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Characters featured in this chapter are:

PeteHassanBrandonEddieKyle & KevinBob

And introducing the twins’ new boy William


Ranger Pete and Marine Captain Hassan, horny new neighbors, are serviced by their boys in a wildly erotic welcome to the neighborhood.  Then the twins hire a new boy as their kitchen assistant.  The boy loves working in the kitchen but, naïve and repressed, he is shocked seeing the twins make love – and by his own arousal.  “Get away, don’t touch me.  My dad used to tell me guys like you try to recruit guys like me.”    


In the previous chapter

The tribe was undergoing major changes regarding where they all lived.  It had been decided to consolidate most of the tribe’s various residences into the sprawling main compound plus a couple of adjoining houses. 

The changes meant that several members of the clan were to move house.  The tribe’s leaders, Bob and his lover Randy, anticipated that there might be some ruffled feathers and ego clashes as the men staked out their new territory.  Bob had planned everything carefully to avoid anything like a macho pissing contest, but with this group you never knew.

Bob was especially concerned about the Marine captain Hassan.  He and his boy Eddie were to share a remodeled duplex with the forest ranger Pete and his boy Brandon right across the street from the tribe’s compound.  Each couple would have its own large private apartment, but Bob said to Randy, “I hope Hassan won’t have a problem adjusting to life so close to Pete and Brandon.  He’s a stoic Marine and has kept himself to himself tucked away in Steve’s little guest house in the hills all these years.”

Bob’s fears were prescient.  There was trouble almost immediately when Hassan went to inspect the new house and was rattled by all the construction noise and so many people.  Backing away from it all he collided with Brandon in his wheelchair and took out his anger on the boy.  That naturally incurred the rage of Ranger Pete which resulted in the inevitable fight when Pete caught up with Hassan at the house of the tribe’s therapist, Doctor Steve.

Steve said to his lover Lloyd, “There’s more to this than just a fight over a kid in a wheelchair.  I’ve seen turf wars erupt in the tribe like this before.  It’s almost inevitable in a group of dominant alpha males like this – a primal urge to protect their territory.  And this is a big shift in territory.”

But Pete’s boy Brandon was a gutsy kid who hated seeing the two men fight over him so he intervened, but got knocked out of his wheelchair, an alarming event that jolted the men back to sanity and ended the fight.  The conflict had, paradoxically, brought the men closer together in a newfound bond of mutual respect and admiration. 

Guilty for the part he had played in all this Hassan surrendered his ass to Pete, and later made amends to Brandon.  As Brandon gently tended to Hassan’s wounds from the fight an affection grew between them.  Brandon offered his own ass to the solider who made love to the boy. 

That brought the conflict to an end, and when they joined the others out by the pool Brandon announced to Pete. “Sir, I have a confession.  Hassan fucked my ass – and I loved it.”

“Well I should hope so,” Pete laughed, “’cos there’s gonna be a lot more where that came from now we’re all living next door to each other.”  

Pete shook Hassan’s hand, smiling. “You owe me one soldier.  Now you gotta loan out your boy to me.  I hear he can drive a man wild sucking his dick.  Best little cock sucker in town, I’m told.”

“Best in the west, sir,” Eddie shouted. 

Steve telephoned Bob to make sure the new duplex was ready to be lived in, and Bob reassured him that the two men and their boys could move in right away.

Bob had taken the call in his new house where he and his boys, the identical twins Kyle and Kevin, were planning menus in their capacity as the tribe’s chefs. 

“Well, seems like another crisis is over, guys and everything’s falling into place.  The guys have all moved into their new homes, and it looks like Pete, Hassan and their boys will be sleeping in their duplex tonight.  All this reorganization is a really big deal, and you know what that means?”

The twins smiled at each other and said together. “A party?”

“Well, you know the tribe has to celebrate a big event like this.  But guys, I’m real worried about all the extra work for you.  A gathering of the clan will be big this time.  And now that more of the tribe is living here or across the street, there will be even more guys to feed each day.  Boys, you have to hire an assistant, at least part-time.”

Kyle and Kevin exchanged conspiratorial looks.  “We’re way ahead of you, sir,” Kyle said.  “Actually,” Kevin continued, “we already have someone in mind.  At the grocery store there’s a young kid who works in the produce section – a cute young redhead, just turned eighteen.”

Kyle took over.  “He talks to us a lot, not only about produce but everything associated with food and cuisine, and he has some really good ideas.  His problem is he only works there part time and he’s looking for additional part-time work.  We have a feeling he might be the one.”

“Great.  But, er, you don’t think he’d be kind of overwhelmed by working here surrounded by a bunch of guys.  Things can get pretty raunchy around here, as you know.”

“We thought of that, sir, and we’re not sure,” Kevin said.  “The boy is certainly wet behind the ears, seems to have not much of a life and never mentions a sex life.  But he’s easy-going with us and seems curious about a lot of things.  We wouldn’t push him into anything, of course, and we’d have to feel our way.  But we would like to give it a try.”

“Well, I trust you guys’ instincts, always have.  Tell you what.  Why don’t you hire him first for the big party, let him get his feet wet there, see how he does.  Or do you think that would be throwing him in at the deep end?

“Well, sir,” Kyle laughed, “we all pretty much jumped in at the deep end.  And we didn’t drown.”

“Let’s give it a go then, kids,” Bob smiled.  “Something new for you – a boy of your own.  Should be interesting.”

*******************   CHAPTER 419  ********************

Hassan and Pete had never socialized much and had never formed a real friendship outside of the tribe’s communal events where their communication was limited to an amiable, “Hey, dude.” 

But all that changed when the fierce Marine captain and rugged Ranger fought their turf battle.  As Doctor Steve had put it, they were “like two proud stags butting heads to prove their supremacy before sharing territory.”  

