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The cop Mark and the Marine Hassan are together in the dunes.  Hassan needs to purge his guilt for the way he treated Mark years ago as enemy soldiers, so Mark turns the tables on him.  “Fuck you, soldier, you’re my prisoner now like I was yours back then, and I’m gonna work you over just like you did me.”  Later the soldier seeks solace in his boy Eddie. “Man, that’s just what I need.  Assume the position, boy.”


In the previous chapter

The handsome blond cop Mark had taken his boy Jamie on a week-long vacation at their beach shack in the Guadalupe Dunes, 160 miles up the coast from Los Angeles.  

The purpose of the trip was to give them some space to take a deep breath of fresh air after Jamie had experienced a stress-related meltdown in his job managing the tribe’s business office.  It was a classic case of burnout and Mark knew that the athletic young surfer could cleanse his anguished thoughts by riding the waves.  And alone together in this remote and beautiful place, they could reaffirm the intensity of their loving relationship.

One of Mark’s aims for Jamie was to restore Jamie’s confidence in his own masculinity after his so-called ‘weakness’ had been on view to the tribe and caused so much trouble. 

They had achieved that goal through a wild sexual fantasy where their usual roles were reversed and the cop had been bound naked to the bed, at the mercy of the young jock who snarled, “Look at you, man, a muscle-god cop, always the top man giving orders.  Well not now, officer, ‘cos you’re tied to the bed buck naked, and the surfer owns your ass.”

After the intimacy of that powerful and exhilarating scene they were completely reconciled, their love stronger than ever. 

Following a few days of rest and relaxation on the beach they were joined by the hunky Arab/Asian Marine Captain Hassan and his boy Eddie.  Eddie had been going through a period of paranoia, feeling he was not good enough to be the soldier’s boy and doubting Hassan’s love for him.  So Hassan now re-enacted the long-ago scene when he first met Eddie and had worked him over to test his worthiness to become his boy.

A weathered door frame stood in the sand next to the shack, all that was left of an old shed that had long since succumbed to winter storms.  Eddie was soon Hassan’s willing victim, tied up to the doorframe, getting much the same treatment as Hassan had dished out the first time.

In the end the excited Eddie had been overwhelmed by the rugged soldier butt-fucking him, and after their explosive orgasms Hassan said, “Eddie, I love you, kiddo, and I never want to hear any more of this bullshit about you not being good enough for me.  This little charade should convince you once and for all that I love you … you are my boy and always will be.”  

And so peace reigned between the two couples, and after a boisterous romp in the surf they adjourned to the porch to relax over beers.  “Ain’t this the life, guys?” Mark said.  “Great place, all to ourselves, great company and the rest of the week together to do whatever we want.” 

Their minds went in all sorts of directions.  Jamie was thrilled that he and Mark had sorted out their issues, with the help of a sexual fantasy that had brought them closer than ever.  Eddie, too, had lived through a fantasy of his own with Hassan, re-enacting that life-changing day when Eddie had first become the Marine’s boy. 

And Mark and Hassan?  There was a kind of electrical current running through them that went right back to the time they had first met on opposite sides of a faraway war, in a harrowing scene where the Arab solder had brutally interrogated the captive American lieutenant.  In the crucible of war the two enemy soldiers had inexplicably fallen in love. 

Hassan had followed Mark to California and in the years since then they had replayed that scene, where the roles were reversed and Hassan did penance for what he had subjected Mark to in that bleak desert dungeon. 

It was a far cry from that dismal place to the sunny California beach they were on now, but Hassan was gazing at the doorframe where Eddie had been tied and Mark could read his thoughts.  “You sure you wanna subject yourself to that again, buddy?”

“I have to, Mark. It’s a sort of catharsis, a cleansing of the guilt I still feel for what I did to you.”

Jamie and Eddie glanced at each other both with the same thought – ‘as long as we can watch’.

“Oh, and by the way,” Mark added, more cheerfully, “I had a call from Mike in Palm Springs.  Seems Pablo’s taking his boy Tyler out there this weekend to stay with Uncle Mike and his boy Larry.  Mike wondered if we four would like to join them.”

They all agreed enthusiastically and so it was settled.  Soon a contemplative stillness settled on the group, all four of them gazing silently at the weather-beaten door frame, each with his own vision of the scene that might be enacted there next between the cop and the Marine captain.


**********************   CHAPTER 396   *********************

It was something that couldn’t be put off.   

The two couples – Mark and Jamie, Hassan and Eddie – were facing an idyllic few days in the dunes together, having put to rest whatever fears, frustrations and insecurities had tainted their relationships recently.  But before they could truly settle down and have fun, they all knew that one final act had to be played out between the police officer and the Marine captain, two alpha males with a long history between them. 

Whenever they met away from work and away from the tribe – either at Hassan’s small house in the desert or up here at the beach shack – Mark and Hassan had to revisit that savage wartime encounter in a desert cell where the swarthy Arab had brutally interrogated the blond American soldier until Mark had turned the tables, violated Hassan and escaped.

All these years later both were respected members of the tribe and had long since forgiven each other – but had not forgotten.  The memory of that scene was especially vivid for Hassan who was haunted by the way he had tortured and humiliated Mark, a man he now loved.  

Although he had been obeying military orders at the time, that did not lessen the compulsion Hassan still felt to make amends, to exorcise the shame he felt.  And the only way to do that was to periodically submit himself to similar treatment at the hands of Mark.

And that time had come again as Mark and Hassan locked eyes across the table.  “You wanna go for a run?” Mark said.  They stood up and Hassan ruffled Eddie’s hair.  “Everything’s OK, kiddo,” he said softly.  “Jamie, take care of my boy while we’re gone.”

