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Brandon and Brian have been young buddies for a long time but, they insist, “Not lovers, no way.”  Brian tells Mario and Grady, “We love each other but we’re not in love.  We’ve been buddies for so long that it’s too late to be lovers – that would ruin everything.  Grady, the hunky movie star, steps in.  “Kiddo, when love comes grab it and hold on tight.  Don’t waste time, ‘cos love is real – all the rest is bullshit.”


In the previous chapter

Young Tyler had finally met his screen idol Grady, the actor he had jerked off to when he went (twice) to see the new big-budget Tarzan movie.  When Tyler had met Pablo, Eddie and the other guys of the tribe just over a week previously he had no idea they were friends with the movie star until Eddie took him up to the Grady House.

There he met Grady’s lover, the handsome Italian Mario, and the boys who ran the house, Danny the chef and house manager, and the two boys in wheelchairs – Brian the houseboy and his friend Brandon who came up often to help out.

Grady was across the garden pulling weeds, and when he came to meet Tyler the boy was stunned into silence coming suddenly face to face with his hero.  But Grady longed to be treated as “just one of the guys” and did not want this new boy to be intimidated by his fame.  So he said, “Hey Tyler, do you wanna give me a hand?  Do you know anything about gardening?”

Surprised, Tyler gulped, found his voice and mumbled, “Er, nothing at all, sir.”

“Neither do I,” Grady laughed jubilantly, “not a thing.  See, we’d be a perfect team.”  He grabbed Tyler’s hand and pulled him up out of his chair.  “Kiddo, you are hereby deputized as gardener’s assistant.  Let us venture forth and conquer the weeds.

Mario said proudly to the other boys, ? fantastico, our Grady, eh boys?  So often he meets tongue-tied youngsters like Tyler and one thing fame has taught him is how to put them at their ease.  That’s what he’s doing with Tyler, because he wants them to be friends.  Especially with Tyler – he always has a soft spot for shy kids like him.  You watch, he’ll go to any lengths to make the boy feel at home.”

Those “any lengths” eventually culminated, astonishingly, in Grady asking a shocked Tyler to fuck him.  But Grady was so gentle and seductive that Tyler did as asked and soon found himself in the ultimate fantasy of fucking Tarzan, the man he had worshipped on the big screen.

In his fantasy he flashed on the scene where the soldiers captured Tarzan and worked him over.  He leaned forward, pinned Grady’s wrists to the ground above his head and pounded his ass, watching the prisoner grimace just as he had in the torture scene.

In the end, spurred on by the sight of the helpless jock’s handsome face thrashing from side to side, body writhing and struggling to get free, and lost in the fantasy of the torture scene, Tyler snarled, “Fuck you, man.  Not so tough now, are you, with a dick up your ass?  You’re finished.  Give up, man, you know you have to.  Submit … surrender.”

His rugged face grimacing in pain Grady yelled, “OK, enough … I can’t take anymore … I’ll do what you want … I give up … I submit … aaagh!”  Grady’s cock reared up and shot a plume of cum high in the air that splashed down on his heaving chest and writhing face.  The image of Tarzan admitting defeat, begging for mercy, thrilled Tyler and his cock exploded in his ass.

He stared down at Grady’s face, fearing he had gone too far and hurt him.  But suddenly the face broke into a gleaming smile and Grady said, “Un-fucking-believable … beautiful … you sure know how to fuck, kiddo, with all the trimmings … great imagination, great script … who writes you’re material, kid?”   He struggled to his feet, pulled Tyler up beside him, smiled and held out his hand.  “Just one of the guys?”  Tyler shook his hand.  “Just one of the guys, sir.”

Afterwards Mario smiled up at Grady.  “That was some show you two put on, amico.”

Well it sure beats pulling weeds,” Grady grinned.  He kissed Mario’s lips and gazed into his eyes, as he always did when he had played around like this.  “Thank you, amico, for letting me do stuff like that.”

Mario laughed merrily.  “Amore, your sexual appetite is so insatiable that I am pleased to get help in satisfying it … especially from a shy new boy like Tyler.  You were wonderful with him – all his nervousness and intimidation have gone.  Just look at him with the boys.”

Tyler had been surrounded by Danny, Eddie, Brandon and Brian, all showering him with praise.  It was something of a rite of passage for a boy to fuck Grady, and Eddie, as Tyler’s best friend, was glowing with pride at his performance.  “Dude, we took a vote and decided that from now on you’re one of the boys – one of the amigos.”

Danny the house manager said, “And by the way, Tyler, Pablo called a while ago and he’s coming up for dinner.  I told him he had to wear a shirt,” he chuckled, “but he’s still coming.”

Mario added, “And let me remind you all that tomorrow Bob is coming for a business meeting with Grady and me, and Randy and Mark will be here for one of their monthly security checks.  Then most of the other guys will join us for the afternoon, including the leathermen Zack, Darius and Miguel.  The twins are coming to help Danny in the kitchen and Tommy is coming too to organize the party, but I would like all you boys to pitch in and help as well.”

Grady kissed Mario again.  “And now, signore, if you have quite finished bossing everyone around, I need a shower to wash off all the garden dirt …”

“… and of course you want company,” Mario smiled.  “Ah,” he sighed, “the things I do to keep my jungle man happy.”

They went off into the house and Tyler noticed Brandon and Brian wheeling themselves away together, talking conspiratorially he thought.  “Eddie,” Tyler said, “I haven’t worked it out yet … but are those two guys lovers?”

“Good question, dude, very good question.  Define ‘lovers’.  We can’t work that out either.  But I have a feeling we’re gonna find out soon.”