The fight could have driven a wedge between the men forever, but the reverse had happened.  The equally matched alpha males, in testing each other’s strength, had formed an unexpected intimacy, united in a virile bond of mutual respect and admiration.  It culminated in Hassan’s offering his ass to Pete as an act of atonement for his past aggression, and later went even further when Hassan had made love to Pete’s boy, with Pete’s tacit approval.

In conversation afterwards the solider and the ranger discovered they had much in common, not the least being the boys they loved and protected – Hassan’s Eddie and Pete’s Brandon. 

The boys, of course, were over the moon.  They had been best friends ever since the day when Eddie had seen Brandon struggling to wheel himself and his grocery bags up the hill to his little apartment.  Eddie’s cheery “hey dude, need any help” began a friendship that had grown stronger over the years, and they were thrilled that they would now be living close together, “back to back in the duplex, dude” as Eddie put it.

Now that it seemed the foursome were on a steady course to be friendly neighbors, Steve and Lloyd invited them to join them for dinner before going down to spend their first night in their new home.  It was a cheerful group that gathered in the warm evening round the poolside table.  Steve kept an expert eye on the group’s interactions to detect any hairline cracks in the fabric of friendship, but found none.  He mentally marked the issue ‘case closed’.

Later he pulled Hassan aside and said, “Hassan, Lloyd and I have no intention of re-letting the guesthouse here.  As far as we are concerned it will still be yours if you find you need time away by yourself.  Think of it as an escape hatch if you ever need one.”

The evening ended with effusive thanks to Steve and Lloyd, Steve’s praise of Brandon and Eddie and his admonition to them to “be good boys”.  Eddie grinned cheekily, “All depends what you mean by ‘good’, doc.”

Steve chuckled, “Get out of here, punk, and take care of that soldier of yours.”


The two men and their boys had driven up here separately in various states of frustration, rage and fear, but now they drove back down the hill in a convoy of three vehicles in high spirits, eager to be in their new home.

In their absence Bob had worked with the tribe’s house manager Nate and several other boys to bring some semblance of order to the duplex’s adjoining apartments – rearranging furniture, making the beds, stocking the fridge and, especially, the drinks cabinet.  Bob had received a full report of the group’s reconciliation and wanted to ensure that the harmony was reinforced by a warm and welcoming new home.

He came across the street to greet them when he heard the convoy arrive and was enveloped in hugs.  “Thanks for doing all this, Bob,” Hassan said.  “In fact, thanks for everything, Bob,” Pete added.  “It’s good to know that when bad things happen you and the tribe have our backs.”

“I’m just glad everything worked out so well,” Bob smiled.  “And now I’m sure you guys want to be alone in your new home – or homes, I should say.”   He left and the couples went in to check out their respective apartments.  Randy had, as usual, done a splendid job remodeling and refinishing the building and Eddie ran around wide eyed in the spacious new home. 

“It’s so much bigger than Steve’s little guesthouse.  And there are three bedrooms so I could have a room of my own to veg in if you want to be alone.  I know sometimes I get on your nerves, sir, by talking too much, but like I always say …”

Hassan cut him off.  “There’s always one sure way to stop you talking, kid.”  He pulled him toward him and kissed him hard.  When they finally separated Eddie had stars in his eyes.  “Wow, our first kiss in the new house, sir.  You want me to suck your cock now?”

That might have been a yes except that there was a gentle knock at the door and Brandon wheeled in.   “Sir,” he announced formally, “Pete and I would like to invite you next door for a nightcap if you’re not too tired.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Hassan said, “eh, Eddie?”   An eager Eddie bounded up to Brandon.  “Come on, dude, I’ll give you a hand with the drinks.”  Next door Pete gave a short tour to Hassan who said, “God, Randy sure knows his stuff.  This place is great.  No wonder he has customers lining up with business for his construction company.”

They were in the master bedroom and Eddie and Brandon came in.   Eddie carried a tray of munchies, and the tray-table of Brandon’s wheelchair bore a bottle of brandy and glasses.  Hassan asked, “How’s this place working for you, Brandon?”

“It’s perfect, sir.  Randy made sure the whole building is wheelchair accessible.  That even meant widening a few doors and I heard that he didn’t want me to know that – thought it might upset me.  Hell, I long ago stopped getting upset by stuff like that.  You know, sir, Randy has a reputation for being tough and throwing his fists around, but to me he’s one of the kindest, most generous men I know.  I love him.”

“I think he’s mighty fond of you too, kiddo,” Pete said.  “I gotta be careful he don’t steal you away from me.  Hey guys, I’m kinda bushed so let’s get comfortable and hang out here in the bedroom, eh?”   

Pete yawned, stretched and pulled off his T-shirt.  He kicked off his boots, dropped his ranger uniform pants and flung himself on the bed in just his boxer shorts, sitting propped up against the headboard.  “What d’ya say, guys, brandy in bed to celebrate?”

“Right there with you, Ranger,” Hassan grinned.  Following Pete’s lead he stripped down to his khaki boxers and fell on the king-size bed, sitting up beside Pete.  “So, let’s check out the room service in this joint, eh buddy?”

Eddie and Brandon took their cue, poured the brandy and set glasses on each of the bedside tables, along with an assortment of appetizers.  Then they went to the foot of the bed and Eddie sat in a chair beside Brandon.  “If there’s anything else you need, sirs …” Brandon said – “anything at all,” Eddie added – then both together, “you have only to ask, sirs.”

The men clinked their brandy glasses together.  “To friendship,” Hassan said.  “To good neighbors,” Pete replied, and they drank.  “Damn this is good stuff,” Hassan said.  “But what you’re supposed to do is swill it around in your mouth before you swallow.  Let me show you.”
Hassan took another mouthful, swirled the liquid in his mouth.  Then he pulled Pete’s face toward him and locked their mouths together.  They shared the brandy between them, swilling it round in their joined mouths, tongues pressing together, before finally swallowing the brandy in one gulp.  They pulled back, the amber liquid running down their chins, and Pete said, “Damn, that was hot.  Again?”  This time he took a mouthful and shared it with the Marine.