The men took off, barefoot and shirtless in board shorts, and soon they were pounding through the shallow surf headed down the beach.  They were silent most of the way, each engrossed in his own thoughts with a mix of trepidation and excitement at what they were about to do.   

As was usually the case with Mark’s beach runs they stopped after two miles when they reached the beach shack belonging to their buddy Zack.  The leatherman often visited here with his boy Darius, and indulged in some pretty rough sex games.  They stopped to catch their breath and Mark once again checked to make sure that his buddy wanted what came next.

“I need it, man.” Hassan replied.  “When I look at you, in the back of my mind is that picture of how I treated you.   And it’s not only the pain I caused you – it’s the humiliation I inflicted on you – a beautiful, muscular man chained helplessly to the wall while I made you blast semen across the cell.  Man, you know I can take any pain you inflict on me, but I need to feel that same humiliation you felt.  Fuck, I’m a tough alpha male, a Marine captain, always instantly obeyed by my men.  But I need to be brought down to the same degrading level that I forced on you.”

“OK, I get it, man,” Mark said tersely.  “Let’s go in Zack’s shack here.”   Mark retrieved the hidden key and when they went in Hassan inhaled sharply seeing all the leather paraphernalia scattered around the room.  Mark saw his reaction and said, “No, buddy, not here … not yet.”

Mark had brought with him on the run the heavy black leather collar he himself had worn when his Boy Jamie had tied him up and topped him in this very room a few days earlier.  Now the collar belonged round Hassan’s sinewy neck.  Mark stood before him and they stared into each other’s eyes as Mark buckled the collar round the Arab soldier’s neck. 

“Then he picked up off the bed a pair of leather wrist restraints that Zack had left lying there.  Hassan stood with his hands hanging down in front of him and Mark quickly bound his wrists and hooked the restraints together.  Then he found a long length of rope and tied one end to Hassan’s bound wrists.   Finally he yanked down Hassan’s shorts so the bound Marine stood buck naked except for the slave collar round his neck, a humiliated captive.

Still lying on the bed was the cat o’ nine tails, the whip with a dozen braided rawhide thongs that Jamie had recently used on Mark in their sex games in this same room.  Hassan hung his head in an attitude of submission and Mark now pressed the whip handle under his chin, pushed his face up and stared into his eyes.  

“You asked for this, man.  You look fucking beautiful like this, like I must have looked when you tied me up in that cell and tortured and humiliated me.  I could do the same to you here but I want your humiliation to be public, witnessed by your own boy.”  Hassan took a sharp intake of breath but Mark said, “Don’t worry – Jamie will take care of him, he won’t let the boy be hurt.”  

Mark draped the whip loosely round his own neck, then picked up the end of the long rope and headed for the door.  As the rope tightened Hassan’s hand were jerked forward, arms straight out in front of him and he stumbled forward.   Outside Mark closed and locked the door, then set off for the two-mile run back up the beach to his own shack, pulling the naked soldier after him.


The beach was deserted as usual so there were no witnesses to the scene except the seagulls wheeling and screaming overhead as they gazed down at the extraordinary spectacle – two rugged alpha males, one enduring a degrading penance inflicted by the other. 

The muscular cop, wearing only shorts with a whip hanging round his neck, ran with powerful strides along the water’s edge.  In one hand he held a rope that stretched back over his shoulder, and ten feet behind him the other end was attached to the wrists of the naked Marine captain, his arms stretched out before him as he was pulled forward.

Mark maintained his usual fast pace and Hassan tried to keep up.  But the rope jerked his arms forward with every stride Mark took and Hassan stumbled forward, trying to keep his balance.  The soldier groaned and panted heavily, his muscular body gleaming with sweat under the hot sun.  They had gone about halfway when Hassan stumble on a patch of wet sand and lurched forward.  He struggled to regain his balance but another jerk on the rope made him pitch forward and fall on his stomach, his arms stretched up by the rope.

But Mark didn’t stop.  He simply slowed down, dragging the naked soldier face down through the dry sand.   “Aaagh …” he groaned, feeling the sand chafe his chest, his shoulders aching as his arms were stretched painfully forward.

Finally Mark had mercy on him and stopped.  He turned round and stared down at the shuddering body.  He hooked his foot under it and flipped Hassan onto this back.  He gazed in awe at the rugged Marine captain lying on his back, at his muscular chest and abs and his handsome, suffering face coated with sand, his arms stretched up above his head.

Mark snarled, “Fuck, you wanted humiliation and you got it.  You’re my prisoner now like I was yours all those years ago.  And I’ll make you suffer like you made me.  It’s what you need, stud.”

“Yeah,” Hassan groaned, “I need it bad.  I can take it, man – whatever you throw at me.”

Mark turned away to face up the beach, slung the rope over his shoulder and continued to drag the tortured Marine through the sand.  Both men flexed their muscles hard, one with the effort of hauling the massive body, the other trying to ease his torment by rolling over and over as he was dragged.

With a huge physical effort Hassan was eventually able to grab the rope and pull himself up until he was on his feet again, staggering after his relentless captor.   Dazed at first, tears finally cleared his eyes and he focused on the muscular back in front of him, with its wide lats tapering down from broad shoulders to a slim waist.  This was the back he had whipped mercilessly in that desert dungeon trying in vain to break the young soldier.