*************************   CHAPTER 387   ************************

The friendship of Brandon and Brian had begun some time ago when Mike in Palm Springs, an older man who owned a leather bar, had befriended all the men in the tribe, especially the senior men and their boys.  When Brandon showed up out there in his wheelchair Mike had mentioned that he had a nephew, Brian, who was also in a wheelchair. 

But unlike Brandon, who had triumphed over his adversity and become totally independent, Brian had gone the other way, sinking into depression and living a lonely and resentful life in a battered trailer out in the desert.  Brandon had promptly gone out to visit him and taken him under his wing, convincing him that he could do practically anything any other boy could.

Over time the friendship had flourished, Brian had moved to live with the tribe in L.A. and had eventually become the houseboy to Grady and Mario, who both loved and nurtured him.  Brandon lived with his master, the Forest Ranger  Pete, in their bungalow a few miles away, but the two boys still saw a lot of each other when Brandon went up to the Grady house to help in the office there.

Their friendship had become closer, but stayed at the level of good buddies – and occasional fuck buddies when Brandon slept over at the Grady House and shared a bed with Brian.  Usually they got their rocks off by 69-ing each other, followed by lots of giggles and gossip about the men and boys of the tribe.

And now, as they raced each other to the house it was mere gossip that occupied them, not the ‘conspiracy’ Eddie and Tyler had suspected with their over-active imaginations.  “Dude,” Brian said, “d’you think Pablo will be pissed when he hears that Tyler fucked Grady.  I mean, that’s pretty hot stuff.”

“Maybe he won’t find out,” Brandon said.

“Duh!  In this house?  Gimme a break, dude.  Besides, Tyler is new and he’s being a good boy – tells Pablo everything.”

“Yeah that was dumb of me,” Brandon said.  “But nah, Pablo won’t be angry.  The thought of his boy fucking Tarzan?  That’ll boost his own ego and he’ll be proud of Tyler.  Where are we going by the way?”

“Oh, up to Grady and Mario’s room.  I still haven’t made their bed yet and they may want to use it again.  You know how they fuck like rabbits all the time.  You can give me a hand.”

They went up in the elevator and wheeled themselves down the long corridor to the master suite.  Brian knocked on the door and they went in.  They heard the sound of running water and laughter coming from the bathroom and set about tidying up the room, folding clothes and throwing some in the laundry hamper.  Then they set about making the bed.

“So much easier with two,” Brian said as they worked skillfully, one on each side.  Brian had learned many of the skills Brandon had developed over the years and the wheelchairs in no way inhibited them from performing their tasks.  “Just as any other guy can” was Brandon’s mantra. 

They had just finished when the water stopped and they heard the shower door open.  There came the sound of renewed laughter and Brian and Brandon scrambled to leave before the men came out of the bathroom.  But just as they got to the door … “Hey, hold it you two … or freeze as Mark would say.” 

At the sound of Grady’s voice they skidded to a halt, turned and faced the stunning sight of the two naked men – the handsome Italian Mario toweling his dark curly hair and Grady, his muscular body still gleaming wet, arms folded across his chest, a stern look on his face.

“Hey, Mario, looks like we caught these two in the act.  Not the first time someone’s stolen my underwear for sale on eBay.”

“Oh, sir, we weren’t stealing your clothes,” Brian pleaded wide-eyed.  “We were just tidying …”

Grady cut him off with a burst of laughter.  “Kiddo, you should never believe what I say – I’m usually kidding.  So what d’you think, Mario?  Should we let them go?”

“Hmm, è difficile.  Maybe they just wandered in here looking for a place to make love.”

“Oh no, sir,” Brian said, still half believing they were serious. “I have my own room down the hall if … but we don’t … I mean, Brandon and me, we’re buddies.  We don’t … like … make love.”

Grady’s jaw dropped in mock astonishment.  “You don’t?  You don’t make love?  Mario, have you ever heard anything so crazy … two young lovers who don’t make love?   Whatever happened to Love’s Young Dream?”

Brandon came to Brian’s rescue.  “But sir, we’re not lovers.  We’re just best buddies is all.”

“What … not even fuck buddies?”

Brandon blushed.  “Well, sir, when I sleep over in Brian’s room here we sometimes … like … you know … suck each off before we go to sleep.”

Mario smiled.  “Oh, bambino, that does not sound very romantic.”

“Well it’s not.  It’s just a blow job – two blow jobs actually.”

“How very disappointing,” Mario said.  “We always assumed you were lovers.  You go so well together.”

“Why, sir?” Brandon said abruptly, suddenly defensive.  “Because we’re both in wheelchairs?”

Now it was Mario’s turn to blush with embarrassment.  “Oh, caro, I didn’t mean that at all.  Oh please don’t think I … I mean I never even see the wheelchairs anymore, I never even think …”

“Amico,” Grady said gently, “I’d quit while you’re ahead.”

Brandon said, “We should go down and see if Danny needs help with dinner.  Come on Brian.”

They left quickly and Mario put his hands to his head as he turned to Grady.  “Oh Grady, what have I done?  I opened my mouth and …come si dice? … put my fist in it.”

“Foot … put your foot in it.  Except you didn’t.”  Grady stroked his cheek.  “You said nothing wrong, amico.  You only said they go well together, which they do – and it has nothing to do with wheelchairs.  That was Brandon’s insecurity – though I never thought he had any.”  Grady stroked his chin and frowned.   “What struck me is that they took it all so seriously.  If they are just good buddies they would have laughed it off, wouldn’t they?”

D’accordo.  I suspect – how do you say – that there is more to this than meets the eye?   Did I get that right?”

“Yeah, the right body part this time, dude … perfect … you are absolutely perfect, amore.”


Nothing was said between Brian and Brandon as they went down to the kitchen, but there was a certain tension between them that neither could explain.  Upstairs in the master suite Grady picked up his script and Mario ran lines with him for his upcoming scenes on the movie.  They were already several weeks into filming the sequel to the highly successful Tarzan movie.