Eddie was gripping Brandon’s arm as they stared at the erotic sight of the Marine and the Ranger clamping their mouths together in a warm, brandy flavored kiss.   When they finally swallowed and separated Hassan said, “Man, look what you did to me, buddy.  They looked down at their shorts that had risen up like tents over a pole. 

“You wanna fool around?” Hassan grinned.

Pete sighed wearily.  “Don’t think I got the energy for that, dude.  What I really want is just to lean back here and be serviced till I pop a load.  I seem to recall after you butt-fucked my boy I said you owe me one.  Fair’s fair, now you gotta loan out your boy to me.  Rumor has it he gives a dynamite blow job.”

“Oh man,” Hassan said, “you ain’t lived till that boy works on your cock.  He tells me he learned all the tricks of the trade by giving blowjobs for tips in the back room of Uncle Mike’s leather bar, but I soon put a stop to that when he became my boy.  Anyway, he’s all yours Ranger – but only on a one-time loan, OK?” 

At the foot of the bed Eddie grinned at Brandon with growing excitement.  There was nothing sexier than being bargained over between the soldier and the ranger.

“Only thing is,” Hassan frowned, “I gotta get my rocks off too and I sure ain’t gonna jerk off watching my boy service your dick.  Say, how’s your kid in the dick-suck department?”

“Well, let me put it this way, buddy.  He learned everything he knows from his pal Eddie.  A blow-job from him is a trip to the moon. You wanna take a trip, soldier?”

“Hey, let’s go, man.”

Pete looked at Eddie.  “Kid, I recall you saying if there’s anything else we need, anything at all, we have only to ask.  So you heard what the captain said.  You got your orders.”


Eddie grinned at Brandon.  “Come on dude.  Let’s give them a big cock-sucking welcome to our new digs, eh?”  He stood up, heaved Brandon out of his wheelchair and they fell together on the bed at their masters’ feet.  They scrambled to get into position and ended up on their bellies between the men’s spread legs, faces level with the men’s shorts.

Brandon and Eddie had rehearsed this many times in preparation for just such a moment as this.  They looked up at the soldier and the ranger stripped to their shorts, propped up against the headboard, hands linked behind their heads, the muscles of their near-naked bodies rippling under the ceiling spotlights.

They looked down at the boys and Pete said, “They don’t seem too sure of themselves.  Maybe your boy ain’t as hot as you made out …  Oh, fucking shit …” Pete gasped as Eddie closed his mouth over the bulge in his shorts and breathed warm air through the thin fabric.  He clamped his lips round the bulge and licked the shape of the stiff cock through the shorts.”

Brandon, taking his cue from Eddie, gave the same treatment to Hassan’s huge cock, slathering the khaki shorts with spit.  The faint smell of piss and dried cum on the soldier’s shorts urged Brandon on.

The sensation for the men was erotic frustration, like a cocksucking tease.  They could feel the wet mouths working their cocks … but denying them the full treatment.  “You little fucker,” Pete yelled, “let me feel your tongue, dammit.”

“Aye-aye, sir,” Eddie grinned, saliva running down his chin.  Brandon copied Eddie as he used his teeth to pull the bottom of Pete’s shorts back, exposing just the balls that he licked voraciously.  The men groaned as hot mouths clamped over the balls, lips tight round the scrotum, pulling back, stretching them.

“Aaagh,” Pete moaned and was about to move his hands but Hassan restrained him.   “Wait, man.  Let the kid do his thing.   It’s worth the wait.”

Finally the boys grabbed the waistband of the shorts in their teeth and pulled them down over the cocks that sprang free, already oozing pre-cum.  They gazed at the Holy Grail, their master’s long hard shafts, and worshipped them by licking them all the way up from the damp pubic hair to the head where they ran their tongues lightly over the hard, sensitive corona, making the soldier and the ranger moan again in an exquisite mix of pleasure and pain.

Eddie grinned at Brandon.  “Shall we have mercy on them, dude?”

“Mercy on them?” Brandon said.  “How about mercy on me?  I’m dying to take the captain’s cock all the way down my throat.”

“So let’s do it, kiddo.”

They licked the pre-cum oozing from the tip of the head, drawing it out in sticky gossamer threads, and then opened their mouths and lowered them slowly all the way down the shafts, inch by inch until their faces where pressed in their wiry pubic hair.  They stopped there, never a gag or a choke, before pulling back in unison up to the head.  With pursed lips they massaged the corona at the base of the head in short, sharp movements that drove the men wild.

And that was how the tantalizing scene progressed, the boys working in tandem to please, tease, frustrate and thrill their men.  They sucked, clenched their throat muscles round the shafts, opened their mouths and breathed warm air on them, then pursed their lips and pulled them up and back over the shuddering cocks.

The boys flashed glances at each other as they heard their master’s admiring moans.  “Damn your boy is good,” Pete said.  “You get this every day?”

“Sure,” Hassan grinned.  “When I’m surrounded by those swaggering young Marines I flash on the image of my boy, tougher than any of them, going to work on my schlong.  And when I storm home in a bad mood first thing I do is shove the boy’s face down on my dick.  Nothing like a world-class blowjob to relax a fired-up solider.”  He inhaled sharply.  “Holy fuck, your kid sure learned his stuff from Eddie.  Man, my balls are fit to burst.”

“Me too, captain.  I’m real close to filling his mouth with jizz.”

“That ain’t so easy, dude.  When Eddie sucks dick he’s in charge, he decides when you cum.”

“Bullshit.  OK, kid, bring it home … time for the big finish.”