Then he stared at the mounds of the man’s ass pushing against the shorts stretched tightly over it.   His mind went back to that grim place where he had abandoned the whip and worked on the ass instead, driving his cock into it and pounding it mercilessly until the soldier screamed and shot a stream of semen across the cell.  And that is when he had fallen in love with Mark, and it was the beginning of his everlasting guilt that consumed him still and culminated now in this harrowing trial of strength.

With another mile to go Hassan was fortified by the sight of the flexing body in front of him.  Yes, he needed this penance to purge his guilt and prove his love for the man who was once his prisoner.  He knew he would not fall again and would face whatever punishment awaited him.


Up ahead at the shack Jamie and Eddie were sitting restlessly on the patio, glancing frequently down the beach, squinting in the sun trying to catch a glimpse of the two men.

Jamie looked at Eddie’s nervous face.  “Eddie, you know we don’t have to stay here.  We could stroll into the village and give the men space to do their thing.”

“I know, Jamie.  But I want to stay.”  Eddie turned his head back to the beach and said, “That’s them.  Is that them?  It is … they’re coming.”  But as the two figures drew closer the picture became clear and Eddie’s elation turned to anguish.  He stood up and shielded his eyes from the sun.  “Oh … no … no.”

Jamie stood up beside him and put his arm round his shoulder.  “Come on, Eddie, you don’t wanna watch this … could get kinda heavy.  Let’s go.”

“No, Jamie.”  Eddie shrugged free of Jamie’s arm and there was a resolute set to his face that Jamie hadn’t seen before.  “I gotta stay, dude.  I’m Hassan’s boy … I can’t just turn tail and run.
I gotta stay and watch what happens to him.”

“OK, but try to stay quiet.  We can’t interfere.”

When the men approached the shack Hassan was stumbling, barely able to stay on his feet and it was with some relief that they reached the old doorframe close to the shack that had been the scene of much hardcore action in the past. 

Hassan took his place square in the frame and Mark threw the rope over the lintel beam at the top.  He pulled one end down so the other end tied to Hassan’s wrists rose slowly until his arms were pulled up taught.   Mark secured the rope, stood back and gazed at the homoerotic sight of the soldier’s muscular body stretched in naked bondage, his rugged Arab/Asian features wincing, the slave collar round his neck completing the image of the humbled Marine captain.

“Fucking beautiful, man,” Mark murmured softly.  Then out loud, “You’re fucking covered in sand.  You need a wash.”  He went to the end of the porch where a hose was coiled in the sand attached to a tap.  He picked it up by the nozzle and uncoiled it as far as the doorframe where Hassan waited, resigned to his fate. 

You gotta be hosed off, fucker.  Here goes.”  He twisted the nozzle and water spurted out in a strong jet that he aimed at Hassan’s chest.  It slammed into him, knocking him backward so his body was arched back, adding to the strain on his stretched arms.  As the sand was washed off his chest Mark aimed the water lower, and the Marine howled as it hit his cock and balls, making his body jerk and writhe in a desperate attempt to protect his balls.

On the porch an anguished Eddie grabbed Jamie’s hand, and Jamie said, “You wanna leave?”

“No, dude.  I gotta stay.  Just keep holding my hand.”

Mark twisted the nozzle to lessen the pressure and aimed the jet at Hassan’s face, making it thrash from side to side, yelling and sputtering, trying to avoid the spray.  Desperately he grabbed the rope above this wrists and heaved himself up gasping, his body now hanging from the crossbeam, body writhing desperately, legs thrashing in midair, until suddenly the deluge stopped and he slumped back down, feet touching the sand.

“Holy shit,” Mark moaned, gazing at the naked muscle-god, coughing and choking, wet black hair falling over his brow.  Water streamed down his square-jawed face and over his rippling muscles, dripped from his soaked black pubic hair and ran down his cock and gleaming thighs.
Mark let him regain his breath before turning the hose on again, making the rugged Marine scream and dance again in a futile attempt to avoid the force of the water jet.   He twisted sideways, then around offering his back to the onslaught, but when the blast hit his butt, he whirled round again, taking the stream full in the face.  He choked and sputtered and thought he would drown when suddenly the blast stopped. 

Mark threw the hose down, walked toward Hassan, grabbed his soaking hair and pulled his face forward into a grinding kiss.  It was a wild, tongue-searching kiss as Mark breathed into him the breath that had been knocked out of him by the pouring water. 

When Mark pulled back, their faces inches apart, he stared into the exotic slanted eyes set in the olive skinned, sculpted features.   He pulled the whip from his own neck, and draped it round Hassan’s, then reached down, wrapped his hand round the soldier’s balls and squeezed.  Hassan gasped and winced in pain as Mark said, “You’re gonna feel this whip, soldier, it’s what you need, but I wanna hear it from you.”

He squeezed the balls hard and Hassan yelled, “Fuck you … aaagh … OK, I wanna get whipped.”  Mark squeezed harder and the captain yelled, “No!  I want to feel the whip.  Please, please, sir, whip me, lash my body … I’m begging you …”

Mark let go and stood back.  He slid the whip from round Hassan’s neck, raised it and lashed it across his pecs.  It was the start of a fierce flogging where, once again, the Marine writhed in bondage, his arms straining upward, taking the onslaught on his chest, then twisting to the side, then around so the whip fell on his ass, the perfect mounds bouncing under the lash until he could take no more and faced the fury of the whip.

His cock by now was standing out rock hard and that’s where Mark aimed the whip, repeatedly curling it round the long shaft, then coiling it off and striking it again.  As Hassan howled in pain,
Mark shouted, “You can stop this, soldier, by getting your ass fucked instead.  But you gotta really want it.”