“You know,” Grady said, “Brian usually runs lines with me like this.  I hope we haven’t put the kibosh on that.  I love that kid to death, you know that, Mario, and I would hate it if he resented me for any reason.”

“Amico, I don’t think this has anything to do with us.  It has everything to do with the boys and the feelings they have for each other.”

“Or don’t have,” Grady said with a sigh.

“Grady,” Mario said.  “Let’s be honest with ourselves.  The fact that we love Brian so much – do you think it has something to do with his being in a wheelchair?”

“Wow,” Grady frowned.  “At first maybe.  Yeah sure, that had to be a factor.  I mean, he was so brave and so sweet.  But as we grew to know him and love him I think we forgot about the wheelchair – didn’t even see it, like you said.  But you know, if we are having this conversation, don’t you think Brian has it with himself?  He puts a brave front on it, but it must always be in the back of his mind.”

Mario agreed.  “And that’s why Brandon flared up the way he did, thinking we only saw them as lovers because they are both in wheelchairs.”

“Mario, it’s something I go through all the time – wondering if people like me, even love me, only because I’m rich and famous.  I always think it’s Tarzan they love, not me.  So, in the same way, maybe the boys think people are kind and loving with them only because they’re sorry for them and their handicap.”

Mario put his arm round Grady.  “Well at least you know I love you and not Tarzan.  I lost sight of Tarzan a long time ago, just as we lost sight of Brian’s wheelchair.   Oh, Grady, life can be so complicated.”

“Love too … especially love.”

“Yes – I just wish people could learn to trust in love when they find it.”

Just as they got back to the script there came a soft knock on the door and Brian opened it a crack.  “Are you busy, sirs?”

“Never too busy to see you, kiddo.  Come on in, we were just running lines – and that’s usually your job.  Where’s Brandon?”

“He’s gone home to see Pete off.  Pete has to go to San Diego for the night.  Seems the Forest Service and the Sand Diego Fire Department are having night-time exercises on fighting brush fires.  It’s fire season and they have a lot of fires down there.”

“So, er, Brandon will be sleeping alone in the bungalow?” Mario asked.

Brian blushed slightly.  “Well, no sir.  He’ll be coming back here for dinner and, as he’ll be here again tomorrow for the party it makes sense for him to spend the night here … in my room.”

“You being best buddies and all,” Grady grinned mischievously.

“Yes, sir.  Well, see, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about, sir.  If you have time.”

Grady tossed the script across the room and smiled, “All the time in the world, kiddo. Fire away.”

“Sir, first of all, I’m sorry Brandon reacted the way he did, and he’s sorry too.  See, I know you love me, sir, and it’s not because I’m in a wheelchair.”

“Good, Brian,” Mario smiled.  “At least you got that part right.  But what about you and Brandon?  Do you think that both of you using wheelchairs is an impediment in your relationship?”

Brian frowned.   “I … I’m not sure, sir.  I don’t see how it could.  I mean we’re real good friends.”

Grady reached out and held Brian’s hands.  “Kiddo, I think what Mario is talking about is taking it to the next level.”  He smiled.  “You know me, Brian, I’ve got no finesse, I’m just old blunt Grady.  So tell me – are you in love with Brandon?”

Brian looked up at Grady’s smiling eyes.  He frowned, his face crumpled and tears began running down his cheeks.  Grady wrapped his arms around him and said quietly, “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ kiddo.”

“Sir,” Brian said through his tears, “I don’t really know what ‘in love’ means.  Is it different from loving someone?   I mean, I love you and Mario and I love Eddie, but … but it’s different with Brandon.  I think of him all the time and want him here, and when he comes into a room it’s like all the lights just went on and I feel like rushing up to him and kissing him.”

Mario smiled, “Oh, bambino, men have tried to define love and being in love since the world began, but I think you just nailed it.  So why don’t you rush up to him and kiss him?”

“That’s just the point, sir – it’s too late for that.  We’ve been best buddies for so long that it’s too late to be lovers.  Like, when we suck each other off it’s just to get our rocks off.  And when it’s over I think we’ve even said we love each other.  But … it’s … it’s more than that with me.”

He clung to Grady like a boy clutching a lifebelt and the tears flowed faster.   “Have you ever told Brandon that?” Grady asked.

“Oh no, sir, I couldn’t do that.  You know those movies about a boy and a girl who’ve been friends for years, and one day, when the girl tells the boy she’s in love with him, the whole friendship is ruined.  That’s what would happen to Brandon and me.”

Mario frowned.  “But Brian, what if Brandon is thinking the same thing?  I mean, just for the sake of argument, what if Brandon was in love with you but had the same fear as you have and would never dare tell you, afraid of ruining your friendship?  It’s just possible, you know.”

“Oh no, sir.  I don’t think it’s possible at all.  Brandon likes me, loves me as a good buddy, but he’s not in love with me.  And he’s so independent he would hate it if people started calling us the wheelchair boys.  Besides, he’s got Pete.”

“But love between a man and a boy is different from two boys.  Look at Pablo and Darius.  They both have their men – Randy and Zack – but Pablo and Darius are in love with each other – have been for years.”

Brian’s brow furrowed in confusion, but just then the heard the gate buzzer sound in the distance.  “It’s OK, sir, Danny’s on gate duty.”  Brian broke away from Grady and wheeled himself to the window where he watched the gates swing open.  “Oh, it’s Brandon coming back – and Pablo too.  They must have arrived at the same time.  I gotta go.”

