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Characters featured in this chapter are:
And Featuring the Asian Twins Lee & Toni


The identical Asian twins’ have an intimate connection with the tribe’s twins Kyle and Kevin whose boy Will fears he will be replaced.  But they prove their love for Will by double teaming him – riding him together.  Later Will and the swarthy construction worker Seth share a bed.  Shy and inhibited at first, their mutual attraction finally erupts and Seth rears up like a stallion in heat.  “Damn, I want that ass, boy.”


In the previous chapter

Five years ago the identical twins Kyle and Kevin on a trip to Chicago had met another set of identical twins – Chinese boys called Lee and Toni who were waiters in their hotel. 

There was an instant, almost psychic connection between the four boys – especially in bed. When the visit was over there were promises to stay in touch, but nothing happened until five years later when the Asian twins called to say they were coming for a visit to L.A.

However, in the intervening years Kyle and Kevin had got a boy for themselves, the young   redhead Will who worshipped the twins and became their assistant chef to the tribe.  When he heard about the new guys and how the four twins were so close as to read each other’s thoughts, he was troubled.  He knew he could never match that kind of twins-to-twins connection. So where would that leave him?  How would he fit in?  And what if he didn’t?”

When he arrived home from a trip to the desert, a day earlier than planned, Will’s worst fears were realized.  He went upstairs and found Kyle, Kevin and the Asian twins in bed making love.  Devastated he left the house and went to see his dad, the rough construction worker Seth who lived in a small guesthouse on the grounds of Doctor Steve’s big house in the Hollywood Hills, where Will unloaded his troubles to Seth.

“Sir, Eddie told me Kyle and Kevin have this special, like, psychic connection thing with the Asian twins.  And when I came home I … I saw them all in bed making love and they seemed … as if they matched, like they fit together perfectly. It’s may be just my paranoia but … but I think the Asian guys are prob’ly in love with my guys and …”

“That’s a bunch of bull, kiddo. “  Seth explained he had already met the new twins briefly at the tribe’s compound.  “They were real polite – kinda quiet and respectful if you know what I mean.  They couldn’t take their eyes off Randy and me, they were obviously turned on.  I know that look and I think they’re into big rough gypsy guys like Randy and me.”

Seth grinned.  “You know, I’ve always been intrigued by that oriental look – the smooth bodies, black hair and sexy slanted eyes – total opposite of your big rough old musclehunk dad.  I tell ya, kid, I got a boner just looking at them.  Damn, I’d go for a roll in the hay with those kids any day of the week.”

A few minutes later the twins arrived at Seth’s house with the Asian boys.  Kyle and Kevin wrapped their arms round Will in a three-way hug.  “Will, we weren’t expecting you home ‘till tomorrow.  Quite a surprise.”

“Yes, sirs, for me too.”

“Yeah,” Kevin said gently, “we need to have a long talk with you about that.  We were planning a surprise for you but it backfired and we’ve messed up big time.” 

When the Asian twins were introduced, Toni said, “Hello, Will, it’s a real pleasure to meet you at last.  Kyle and Kevin never stop talking about you.”

“Hello, sirs,” Will said politely.

“Oh please Will, don’t call us sir,” Lee said.  “You are Kyle and Kevin’s boy.  We are just visitors from out of town.  I think the American term ‘dude’ works just fine.  Eh, dude?”  His soft, almond-shaped eyes crinkled with a smile.

“And guys,” Kyle said, “you already met Seth briefly earlier.”  The Asian boys stepped forward shyly and shook hands with Seth in turn.  Their hands held on a lot longer than was customary and so did their penetrating gazes.  It was a fair bet that all three of them had hard-ons.

“Gentlemen,” Kevin said.  “Doctor Steve and Lloyd have invited us for dinner up at the main house later.  But before that we have to pull our boy Will away for a much needed chat.  So we’ll go up to Steve’s pool and leave Seth to show Lee and Toni around, if that’s OK with you Seth.”

“Fine by me,” Seth grinned, rather too lasciviously, and the Chinese boys’ had lust written all over them.  So the inevitable happened.  After Kyle and Kevin had taken Will up the path to the main house Seth took the twins out to a pergola where Seth fucked both of them in turn.

When it was over they lay panting together regaining their breath.  “Seth said, I guess we should go and clean up and wait till the twins have finished their talk with Will.  And of course, you ain’t met Doctor Steve and his lover Lloyd and their gorgeous house manager Tommy. 

“So many new people,” Toni said.  “It’s a bit scary.”

“Ah, no worries, kids.  Steve’s a good guy and he’ll keep things running smooth.  I just gotta make sure my boy Will is OK with all this – I mean you two and the other twins.”

“And what we just did with you, sir.”

“Yeah that too.  It’s what we call a tangled web, boys.  But it’ll all sort itself out … I hope”

*********************   CHAPTER 462  *********************

The Twins Apologize To Will

When Kyle and Kevin took their boy Will up the steep dirt path from his dad Seth’s guesthouse to Steve’s big house they went straight to the deck and sat at a small table by the pool. 

Doctor Steve appeared from the house almost immediately with a bottle of white wine and three glasses.  He placed them on the table and smiled, “If you guys need any help from me just say the word.  I’ll be inside in my office.”

“Thank you, sir,” Kyle said, “but we hope that won’t be necessary.”  Steve ruffled Will’s mop of red hair and left them alone.

There was a lot of tension in the air and the twins noticed that Will was trembling.  Kevin put his hand on Will’s and said gently, “Will, you’re not afraid are you?”

“Sir,” Will blurted out, “if it’s bad news please tell me right away so I know.”

“Will, what possible bad news could we have for you?” Kyle said.  “Come on, let’s start with a toast.”   He poured three glasses and raised his.  “To us … now and forever.”  They clinked glasses and drank.  But Will’s freckled face frowned, he blinked behind his owl glasses and said weakly, “Forever, sir?”