“Yeah,” Hassan panted raggedly, “I can’t take any more … I wanna get fucked in the ass.  I give up … I submit, sir.  Please, fuck my ass … I wanna feel your rod in my ass. I’m begging you, sir, I need it so bad.  Please shove your cock in my ass.”

And suddenly it all stopped.  “Mark threw down the whip contemptuously, walked forward and again pulled the Marine’s face into a passionate kiss.  When he pulled away he stared into Hassan’s eyes.  “You were incredible man. Fucking awesome.  And now I’m gonna fuck your ass at last, and you’re gonna shoot your load just as you made me shoot mine.”

“Yeah, man.  I wanna feel what you felt then.”

Mark went behind him and wrapped his arm lightly round his neck, his mouth close to his ear.  “Remember the first time you fucked me in that cell?  This is how it felt.”  He plunged his iron-hard cock in the captain’s ass, making him howl as Mark had yelled that first time.  

“Remember how it felt with your cock in that blond American soldier’s ass while he screamed?”

“Oh yeah.  Let me feel it man.  Show me how it felt with my dick inside you.”

Mark drove his cock into the Marine’s ass again and again, all the time whispering in his ear.  “Remember the sight of that chained soldier in the mirror, with the big Arab musclehunk behind him torturing his ass?  You saw the whip marks across his chest, the pain on his handsome face, his spectacular body straining against the chains binding him.  You wanna know what he was feeling?  It was this.”

Mark hammered Hassan whose cries of pain subsiding into groans of ecstasy, his tortured features mellowing into a euphoric glow. “Yeah, that’s it, man,” Mark said.  “You feel that?  That’s the point where the prisoner started to love his captor.  He couldn’t stop himself. The agony of that hellish day turned to love for the beautiful man fucking his ass.  Remember?”

“Yeah, I remember.  And that’s when I fell in love with the American soldier in the mirror.  I wanted to cum in his ass, and I knew that he wanted it too.  I wanted to make him shoot his load, to prove that he wanted me.  So I put my arm round his neck to hold him still while I fucked him faster.  I heard him groan with lust for me.  I pounded him harder … yeah, just like you’re doing now.  I felt his body tense, press back against me.  I saw the burning look in his eyes, I saw his cock explode and heard him scream …“aaagh …!”

That was Hassan’s scream as his cock jolted and blasted a stream of semen that rose in the air and splashed down on the hot sand, just as Mark’s had on the floor of the prison cell.  At the same time Hassan felt Mark unload in his ass, just as he himself had done to Mark on that unforgettable day in the dungeon in the desert.


“You’re hurting my hand, kiddo,” Jamie smiled at Eddie as they sat mesmerized on the porch.  Eddie looked up from his trance and lessened his white-knuckle grip on his friend’s hand.  “Sorry dude, I guess I got carried away watching the …”

“Yeah, I know.  And look at them now.”

Mark had pulled out of Hassan’s ass and was unbuckling the restraints round his hands.  As Hassan rubbed the circulation back in his wrists Mark unbuckled the collar from his neck and tossed it aside.  “You are one incredible fucking man, dude,” Mark said, smiling into Hassan’s dark almond-shaped eyes.  “Damn, I love you, buddy.”

They pressed together in a prolonged, tight hug and Hassan said softly, “Thank you, buddy.  You knew just what I needed and, man, you know how to dish it out.”

As they hugged Hassan saw over Mark’s shoulder the two boys standing in awed silence on the porch of the shack.  When he and Mark finally separated Hassan opened his arms and called out, “Come here, boy.” 

“Go, go,” Jamie urged and Eddie raced off the porch, across the sand and launched himself into his master’s arms.  “Hey, kiddo, did you watch the whole thing?  That must have been tough on you – you should have gone away for a while.”

“No, sir.  It was tough to watch but I had to.  I’m your boy.  I couldn’t leave, sir.”

Hassan held him at arm’s length and smiled at him.  “Yeah, you are my boy, that’s for sure.  And after all that I need you, I need you bad, kiddo.  Hey Jamie,” he called out, “you got such a thing as a good-size blanket in there?”

Jamie went into the shack and brought out a big blanket that he tossed to Hassan.  “See guys,” Hassan grinned, “I need to spend some time with my boy alone in the dunes if you don’t mind.”

“Sure thing,” Mark smiled.  “We understand perfectly.  Go for it.”

Hassan slung the blanket over his shoulder, wrapped his arm round Eddie’s waist and steered him along the beach and up to the dunes behind it.”

As they watched them go Mark smiled at Jamie.  “You ever hear stories of the Japanese Samurai warriors?   When they came home from the wars they needed an antidote to the savagery of battle.  That’s why there were geishas – soft, scented girls in kimonos who soothed their man with a stylized tea ceremony.  That’s kind of what Hassan needs now after the rigors of what he’s just suffered.”

Mark chuckled, ‘Course, Eddie is no geisha, god knows, his baggy shorts are a far cry from a kimono, and the dunes are hardly a setting for a tea ceremony.  But the feeling’s the same.  The soldier needs someone gentle and loving – like his boy.  It’s what he always needs when he comes home from the Marine base each day after being around the testosterone of the macho young warriors there.  And that, Jamie, is why Hassan is so crazy about young Eddie.”


For once Eddie was silent as he let Hassan guide him along the beach and up to the softer sands of the dunes.  When they reached a hollow, a flat space surrounded by high dunes, they scrambled down into it and Hassan spread the big blanket over the sand.