Eddie pulled off Pete’s cock and said, “I’ll be the judge of that, sir.”

“Fuck you boy.  Eat that dick.”

Pete grabbed Eddie’s head and forced his face down on his cock.  But one thing years of cocksucking had given Eddie was strong neck muscles, which he braced to prevent the Ranger’s cock from reaching the back of his throat. And he kept his mouth wide open, breathing hot air on the cock without touching it.  It was classic climax denial, one of Eddie’s specialties.

“I said eat it, boy.  Make me fucking cum.”

Eddie pulled back and looked up at Pete.  “You heard what the captain said, sir.  I’m in charge here, and what I wanna hear is a big macho stud beg for it – like the captain always does.”

Pete stared at Hassan who shrugged, “It’s true, man – you gotta do it. Your kid ain’t gonna make me shoot in his mouth till you cum in his pal’s.  So for fuck’s sake do it, man.”

By now Eddie was applying the exquisite cock torture he excelled at – edging his victim to the cusp of orgasm, then denying it, until the Ranger was begging for release like a prisoner on the rack.  “OK, boy, I can’t take any more of this.  I gotta bust my nut.  Make me cum, man, my balls are on fire.  You want me to beg?  OK dammit, I’m fucking begging … I gotta cum … please.”

Eddie flashed a triumphant grin at Brandon and they went to town, their heads bobbing up and down side by side as they finished off the soldier and the Ranger in grand style.  It took only seconds before they heard the men howl, felt their muscular bodies shudder … and felt their cocks erupt, flooding their mouths with man-juice in massive simultaneous orgasms.

The boys swallowed hard, gulping down the warm jizz.  When they pulled off the cocks at last they were treated to the amazing sight of the Marine captain and the Ranger kissing. 

A boy always tried to copy his master which Eddie and Brandon did now, rolling on their sides facing each other and stifling their laughter with big sloppy kisses, lubricated by the remains of the bitter-sweet sperm that had so recently swelled their masters balls.

As they passed the warm juice back and forth in their mouths the boys reached down and jerked each other off, with muffled shouts of joy at the first of many triumphs in their new home.


It was it a fitting end to their first day as neighbors, which had started out so inauspiciously with frustration, anger, insults and a knock-down drag-out fight between the Marine and the Ranger.  But now here they were all together, warmed with brandy and bodily fluids, in what had all the makings of a loving union of two men and two boys, a small family within a family.

Hassan made the first move.  “Eddie, you’ve come through again with flying colors along with your buddy.  You and Brandon should form a double act, take your show on the road.”

“Not!” laughed Pete, slapping Brandon’s head lightly as the boys grinned eagerly at each other.

OK, boy,” Hassan said to Eddie.  “About time we tried out our new bed next door and gave our neighbors some privacy in theirs.   Maybe breakfast together tomorrow, guys?”

The boys hugged one last time and Eddie’s eyes sparkled.  “Dude, this is all gonna be so cool.”

After they left, Pete pulled Brandon close and they gazed at each other.  Pete said, “At first it seemed like all this wasn’t gonna work out, but now it looks like it’s gonna work just fine.  The most important thing, though, is are you happy, Brandon?”

Brandon frowned.  “Hmm, let’s see now.  Here I am lying in the arms of a gorgeous man that I love, in our new bed in a new home.  And right next door is my best buddy with his hot Marine.  “Yeah, I’d say that qualifies as happy … happy as a clam at high tide.”

****************************   <><>    ***************************

Across the street in the tribe’s main compound three guys were still awake and working late.  Bob and the twins Kyle and Kevin, were in the kitchen going over preparations for the upcoming major house-warming celebration that coming Sunday.  

As part of all the building renovations Randy and his crew had enlarged the already extensive kitchen, which was just as well given the news that Bob now dropped on the twins.  Here it is, guys – looks like there’ll be almost thirty at the party.  That’s a lot of hungry guys to feed.”

“Nothing we can’t handle, sir,” said Kyle with a confident smile.

“You and your assistants,” said Bob sternly.  You must have help with this.  You work too many hours.  I know your kitchen is your favorite place to be in the world …”

“… except for your bed, sir,” Kevin grinned playfully.

“Yeah,” Bob chuckled, “but you don’t need any assistance there as I recall.  Now, guys will be here from all the other houses, including the Grady House, so Danny will be here to help you as third chef.  Tommy will come down from Steve’s to take care of the planning outdoors, with his previous hotel experience as party planner.  But you’ll also need an assistant in the kitchen, so what about this young man you told me about at the grocery store?”

“Ah, the young redhead,” Kyle said.  “Yes, we planned on speaking to him when we go there tomorrow to start the purchasing for the party.  We’ll see if he’s free to help and would want to.”

Kevin took over.  “But we wanted to ask your advice, sir.   See we’ll start doing the prep a couple of days before, and the crunch will come Saturday when we’ll be doing lunch and dinner as usual but also prepping for Sunday.  Do you think we could ask this lad if he can come, say, Saturday afternoon as well as Sunday?”

“Absolutely you must,” Bob said.  “Hire him for as many hours as you need.  And look, like I said before, I trust your judgement on this.  I know he’ll be spending most of his time in the kitchen, but it could be a big shock for an inexperienced young guy seeing so many boisterous men together who, let’s face it, can be pretty raunchy at times.

“Yes, sir, that is something we’ll be careful of.  As we told you, the kid just turned eighteen, but he seems kind of naïve – you know, doesn’t get out much.  But we’ll take care of him.

“I know you will, boys.  Any problems, come straight to me.”

Next morning the twins went to their usual major grocery store with a long list of supplies they needed.  They preferred to do their own shopping to ensure they got the best and freshest foods.  In the produce section they were greeted with a big smile by the boy.

“Hello, sirs, big list today?  Let me know if you need any help.”