Mario grabbed his hand.  “Brian, let’s keep this conversation between us.  Maybe later we’ll have a quiet word with Brandon and sound him out.  Or I will, very carefully.  As ‘old blunt Grady’ says, he has no finesse.  Just leave it with us.  Now come here and let me dry your tears.  Can’t let the other boys see you’ve been crying.  That too is just between us, eh?”


“Hey, kiddo,” Brandon said to Brian when he wheeled up.  If he noticed any difference in Brian it was only a fleeting impression.  But Brian did feel different, though he hid it well.  Having finally told his secret to Grady and Mario he felt free to believe it himself – that he really was ‘in love’ with Brandon.  He had buried his true feelings deep but now the truth was out, at least to himself, and he saw Brandon in a bright new light.

Fortunately he did not have time to dwell on it as all the attention focused on Pablo and Tyler, who had been with his pal Eddie waiting breathlessly for the hunky mechanic, his master.   

After leaving work Pablo had stopped off at home to shower and change into clean jeans and black T-shirt.  It was not only Danny’s suggestion that made him wear a shirt.  Whenever he came to the opulent home of the movie star and his Italian lover he felt he should dress up for the occasion – and jeans and a clean T-shirt were Pablo’s version of dressing up.  He was just like Randy in that respect, as he was in most things.

He spread his arms, smiled broadly and said, “Come here, boy.”  Tyler ran forward into a tight hug and Pablo said, “Hey kid, there’s a rumor on the grapevine that my boy fucked Tarzan.”

“He sure did, sir,” Eddie answered for Tyler.  “And we saw it all – from a distance but, wow, it was an amazing fuck.  You should have been here to see how …”

Pablo grinned, “Eddie, I wanna hear all about it from my boy.  You OK with that, dude?”

“Absolutely, man,” Eddie said, zipping his lips with his fingertips in the gesture familiar to all.  He stood back and watched as Pablo released his hug and put his arm round Tyler’s shoulder.

“OK, kid, show me where this ‘amazing’ fuck took place.”  Under the eager gaze of Danny, Eddie, Brandon and Brian, Pablo and his boy made their way to the tree that had been the central prop in the Tarzan fantasy.  “This the place?   So tell me all about it.”

“Well, sir, Grady and me were gardening and he asked if I wanted to fuck him.  He checked with me first that you would be OK with that and I said you would be proud of me.”

“Damn right,” Pablo grinned.

“Anyway, he got naked and lay on his back on the grass, with just a towel over his cock so it looked just like Tarzan in a loin cloth.”

“You mean like this?”  Pablo pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his boots and dropped his jeans.  He sprawled naked on the ground and draped his T-shirt over his crotch.”

“Yes, sir, just like that.  Tyler felt his cock get harder in his shorts as he stared down at the naked mechanic.  “Anyway, sir, Grady’s real big on fantasy and said that, because I kept thinking of him as Tarzan in the movie, that’s what we should do.  He wanted me to be like a jungle boy.  He told me to get naked and climb up that tree.”

“Sounds kinda hot, kid.  So show me.”

“You mean …?   OK.”  Tyler quickly took off his clothes and Pablo smiled up at his boy and laid his hand on the T-shirt spread over his swelling cock. “You’re looking good, kid.  Major turn-on.   Right, do your stuff.”

As he had done for Grady, Tyler easily climbed the tree and looked down at the naked jock who was now stroking his cock.  “Man,” Pablo said, “Grady got it right.  A cute jungle boy in a tree.  So you got hard looking down at Tarzan then jumped out of the tree and fucked him.  I should a’ been there.  But show me how it went, kid.  Show me now.”

Was Pablo telling him to do what he had done to Grady, Tyler wondered?   Did the macho muscle-jock want to get fucked by his boy again?   Only one way to find out.  Tyler swung out on a branch, dropped to the ground and stood staring down at Pablo.  “Beautiful,” Pablo said, then spat on his hand and ran it the length of his rock-hard cock.

Confused about what to do next Tyler said, “Sir, do you want me to fuck you like I did Grady?”

“Not like you did to Grady.  See, kid, I got off work an hour ago and you know how that always makes me – hotter’n a stallion in heat.  So you’re not gonna fuck my ass – you’re gonna fuck my dick.  I wanna feel my boy’s hot ass round it.  Here it is, kid, wet and hard, it’s all yours.” 

Premature ejaculation was always a danger when Tyler was with Pablo, and this was just such a moment.  Suddenly realizing that he was going to get butt-fucked by the man he worshipped almost made him bust his nuts.  But that would anger his master so he took a deep breath to calm himself, then stood astride him.  “Something we ain’t done yet, junior.  You’re gonna love it … and you’re gonna make me love it too.  I think you know what to do.”

Tyler did.  He and Eddie had had long conversations about sex in all its forms and positions.  Eddie, the expert, had a name for all of them.  This one was his “Take a Seat, Sir” technique.  And that’s what Tyler proceeded to do.  Gazing down at Pablo’s handsome Mestizo face and almond-shaped eyes, he bent his knees and lowered himself slowly down in a crouch toward the long hard weapon pointing up at him. 

“Yeah, that’s it, boy,” Pablo groaned.  “Sit on your master’s prick – make him feel good.”  Soon Tyler felt the head of Pablo’s cock ease between his ass cheeks and he paused to take a deep breath.  “Go for it, boy,” Pablo encouraged him, “all the way.”

“Aaaah!” Tyler sighed as he crouched lower and felt his master’s shaft pierce his ass and slide deep inside.

“Damn, you’ve got the sweetest ass, boy,” Pablo moaned.   “You better get on your knees though – makes it easier.”

Tyler moved onto his knees astride Pablo’s waist – and sat back firmly on his cock, feeling Pablo’s balls and pubic hair rub against his ass.  Pablo reached up and twisted his boy’s nipples hard, making Tyler flex and defensively pull up off his cock.  He sat down again right away … and so began his fuck of his master’s cock, riding it like he was riding a horse, or at least Pablo’s hunk of horsemeat. 

