surrounded by happy, popular guys having fun in an idyllic setting like this, he felt out of place, didn’t fit in.  And he resented the hell out of them.

Darius had sensed Finn’s continuing sullen mood as they walked along the beach but hoped that when they reached Jason and the boys he would mellow out.   But when they arrived at the other shack the joy with which they were greeted was not returned by Finn.  Quite the contrary.


Finn Erupts

Will was the first to run up to them, “Hey, guys.  Finn, those shorts look great on you.  You planning to go surfing with us?  Jason’s an expert and me and Ben ain’t bad.  We’ll give you lessons.”

Finn scowled.  No, he thought, he had never been surfing and wasn’t damn well gonna start now.  Even if he ever did he sure wasn’t gonna make himself look stupid by getting ‘lessons’ from this kid.  So he just grunted.  Jason cast an anxious look at Darius who grinned and shrugged helplessly, and that said it all.

Ben shook Finn’s hand shyly, always a bit wary around the tattooed ex-hustler.  Finn pulled his had away quickly, then added a curt “Hey kid,” knowing that Ben’s master Jason was watching.  How did a gypsy kid like this land a hunky fireman like Jason anyway, he wondered.

“OK, guys,” Jason said, ‘You’ve come at the right time.  Us guys have already fucked, feasted and frolicked in the surf and now we’re just chillin’ on the beach.”  He pointed to several large blankets on the sand, with a clutter of towels, lounge pads and back rests.  “We were gonna play cards so, Darius, how about me and my boy Ben take on you and Eddie?”

Will brought out more beer on a big tray and the four card players put the tray flat on the blanket and gathered round it.  Jason dealt the cards while Will and Finn watched. 

Will was happy to just watch as he was not that great at cards, but he felt slightly uneasy that Finn was not included in the game.  He knew how Finn found it hard to get over a feeling of alienation from the tribe, which probably accounted for his recent blowup with Miguel and his dark mood now.

Will had befriended Finn before when he was having problems with Miguel, and he had told Miguel then that he understood the reasons for Finn’s defiance, stemming from his tough life on the streets.  Now, while the foursome laughed and cursed over the cards, Will felt a desire once again to help Finn feel at ease. 

“So this is your first time in the dunes, eh Finn?  It’s a great place, has its own kind of magic.  Have you heard all the stories about stuff that’s gone on here in the tribe over the years?”

“Nah,” Finn grunted curtly.  Boy, Will thought, this was gonna be tough.

“Yeah something about the place helps guys sort through all kinds of issues, good and bad.  There’s been fucking and fighting, not necessarily in that order, and a lot of bullshit has ended in punishment for some unlucky guy. 

“See that old doorframe over there all on its own in the sand?  It’s all that’s left of an old shed that was worn away by wind and water. That’s where a lot of the punishment happens.  Mind you, it can be kinda sexy watching a man tied up there, spread-eagled and whipped and fucked, if you’re into that kinda stuff. 

“But most of the time it’s pretty mellow here, lots of long walks and making love – you know how the guys can be, like you and Miguel.”  Will decided to tip a toe in the troubled water.  “Er, how’s it going with you, dude?”

Finn had had enough.  “Look, kid,” he snapped.  “I know what you’re doing, trying to make ‘nice’ to me, get me out of my mood.   Well I don’t need your help, pal, or anyone else’s.  I’m my own fucking man and I can damn well take care of myself, get it?  Oh yeah, right, I know you did me a favor once but that don’t make us buddy-buddies, OK?   You may be everyone’s blue-eyed boy around here but that don’t mean shit to me.”

Shocked, the card players stopped and Jason started to protest but Darius put a restraining arm on him.  “Please, sir, I’ll take care of it.  He’s my responsibility.  Wait just a minute.”

Surprised at Finn’s outburst, and feeling responsible, Will tried another tack.  He stood up and said, “Sorry if I upset you, dude.  How about we go for walk down the beach?  That’ll make you feel better.”