“Actually, there is something we’d like to talk to you about,” Kyle said.  Do you have a minute?”

“I go on break in five minutes, sir.  I usually sit at the tables outside with a soda.  Would you like to join me there?”

And so, a few minutes later the three of them were seated at a table on a patio at the side of the building used by customers and staff.   Kevin smiled, “You know, we talk to you every time we come here but we never actually introduced ourselves.  I’m Kevin and this is my brother Kyle.”

“Pleased to know you, sirs, though I will never be able to tell you apart,” he grinned.  “My name is William.  My friends call me Will”

“Then Will it is,” said Kyle.  “Er, we may have mentioned that we run a kitchen for a large house and this weekend we have a big party coming up and we’re going to need help in the kitchen.”
Kevin said, “Before we go any further, are you busy this weekend?”

“No, never am,” Will shrugged.  “I’d like to be working here but I’m only part-time.  I keep asking for more hours but don’t get many.”

“And when you’re home, do you cook much … for family maybe?  A girlfriend?”

Will blushed noticeably.  “No, sir, I don’t have family.  I live alone.  I, er, used to have a girlfriend but it didn’t work out …”  He trailed off nervously but then brightened.  “But I do cook, I love it, experimenting with things.  I start with a recipe but then invent things of my own.  Except there’s no one to eat it except me and that gets a bit, you know …”

The twins exchanged glances, then Kyle said, “So here’s the thing, Will.  As my brother said, we need kitchen help Sunday for this big party.  And whoever we hire must be able to come also on Saturday afternoon and evening when we do a lot of the prep.  Would you like to help us?”

“Me, sir?”  Will blushed deeply this time.  “But you don’t know anything about me.  I don’t really have a résumé ‘cos I’ve never …”

“Oh we don’t worry about all that,” Kevin smiled reassuringly.  “We know all we need to know.  We pay very well, much more than the hourly rate here, I’m sure.”

Will’s expression was a mix of confusion and pleasure and he smiled, “Well sure, sirs, if you’re sure.  I’ll work whatever hours you give me.  Nobody before has ever offered me …”  He stopped and the boys saw tears come to his eyes.”

“It’s a deal, then,” Kyle said quickly.  “But before we go over the details there is one thing …”  He looked pleadingly at Kevin who was better at delicate subjects.

“Thing is, Will,” Kevin said, “there’ll be about thirty at the party … and they’re all guys.”

Will smiled.  “Like a stag party you mean, like before a guy gets married?”

The twins exchanged glances and Kyle said.  “Well, kind of, I guess, eh bro?”

Kevin shrugged and grinned mischievously. “Well, there’ll be a lot of stags there … and some of them with very big antlers.”  Then more seriously, “But you’d be comfortable with that, Will?”

“Sure, I guess.  Like we say in the store here, a customer is a customer, and the customer always comes first.


As the twins drove up the hill, their truck loaded with supplies, Kyle said, “You nearly got me going there, dude, with that ‘stags with big antlers’ crack.”

“Yeah, well I nearly lost it when Will said ‘the customer always cums first.  Like something Eddie would say.”

“But with a slightly different meaning, idiot.  But seriously,” Kyle asked, “what do you think, bro?”

“You know, I have a feeling about this kid – his hesitation, blushes, huge gratitude for getting the offer, even tears in his eyes.”

Kyle completed his thought, “I know.  And he lives alone, cooks for himself, no family, had a girlfriend but it didn’t work out.  I mean, like the kid said, we know next to nothing about him and I don’t wanna project, but … there’s something about him.  Remember how nervous we used to be before we came here?”

“Yea, I was thinking about that too.”

When they got home they went to Bob in his office in the new house.  “So how did it go, kids?”

“Pretty good, sir,” Kyle said.  “His name’s William, he’s available and very keen to come.  He even teared up at the offer.  I don’t think anyone’s ever offered him anything like this before.”

Kevin added, “He lives alone, no family, had a girlfriend once but says it didn’t work out.  Loves to cook, gets inventive but has no one else to taste it. He seems lonely, doesn’t get out much.”

Kyle took over.  “As for the rest, sir, as we said before, he seems kinda naïve.  When we mentioned that it’s a big group of guys he said, ‘kind of like a stag party before a guy gets married’.  That’s the bit we’re not sure about.  Any advice, sir?”

Bob thought for a minute.  “Couple of things, guys.  First, you are chefs hiring this young man to assist you in the kitchen while you’re catering a party.  It’s a business transaction and you are the bosses.  His personal life is not your concern.”

Kevin frowned at him.  “That’s not what you said when you first saw us trying to steal your car, sir.  If you had not made our personal life your concern we wouldn’t be here now.”

Bob smiled.  “You got me there, Kevin.  You’re quite right.  I think what I’m saying is this.  You must judge William only how he performs in the kitchen.  That’s your immediate responsibility. 

“One thing you absolutely must not do is nudge him in any particular direction in his personal life.  A boy must find his own path in life, based on his own impulses and inclinations. He must not be directed toward any lifestyle by example or suggestion.  If he has a problem with our lifestyle here he always has the option of leaving, no hard feelings.  Ultimately, if he has real issues, he could always speak to our shrink, Steve – he has tons of experience with this.  

“But right now you have a party to cater and an assistant to help you.  I know you’ll be kind to this boy.  See, guys, you’re not boys anymore.  You’re young men and it’s about time you had someone you can help and guide – at least in the kitchen. 

“After all, when Randy determined that Pablo was ready, he got his own boy, Tyler, and that’s working out great.  But this kid is different from Tyler.  That boy fell out of a tree right at Pablo’s feet, already worshipping him.  Tyler knew exactly what he wanted – to be Pablo’s boy.”

“One other thing, sir,” Kevin said.  “Will calls us ‘sir’ because we’re customers in his store.  But do think he should call us sir when he’s here?”