“Of course forever,” they said in unison.  “Why are you trembling, sweetheart?” Kevin asked.

“Sir, Eddie told me that you and the other twins have this real intense kinda thing going … you know, this twins-on-twins thing like you’re all in love.  I mean, I’m just a simple kid and I can’t compete with that.  I thought you might all just be friends but when I saw you all in bed …”  His eyes got moist and he choked up.

Kyle got up and hugged Will from behind while Kevin reached over and gripped his hands on the table.  “Will, we have a big apology to make to you.  We really messed up and behaved badly to you.”

Kyle sat down again and faced him.  “Let me try to explain, Will.  When we first met you and asked you to become our boy, that trip to Chicago had already happened years before.  It was in the past and we never thought to mention it to you.  We didn’t hear from Lee and Toni again until just a few days ago when they called and said they were coming to town.”

Kevin took over.  “You had just left for Palm Springs so we decided not to say anything until you got home and then we would surprise you.  You’re right that we were all four attracted to each other with, as you say, that special connection that twins share.  We enjoyed making love to them in Chicago and as soon as they got here we picked right up again and fell into bed.  We thought we would get that out of the way right up front before you got home, then we could all enjoy each other’s company.”

“But I came home a day early, sir, and …”

“And we messed up, Will.  We are so sorry we made you scared and sad.”

“So … so you and me, sirs.  We’re just the same as before?”

“Will, you are our boy and we love you.  Nothing can interfere with that, not even two sexy Asian boys passing through town for a few days.”

“Sir, I think those guys are hot for my dad Seth.”

“Yeah, they talked to us about that.  When they briefly met Seth and Randy they were blown away.  See, they have only ever had what you call nice, gentle sex, with each other and with us, never anything with rough, tough guys like Seth and Randy.  They were really turned on and …” Kevin glanced at Kyle.  “… and it’s likely that Seth and the twins are right now… well …”

“Fucking their brains out?” Will grinned, feeling much easier about everything now”

“And, er, you’re OK with that?”

“Of course.  My dad told me he wanted to fuck with them and I think it’s great for him to experience something new like that.”

The twins smiled at each other, pleased that their boy’s fears seemed to have vanished.  “Will, there’s something else we wanted to run by you.  Looks like we’re gonna be seven or eight for dinner here at Steve’s tonight.  We can’t expect Tommy to handle that because he wants to spend time with his lover Danny, so …”

“So you want me to cater it, sir?  I’d love to – give you some time off too.  But I’ll need a couple of assistants.”

“Ah,” Kyle smiled, “we were getting to that.  See, Lee and Toni are tired of being waiters at their hotel and want to learn some cooking skills as they have applied for a promotion to assistant chefs in the kitchens there.  So … we were wondering if they could work as your assistants this evening … under your control … you would be the head chef of course.  You have become so skilled that we believe you could teach them a thing or two.”

Will wasn’t so sure.  “Really, sir?” he frowned.  “Those boys are real, sorta classy, you think they would take orders from a kid like me?”

“Will,” Kyle said sternly, “you gotta get over this ‘simple kid like me’ hang-up. Don’t short-change yourself.  You’ve grown up a lot since we’ve known you and you are now a very experienced young chef.  The twins know how professional you are and they would love to learn from you.”

In fact this was part of the twins’ plan for their boy.  They had discussed the situation with their master Bob and he had suggested the idea.  He felt that Will needed a boost to his self-esteem and the best way to do that was in the kitchen, the place he felt most in control.

The twins looked at each other and Kevin said.  “There’s, er, one other thing, Will.  Kyle and I want to try and make up for our bad behavior toward you.  There’s time before dinner prep starts so would you give us the pleasure of your company in … in the guestroom?”

“In bed, you mean, sir?”  Will’s eyes sparkled.  “Of course, sirs.   I was hoping you’d say that.”


Will Is Double-Teamed

Inside the house they were met by the house manager Tommy.  Kyle asked, “Er, do you think we could use one of the guestrooms, Tommy?”

“Of course,” Tommy smiled.  “Steve already asked me to make sure the main guestroom would be ready for you.  He had a feeling you might be needing it.”  He showed them the way then made a discreet exit.

In recent days Will had been suffering in an agony of doubt, but now, alone with the twins, with the covers of the bed already pulled back, he quickly graduated from his private hell to a place closer to heaven.

“Same routine as always, kid,” Kevin smiled.  He dropped to his knees, took off Will’s sneakers and pulled down his shorts while Kyle removed Will’s shirt.  “Hmm, sexy as ever when you’re naked, kiddo.  OK, on the bed with you.”

Will eagerly lay on his back and gazed up at the twins who, in perfect sync, took off their shirts and dropped their shorts.  Instinctively Will’s hand dropped to his already stiff cock and he stroked it slowly, staring up at the naked twins.   In a customary prelude to sex with Will, Kyle and Kevin turned to each other and their lips closed together in a building, passionate kiss.

When at last they separated they looked down at Will and Kyle said, “Don’t you dare cum, boy.  We have plans for you.”

Will blinked rapidly behind his glasses, “Oh I won’t, sir.  Not till you tell me to.”

The twins knelt beside the bed, shoulder to shoulder, and went to work on their boy.  Kyle closed his mouth round Will’s cock and went down on it while Kevin gently removed Will’s glasses and kissed him.  Working in close harmony, as always, they covered Will’s whole body with tongues and kisses, then concentrated on his freckled face, ending with a three-way kiss that almost stifled him.  When they pulled off Will squealed with laughter.

“Hey, kid,” Kyle grinned.  “What do you think Seth is doing right now to the other twins?  Take a guess.”

“My dad likes to fuck, so I bet he’s fucking both those boys in turn.”

“That would be our guess too,” Kevin said.  “And he’s probably having a blast.  Fucking identical twins sounds like a great idea, don’t ya think?”