Pablo worked the boy’s nipples harder and Tyler instinctively reached down and gave Pablo’s tits the same treatment.  “That’s it, boy” Pablo grinned … “a master/boy trial of strength while you ride his cock.  Let’s see what you can take, kid.”

The pain in his tits was new, radiating all over his chest, and as Tyler flexed his pecs to withstand it his ass flexed too, clenching round the thick rod spearing him.   The pain soon dissolved in the sensual intimacy they shared and Pablo grinned, “That’s it, kiddo, it’s just you and me.   Fuck, you’re good at that.  That’s it stud, ride that cock, torture those tits.  You against me … let’s see who submits first.”

It was no contest, of course, as Pablo had been trained by Randy to withstand the worst pain, and soon Tyler was saying, “Sir, I don’t think I can … it hurts too much … aaah … I give up, sir … please, I submit.”

Instantly Pablo released his boy’s nipples, making him gasp as he gave them a last brush with his wet thumbs.  “Does your ass hurt too?  You want me to pull my dick out?”

“No sir, no, please, I love it … I love feeling your dick in my ass … I think about it all day.”

“That’s my boy.  Come here.”  Pablo wrapped his hand round the back of the boy’s neck and pulled his face down until their mouths locked in a grinding kiss.  And still Tyler rose and fell over Pablo’s cock, his body alive with the ecstasy of his master’s rod inside him and the taste of his mouth clamped over his.

As they exhaled and inhaled deeply they shared the same breath for a while until finally Pablo pulled away and said, “There’s another way I can make you submit, boy.  Grab your cock.”  Tyler obeyed, stroking his own cock slowly, holding back his straining orgasm.

“OK, kid,” Pablo chuckled, “stand by for the big finish.  This is where your master takes control.”

Pablo reached up and clamped his hands round Tyler’s waist. He lifted him up, sliding his ass almost all the way off is cock.  Then he started to fuck him.   Bending his legs, his feet planted on the ground, Pablo raised his hips and plunged his dick in the boy’s ass … again and again.  Tyler was ecstatic, held helpless in the air while the naked mechanic fucked him from beneath.

Swept up on a wave of euphoria Tyler jerked his own cock faster and faster while the muscle-jock pistoned deeper and deeper in his ass.  He looked down at Pablo grimacing with effort, every muscle flexed as he held the boy aloft and pounded his ass.  They both knew Tyler was lost and he shouted, “Sir, please let me cum … I gotta cum … please, I give up … I submit, sir.”

“OK, boy, do it.  Shoot a load over my chest and face … let me drink it, kid.   Aaagh …”  He yelled as the boy shot a stream of jizz over his abs and chest, then another that reached his face and open mouth. “Damn that tastes good.  Your ass feels great too, boy.  I’m gonna cum inside you … here it comes … fuck … fuck, I’m cumming … yeaahh!”   With one last upward thrust Pablo’s cock exploded in the burning depths of his ass.  

Pablo lowered his butt down to the ground and Tyler sat heavily on his cock, sending the last spurts of jizz splashing down on his master.  They paused to regain their breath, then Pablo lifted Tyler off his cock, took him in his arms and they rolled over and over in the grass.

From across the garden cheers rose from the four boys who had watched the show.  In his excitement Brandon reached over to Brian sitting beside him and squeezed his hand on the arm of the wheelchair.  “Some show, eh dude?” he grinned.  “Even better ‘cos I got to share it with my best buddy.  He squeezed Brian’s hand again, then pulled away and boisterously applauded Pablo and Tyler, now standing in triumph. 

The words stuck in Brian’s mind … “best buddy”.  That’s what they were – good buddies watching a show, that’s all.   He sighed and swallowed hard to stop tears coming to his eyes.


Upstairs Grady and Mario had watched the show from their bedroom window.  “Wow,” Grady said, “Pablo’s already trained his boy well.  He’s molded the shy kid into quite the young buck.”

“Now don’t go getting any more ideas, amico.  You already got your ass fucked by Tyler today, so basta, amore.  Besides, we should be thinking about what we can do for Brian.  Povero ragazzo, he was so sad when he left here and I hate that.”

“Yeah, me too – he’s such a sweet kid.  But I’m not sure what we can do.  I mean, we now know that Brian is in love with his buddy but we have no idea how Brandon really feels about him.  Maybe we should just call him in here and ask him.”

“No, amore, we have to be more subtle than that.  As I said before you are not good at finessing situations.  You’re impetuous, never learned how to tiptoe round a subject.”   Just then the phone rang and Mario punched a button to put it on speaker.

“Hi, sir, this is Brandon.  Bob gave me a draft agenda for tomorrow’s business meeting and asked me to show it to you for your approval, and fix the time”

Eccellente, amico.   Let’s get that out of the way before dinner.  Could you come up here and see us right now?”

Mario turned the phone off and said, “Perfect timing.  Now please leave this to me, Grady, because …”

“… I know, I know, because I’m just a big ol’ jungle man who don’t know how to tiptoe.”

Mario feigned surprise.  “Amico, surely you know the old saying: ‘Man who swings in trees has no need to walk on toes’.”

Grady laughed, “You are one crazy dude, you know that?   He leaned over and kissed him.  “Ti adoro, Mario.   You wanna fuck?”

“Grady, stop.  What would Brandon think if he came in and we were making love?”

“He’d sit there and jerk off, and then get on with the meeting.  Nothing he ain’t seen before.”

There was a knock on the door, and Mario whispered, “Now behave yourself jungle man.   Come in Brandon.”

