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The macho young fireman Jason, shell-shocked from fighting the wildfires, has mistreated his boy Ben and needs to make amends.  Tied naked to the bed he says, “Give it to me, boy.  I need it.  That’s an order.”   Then he takes Ben and his buddy Will to a shack in the dunes to relax and recover.  As he sleeps on the beach both boys work on him together and give the sleeping fireman a wild wet dream.


In the previous chapter

After fighting the brutal California wildfires for over two weeks, handsome young fireman Jason had come home trauma-shocked.  Confused and withdrawn he was unable to resume a normal life in the tribe with his boy Ben.

Distraught at Jason’s rejection of him Ben sought solace in his best friend Will, the young freckle-faced chef in the tribe, who reassured and comforted him by making love to him. 

Things came to a head when three other uniformed men in the tribe – the cop Mark, forest ranger Pete and airline crewman Adam – met with Jason in a show of support and lightened the mood by shedding their uniforms in a game of strip poker.  But things went wrong when Adam was the winner and Jason offered Ben’s ass to him as a prize.

It was a bad mistake.  Watching his own boy get fucked by his gym buddy pushed Jason over the edge.  He railed at Ben and shoved Will to the ground when Will tried to defend his friend.  The fireman stormed into the house and the anxious boys followed him.

They found him sitting at the kitchen table, bent forward, his head buried in his arms, his body heaving with sobs.  Ben sat beside him and put his arm over the fireman’s shoulder.  When his sobs subsided Jason raised a tear-stained face to Ben who licked away his tears and kissed him gently.  Jason reacted by kissing Ben passionately.  “Don’t leave me, Ben.  Please don’t leave me.”

Ben’s eyes opened wide.  “I’m not going anywhere, sir.  I love you.  You’re my hero. I’m your boy.”  Jason managed a watery smile. “Kid, all that stuff I said out there to you and Will.  I didn’t mean it, any of it.  Let me try to explain if I can. 

“Those fires up the coast were worse than any of us had ever experienced.  When you’re in the thick of it all you can think about is saving lives, and getting your buddies out alive too.  I, er, haven’t told anyone this but … my buddy Chuck … we’ve worked together a long time.  We got in a bad spot and he inhaled a lot of smoke.  I got him to an ambulance and they did their best but … he didn’t make it, Ben.  He’s gone.”

Ben wrapped his arms round Jason and held on for a long time.  When Jason pulled away he frowned.  “See, kid, it’s two totally different worlds.  Out there it was all us firefighters together, and when I got home and saw all you guys getting on with your lives, I felt like a stranger … I kinda clammed up, folded into myself.  And the last person I wanted to load up with all my troubles was you, Ben.  That’s why I turned my back on you, pushed you away.

“Things got so fucked up in my mind I couldn’t think straight.  And when Adam won that stupid game I blurted out that he should fuck you.  I don’t know why I said it … maybe to put more space between you and me, to protect you from my craziness.  Watching you and Adam was tough but maybe I thought that if I piled on the pain it would all get so bad it would be unbearable and go away – some cockamamie idea like that.”

“And in a crazy way it worked.  When I saw you and Adam together I got so mad that I lost it and took it out on you and your buddy Will.   Then the dam burst.  I knew I couldn’t take any more, so I came in here and … it all flooded out.  Ben, I’m so glad you stuck around, and you’re here now.  I love you kiddo.  I never stopped.  Can you forgive me?”

“Sir,” Ben said, “would you like to come to bed with me now?”   As they got up to leave Jason said to Will, “I’m so sorry I hurt you, Will.  You been so good to Ben.  Will you come up and sit with us a while and let me apologize before Ben and me go to sleep?  I won’t keep you long.”

But word of all the trouble had reached Randy, the fiery gypsy boss of the tribe.  Fiercely protective of his kid brother Ben he had raced to Jason’s house and bounded up the stairs. But Will faced him at the bedroom door. “Everything’s OK, sir.  Jason and Ben are fine, they’re in bed and just want to be left alone.  Ben’s had a bad time but it’s all over and he’s safe now.”

“The mother-fucker hurt my kid brother,” Randy growled menacingly.  “Anyone messes with my family messes with me.  Out of my way, kid.”  But Will blocked the door by stretching his arms wide and bracing his hands against the doorframe.  He said defiantly, “Sorry sir.  To get to them you have to come though me first.”

Randy stared at the determined freckle-faced boy with his shock of tousled red hair … and the big man was stunned.  Randy had beaten up plenty of guys in his time and busted his way through a gang of thugs but … but he didn’t know how to get past this boy without hurting him.

Will didn’t flinch as he barred the door, nervous but resolute.  Despite the tension Randy stifled a smile as he gazed at the young redhead doing his best to look fierce.  And his anger dissolved.   He looked over Will’s shoulder and shouted, “Ben, are you OK in there?”

“Yeah, I’m good, sir … very, very good actually.  Thank you for coming sir, but I’m just fine.”

Randy hesitated, then grunted at Will, “Fuck you, boy.”