A smile lit Will’s freckled face – he knew where this was going.  “You wanna trade places, sir?”

He jumped up and stood by the bed while the twins took his place on the bed – on their backs, shoulder to shoulder.  “So what d’ya think?” Kevin grinned. “Think you can handle it?”

“I’m your boy aren’t I?  You’ve trained me to handle anything – especially this.  If my dad can do it, so can I.”

Just as the Asian twins had done down the hill for Seth, the twins hooked their hands behind their knees and pulled their legs back, offering identical asses to Will.  Full of confidence now Will reached down to his discarded shorts and pulled a tube of lube from the pocket.  “Never leave home without it,” he grinned.

He lubed his cock, knelt on the bed behind Kevin and pushed his shoulders against his raised legs.  “You ready, sir?”  Kevin nodded eagerly and Will eased inside his ass.  He began slowly at first, gradually increasing the speed and force of his penetration 

“Wow, feels awesome, dude.  Your dick got bigger or something?’

“I don’t think so, sir.  Just learned how to use it,” Will grinned.  “Plus your ass is so hot, sir.”

As the cock pistoned in and out of his ass Kevin looked up at the determined face, red hair falling over his brow, and realized again just how much he loved his freckle-faced boy.   “Wow, bro,” he said to Kyle, “just wait till you get a feel of this.  The kid is amazing.”

His praise urged Will on and soon Kyle was saying, “What about me, kiddo?  Don’t I get a piece of the action here?”  Will pulled out of Kevin, shifted over to Kyle and thrust his cock inside him.  He grinned when he heard Kyle’s deep sigh.  After being so depressed and nervous only a short time ago Will was having all kinds of fun, fucking each of the twins in turn, switching from one to the other as they pleaded for their turn.

But deep down Will knew what he wanted from the twins.  After serially fucking the beautiful twins harder and faster he was so close to his climax that he pulled out and panted, “Sirs, I can cum inside you but … do you remember that ‘big finish’ we used to do?”

“Hell yes!”  Kyle sprang to his feet and left Kevin lying on his back.  “OK boy, your move

Will got on the bed and knelt astride Kevin’s waist.  He looked down at Kevin, then up at the wall mirror facing him and the reflection of Kyle standing behind him.  Kevin said, “You want us to show you how much we both love you, Will?”

“Yes please sir.”  Will was trembling again, but not with fear as before – this time with eager anticipation.  He picked up the lube lying on the bed, greased his palm, then reached behind him and lubed Kevin’s cock.  He lowered his hips and felt the tip of the cock touch his ass then slide into it until he was sitting on Kevin’s pubic hair.

Will’s eyes sparkled and soon he was riding the shaft with increasing confidence and exhilaration, gazing first at Kevin smiling up at him, then at Kyle in the mirror.  “You ready for me yet, kiddo?” Kyle asked.

“Yes please sir.”  Will leaned forward and gazed down at Kevin, still moving up and down on his cock, then looked up at Kyle’s reflection over his shoulder as he knelt behind him. 

The first time this double teaming by the twins had happened Will was taken by surprise and a sharp jolt of pain.  But now he knew what was coming and longed for it.  Feeling Kyle’s cock press against him he breathed deeply and relaxed his butt.  There was no pain, just pure pleasure as Kyle eased inside him and he felt the twins’ cocks sliding together in his ass, one atop the other.

“You OK, kiddo?” Kyle said in his ear from behind him.  Will grinned at Kyle’s face in the mirror and said, “I love you, sirs.   I love it when you’re both inside me.”  The twins held still and let Will do all the work, riding the two identical cocks filling his ass. 

Will smiled at his own reflection as he rode his masters’ rods and his excitement reached a fever pitch.  He wanted this intense feeling to last forever – but his cock had other ideas.  “Problem is, sirs, it feels so good it’s gonna make me cum.”

“Us too,” Kyle said.  “How’d you like to feel both your masters pumping jizz in your ass?”

“Yes please, sir.  Oh, I think I’m cumming.  I can’t hold back.”  He saw the twins smile at each other, making silent love with their eyes.  Their cocks swelled in his butt, he saw their naked bodies flex … and felt their warm juice pour deep inside him.   “Yeaahh!” he yelled and own cum spurted out in big globs that splashed down on Kevin’s chest and face.

There was a long silence as their cocks drained, then Will started laughing with joy as he rose up off his masters’ cocks.  From behind Kyle pushed Will forward on top of Kevin and the three of them rolled together over the bed, laughing, hugging kissing in a jubilant celebration that left no doubt at all of the twins’ love for Will and the evaporation of all his fears.


The Twins’ Plan For Will

Will lay on his back with the twins on either side propped on their elbows and running their fingers over his still heaving body.  Kyle smiled, “OK, kid, now we’ve got that out of the way –showed you how much we love you and got rid of your paranoia about the twins – now it’s time to get serious.”

Kyle looked at Kevin who took over.  “About that catering deal and you taking Lee and Toni under your wing and showing them how it’s done.  Of course we understand why they wouldn’t want to remain hotel waiters all their lives and want to learn some culinary skills but they may underestimate the reaction of the hotel kitchen staff to newcomers.  You’ve had experience of that when Miguel took you to his hotel as temporary assistant chef.”

“I sure did, sir.  Even though I was a friend of the boss – or maybe because of that – the other juniors were kinda snarky until I showed them I was no dummy and knew my way around a kitchen.  I ended up getting their respect.”

“Exactly so, Will, and that’s why you’d be ideal to share your experience with the twins.  OK, let’s shower and get the show on the road.”

They got cleaned up and went back out to the deck where Steve and Lloyd were sitting by the pool drinking with Tommy.  Steve smiled up at them.  “Everything OK, guys?  Dumb question,” he chuckled.  “I’d recognize that glow anywhere – plus we heard all the laughter.  Come, sit down, have a drink and tell us your plans now.  You’re Bob’s boys, you’re bound to have plans.”