Brandon wheeled himself in and got an instant erection looking at the gorgeous couple sitting on the bed, both wearing boxer shorts, Mario in a blue T-shirt, Grady in his usual loose tank top.  Mario smiled, “We don’t see enough of your smiling face around here, Brandon.  Come here and sit between us.  How are you?”

“Very well, thank you, sir.”  Brandon skillfully eased himself out of his wheelchair and onto the side of the bed between them.  He held out a sheet of paper.  “Here are Bob’s notes on his suggested agenda for the meeting he asked me to show you, sir, for your approval.

Mario read it carefully and nodded.  “Si, si, it seems to cover everything.  What do you think, Grady?   He reached across Brandon and showed the agenda to Grady who gave it a cursory glance. “Yeah, yeah … looks great, perfect.”  Mario and Brandon shared a smile, both knowing that Grady had not understood a word.  He had no interest in money … just earned it, lots of it.”

“And Bob was thinking around ten a.m., before brunch here?” Brandon said.

Grady frowned and Mario said, “Hm, maybe eleven would be better.  Grady likes to sleep in late on his days off.”

Grady protested, “Don’t give the guy the idea that I’m lazy and sleep a lot.  Brandon, I assure you we are doing something a lot more energetic than sleeping and … and sometimes it takes a while,” he grinned.  “The days I get up early for work it’s a quick slam, bam, jungle man, so on my days off we … we take our time.”

Brandon laughed, “I know just what you mean, sir.”

Mario saw an opening and took it.   “I bet you do.  ‘Course, you’ll already be here tomorrow morning as I understand Pete is away so you’ll be spending the night up here – with Brian?”

“That’s right, sir.”  He saw Mario and Grady exchange glances and said hastily, “Not that we … I mean, we’ll be up early, always are.  I mean we don’t …”

“No, no, I wasn’t suggesting that you two… I mean, you made it clear when I put my foot in my mouth earlier that you and Brian are just good buddies, that’s all.”

“Yes, sir … and I want to apologize if I spoke sharply to you then.  It’s just that I hate it if guys think of us as the two boys in the wheelchairs.  It would be even worse if they called us the ‘wheelchair lovers’.”

“Yes, I understand of course,” Mario said, picking his words carefully.  “But, er, you seem to use that word a lot when we talk about your friendship with Brian.  Any other time you never mention your wheelchair.  You, like everyone else here, forgets all about it.”

“Oh sure, sir, I’m way past that.  It’s just that when people see Brian and me together it’s the wheelchair connection they think about, so we try to avoid that.”

Mario smiled warmly.  “Yes, of course.  Except I remember soon after we first met that you said you don’t give a damn what other people think.  You never let other people’s prejudices or opinions stop you from doing anything.”

“And I still don’t, sir.  Definitely not.  It’s just that with Brian …”  He winced.  “Sir, do you mind if we don’t talk about this anymore?”

“Of course, of course.  I’ve been putting my foot in my big mouth again.  Grady says I do that a lot.  I’m sorry, Brandon.  So anyway, the meeting is set for noon, and if you would tell Bob …”

“Besides,” Brandon said, “there’s no point talking about it ‘cos Brian’s not in love with me so none of it makes any difference anyway.”

“Oh.  So you and Brian have discussed it, then.”

“No, sir.  Like I said, there’s no point.”

“Well, there would be if you were in love with Brian.  But as you’re not …”

“I never said that, sir.  I never said I’m not in love with Brian.  But don’t you see, I have to protect him.  He’s more vulnerable than I am.  If we suddenly came out to everyone as lovers, that whole double wheelchair thing would come up and he could feel real hurt.  It could set him right back to the way he used to be.  So that’s why I said I don’t wanna talk about it.”

There was a long, uncomfortable silence as Mario looked helplessly at Grady.  Brandon folded up the paper preparing to leave when Grady cleared his throat and Brandon turned to him. 

“Kiddo,” Grady said, “I think you know that I love Brian as if he were my own son, and I hate to see him unhappy.  And he is unhappy.  I know you don’t want to talk about it anymore and I respect that, but I would like to tell you a story about two other guys.

“One was just becoming a big movie star, with lots and lots of attention, and the other was this gorgeous, beautiful man who always stayed in the background.  Me and Mario, of course. Once, at a publicity event, I even heard a fan ask Mario, ‘Who are you, are you anyone?’ and he said, ‘No, not really’. 

“Not really!  He was my lover, I was crazy in love with him, and he said ‘not really’.”

“I’m talking about the time when the big differences in our lives became a problem.  We couldn’t tell the world we were in love, and worrying what other people would say became a big impediment and we let it come between us.  We spent a lot of time apart and were stupid enough to fool around with other guys – out of resentment, jealousy – I don’t know, something like that.  And we split up.

“Brandon, I have never been so unhappy in my life … I used to cry myself to sleep.  I would have given it all up – the fame, the money – all of it just to hold Mario in my arms again.   He decided to go back to Italy but I tricked him by getting a ticket on the same plane and we went on a trip to his home in Tuscany.  We were real obstinate at first, bearing our grudges. 

“But here’s the deal, Brandon.  We were still in love.  We were in love with each other, and that’s something you can’t bury for long.  We couldn’t, and didn’t.  We got back together, stronger than ever, and said fuck the world, fuck the differences, we would build our own private paradise, which is what we have here.  But you know, I still regret the time we wasted during those weeks apart, time we could have spent loving each other.

“All I’m saying, kiddo, is that when two people are in love with each other it’s the most important thing in the world and they should let nothing stand in the way. Don’t waste time. Real love don’t come along too often in life, Brandon, but when it does you have to grab it and hold on tight.  All the rest is bullshit.  If you remember just one thing remember that – ‘All the rest is bullshit’.”