“Oh, yes, definitely.  You will be the boy’s bosses, and it’s important that you and he remember that.   When he shows up Saturday I’ll have a quick word with him.  But he’ll be answering to you two.  So good luck, kids.” 


Saturday arrived – and so did William.  The twins had asked him to come at 2pm and were pleased to see he was exactly on time.   Lunch was over, always a small casual affair on Saturdays when most of the guys were out and about.  They had just started clearing it away when they heard his car pull up outside.

They went out to greet him and Kyle said, “Great, right on time, Will.  Welcome to the house.  And what’s this?”

Will shyly held out a big grocery box that was obviously full and heavy.  “Rhubarb, sir.”

“Excuse me?” Kevin grinned.

“I brought you a whole ton of rhubarb, sir.   See, I have this recipe for rhubarb pie that I’ve kind’ve perfected – with a drop of port and other things I mix in.  I like rhubarb ‘cos it’s not as sweet as other fruit … actually it’s a vegetable, not a fruit … and it has that strong, tart taste.  You said there would be thirty at the party and this would be plenty for that many.”

“Terrific,” said Kyle, “we’re impressed.  We have a friend, Danny, who works at a big house we call the Grady House.  He’s a great pastry chef and he’s coming to help out.  We hadn’t decided what to do for dessert so I’m sure Danny will love working with you and your rhubarb.”

As they went through the gate Will gazed in awe at the compound with its impressive, newly remodeled buildings and extensive grounds.  “Wow, this is huge.”

“Wait ‘till you see the kitchen, dude.  It’s just been enlarged.”   They went in and Will looked round awestruck.  “Sure beats my little four-burner stove at home, sirs.”

“It’s a mess right now,” Kevin said, “cos we still have to clear away all the lunch stuff.”

“I could do that, sir,” Will offered with a slight blush.

“That would be great,” Kyle said.  “Leaves us free to start prep for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s party.  Here, we just started using these new dark green aprons, they look kinda cool.  Here’s yours, dude.”  Will put his on with a hint of pride and got to work.

He had just finished loading and starting the two dishwashers when the door opened and in came a stunningly handsome, muscular man wearing jeans and a white V-neck T-shirt.  Will stopped and gaped at him as the man flashed a smile.”

“Hi, you must be William, and you are a life saver.  I’m Bob, the twins are my boys and I’ve been very worried about their work load which is why I suggested they hire an assistant.”  He shook Will’s hand warmly.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you, William, welcome to the house.  Everything going OK so far?”

Will’s voice croaked.  He cleared his throat and said, “Yes, sir, thank you sir?  Are you the, er, boss of the house, sir?”

“Something like that,” Bob smiled.  “But you’ll be reporting to the twins here, so do just what they tell you and you’ll get along fine.  And before you get stuck into the prep I’ll take you across to the office over there.  You’re only part-time but there’s still a form you should fill out.”

In something of a daze Will followed Bob across to the office.  “Hi, Brandon,” Bob said to the boy in the wheelchair, “this is William.  He’s helping the twins out in the kitchen this weekend so he needs to fill out the usual forms.  I’ll leave you two to it.  I hope you enjoy your time with us William.”  He squeezed Will’s shoulder and left.

Brandon grinned at Will’s dazed looked.  “I know, impressive ain’t he?  Everyone loves Bob.   Wait till you see Randy.  The twins told me your friends call you Will.  So Will it is.  Come sit with me and we’ll get you set up.  I hear we’re gonna have rhubarb pie thanks to you.” 

Brandon laughed at Will’s puzzled look.  “First thing you should know about this place is the grapevine.  It’s super-efficient so everyone knows about your rhubarb pie.  It’s famous already.”


Everything went smoothly from then on and Will lost some of his new-boy shyness as he worked with the twins in the kitchen.  As Bob had instructed, he followed their directions obediently and even added his own small suggestions sometimes, usually with a shy blush.

He found he loved working with the twins who were kind and casual, though they knew exactly what they wanted and gave orders accordingly.  Even though he had his head down working he did notice one thing that surprised and puzzled him.  As Kyle and Kevin moved around they touched each other a lot, smiled at each other as if they were sharing some private thought or joke, and once he even glimpsed one of them kiss the other on the cheek.

But he vaguely supposed that identical twins must always behave like this, so this kind of intimacy was only to be expected, wasn’t it?

He was working so hard that he didn’t notice the group assembling outside round the big table by the pool, though he could hear the loud voices and laughter even from here.  The only men he had met so far were the twins, the handsome Bob, and Brandon.  Brandon now barreled in and out of the kitchen, and Will helped him load up the tray table of his wheelchair with food.

But at one point as Brandon left he called back over his shoulder, “They need more salad, guys.”   Kevin quickly loaded a big glass bowl with mixed salad and shoved it at Will.  “Here, take this out to the table, kiddo, but come straight back ‘cos we’re about to take the casserole out of the oven and we’ll need your help.

Obediently Will cradled the salad bowl and left the kitchen.  He hesitated when he got his first sight of the noisy group of men and boys, but it was pretty much a blur to him.  He had his orders, after all.  Without making eye contact with anyone he placed the salad bowl in an open spot on the table and was about to withdraw when a loud, deep voice said, “Hey, kid.”

He looked up and saw that the sound had come from a rough-looking gypsy kind of guy sitting between Bob and a big black guy.  They had been deep in conversation but now the big gypsy guy raised his head.  “Hey, kid, all we got left is this Light Beer shit.  Bring me a Bud, will ya?”

Will frowned, blushed and said.  “I’m sorry sir, I can’t do that.  I work for Kyle and Kevin in the kitchen and they ordered me to come straight back.  I gotta go.”

He turned and headed for the kitchen, leaving a stunned silence behind him.  Someone had actually said no to Randy, and all eyes were on him, waiting for the angry explosion.