Finn leapt to his feet.  “Bullshit!  What’ll make me feel better is you getting out of my face, kid.”  He prodded Will in the chest.  “Who the fuck do you think you are anyway?  Oh yeah, you’re the twins’ boy, you suck up to them and Bob and they think the sun shines out of your ass.”

Will stood his ground and gestured to the guys on the ground to stay where they were.  “Dude. I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to …”

“I’ll tell you who you are, kid.   You’re nothing but the junior cook and bottle washer, a scrawny kid who happens to be in my way right now …”  He shoved Will aside and Will lost his balance and banged his shoulder hard against the porch railing before sprawling on the sand.

Darius sprang to his feet and yelled, “OK, that does it!”  Finn turned to run away but Darius grabbed his arm and yanked him round to face him.  “This time you have gone way too far, mister.  I’ve taken your bad moods, your pouting and rudeness but you do not … you do not attack my buddies like that, especially a sweet kid like Will who was trying to be your friend.

“You’re a fucking psycho, you know that?  Well Miguel might put up with you ‘cos for some weird reason he loves you, but this is me you’re dealing with now and I am damn well gonna teach you a lesson you won’t forget.”

Finn had never seen the big black stud like this, eyes blazing, veins standing out in his neck, his muscular body flexed hard.  Instinctively Finn raised his fists but Darius grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm up behind his back in a painful hammerlock, making him scream.

Darius looked down at Jason, bending over Will with Ben and Eddie.  “Is he OK?”  Jason looked up and nodded.  “Can you give me a hand with this character for a minute, Jason?”

“Be my pleasure,” Jason snarled.  He got up and together he and Darius manhandled the struggling Finn over to the doorframe in the sand.  The ropes were already attached to the top, left over from the last man who got punished there.  Now it was Finn’s turn.”


Punishing The Bad Boy

A few minutes later Darius and Jason faced Finn, his muscular tattooed body stretched to the corners of the doorframe, wrists tied to the top corners.  He was struggling and yelling at Darius.  “Fuck you, man.  Fuck you.”

Darius hauled back and slammed the back of his hand across his face.  “Shut the fuck up, boy.”

Stunned, the muscular young stud’s handsome face twisted in a scowl.  “Motherfucker!” he yelled and spat at Darius, who raised his other hand and smashed it across his other cheek. 

“Now you know I mean business, asshole.  I ain’t Zack’s boy for nothing.  If Zack were here and saw what you did he’d fucking rip your balls off and shove them down your throat.  Lucky for you that you got his boy instead.  One more word out of you, boy, and I’ll take a belt to you and thrash you raw ‘till you’re screaming for mercy.”
Darius turned to Jason.  “OK, man, he’ll keep.  Let’s check out young Will.”

Will was sitting on the blanket leaning against a back rest sipping brandy that Ben had brought out to him.  As a fireman Jason had done a stint with the paramedics so he was trained in first-aid.  He made Will raise his arm to the side and move it up and down, then rotate his shoulder.

“Hm, no major damage I think, kiddo.  But I wanna put your arm in a sling for the rest of the day to relieve the pressure on the shoulder.  Just a precaution.”

“Thank you, sir.  Sir, it was all my fault really.  I pushed Finn too hard, I was stupid to think I could calm him down by trying to be his friend.   Please don’t blame him that I tripped.”

Jason smiled.  “Will, if you don’t mind my saying so, that’s total bullshit.  Nobody in this tribe speaks to another guy like he spoke to you.  He’s a very troubled young man, which is why Miguel sent him away for a while in Darius’s care.  Just think how Bob and the twins would feel if they saw you treated like that.  Not to mention what Randy’s reaction would be.”

“Oh, please don’t call and tell them, sir.  Randy would drive up here and take Finn apart, I know it.  I’m fine, sir, really and I don’t want any more trouble.”