Grady grinned and blushed a little.  “Not the most elegant way to end a speech but hey, what do I know?  I’m just a big ol’ jungle man who swings from the trees and don’t know how to tiptoe.”

Brandon had tears in his eyes and he hugged Grady tight.  “Thank you, sir.”  He turned and hugged Mario.  “I love you, sir.”  He swung off the bed and into his wheelchair.  “I gotta go, sirs.  Brian and Danny will need help with dinner.”

He left quickly and Mario smiled at Grady. “For a tiptoe-challenged tree-swinger that was quite a speech, amico.  Except maybe for the last part,” he grinned. “As you said, not the most elegant.”

“Hey, you’re the one who does elegance, dude.  I’m just me, I call a spade a spade, and bullshit bullshit.”

“And I wouldn’t have you any other way, amore.  Thank you for saying all that to Brandon.  Now, what were you saying earlier about making love?  Maybe now would be a good time.”

“Thought you’d never ask,” Grady smiled.  “Come here.”


Dinner that evening was a family affair – Grady and Mario, Brian and Danny, the frequent visitors Brandon and Eddie, plus Pablo and Tyler who were treated as the guests of honor.   Mario decided they would have it in the smaller of the two dining rooms, and Tyler enthusiastically joined in helping Danny in the kitchen, then the other boys serving it.

When they were all seated Grady raised his glass and drank a toast to “the hottest collection of young guys it’s our privilege to call friends.  And a special toast to our new friend Tyler.  Pablo, your boy is one hot fuck, as he proved with me.  Dude, anytime you feel like lending him out I’ll be here ready and willing.”

Pablo grinned broadly, knowing that praise for the boy boosted the prestige of the master. “Thanks for the compliment, Grady, but that’s up to my boy.”  He threw his arm over Tyler’s shoulder.  “But I tell you one thing – next time he fucks Tarzan I’m gonna be there to watch.”

Amid the cheers and laughter Grady said, “One other thing.  Mario and I want you all to eat and drink your fill and, as we don’t want anyone driving drunk, you will all spend the night here.  Eddie, I understand Hassan is at the Marine Base tonight.  So when he gets off duty tomorrow we want the hot and horny Marine Captain to come straight up here and get serviced by his boy.  If you’re up for that kiddo.”

“Duh!   Like, what else, dude?   I’ll be ready, naked and on my knees.  Why would tomorrow be any different from every other day, sir?  You see …”  Once Eddie was off and running it was hard to shut him up, but it was fun trying as they all attempted to get a word in edgewise.

Brian and Brandon joined in the fun with the same gusto as the others … except …  Mario, watching them keenly, noticed a slight change in their body language.  They seemed shy about touching each other but exchanged brief glances more often than usual, and Mario thought he detected an extra warmth in Brandon’s gaze and a puzzled shyness in Brian’s.

And when Eddie finally paused for breath, he too noticed a change but couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  As Doctor Steve had once said, “Underneath that stream-of-consciousness chatter Eddie has excellent instincts when it comes to people.”  Brandon and Brian were Eddie’s close friends and he sensed a slight tension in the air. 

And Eddie being Eddie he charged right in.  “Hey dudes, what gives? You two had a fight or something?”

“Why would you say a thing like that, dude?” Brandon said hastily, but his blush gave him away.  After Brandon’s talk with Mario and Grady and he had joined the others, things had been so busy in the kitchen that they barely had time to say much.  But now they were sitting at table opposite each other he felt nervous about letting his feelings show to Brian. 

As for Brian, he was sure Mario and Grady had not told Brandon anything about his own conversation with them, when he had confessed he was in love with Brandon.  It was strictly “just between us,” Mario had said.  So why was Brandon looking at him like that?  Had he done something wrong, said something wrong?  He was glad Eddie had asked the question and glad for Brandon’s denial, but the result was he felt more confused than ever.

Still, it was such a lively group round the dinner table that Brian was able to push his concerns into the background and have fun.  Until the time came for bed.  Grady and Mario called it quits first, giving Brian and Brandon especially warm hugs before they left.  Grady whispered in Brandon’s ear, “Remember, kiddo, don’t waste time on bullshit.”

The boys helped Danny clear the table and tidy the kitchen.  Pablo came in and slurred a little as he said to Danny,  “Good thing Grady invited us to sleep over because I am in no condition to drive – especially as I have precious cargo with me,” he grinned and put his arm round Tyler.  “And Eddie, your soldier won’t be here till tomorrow and we can’t have you sleeping alone.  So why don’t you bunk in with Tyler and me?”  Tyler and Eddie eagerly agreed and Eddie led them up to their room. 

Danny said his lover Tommy was on his way here to spend the night with him so he’d be here in the morning to help plan the big party.  “So goodnight guys,” Danny said to Brian and Brandon.  “At least we don’t have to worry about you two being alone– you always have each other.”

Left alone, Brandon and Brian seemed in no hurry to go upstairs to Brian’s room.  Avoiding eye contact Brian found things to tidy up and fiddle with in the kitchen and Brandon made a show of wiping the countertops.   But soon there were no more jobs left, even as window dressing, and they left the kitchen together. 

They rode up to the second floor in the elevator, sitting silently in their wheelchairs staring straight ahead at the elevator doors.  They were both tense and it seemed an eternity until the doors opened and they wheeled themselves down the long corridor to Brian’s room.

“Er, I’m really tired, dude,” Brian said.  “So no shower for me, straight to bed.”

“Yeah, good idea,” Brandon agreed.  They were both aware that their speech patterns were different from usual – strained, more formal – and that only added to the tense atmosphere.

Brian wheeled his chair away from Brandon, quickly undressed and pulled himself out of his chair and into bed, where he lay on his side facing the edge of the bed.  Just as quickly and silently Brandon did the same and eased himself onto the other side of the bed where he lay on his back staring up at the ceiling.  