“This place is perfect,” the Marine said and Eddie stared at him then fell into his arms.  Hassan could feel him pressing against him stifling sobs, giving way to the anguish that had built up.  When the boy pulled away with tear-stained eyes he asked nervously, “Are you OK, sir?”

“Sure I am, kiddo.  What you saw out there was what I wanted, I needed, so I asked Mark to treat me like he did.  But I’m tough … hell, I’m a Marine,” Hassan chuckled, “so I could take what he dished out.   But it’s over … Mark and me have done our thing and everything’s fine between us.  And now there’s only one thing I need.  I need you Eddie.”

The husky soldier picked the boy up in his arms and laid him gently on the blanket, then lay down beside him.  Propped up on one elbow he casually traced with his finger the features of the boy’s face and body as he spoke.  

“See, kid, it’s what I told you before when you came out with that crazy talk about not being the right boy for me.  When I’ve been with those pumped-up Marines all day, and especially after I’ve gone through something like you just saw with Mark, you are exactly the boy I need.  I love you, kid … your cheeky face, your beautiful young body, your smile … even your chatter.  It calms me down, centers me, makes me realize what’s really important in my life.”

Eddie’s eyes opened wide.  “Really, sir?”

“Yeah really, kiddo.  And I admire your loyalty too, the way you didn’t run away, you stayed and watched your master get worked over by the cop.  That must have been painful to watch.”

“Yeah, it was, sir.  But I had Jamie with me – he’s a real good dude.”  He paused, wondering if he should go on.  “Er, can I confess something, sir?”

“Confess away, kid.”

“OK.  Like I said, it was tough to watch, but you know at the end when Mark was fucking you and you blasted your load across the sand.  Well, that was so hot that I … I kinda … creamed my shorts sir.”  Eddie grinned with a mix of embarrassment and mischief.  “I didn’t tell Jamie but I think he kinda knew.”

Hassan roared with laughter, “That’s my boy.  Man, I love you so much, Eddie.”  His finger was running the cleft between the boy’s pecs, then fondled his nipples.   “Your body’s in great shape.  You been working out more?”

“Yes, sir.  Darius has been training me in the gym.  He’s real tough but I need it ‘cos I slacken off sometimes.   You know, I think the senior boys kinda like me – I mean all of them – Jamie, Darius, Pablo, Nate, the twins.”

“Of course they do, boy.  What’s not to love?”

“The other guys too, the junior boys.  I’ve been there the longest so they think of me as sort of the senior junior boy.”

Hassan grinned.  “Well you play your cards right and pretty soon you’ll graduate from the senior junior to the junior senior boy.”  While Eddie furrowed his brow trying to work that one out Hassan continued, “Er, you know I just shot a massive load out there, but is there any chance the senior junior boy could make me hard again?  I sure would like to fuck him.”

“Duh,” Eddie said cheekily.  “Excuse me, sir, but that’s kind of a dumb question.  Consider it done, captain.”

Eddie pulled himself up on his knees and stroked the big, thick semi-hard dick.  He bent his head and licked the head lightly, then looked up and grinned, “So what do you think, sir?  Ten seconds … twelve?”

“You should know – you’re the tribe’s champion blow-job artist, kiddo.  So prove it.”  Hassan languidly reached back and linked his hands behind his head as he watched his boy go to work.

Eddie lowered his mouth over the huge shaft, swallowed hard and clenched his throat round the head deep in his throat – without gagging once.  All his remarkable skills combined to make the hunky Marine groan with pleasure and his full erection was almost instantaneous.  Eddie pulled off with a proud grin.  “Eight seconds, sir, tops.”

Hassan laughed, “You little fucker.  Get on your feet – now!”

“Sir, yes sir, captain,” Eddie said crisply.  He scrambled to his feet and stood, feet apart, hands clasped behind his back like a young Marine recruit reporting to his captain.  Hassan knew that story well and ran with it.

“Hmm, not bad,” the Marine said, stroking his cock.  “Maybe you’ll do for what I want.  Hell, I’m your captain so you’ll do whatever I say.  You ever had a man’s dick up your butt?”

“Sir, no sir,” the new recruit said smartly.

“Let’s see you naked, boy.”  Eddie dropped his shorts and his cock shot out stiff as a poker. 

“Hell, that’s some boner you got there.  What caused that?”

“You did, sir.”

“Ya don’t say.  Turn round.  Let’s see what kind of ass you got on you.”

Eddie obeyed and flexed his ass cheeks for the soldier’s benefit.  “Oh yeah, real sweet. That’s just the ass I need.  Assume the position, boy.”  Eddie bend down from the waist and grabbed his ankles, pushing his ass up high.  He was trying hard not to cum, as these Marine initiation fantasies they often played out were always a huge turn-on. 

Hassan stood up, squeezed the solid globes and slapped them a couple of times.  He walked round to the front and pulled the boy’s head up by the hair, bringing his face level with his rigid cock. “Trouble is, boy, this cock is real big for a first-time rookie, plus we got no lube.”  Eddie took a deep breath and spat a big gob of spit onto the head.  “That should do the trick, sir.”

Hassan had difficulty stifling a laugh but knew he had to stay in character.  “You really want it, don’t you, kid?   OK, brace yourself, boy.”  Hassan stood behind him and spread the spit over his cock.  He grabbed the boy’s hips … and drove his cock into the waiting ass.

“Aaagh!”  Eddie gave an exaggerated howl of pain, which he thought was a decent approximation of how a first-time rookie would react to his captain’s penetrating initiation.  But as the fuck proceeded Eddie was consumed by the sensation of Hassan’s cock pounding his ass and he couldn’t hold out.   Still holding his ankles he looked back over his shoulder and stared up at the homoerotic picture of the naked muscle-god Marine pounding his ass, his muscles flexing and gleaming under the hot sun.