“We do, sir,” said Kyle.  “You kindly invited us all to stay for dinner with you and Lloyd but we would very much like to cook it.  Or, more precisely, Will would like to cook it provided he has a couple of assistants.  And that’s where an idea Bob suggested comes in.”

Kevin took over.  “The Asian twins Lee and Toni have applied to become assistant chefs in their hotel in Chicago.  So we think it would be a good idea if Will’s assistants were Lee and Toni.  It would give Will a chance to pass on some of his skills to them so that when they try out for the hotel kitchen they already have some idea of what being an assistant chef implies.”

Steve smiled, “Plus it would give our Will here an opportunity to get better acquainted with the twins.  Guys, it’s a terrific idea.  And in your spare time maybe you could take over my job too – you would make great therapists – patients would love you.  Hmm, identical twin therapists.  That would be a first.”

The twins laughed and blushed, then Kyle said, “Only thing is we don’t want to do anything to offend Tommy.  It is his kitchen after all.”

Tommy smiled with relief at Steve.  “Actually, sir, I was going to ask for the evening off until I realized we had six guests.   See, my boyfriend Danny has his hands full at the Grady House where Grady and Mario are entertaining tonight.  He wondered if I could help him with dinner there and then, er, stay the night with him.  So, now that Will has offered to cook here I wonder if it would be OK for me to go and help Danny.”

“Sounds like a win-win situation all round – killing several birds with one stone.  Before you leave for the Grady House, Tommy, perhaps you better get together with Will in the kitchen and discuss what food we have and what you had planned to cook.”

“No problem there, sir,” Will said, his freckled face beaming as he blinked behind his owl glasses.  “I already know your kitchen well.  I’m on safe ground in a kitchen and I can soon lick the twins into shape.  And this would not be one of my catering jobs.  No charge, sir.”

Just then there was a shout from down the hill and Seth came into view accompanied by Lee and Toni, the Asian twins who had just got serially fucked by the construction worker.

“Lee, Toni, how are you?” Steve asked.  “Has my tenant in the guesthouse been taking good care of you?”

“The best care, thank you sir,” Lee said shyly.  “Although it was not in the guesthouse but down in the pergola.”

“Ah, perfect place to make love, as Lloyd and I have found out on numerous occasions.  And talking of which Lloyd, I think you and I can leave all the arrangements to the boys here.  They seem to have everything under control, so you and I can take off for an hour or so.  How about a trip down to the pergola ourselves?”

“Well, doc, these guys probably left all kinds of sexual vibrations in the air – you know, a rumpled bed, sweaty and cum-stained.  I may not be able to control myself.”

“Glad to hear it, buddy,” Steve chuckled.  “I always say there’s a time for self-control and a time to let it all hang out – to coin a phrase.  And this is definitely one of those hang-out times.


Will Instructs The New Boys

Steve and Lloyd left a long silence behind them where the four twins shared excited glances and Will grinned at his dad Seth.  Everyone sensed what had happened – parallel events where Seth fucked the Asian twins while Will fucked his twins – leaving them excited but a bit coy around each other. 

Sexual overtones were heavy in the air, especially between the four twins and also, to Will’s surprise, between himself and Seth.  Will tried to imagine what it looked like when Seth had fucked Lee and Toni and his dick got hard as he stared at his dad now.

But Kyle brought them all back down to earth and back to the realities of cooking dinner.  He explained his plan to Lee and Toni who smiled at each other.  “We would love to learn from Will if he doesn’t mind trying to teach us,” Lee said.  “We’re not very experienced and probably won’t make very good assistants but we’d like to try.  We really want to learn.”

But they hesitated and Toni said, “But there’s just one thing.  Do you think we could have a hug from Will first?  We’ve wanted to do that since we first met briefly down the hill.”

Kevin said, “We don’t decide things like that for Will.  It’s up to him.”  Will looked at their shy expressions and suddenly felt he was the confident one, an unusual position for him.  He stood up, opened his arms and hugged first Toni and then Lee, then both together.  Trying to ignore the erection in his shorts he said, “OK, dudes, let’s go and check out the kitchen.”

The twins stood quietly in the background as Tommy showed Will the food stored in the two refrigerators.  “Plenty of fish as you see.  That’s what I had intended to serve Steve and Lloyd.  And in the closet you’ll find aprons and chef’s caps for your assistants. OK, Will, it’s on you now.  Thanks a million for taking over so I can go and spend time helping Danny.  We haven’t seen each other for several days.”

With a final hug he left and Will swung into head-chef mode.  Now on the solid ground of a kitchen the previously shy young redhead was transformed into a self-confident young man.  He opened the bag he had brought – his traveling chef’s kit as he called it – and pulled out his dark green apron and white chef’s hat.”

“OK, dudes, let’s get you kitted out.  He pulled aprons and hats from the closet Tommy had indicated and gave them to the twins. “Every house has its own color – navy blue for this house, dark green for the tribe’s compound and burgundy for the Grady house.  So you’ll be in blue.  You always wear an apron and chef’s hat in the kitchen – for hygiene and a professional look.”

Will thought the twins looked especially cute in the caps and aprons, and they dutifully followed his instructions.  He pulled out bunches of celery and told the twins to start chopping.  “Nah, wait just a minute, guys, that’s too slow and you risk cutting yourself.  Here, let me show you.” 

They watched in awe as Will held the celery sticks firmly and chopped fast in a blur of movement.  And they looked on enviously as Will showed them how to crack open eggs with one hand, doing half a dozen in quick succession.  And that’s how the lessons proceeded with Will becoming ever more authoritative. 

“See, working as newcomers in a big hotel kitchen you gotta be careful, as I myself found out.  You haven’t met Miguel yet but, apart from being a hunk, I mean totally gorgeous, he’s the executive chef at the Ritz Carlton downtown.  He took me there to work as a fill-in assistant chef and let me tell you I got some suspicious looks from the other juniors there.  There’s a lot of food snobbery goes on in a big kitchen.