“’Night, dude.”   “’Night, Brandon.”   And that was it – no kiss, no sign of affection for fear that it might be taken as a sign of … of what … love?  Or something?  Brian kept his back to Brandon for that reason – plus he was hiding the erection he always had when close to Brandon.

Brandon sensed Brian’s uneasiness, even unhappiness.  Feeling protective, as always, of the less confident boy, Brandon wanted to say something but couldn’t think of the right words.  So he remained silent and, instead of talking, reflected on his conversation with Mario and Grady, and especially what Grady had said. 

Like all the members of the tribe Brandon had been aware of the split between the two men, of their anguished weeks apart.  And the whole tribe knew that, despite their anger, Grady and Mario were both still in love with each other.  Everyone knew – except Grady and Mario.  And suddenly Brandon wondered if it was the same with him and Brian – everyone knew they were in love except them.  It was certainly what Mario and Grady had assumed, even though Brandon denied it, then later denied the denial.

Grady had said that the weeks apart from Mario had been wasted time.  Is that what he was doing now, him and Brian?  Wasting time?  He turned his head on the pillow and looked at Brian’s back, the way his hair curled at the nape of his neck, the way his shoulders hunched – showing that he was not asleep.  Brian sighed a deep sigh, and tears came to Brandon’s eyes.  He looked over at the bedside table and reached out to it.

Brian was trying to sleep but couldn’t.  His mind wouldn’t shut down, so full of thoughts of Brandon and of his own admission to Mario that he was in love with him.  But what use was that?  Why had he even said it?  It made no difference.  He was acutely aware of Brandon’s presence, only inches from his back and wondered what he was thinking.  Perhaps he was asleep, with none of the same thoughts now torturing Brian.

And then he felt Brandon move behind him and … and his arm came over him and rested lightly on his chest.  Brian’s eyes opened wide.  Was it just a movement in his sleep, or …?

His question was answered when he felt something else, something unmistakable pushing between the cheeks of his ass.  He was unaware that Brandon had reached over to the open jar of lube on the night table and lubed his cock – which was now pressing against his ass.

“I love you, dude,” came Brandon’s soft voice.  “I’m in love with you.”  The rod slid gently, slowly into Brian’s ass while Brian held his breath with surprise, confusion … and ultimately joy.  He grabbed the hand Brandon had slung over him, squeezed it and pressed it against his own chest, holding tight for fear it would go away.

The result was that Brandon felt Brian’s heart beating wildly under his hand and he said, “I love you, Brian.  I want to fuck you.”  Holding tight to Brian Brandon was able to move his waist back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of Brian’s tender ass. 

“I love you too, dude,” Brian said. “I told Grady and Mario I did.”

“So we’ve been wasting time, dude.  Let’s make up for it … let’s fuck.”  Brandon found a position and a rhythm that was comfortable and settled into a long, slow, loving fuck.  He pressed against Brian who held his arm tight and moaned, “That feels so good, dude.  I’ve dreamed of this so often.  Fuck me, Brandon.   My dick’s so hard.”

“Don’t cum, kiddo, not yet.  I’m so close.  Let me cum first.  I’m in love with you, Brian.  I can say it now.  It’s gonna make me cum … here it is, buddy … I’m gonna cum … yeah …”  Brian’s body tensed and Brandon kissed the back of his neck as his cock poured jizz into his lover’s ass.

When it had drained Brandon pulled out and they quickly reversed positions.  They both turned over so Brian was hugging Brandon from behind, his arm draped over his chest.  Brandon wiped his own greasy cock, reached behind him and lubed Brian’s, then guided it to his ass.  He squeezed Brian’s hand and pressed it against his chest as Brian had done.  “Feel my heart beating, dude.  That’s for you.  Tell me again that you love me, kiddo, while you fuck me.”

It happened quickly.  Using the same movement as Brandon, Brian eased his waist forward and back and as he fucked his lover he repeated over and over the words he had buried for so long.  “I love you, dude.  I’m in love with you.  I love you … I love you … I love you … aaah.”   He anointed his lover’s ass with the proof of his love, a stream of juice that he seemed to have been saving up for a long, long time.


A few minutes later they lay in each other’s arms, with Brian’s head on Brandon’s chest.  Having been cowed into silence all evening they now talked non-stop, mostly about their conversations with Mario and Grady.  “Those guys are so cool,” Brian said.  “Grady came right out and asked if I was in love with you and I burst into tears, which they took as a yes.  Did they tell you?”

Brandon chuckled, “Not in so many words but Mario is real clever and made it pretty clear. Grady made me see how dumb I’d been worrying that guys would call us the wheelchair lovers.”

“I don’t care if they do,” Brian laughed, “as long as they call us lovers.  I can’t wait to tell them.”

Brandon kissed him.  “I don’t wanna rain on your parade, kid, but I think they already know.  We’re the only two who didn’t.  At least we didn’t admit it, even to ourselves.”

“Now that we have,” Brian said, “it’ll be so much fun working the party tomorrow – as lovers I mean.   It’ll be a big crowd, most of the tribe – Randy, Bob, Mark, Pete and the boys.”

“Yeah and Ben’s bringing Jason.  That hot fireman don’t show up here too often.   Hassan too and the Aussies.  And Zack, Darius and Miguel – Mario calls them the leathermen.   So much talent – hell, they could put on a show.”

Brian laughed.  “Knowing those guys they probably will.  You know most of them like to flaunt it, they’re all exhibitionists in their way.  Especially Jason.  But I don’t care, ‘cos I’ve got you now.”

“Yes you do, kiddo.  And don’t it feel great?  Just goes to prove what I always say – guys in wheelchairs can do everything the other guys can.   Even fall in love.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 388

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