“Sir,” Eddie moaned desperately, “I can’t … I’m sorry, sir, I … aaagh!”  This time there was no exaggeration and the howl was real as semen poured from his cock and splashed on his feet.”

“Did you fucking cum, boy?” Hassan barked.  “Did I say you could cum?  Fuck you … fuck you.”

Hassan suddenly leaned back and fell on his back on the blanket.  Still holding onto the boy’s hips he pulled him down on top of him, his cock still buried in his ass.   Eddie had landed sitting on the soldier’s cock with his back to him, but Hassan spun him around on his pole to face him. 

“Damn you boy, you disobeyed me.  You were gonna be my special boy in the platoon, my own fuck boy, but not anymore.  You shot your load before I got my rocks off so it’s game over, kid.”

“No, sir, please, sir.  I know I fucked up but I can do it again.  I can cum again … honest.  I’m a gusher, sir.  Let me ride your cock, sir, please.  I can make you cum too, sir.”

“Hmm, OK, punk, one last chance.  If you can make us both cum you’ll be my number one boy.”

“Thank you sir,” Eddie panted, his mind somewhere between the recruit/captain fantasy and the reality of pleasing his master Hassan, which he knew he could do.  He rose up on the soldier’s cock, high enough so he was able get on his knees astride his waist.  Just looking down at the brawny Marine – his exotic square-jawed features and his muscular body – was almost enough to make him cum again.  But he knew what he had to do.

Clasping his hands behind his back in a gesture of obedience he began to rise and fall on the long, thick shaft as Hassan moaned softly, ran his hands over his own chest, and tweaked his own nipples, getting off on his own body, a sight that made Eddie’s heart beat faster.  His skills sucking cock translated also to riding a man’s cock, knowing when to go deep and bring him to the edge of orgasm before taunting him by riding just the head in short, sharp movements.

Hassan looked up at his boy whose eager face, anxious to please, moved him with a wave of affection.  He teased, “No way you can cum again so soon, boy.”

“I can do anything for you, sir.  I can even make you cum when I want to.  See?”   He moved his ass up and down the long shaft, the same as he moved his mouth over it when he sucked it – the same teasing rhythm, bringing him close to his climax then denying him as he paused … and cranked up the pressure again.

“Shit, boy, you’re driving me crazy,” the captain said.  “My nuts are bursting.  Make me cum, boy.”   Eddie increased the speed again and Hassan almost shot his load but said, “No, I wanna see you cum first.  Let me help you.”  He reached up and squeezed Eddie’s nipples, gently at first but slowly increasing the pressure.

After a few minutes Eddie knew he couldn’t hold out any longer.  He grabbed his own cock and stroked it hard, raising his other hand high in the air as he rode the soldier’s long pole.  “Shit damn,” Hassan yelled, “that feels fucking incredible, kid.  Yeah, ride your captain’s big schlong, boy … make him bust his load in your ass.  Let me see you shoot, let me drink your fucking jizz … damn, I’m gonna cum … fuck … fuck, I’m gonna cum … aaagh!”

His cock exploded in the boy’s ass just as Eddie pumped his fist in the air like a triumphant cowboy and shot a stream of cum that splashed on the Marine’s chest and up to his open mouth.  Hassan swallowed his boy’s semen as his own juice pumped into his ass, until Eddie finally pulled up off the cock and fell forward onto his master’s mouth in a passionate kiss lubricated by the boy’s own cum.

Eddie pulled back and grinned, “Does that mean I’m the number one boy in the platoon, sir?”

“Kiddo, it means you’re my only boy, now and always.  Now do you believe me, my little gusher?  Come here.”  He pulled Eddie down beside him and wrapped his arms around him.  And that’s how they lay in the hollow in the dunes where the sounds were muted – the waves hissing onto shore, the breeze in the dune grass and even the cries of the seagulls wheeling high overhead.

And when the man and his boy closed their eyes and slept, even the seagulls departed, swooping away as if their leader had signaled, “OK, move along now – no more to see here.”


It was some time later that a voice said, “Well, will you look at that.  All jizzed out.”

Mark and Jamie had come in search of their friends and now stood at the top of the dune smiling down at the blissful pair.  Mark grinned at Jamie. “I think they’ve had the dunes to themselves long enough, don’t you?”  They scrambled down the soft sand of the dune and stood looking down at the naked pair.  As he slept, Eddie’s face wore an angelic smile, resting on the chest of the soldier whose arms wrapped round him.

“Aw,” Jamie said playfully, “don’t they look cute?”

“Yeah,” Mark chuckled.  “Never thought I’d use that word about the macho Marine captain, but you’re right.  He looks cute as a kitten.”

“Assholes,” Hassan growled, keeping his eyes closed but flashing a gleaming smile.  Eddie stirred and opened his eyes to see two pairs of legs in front of him.   “Hey, sir,” he murmured drowsily, “we’ve got company.”

“Yeah, but pay no attention, kid.  No one we know … just a stray cop and scruffy surfer punk.”

“Hey Jamie,” Mark protested, “we gonna stand here and take trash talk like that?”

 “Hell no.  Let’s get ‘em.”

They fell on the drowsy lovers and there followed a riotous tangle of limbs as the four of them rolled over the sand, with peals of laughter coming from Eddie.  Finally Mark scrambled to his knees and said, “Truce … pax … time for love not war.  And time to get cleaned up.  Last one in the water’s a pussy.”