“How do you handle stuff like that, Will?” Lee asked.

“Well, when I casually dropped a few of the tricks I’d taught myself I got their respect.  See, whenever I follow a recipe I always tweak it with my own changes.  Fr’instance, there’s a recipe for a layered vegetable casserole based on fennel, but I find the licorice flavor is too strong so I substitute cauliflower.  And there’s a meatloaf stroganoff that calls for ground beef but I use ground turkey, it’s more subtle.

Will was not exactly blinding the twins with science but they were hugely impressed that this kid who had shaken their hands so shyly when they first met was now a confident, knowledgeable young chef totally in command of his trade.  They actually found this air of authority sexy and glanced at each other, silently communicating a growing shared attraction to him.

As Will established a routine and they relaxed into it, the twins and Will felt a growing freedom to chat and share stories.  The twins told Will how when they were born China had its one-child-only policy so when they became teenagers they were given away and were told they had to be split up.  They couldn’t imagine life without each other so they ran away and made a precarious living on their own before coming to America.

“Just like my twins,” Will said. “They said they would have done anything to stay together.  I see why you all get along so well – same backgrounds.”

Lee shifted to a happier topic.  “Will, I gotta say that your dad is phenomenal.  I hope you don’t mind that he fucked us both in that pergola down the hill.  We were so turned on by him – I mean, so rough and macho, a real stud.  We’ve never had sex with a man like him before.”

Will grinned, “I like it that my dad fucked you.  A new experience for him too, I bet.  And when you get to know the tribe you’ll see a lot more of that rugged macho stuff going on.  When the three guys who work on the construction site get together and talk business I swear I could cum just looking at them.  You already met the big boss Randy, I think.  Then there’s Seth and a gorgeous black muscle-stud named Zack who’s into leather.”

“Have you, er, had sex with them, Will?”

“Not all together – boy, that would be something, worked over by those three hunks.”  Will laughed, “Hey, stop drooling, dudes, it’s not hygienic.  But who knows, I think those guys might enjoy getting together with two hot identical young Asians like yourself – kind of exotic.  But be careful what you wish for, guys.  I’ve been fucked by all of them individually and that ain’t no walk in the park I can tell you.  But it’s something you don’t forget in a hurry.”

The twins, who by now were nursing huge boners, glanced at each other and Toni asked tentatively, “Er, Will, does Seth, um, often make love to you?”

Will blushed deeply and Toni immediately regretted asking the question.  “Sorry, dude, too personal, I should know better.  We asked Seth that and he got real uncomfortable and changed the subject.”

In the awkward silence that followed Will looked at the twins and came to a decision.  They had shared the story of their life after all.  “Hey let’s take a little break over a glass of wine, guys.” 

They sat together and Will began.  “There’s something I don’t talk about much, prefer not to think about.  But when I was younger and lived with my dad, I ran away ‘cos … well he sorta molested me – tried to fuck me, but I always got away.   He was all mixed up – homophobic but that was only to cover up his own sexual urges.

“After I joined the tribe he came looking for me to get me back and Randy beat him up.  Well, when a new guy comes on the scene Randy usually starts by beating them up – show them who’s boss I guess.  Oh, he won’t beat you up, but he’ll probably fuck you …”  Will grinned, “Maybe even with Seth and Zack if you’re lucky.

“Anyway, with the help of Bob and Randy, my dad shaped up and we became good friends and … well, yeah, we did fuck a couple times.  But … well, you know …”

“Does Seth turn you on, Will,” Lee asked quietly.

Will hesitated.  “Well … kinda … yes definitely.  Sure he does.  I’m hard right now talking about him.  I’d love to … no, I mean … well, you know … he’s my dad and all.”

“That doesn’t stop us,” Toni said, “even though we’re brothers.  Doesn’t stop Kyle and Kevin if it comes to that.  They said, if you feel like it do it.  Just as long as you don’t hurt anyone else …”

“… or make babies,” Lee grinned mischievously.  “And there’s not much chance of that.”

Having gone into so much intimate depth about their personal lives, a long comfortable silence followed as they all thought about the sexual fantasies they had kicked around – Will with his dad, and the twins with the three rugged construction workers.  Not to mention three-way sex with each other which was definitely on the unspoken agenda.  It was only a question of which of their dreams would come true first.

Will broke the silence and raised his glass.  “Here’s to pushing boundaries, eh dudes?  To us.”

“To us,” the Asian twins smiled and drank deep.


The Seating Plan

Kyle and Kevin, had set up a big round table under the awning alongside the house facing the pool.  On warm evenings (which they almost always were in Southern California) Steve and Lloyd preferred eating outdoors.  And at a round table as Steve later explained.

“In all my group therapy sessions people sit in a circle so the conversation is shared with everyone and we can see each person who speaks.  Same goes for dinner.  At a rectangular table guys speak mostly to the person opposite and next to them, so there are usually several conversations going on at once.  A big round table encourages group talk … much cozier.”

And so it was now.  Will and the twins brought out the food and Will had already explained the ritual to Lee and Toni.  The three of them stood side by side still in their aprons and chef’s hats.  In unison, they took off their hats and swept them down dramatically in an elaborate bow, to the cheers and applause of the five men seated at the table.

“Steve raised his glass.  “To our beautiful young chefs … god bless ‘em.”

They took off their aprons and sat at the table.  Ever the therapist, Steve had arranged the seating carefully around the table.  Will sat between Seth and Kyle and the two sets of twins were mixed together – Kyle, Toni, Kevin, Lee.  Then came Lloyd and Steve himself.  If Doctor Steve were making a private wager on how he expected the pairings to end up later that evening it was for him alone to know.  He delighted in playing mind games with himself.