“OK,” Jason smiled, “I won’t call back home, not yet anyway.  But as for trouble, that’s out of our hands.  Miguel made Darius responsible for Finn and Darius will do what he has to do.  I think you known the tribe well enough to understand what that means.  Finn has to be punished.

“Damn straight,” Darius said grimly.  “But you don’t have to watch, kiddo.”

“Oh I have to, sir,” Will said.  “Finn is my friend. I know he likes me, he really does.  So I have to stay and watch, sir.  He’s my friend.”

Darius smiled.  “You’re something else, Will, you know that?  The twins should be damn proud of you.”  He stood up.  “OK, let’s get this over with.”  Jason had made a sling out of a towel and put it round Will’s neck and arm.  He sat next to Will on the blanket with his arm round him, and Ben and Eddie on the other side.

Darius strode up to Finn who glared at him coldly.  Darius shook his head.  “Dude, like I said before, why the fuck do you make things so hard for yourself.  You live with a great bunch of guys – me, Zack and our little family in a great house – and best of all you have a stunning muscle-god of a man who’s in love with you.  Why you keep on rejecting all that beats me.”

Finn growled, “Why don’t you cut to the chase, dude, and just whip me.  You know that’s what you want.”

“You’re wrong there, boy.  I don’t wanna punish you … but I have to, you know that.  You may be Miguel’s boy – or maybe not at this point, who knows?  But he entrusted you to me so I have to do this. And I don’t need whips or belts to do it either.”  Darius reached forward, unlaced Finn’s board shorts and let them drop.  He picked them up and tossed them over onto the porch.  “So much for Miguel’s gift to you.  Didn’t do much good did it?”   Finn winced.

Darius dropped his own shorts and stood facing him.  So here we are, you and me, two naked men … and this.”  He looked down as his long, ten-inch black cock swinging between his legs.  He wrapped his hand round it and stroked until it was hard, staring all the time into Finn’s eyes.   Finn stared back, then lowered his gaze to the monster cock.  And he cursed himself for feeling his own cock stiffen.  Damn him, he thought.  Damn him!

Then Darius surprised him by stepping forward, putting his hand behind Finn’s head and pulling his face forward in a long, tongue-probing kiss.  “Somewhere deep inside you there is a great guy Finn.  I hope I’m around when you stop smothering it and letting it run free.  Then you and me can be real pals.  As it is, this ain’t nothing to do with love, boy.  It’s what you need.”

Darius went behind him grabbed Finn’s hips and pressed the head of his cock between his ass cheeks.  “Bone dry, dude, like you deserve.”  Finn groaned as he felt the thick shaft enter him and push slowly inside him … inch by inch by inch.  It seemed endless, it would never stop, and the pain in his butt increased.  Finally he howled as he felt the head come to rest in the most sensitive depths of his ass and the wiry pubic hair press against his ass.

“Darius said in his ear, “Feel that, boy?  All ten inches of prime beef in your butt?  I can make love to a guy with that monster and there’s no pain at all.  On the other hand it can be a weapon, worse than any whip. Like this …”

He pulled all the way back, paused, and plunged in again, fast and furious.  Finn’s scream echoed through the dunes and was carried away on the breeze.  Again the massive rod drove in his ass like a sledgehammer provoking more screams as the defiant young jock pulled frantically at the ropes binding him.

On the blanket Will tensed and Jason tightened his arm round his a shoulder.  “Sir, I wish Darius didn’t need to do this.  I don’t want him to punish Finn for me.”

“He’s not doing it for you Will.  He’s doing it for Finn … and Miguel.  If those two stand any chance Finn has to conquer his demons and learn to love, not hate.”

Mercifully Finn’s screams stopped. He struggled helplessly but at least he could show this motherfucker that he was tough – he could take anything he threw at him without making a sound.  He clenched his jaw and braced himself for the most ferocious fuck of his life.