They all jumped to their feet, scrambled up the dunes, then raced down to the surf and flung themselves in.  The horseplay continued, with greater joy and enthusiasm than ever.  Now they could truly relax, having all banished their demons – Jamie’s embarrassment at his impulsive outburst at work; Mark’s guilt at neglecting his boy; Eddie’s feelings of inadequacy for his master; and Hassan’s shame for his long-ago wartime torture of Mark.

They had all been hard on themselves but it was over.  The remaining wisps of clouds over them were burned off by the warm sun of reconciliation and from now on they could relax and have fun.

When they got back to the shack Mark said, “Don’t know about you guys, but I’m fucking starved.  Let’s go get a bite at the cantina in town.”  They pulled on shorts and T-shirts – at least three of them did.  Hassan said, “Hey Mark, you yanked off my shorts at the other shack and we left them there.  I got nothing to wear.”

Mark shrugged, “Guess you’ll just have to go like that.  Things are pretty casual around there so maybe they won’t refuse to serve a hunky Marine walking in buck naked.  What d’ya think, guys?”

“Won’t hear any complaint from me,” grinned a starry eyed Eddie.”

“On the other hand,” Jamie mused, “if he’s got no clothes on they won’t know he’s a Marine.  But when they see that huge schlong come through the door they’ll all want a piece of the action.  Let’s see here.  He went to the dresser where he kept plenty of old clothes from previous trips, and in a few minutes the soldier looked stunning in a pair of Jamie’s faded board shorts and a frayed T-shirt stretched over his muscular physique.”

“Hell,” Eddie said, “that looks even hotter than naked.   Maybe the captain and me will stay here and fuck … you two go on without us.”

Hassan clipped him round the ear.  “Any more talk like that, boy, and I’ll tie you to that doorframe out there and leave you here while we go eat.”

Eddie’s eyes sparkled.  “And punish me when you get back … sir?”

“I said zip it, kid.  Now get moving.”

“Aye-aye captain,” with the inevitable sloppy salute

And that was pretty much the happy-silly tone of the rest of their stay here.  On their last evening Hassan and Eddie gathered up the sex toys lying around – the collar, restrains, whip and ropes – and took them they back down the beach to Zack’s shack where they spent the night, giving Mark and Jamie their space to themselves to make love.

In the morning they all gathered on the porch for their last breakfast and discussed their plans for the trip to the desert, where Uncle Mike had invited them to spend the weekend with him and his boy Larry in their Palm Springs house.

Eddie gushed, “Can’t wait to see Tyler in the house where we first met. You know I became that kid’s first friend that time when he first dropped in on us at Uncle Mike’s house – I mean literally dropped in from his peeping-tom perch in the tree. And, boy, did he need my help when he became Pablo’s boy. I taught him how to suck dick and a whole bunch of other stuff.”

“It’ll be great to see Larry again, too,” Jamie said.  “We have a long history together but we haven’t kept in touch as much as we should.  I mean he pretty much stays out there all the time taking care of Mike’s house and helping him run his bar. We’ve got a lot to catch up on.”

Hassan looked at Mark who was sipping his coffee thoughtfully with a slightly puckered brow.  “Whassup, man?    Something on your mind?”

Mark frowned.  “Dunno really.  Just a hunch, but when I spoke to Mike on the phone he was excited about seeing us, but there was something in his voice … a kind of over-eager tone … like he really needed us to visit.   And when he mentioned Larry he faltered a bit.  Could’ve been just clearing his throat, though.  Maybe I’m imagining things.”

“Well we won’t have long to find out,” Hassan said.  “We’ll be there in a few hours.  Time to load up our gear, don’t you think?”

It didn’t take long for them to tidy up their place and load up the truck, under Eddie’s supervision, taking charge as – “the expert at housekeeping and a bunch of other things – including blowjobs,” he announced.  “Any takers?  It’s a long drive.”  Which brought another light smack round the head from Hassan. 

Jamie took a last, fond look at the shack and Mark said, “We’ll be back, buddy.  For sure.” 

And then they hit the road in a two-vehicle convoy, Mark and Jamie in Mark’s truck followed by the jeep with the Marine captain and his boy.

***********************************       ********************************

It was a long drive and it was with relief that they finally turned off the freeway onto Highway 111 to Mike’s house on the edge of Palm Springs, where their arrival naturally caused considerable excitement.  Pablo and his boy Tyler had already arrived and Tyler now raced out of the house and into the arms of his pal Eddie as he leapt from the jeep. 

As Tyler helped him unload his gear Eddie talked non-stop.  “Dude, so much to catch up on.  You will not believe …”   As it all poured out, the wide-eyed young Tyler hung on his every word, the only one of the tribe who could listen to Eddie’s stream-of-consciousness chatter from beginning to end – if there was an end.

Pablo came out and greeted Jamie by clasping his hand and pulling him into a macho shoulder bump.  Larry hung back looking rather bashful, Jamie thought, and he joined him with a long warm hug.  They chatted briefly and Larry said, “Lot to tell you, dude.  I need to share some … well, we’ll talk as soon as you’re settled, eh?”

Looking over the whole scene with an avuncular smile was their host Uncle Mike, looking fit and handsome even in his late fifties.  There were handshakes all round and the usual barely controlled chaos as they hauled their stuff inside and found their assigned rooms in the large house.

“I’m sure you guys would kill for a beer after that long drive,” Mike grinned.  “There’s plenty out by the pool so come out, kick back and relax for a while.”