Kyle turned to Will and said, “Well done, kiddo, it looks delicious.  Everything go alright in the kitchen?   How were your pupils?”

“Went great, sir.  They learned real fast and I think they’ll be fine in their hotel kitchen.  They’re not the pushy types … they just stand back, listen and learn.  And, er, we got into some real intimate stuff about ourselves too.  Got to know each other real well.  I like them a lot.”
“That’s what we were hoping for.  And in the next few days you’ll get to know them even better.”

“I’ll drink to that, sir.” Will raised his glass, his freckled face blushing behind his glasses.

On his other side Will felt Seth’s shoulder touch his and he turned to meet Seth’s smiling blue eyes.  “This food looks great, kid.  Damn, I’m so proud of you Will, the way you’ve developed.  And maybe one day you’ll be proud of me.  Did I tell you that Randy’s making me a foreman?  He told me they’re planning on opening a third division of the construction company so they’ll be looking for another manager soon.”

“Sir, I’m already proud of you and proud to be your son.  I love you, sir, very much.”

Seth was wearing a black T-shirt that stretched over his tanned, muscular torso.  Will had never seen it before and it made him look even sexier than usual, his swarthy, stubbled face lit by the dappled light reflecting off the pool. 

Seth’s knee happened to touch Will’s under the table and he pulled it away embarrassed.  But as the evening wore on it found its way back and remained lightly pressed against Will’s.  The boy made no move pull away.  He liked the feeling too much – especially the stiff boner he had in his shorts under the table all evening.


Will Makes His Choice

The meal got increasingly lively as the men relaxed and the wine flowed.  Will had shown the twins how he made his famous rhubarb pie and that was dessert followed by coffee and brandy. 

Even the Asian boys were less reserved than usual and joined in with stories of their own hotel adventures as room-service waiters.  Amid all the noisy laughter Steve said, “As a doctor I prescribe no driving tonight, you’ve all had far too much to drink.  We have several guestrooms and Tommy is not home tonight, no doubt snuggling up to Danny in the Grady House.  So I leave it to you to pick your partners.

Steve was still playing his little game, seeing how close his private predictions had been, and they turned out to be very accurate.  There was hesitation at first with much eye contact as the boys tried to work out where the desires were strongest.  Surprisingly it was Will who spoke up first.  He was still on a high from his kitchen dominance – and the wine didn’t hurt either – as he boldly asked the twins, “Sirs, would it be OK if I stayed in my dad’s house down the hill?”

Actually that single request pretty much resolved the whole thing.  If Will paired off with Seth that would leave the four twins together, with no objections from anyone.  Kyle said, “Is it OK with you if Kevin and me sleep with the twins, Will?   We would all like you to join us but it doesn’t have to be tonight.  There’s plenty of time.”

“Sounds like that’s settled then,” Steve grinned, privately gratified that his bed-mate predictions had been spot on.  “I always approve of fathers and sons spending quality time together.”

Lee frowned.  “Quality time, sir?  What exactly does that mean?”

“Lee, it means whatever you want it to mean.  Anything goes, as long as everyone agrees.  And Lloyd, old buddy, it looks like that leaves you stuck with me again for more ‘quality time’, right?”

The architect laughed, “Well, given a chance it would be impossible for me to make a choice from all the talent around this table, so sure, a handsome doctor is not to be sneezed at, especially as it gives me a chance for payback for what you did to me down at the pergola.”

Will turned to Seth and said, “Sir, did I speak out of turn?  I just assumed …”

“And you assumed right, kid.  Nothing I’d like better.”

Will stood up and said, “Well, I better start clearing the table and tidying the kitchen.”

“With our help, dude,” Kyle said and all four twins stood up.  As they set to work Toni said, “We were kind of hoping to get to know you better, Will.  Promise we can do that tomorrow?”

“Absolutely,” Will grinned, “unless those three construction guys still have you all tied up.”

Clean-up was well coordinated and fast, and soon Will was admiring the kitchen.  “Good, tomorrow Tommy will find it just as he left it.”  

There were many brandy-powered hugs as they all said goodnight.  Steve smiled at Seth and Will.  “Enjoy your quality time, guys.  Remember, it’s whatever you want it to be.”


“G’night, Will”

Seth threw his arm over his boy’s shoulder and they made for the track down the hill.  Halfway down, a bit woozy from the wine, Will stumbled and Seth reached out and grabbed him to stop him falling.  He held him in his arms in the moonlight … and kissed him.  Then he abruptly pulled back, and fortunately the moonlight was not strong enough to illuminate their blushes.

They went inside the small house and both had an attack of shyness.  They stood grinning at each other and then, to fill the silence, Seth said, “A nightcap do you think?”

“Oh, sir, I think I’ve had enough to …”

“Sure we’ve both drunk enough.  Straight to bed then, eh?”  Seth was tongue-tied, feeling out of his depth.  He stammered, “Er, there’s only one bed in the bedroom but the couch out here is real comfortable if you prefer to … or I could sleep out here and you have my … I mean …”

“OK, sir.”

“OK what?  I take the couch and you have the …?”  He shrugged.  “Or we could always share the bed … it’s a king size and … and it’s not as if …”

“No, sir … I mean yes sir, I want to … I mean … sure, I’m OK with, like … sharing a bed.”

“OK, deal,” Seth grinned with some relief.  “I just gotta go pee.”  He went to the bathroom and Will, without knowing why, robotically followed him.  They stood over the toilet together, pulled out their cocks and pointed them down.  Realizing they were both fully erect they blushed.  What made it worse was that their hard-ons made it harder to pee – a longer wait.

They felt rather silly, standing there together waiting for the pee to flow.  Seth grinned inanely at Will and shrugged, “Dumb eh?”

“Kinda, sir.”  That moment of levity helped them relax and water finally spurted from them.  Watching each other holding their cocks with pee spurting down from them, made their erections even harder and it was a long time before they self-consciously stuffed their cocks back in their shorts.