The spectators watched in awe.  It was a pornographic sight – the muscular tattooed stud spread-eagled and writhing in bondage, his jaw clenched defiantly as his handsome face thrashed from side to side.   His ass was being tortured by the black muscle-boy’s cock pile-driving inside him, deeper and deeper, harder and harder. 

“Let them hear you scream, boy,” Darius growled in his ear, but Finn groaned, “Fuck you, man,” and clenched his jaw shut.

And so the brutal fuck continued, the thick black shaft driving in his ass like a piston, his body stretched like he was being tortured on the rack. In a haze of pain Finn was dimly aware of the men watching him and that increased his defiance, his resolve to show them he couldn’t be broken.  Better pain than humiliation.  Maybe they looked down on him but the one thing he had more than any of them was the strength to endure this.

Darius was amazed at his silence, admired his guts, and he wanted to put an end to the boy’s torment.  He murmured in his ear, “Man, you’re tough, as tough as any of us guys.  Come on, boy, finish it.  Give up.  Let everyone hear you submit out loud and it’s over.”

But he knew Finn would never break – he could take it all, defy them all.  Darius wanted it to end even as he continued to pound his ass – and he knew how.  “Dude, you gotta give in.  You don’t have to say it … just show me, show them all.  Do it, boy …”

Darius slowed down, pulled his cock all the way back and then pushed in again slowly one last time.  Deep inside he felt the head of his cock pass over the inner sphincter.  He eased back slightly, then in again, back and forth, massaging the ultra-sensitive inner sphincter and driving Finn wild, tears pouring down his cheeks.    

It was like an electric charge through his body, his ass was on fire, his cock was shuddering until finally his mouth opened in an animal howl … and his cock blasted jets of semen that arched in the air and splashed down in the hot sand at his feet.   He howled again as he felt the monster dick bulge inside him and hot jizz erupt in his shattered ass.

The spectators watched in awed silence as the muscular body jerked, hanging from the ropes, Finn’s cock dripping with the last of his juice, cum running down his legs and tears flowing down his grimacing face.

Darius eased gently out and came round to face him.  He lifted up his chin and smiled into his tearful eyes.  “Fucking awesome, dude.  You really are one of us, Finn, if only you’d let it happen.   I’m gonna leave you here like this for a while so you can think about it … about you and Miguel.  Damn he would be proud of you for the taking that pounding the way you did. 

Again Darius kissed him hard, and then, with a last dazzling smile, picked up his shorts and walked back to the guys.  Will stood up, his arm still in a sling, and said to Darius, “Sir, can I …”

“Sure kiddo.  Go for it.  Just don’t untie him.”

Will went to Finn, licked the tears from his cheeks, kissed him, then stared anxiously into his eyes.  Finn looked down at the sling and sobbed, “Dude, I am so sorry.  You of all the guys …”

“Sshh, I know you didn’t mean any of it.  See, I know you, Finn, I understand you … I love you.  Dude, they won’t let me untie you but is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Will,” he sobbed, “can you get my shorts for me?  They were a present from Miguel and ...”

“Sure I will.  I’ll be right back.”  He ran to the porch, grabbed the shorts and went back.  He eased his arm out of his sling for a moment, bent down and pulled the shorts over Finn’s feet, up his legs and tied them at his waist.  “They look really hot, Finn.  Miguel must love you a lot.”

Then suddenly – “What the fucks going on?”  The deep voice came from the dunes.  Everyone turned and saw Hassan.  The swarthy, muscular Marine looked god-like, standing at the top of a dune in his combat gear staring down at them.”

“Sir!  You’re here already!”  Eddie jumped to his feet and ran to greet his master.  Hassan threw his arms round him and hugged him tight.  When he finally let him go he said, “What the hell’s been happening here, kid?”

Eddie opened his eyes wide and raised his palms dramatically.  “Sir, you will not believe …”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 452

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