But, after a tense silence, what they got was an explosion of another kind as Randy threw his head back and roared with laughter.  “Love that kid!  He’s got balls.  He’ll fit right in here.”

And that was a close as it got to Randy’s seal of approval, a necessary endorsement for any new boy.  Everyone round the table breathed a sigh of relief – and Brandon quickly brought Randy his beer.


The best part of any party is kicking back afterwards and talking it out, which the twins and Will were doing now.   The kitchen had been swept, countertops wiped, the dishwashers were humming away and the three young men were sitting round the kitchen table sipping brandy, which the twins kept handy for this occasion every night after dinner.

“You did really well, kiddo,” Kyle said.  “It was great for us,” he grinned, “how was it for you?”

“I loved it, sir, every minute.  But I think I put my foot in it when that big handsome guy out there who looks like a gypsy asked me for a beer and I said no.  Did I do something wrong?”

“Well, you’re still alive to tell the tale, so I guess not, dude,” Kevin chuckled.  “But that handsome gypsy, as you call him, is the big boss of the group, name of Randy, and nobody ever says no to him – except you … and Bob.”

Will frowned.  “But I thought that Bob was the boss of the house, sir.”

“Well,” Kyle said, “him and Randy kind’ve work together on that … on a lot of other things too.”

“Bob said you’re his boys.  Is he your dad?”

The twins glanced at each other and Kyle said, “Well, not exactly.  He’s much too young for that.  He just kind of watches over us.”

Knowing they were on shaky ground here the twins changed the subject to preparations for tomorrow, a conversation that went on until late.   Eventually Kyle looked at the clock and said, “Er, Will, we’re running a bit behind with the preparations so do you think you could come real early in the morning.  We need all the help we can get.” 

He glanced at Kevin and a tacit agreement passed between them.  “Or, if you like, you could stay the night here.  Our apartment is right above the kitchen and has a nice guestroom.  That way we could make a real early start.  Would you need to alert anyone that you’d not be home?”

Will smiled.  “Sir, I could be gone all week and no one would miss me, except maybe my manager at work.  I, er, I would love to stay, sir.  It does make sense, don’t it?”

So it was agreed and, with a last check that everything was secure in the kitchen they went upstairs.   Will was surprised at the size of the apartment, which they told him had been designed and built by Randy and his team.   “Here,” Kyle said, “this’ll be your room, and in a drawer over there you’ll find a T-shirt and shorts to sleep in.  The guest bathroom is just down the hall, toothbrush and all.  Anything else you need?”

“No thank you, sir.  And thank you for today, sir.  I enjoyed it very much.”

“Good, we enjoyed your company.” Kyle said.  “And tomorrow will be a whole lot of fun … and a shit load of work.”  He threw his arm over his brother’s shoulder and walked off down the hall.


William was happier than he had felt in a long time.  He felt alive and his mind buzzed with images of the day – the twins working together as if they were really close and could read each other’s mind – his first sight of the handsome man called Bob – Brandon in his wheelchair who had been really kind to him – and the rough, gruff gypsy with his blue eyes, stubbled face and muscular build.

He wasn’t sure why all this made him feel happy but he was sure looking forward to tomorrow.  He undressed and found a new T-shirt and undershorts in a drawer.  He was about to get into bed but thought he should brush his teeth first and get a glass of water.  So he set off down the hall to find the bathroom. 

It was dark and there were several doors but he guessed that a small passage led to the guest bathroom, maybe the door that was ajar at the end.  He was almost there when he glimpsed movement inside.  His instinct was to turn and walk away but something roused his curiosity.

He went closer and realized it must be the twins’ bedroom … and they were there, standing facing each other next to the bed.  It was obviously a private moment and his natural impulse was to leave … and yet …  He didn’t know why he stayed but it was as if he were rooted to the spot, against the wall in the dark passageway where the twins couldn’t see him.

He forced himself not to react, not to feel anything as he watched in amazement.  He saw the brothers gaze at each other for a long time, not saying anything but seeming to communicate somehow.  They were both barefoot in tan shorts and loose linen shirts unbuttoned halfway down.  But even identically dressed, Will thought by now he could tell Kyle and Kevin apart.

Suddenly Kyle reached forward, smiled, slid his hands inside Kevin’s shirt and stroked his chest.  He slowly began to unbutton his brother’s shirt all the way down, then pushed it back over his shoulders so it fell to the floor.  It was the first time Will had seen either of them shirtless and was surprised by the muscular definition of Kevin’s lithe body

Soon Kevin smiled, pressed his hands against Kyle’s shirt and unbuttoned it just as Kyle had for him.  The shirt dropped from his shoulders and the twins gently stroked their fingers over their brother’s bare chest and nipples.

Will still couldn’t understand what was happening, or wouldn’t allow himself to believe it.  But the identical twins, with their handsome young faces and perfect physiques, were an undeniably beautiful sight.  He had always appreciated beauty in its many forms, so he focused solely on that and pushed everything else out of his mind.

But his concentration was broken when the brothers leaned forward … and kissed each other … on the lips.  On the lips!   And not just a slight brush, but a kiss that built in passion until they were in each other’s arms, licking eyes and cheeks before resuming their churning kiss.

It was just love, Will told himself, and brotherly love was natural wasn’t it?  Even if these two guys took it a bit too far.  But even this rationalization was shattered when he saw Kevin start to kneel, running his hands down Kyle’s body as he sank to the floor.  On his knees he looked up at Kyle … and pulled down his shorts.  Will stifled a gasp as he saw Kyle’s penis spring free, long and hard, pointing right at his brother’s face.

He was in a daze now, unable to move, think or react as the vison became surreal for him – Kevin licking the tip of the cock, pressing his mouth over the head and massaging it with his lips.  Will gazed spellbound as Kevin lowered his mouth down over the cock, lower and lower until his face was buried in his brother’s pubic hair.  