“You want, like, a T-shirt or something to sleep in, kid?”

“No thank you sir.  I don’t usually wear anything in bed.”   He blushed again at what he had said.  “I mean, except my boxers, sir.”

“Me too.”  They avoided eye contact as they undressed, though Will sneaked a peek at Seth as he pulled off the black T-shirt and stretched his muscles.   Seth dropped his cargo shorts and lay on the bed in just his boxers, trying, and failing, to look casual. 

One problem was that his cock stood erect as a tent pole under his shorts so he pulled the sheet up to his waist.  That made it even worse as the whole sheet was now the tent, so he bent his knees under the sheet to lessen the effect.  Each new move made his blush deeper.  This was not going well, he thought, in embarrassed confusion.

One part of his body that was not covered was his muscled torso.  And when, in a further attempt to look casual, he linked his hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling his whole upper body was on glorious display – bulging biceps, rock hard pecs and ripped eight-pack abs.  Catching Will’s lustful glances Seth actually started humming a tune but quickly abandoned that ploy as it sounded silly.

Will was having his own problems.  He had stripped down to his gray boxer briefs and, to delay the inevitable moment where he would climb in beside his dad, he folded his shirt and shorts and placed them carefully over the back of a chair.  He had the same boner issue as Seth, a long bulge that strained against his boxers, the head poking up above of the waistband.

Someone had to say something and Seth, in genuine admiration of his boy, cleared his throat.  “Wow, you’re body’s looking really ripped kiddo – not that skinny kid I used to know.   Randy been working you out regular, has he?”

“Yes, sir, he puts me through my paces in the gym.”

“Does he, er, fuck you after the workout like he does Grady?”

“Quite often, sir.  I love it when he fucks me.”  He caught himself and added, “Is it OK for me to say that, sir?”

“Sure it is.  Hey, you’re not a kid anymore.  You’re your own man, and a real fine one.  You can do anything you want to … anything,” he added with a gleam in his eye.

The time had come for Will to get in bed next to his dad.  He pulled the sheet back but when it exposed Seth’s tent-pole cock he covered it again and blushed.  He realized how dumb this was all getting so he quickly got under the sheet and lay on his back beside Seth – but a safe distance apart.

They both stared up at the ceiling and, more to fill the silence than anything else, Seth said, “G’night, Will.”


A Stallion In Heat

Will hadn’t known what to expect but those words sounded disappointingly final, so he closed his eyes.  He tried to stay as still as a statue on a tomb but his thigh itched.  He had to scratch it but when he did the back of his hand brushed against Seth’s leg and he murmured, “Sorry, sir.”

“You can touch me if you like, boy.  You’re not scared of me, are you?”

“No, sir, quite the opposite.  In fact I …” but he faltered and bit his tongue.  Nevertheless there had been a small opening and Seth closed his hand over Will’s, their arms lying straight down between them on the bed.”

There was silence as they got used to this, and Seth even squeezed the boy’s hand, which emboldened Will to say, “Sir, did you know the Asian twins make love to each other all the time, just like Kyle and Kevin do?   Do you think that’s weird?”

‘Course not, if they love each other.  In fact they told me they do and asked if … if you and me ever do?”

“Sir, do you remember that we did when you wanted to make amends for … you know.”

“Yeah, but that’s the problem, kid, making amends for what I used to do to you … like forcing myself on you when you were a kid.  I’ll never forgive myself for that and it makes me scared of ever touching you again.”

“But sir, that’s all done and forgotten – in the past.  And you’re touching me now …”

“Yeah, and it feels good.  Seth shifted closer until their bodies were pressed together side by side.  But they couldn’t bring themselves to take the next step and lay together for a long time, their eyes closed – but not sleeping.  Neither one could sleep.

It was Will who eventually made the move.  Pretending to himself and his dad that he was moving in his sleep his hand crept up over Seth’s thigh and came to rest beside the long bulge in his shorts.  “Sir,” he said nervously, “is this stopping you from sleeping?”

“Kinda, yeah.  You, er, you wanna take care of that for me kiddo?”

“I’d love to, sir.”   Suddenly the brakes were off and Will threw the sheet off them.  He scooted down in the bed, pulled down Seth’s boxers and rolled over between his legs.  He licked his dad’s muscled thighs and worked his way up to his balls.

Using the skills Eddie had taught him he licked the balls that smelled faintly of the piss that had dripped onto them earlier.   He sucked them into his mouth rolling them around and massaging them with his tongue.  He loved the sound of the construction worker’s deep, animal grunts of pleasure, which made him bolder.  He pulled back, his mouth still clamped over the balls, stretching the scrotum, then released them and buried his face in Seth’s wiry black pubes.

Then he went to work on his dad’s giant cock.  He licked slowly all the way up the thick shaft until he was licking the hard, sensitive corona of the head. Seth looked down and grabbed Will’s thick mop of red hair in his fist.  “Come on, boy, open up.  Suck your dad’s cock.”

Seth was in command now.  Holding Will’s hair he pulled his face back, then forced his mouth on his cock and pushed his face all the way down.  Again Will’s face was buried in Seth’s sweaty pubes and he felt the full strength of the man as Seth pressed his head down on the huge shaft filling his mouth.

For a brief moment he was reminded of all the frightening times his dad had tried to force him in the past.  But now he didn’t struggle – he loved yielding to the man’s savage strength and clenched his throat muscles round the shaft, tasting the first drops of pre-cum oozing from it.

Just when he felt he would choke Seth pulled Will’s face back off his cock and stared down at him.  “You OK, kid?  Did I hurt you?”  Seth was worried about his own strength and his capacity to hurt the boy as he used to do in the past.  But the big smile on Will’s freckled face reassured him.  “OK, kiddo.  Make me feel good.”