Larry said, “I got work to do in the kitchen, guys so I’ll see you later.”  Eddie, still talking to Tyler, perked up.  “Hey, kiddo, let’s go and help Larry.  I know how it is to take care of a bunch of hungry guys and I’ve been getting cooking lessons from the twins so I’m pretty good at it.”

Tyler glanced at Pablo who grinned his approval, and Larry said, “Thanks, dudes, I could use the help.”  So the party split up – Larry and the two junior boys went to the kitchen, and out by the pool Mike sat with Mark and Hassan, and the senior boys Pablo and Jamie.

The men wound down after the drive and conversation flowed, first with a stream of questions from Mike.  They reassured him that, yes, everyone was just fine in L.A. – Randy was his usual alpha self, gruff and gorgeous; Bob was his usual calming influence along with his twins; Zack, Darius and Miguel were still the same hot threesome; and everyone else was doing just great – the Aussies Adam and Nate, and the fireman Jason and his gypsy boy Ben.

They filled him in on the goings on up at the Grady house and at Doctor Steve’s place and then Mark smiled, “But enough about us, Mike.  How about you?  Things going swimmingly with you, Larry, the bar and everything out here?”

“Sure, can’t complain,” Mike replied blandly.  “Pretty much same as always.”

But they could tell from his lack of enthusiasm that that was clearly not true.  They all knew and loved Mike as the solid, self-assured older man who had built a very comfortable life for himself out here as the owner of the most popular leather bar in the area.  He was always bright and cheerful, the rock on which others depended.  Mike was the only one who ever called Randy ‘boy’ and Randy looked up to him with huge respect.

But this was not that Mike.  Now he looked weary somehow, his shoulders hunched, with almost a defeated look in his eye.  It was Mark who broached the subject and said what they were all thinking.  “You OK, Mike?  You seem a bit …deflated somehow.”

What?  No, I’m fine, like I said.  I … I … oh shit, who am I kidding?  Guys, I am so glad you’re here.  I really needed to see to … to unload on my buddies, I guess.  See, you know how crazy I am about Larry … he’s made me feel young again and we were both great together.”

“Were?” Mark frowned.

“Yeah.  Thing is … I think Larry’s gonna leave me.”

“Bullshit,” Hassan said.  “We’ve seen you two together and there’s no way that boy …”

“No … no let me finish, buddy.  See, when we first met I was surprised that a hot young guy like him would find me sexy.  I thought at first he might be a gold-digger, you know, out to find a rich guy to keep him.  But when we started to have sex I came to realize that he was genuine, the real thing.  So I took the plunge and asked Larry to come out here and live with me.”

“And it worked just great,” Pablo said.  “We could all see that, and Randy said so too, and he’s never wrong about stuff like that.”

“Yeah, and he was right.   We’ve had a terrific time together but … well in the last few weeks I’ve noticed a restlessness in Larry.  You know, out here in the desert you can get what might be called island fever, stuck out here in a small world … and it is a small world here.  Oh I know Larry loves me but right from the start I’ve been nervous that he might one day leave me for a younger guy, a guy his own age.”

Mike choked up.  “And now I think it’s happened.  There’s a hot young guy called Franco, same age as Larry, who’s been hanging round the bar a lot.  Nice young guy, I like him … and so does Larry – more than like him.  At first I thought it was good for Larry to have a buddy his own age until … until Larry and him had sex … they made love.”

“How did you find out?” Mark asked.

“Larry told me.  He has always been totally honest with me and he came to me and told me face to face.  He closed the bar on his own one night and Franco was still there so Larry went home with him and – that’s when it happened.”

“And … what?   What else did he say?”

“Not much, except that he’s confused, says it’s like he’s walking in the dark, he don’t trust himself anymore.  Says he loves me as much as ever but he liked having sex with Franco and it’s thrown him for a loop.  It’s thrown me for a loop too.  I’m sure he’s gonna leave me, guys.  Dammit, how can I, a guy pushing sixty, compete with a hot young stud of 23?”

Mark put his hand on Mike’s.  “Hey, don’t you think you’re jumping the gun a bit, Mike?  I mean, it just happened – one time.  Maybe Larry does like this kid, a guy his own age, but you’re projecting that into him leaving you. That’s a bit of a stretch, buddy … kinda paranoid don’t ya think?”

Suddenly Pablo stood up and clenched his fists.  “It’s the other guy’s fault, trying to break you two up.  I’ve seen assholes like him before.  Don’t worry, Mike.   Tell me where this guy lives and I’ll sort him out real fast.”

Mike chuckled.  “That’s exactly how Randy would react, Pablo.  You really are a chip off the old block.  Thanks, kid, but ‘sorting out’ Franco is not the answer.

Pablo sat down, a bit deflated, then Jamie spoke up.  “Mike, Larry and I go back a long way as you know.  I knew him when we were running wild like skinheads, long before I barged in on the tribe and Mark, er, sorted me out,” he grinned.   “Would you mind if I spoke to him?   Maybe I can find out what’s at the bottom of this … get a sense of how he’s really feeling.  I think Larry would confide in me.”

Mike looked searchingly at Jamie and said, “I guess it couldn’t hurt.  Thanks Jamie.  If it’s OK with Mark, I say go for it.”

Mark nodded.  “I think it’s a great idea.  Jamie, you know how much I love and admire you.  If anyone can get through to the boy you can.”

“Just one thing,” Mike said.  “Things like this can get complicated, nasty, even, with a lot of mud being slung around.  Opinionated young bucks like Larry, Jamie and Pablo can easily clash.  I don’t want to see anyone get hurt.”

Mark smiled, “Mike, nobody’s gonna get hurt.  I’ll take care of that.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 397

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