Will wasn’t entirely clueless … he knew that guys got blowjobs from girls.  His own former girlfriend had tried to … but he pushed that bad memory away and concentrated on the sight before him, where Kevin’s handsome face was now pounding down on his brother’s cock disappearing into his mouth.  Kyle was groaning as he grabbed his twin’s head and forced it down on the entire length of his shaft.

Then suddenly Kyle reached down, put his hands under Kevin’s armpit and pulled him to his feet, his cock springing free of his mouth.  Kevin dropped his own shorts so the brothers were now naked, smiling at each other, their chests pressed together.  In unison they stretched their arms out sideways and began short, slow movements from side to side in opposite directions, so their entire bodies were sliding against each other.

Will was mesmerized.  It was like a dance, a stately dance as the naked identical twins moved gracefully from side to side rubbing against each other, arms stretched out in a balletic posture, like male lovers on a stage.  There was no music … except Will heard music … he saw music in the sensuous movements of these beautiful young men.

Then suddenly everything changed.  The gazed at each other … and began laughing merrily, hugging each other tight and whirling round and round as they laughed.  Spinning faster and faster with delight they finally they lost their balance and fell on the bed, still holding each other and rolling over in the joyful laughter of unrestrained love.

Their happiness was infectious and Will felt suddenly liberated, a freedom to feel, though he wasn’t sure what or why.   He would have laughed along with them … except for what came next.  Kyle was lying on top of Kevin and suddenly raised himself up on his knees and pushed his brother’s legs up high. 

“I love you, bro,” he smiled … and pushed his cock in his brother’s ass. 

Will recoiled.  No, this couldn’t be right.  They were brothers, twins, and one was fucking the other.   Now he couldn’t share their elation.  He was horrified, wanted to leave.  But like in a nightmare, his legs wouldn’t move … he was condemned to watch one handsome brother driving his penis into the other’s ass, holding his legs up, gazing down at him and thrusting forward faster and faster.

Will expected his own revulsion to be reflected in the victim’s eyes, but instead he saw sparkling joy.  Hypnotized by the spectacle he saw Kyle lean forward and pin Kevin’s arms to the bed.  His hip thrusts slowed down as he gently massaged his brother’s ass with his cock. 

Will gazed in awe and repulsion.  It was horrifying … it was beautiful … one handsome young man making love to another, making love to his ass.  Will’s mind was reeling with conflicting feelings beyond his control.  It was surreal double vision – two identically beautiful young men staring at each other as if in a mirror while one moved inside the other.  It was a dream, a nightmare … of a man fucking himself.

Will heard Kevin say, “I love you, Kyle … I love you inside me … let me feel you cum in me.”

“You gonna cum with me, Kevin, without touching yourself?”

“Don’t I always, dude?   We’re together, always have been, always will be.  We’ll cum together, bro, like we always do.  You ready?”

Kyle smiled, “You know you don’t have to ask that.”   They stared into each other’s eyes as if they were entering their own silent world where feelings replaced words and love reigned. 

In a trance Will watched as Kyle pulled back, paused, then slid his cock in slowly, deeper and deeper until his body shuddered, he moaned and poured his juice deep in his brother whose cock spurted semen over his muscular chest. 

Will watched the semen flow – then stared down at himself, at the shape of his own cock rock hard in his shorts.  He crashed back to earth.  His own erection disgusted him and he slapped at it, trying to make it go down.   He was horrified.  His shock and confusion drove all thoughts of beauty from his mind and he had only one thought – he had to get away, out of danger.  

He staggered back to his bedroom, pulled on his shorts and shoes and stumbled downstairs in a blind panic.


The loud footsteps and banging door startled the twins who looked at each other in horror.  “Oh no,” Kevin moaned.  “Oh no!”

They pulled on their shorts and raced barefoot out of the house.  They caught up with Will just as he reached his car.   He whirled round, leaned back against the car and held his arms out in front of him to repel an attack.  “No, stop … get away, don’t touch me.”

“Will, please, please don’t be afraid …”

“No, don’t touch me.  My dad used to tell me what guys like you do to guys like me.  You’ll try to recruit me, force me to do what you just did.  But I swore to my dad I’m not like that.  I swore it.  Just let me go.  Please.”

“Oh, Will,” Kyle pleaded, “you can go if you like, of course you can.  You’re free to do what you want.  But please don’t leave us like this, hating us.”

“Will,” Kevin said gently.  “Yes, my brother and I love each other, we always have, and in the way that you saw.  But that’s us, Will, that’s what we feel, what we want.  It’s not you, and we would never persuade you to be like us.  We’re sorry you saw us like that, but not sorry we did it.  Every guy should be free to choose for himself – to feel what he feels, to love who he wants in the way that he wants.  Or not love at all, if that’s his choice.”

“Dude,” Kyle said, “we had a great time working with you today and we really need your help tomorrow or we’ll be lost.  Look, if we promise not to touch you, ever, and not let anyone else touch you, won’t you come back?   We always keep our word.  We would never hurt you … ever. Your bedroom door has a lock and you can lock yourself in and feel perfectly safe.  And tomorrow we’ll work together as we did today …”

“And you can make your rhubarb pie,” Kevin smiled.  “We wouldn’t want to miss that.  Won’t you come back, Will … please?”

Will looked at the pleading twins and his panic lessened.  “There’s a lock on the door, you say?”


“And we wouldn’t talk about any of this?  Like it never happened?  You won’t tell anyone?”

“We promise.”

Will sullenly stepped away from his car and walked back toward the house.  The twins looked at each other and heaved a sigh.  “We messed up, dude,” Kyle said.  “We hurt him bad.”

“Yeah, we gotta make it up to him.  We gotta take real good care of him, now more than ever.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 420

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