Will was thrilled to be doing just that, hearing his dad groan with pleasure as he licked and sucked the giant cock.  Seth looked down at his eager boy and was overwhelmed by a wave of affection for him – affection mixed with carnal lust that almost made him lose his load in the boy’s mouth.

That near-climax fired him up and his raw animal manhood took over.  He yanked Will’s face off his cock, shoved him roughly onto his back and pulled his shorts clean off.  He leapt up on the bed, towering over him, legs astride him, eyes blazing. 

There was even something in him now of the sexual frenzy that had gripped him in the past that made him use force on the boy.  But he was a changed man now, confident in his own powerful sexuality … and in love with his boy.  “Damn I wanna fuck your ass, kid, you look so fucking hot on that bed.  You want it kid?  You wanna feel your dad’s huge dick pounding your sweet ass?”

“Yes please, sir, I want it real bad.  Do whatever you want to me, sir.”

Will wanted to be at the mercy of this rough, rugged construction worker.  In the past when his mind had gone back to the times when his dad had attacked him, he had recalled the fear, but paradoxically his dick got hard.  In those earlier days he had refused to submit … but now that’s exactly what he wanted.

Seth dropped to his knees between Will’s legs and spat on his cock, already wet from Will’s saliva.  “Spit OK, kid?”

“Whatever you say, sir.  You’re the boss.”

“Damn right I am.”  He shoved Will’s legs back, leaned forward between them and pinned his wrists to the bed above his head.  His blue eyes stared down at Will’s eager freckled face and again that wave of affection swept over him.  “Damn I love you, kid, always have.”

He pressed his cock against Will’s ass, then bent low and pressed his lips on Will’s, gently at first, then building to a frenzied, grinding kiss.  Feeling the thick stubble scraping against his face and thrilled by the fiery sensation gripping him, Will gave a muffled scream as he felt the shaft penetrating him and driving all the way deep inside.

When Seth pulled his face back and stared down at the boy, still pinned to the bed, Will knew he was totally at the mercy of this handsome savage with his sinewy body, wild eyes and unruly shaggy hair.  As the huge cock began to move in and out of his ass it was as if jolts of electricity raced through his body.   

“I love you, sir,” Will moaned.  “Fuck me, sir, fuck me hard … do it rough.”

Suddenly Seth felt free to do to his boy what he had tried to do forcibly long ago, to his lasting shame.  But now his boy was asking for it, pleading for it … the dad and his boy both wanted the same thing. 

Seth took the boy at his word and his massive cock pistoned in his ass.  Will’s ecstatic face thrashed from side to side on the bed as he submitted body and soul to the man rearing up over him like a wild stallion in heat.

All inhibitions gone Seth rolled over on the bed with his boy, his cock still pounding his ass.  He fucked him from behind, on his side, then threw him on his stomach and slapped the firm white cheeks that bounced under the blows.  He grinned salaciously at the red handprints rising on the white flesh, then pressed down on the small of his back, holding him captive as he ramrodded his ass. 

Thrilled by his dad’s total domination of him Will pleaded, “More, sir … please … I love it …” and the wild fuck went on and on as they lost all sense of time in the small house in the hills.

Nearing exhaustion from the merciless fuck Will found himself on his back again, staring up at the fierce construction worker, his flexed muscles now gleaming with sweat as the relentless pounding continued.  Seth reached down curled his hand behind Will’s head and pulled his back up off the bed.  Will reached up and clamped his palms over his dad’s heaving chest, dug his fingers into the solid pecs then pounded his chest with his fists in a frenzy of passion.

Seth growled.  “Now you’re gonna cum for me, boy, without touching your cock.  I wanna see my boy shoot jizz all over his body.  You wanna feel your dad’s cum in your ass, boy?  Tell me … beg for it.”

“Please, sir,” Will yelled.  “My ass is yours, I submit to you, sir.  Please cum inside me … I’m begging you sir.  Please, I … aaagh … I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum …”

Seth watched as his boy spurted streams of cum with such force that it splashed down on his writhing body and freckled face.  “Fuck you, boy … my own boy … here it comes, kid.  Fuck yeah … fuck … yeahhh!”   Seth’s body tensed, his muscles bulged and with an animal howl he blasted hot juice deep inside his boy’s shuddering ass.


Work Hard, Play Hard

Will was sobbing, overwhelmed, as Seth pulled gently out of him and fell on top of him, licking his tears, kissing his cheeks, his eyes and his lips, as their heaving bodies slid together in a pool of Will’s cum.
They finally slid off each other and Will lay in his dad’s arms.  Seth smiled, “I’m glad we get to spend the night together, Will.   I kinda thought you’d choose to sleep with the new twins.”

“Oh I will, sir, probably tomorrow – some kind of four-twins-fuck-fest.   I know Lee and Toni want to – we got to know each other pretty well when they worked with me in the kitchen.  But you know, the twins have always had what’s known as vanilla sex and I think they want a bit more of the rough.  In Chicago our twins tied them up and they loved that.”

“Yeah,” Seth grinned, “they sure liked me doing a number on them.  Good thing tomorrow’s Saturday.  Randy and Zack want to meet with me after lunch and talk about the foreman’s job and maybe one day a manager when they open a third division of the construction company.”

“Yes, I told Lee and Toni about that and they literally drooled at the thought of three tough macho construction bosses huddled together.”  Will grinned, “So, er, when you have meetings like that do you ever, like, fool around when it’s over?”

“Sure, it’s become kind of a ritual.  Randy’s motto is work hard then play hard – the two go together.  There’s a whole lot of testosterone flying around and three oversexed studs like us look around for some guy to work on.”

“Like Chinese twins, sir?”

“Now don’t jump the gun, kiddo.  Though I gotta say it’s an intriguing thought.  But right now I like what I got right here – my own boy in my bed and in my arms.

Will snuggled closer.  “Me too, dad.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 463

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