Will relaxed, lowered his arms and smiled, “Thank you, sir.”  He had been told by Bob that when Randy said ‘fuck you’ like that it was his way of backing down.   And Randy knew Will knew that.  “Kid, you’ve been spending too much time around Bob,” he grinned.  He grabbed Will by the waist, picked him up off the ground and kissed him hard. 

He put him down and ruffled his hair.  “Damn, I love you, Red.  Tough, just like me at your age.   Thanks for taking care of my little brother, kid.”  And he stomped back downstairs.

Just before Will left, Jason said, “Will, thanks for everything.  Listen, I was thinking.  I’ve got a week off now, and some time ago Mark offered me the use of his shack up the coast in the dunes.  How about I take you two up there and we can hang out together on the beach, do some surfing, just chill out and let all this bullshit wash off us.  How’s that sound?”

Ben’s eyes sparkled and Will said, “Sounds great, sir, if you don’t think three would be a crowd.”

“Nah … Oh sure, Ben and me have got a lot of lost time to make up and we’re gonna start on that right now.   But it’ll be fun with you up there, eh Ben?  And don’t think we’re only asking you for your cooking skills and your rhubarb pie,” Jason chuckled.

“Mmm … all that and rhubarb pie,” Ben grinned.  “I think I just died and went to heaven.”

*********************   CHAPTER 450    *********************

Alone At Last.

After Will left the house with Mark, Pete and Adam, Jason said, “So it’s just you and me, Ben, at last.  Just like old times.”

Ben winced.  “Old times, sir?”

“Don’t worry, I mean the good old times, before all the crap I put you through the last few weeks.  I behaved like a real shit to you and just left you worrying here all alone.  I should have called you but there was no cell reception in the wilds up there, and anyway …”

“Sir, I don’t care about all that now.  Anyway, when you weren’t here I still had your picture in the fireman’s calendar to jerk off over.  Er, you said something about making up for lost time?”

“You’re right, Ben – live for the present, don’t dwell on the past.  OK, what did you miss most?”

“Making love to you, sir,” Ben smiled brightly. 

“And specifically?”

“Looking at you while you fucked me.”

They were lying on the bed still dressed – Ben in his usual shorts and T-shirt, Jason in his uniform pants and boots but shirtless after the strip poker game.  “OK, kid, let me see what I’ve been missing.  Get naked.”

Ben grinned and jumped off the bed.  He had learned from Jason the art of flaunting his body which Jason did so expertly.   He turned his back to Jason, bent down and slowly unlaced his sneakers, thrusting his perfect butt upward, his shorts stretched tight over it.  He pulled off his sneakers then straightened up and unbuttoned his shorts. 

Jason was loving the show and shouted teasingly, “Take it off … take it all off.”   Keeping his back to Jason Ben giggled and pushed his shorts down over his ass.  “Damn that gypsy butt is cute.  Lose the shorts, kid.”

Ben let them drop and the bottom of his T-shirt hung tantalizingly halfway down the bulge of the white globes.  He turned around and Jason inhaled sharply as he saw the bottom of his shirt hooked over Ben’s dick standing out like a pole.

“Damn you’re beautiful, boy.  I’ll confess something.  Up there in the fires we got breaks for a few hours’ sleep, but all that racing adrenaline made it hard to sleep even though I was exhausted.  So I thought of you half naked like that and secretly jacked off.  Then I slept.”

Suddenly Ben realized that what he was doing now was not just fun, it was important to help his master heal.  He pulled off his shirt and stood naked smiling down at the fireman.  “Well I’m here for you now, sir.  It’s really me – in the flesh.”

Shirtless in his dark blue uniform pants the young blond fireman looked stunning, especially when he raised his arms and linked his hands behind his head.   His biceps flexed and his handsome face broke into a smile.  “So come and take care of your master, kiddo.”

Ben knelt at the foot of the bed, pulled off Jason’s heavy boots and socks, and kissed his feet.  Then he knelt beside him and licked the solid muscles of his pecs and eight-pack abs.  He unbuckled Jason’s belt, slid it out of the belt loops and laid it across his chest.  Then he pulled Jason’s pants and shorts down, his long thick shaft sprang free.  The fireman lay naked on the bed, arms bent, hands behind his head.

Ben thought his master had never looked more beautiful than he did now, and the sight of the black belt lying across his chest strangely excited him in a way he didn’t understand.  Jason saw the glint in Ben’s eyes and said, “Boy, before we make love there’s something I have to do.  It might seem strange to you and hard to do, but I need it. 

“I need to make amends to you, kid.  Oh, I know I made excuses for the way I behaved to you and most guys would consider them valid excuses with all the trauma of the fires.  But this is just between me and you, my beautiful gypsy boy who I neglected and hurt so bad.  I’ve been an arrogant prick and I have to purge myself of the shame I feel so we can start over.”

Ben frowned, unsure what he meant.  But then Jason stretched his arms up to the bedposts and grabbed the ropes that were always tied there.  Ben stared at him, stared at the belt lying across his chest … and then he knew.  He knew what Jason wanted.


The Master Submits

A minute later he stared down at the naked fireman lying on the bed his arms stretched up, wrists tied to the bedpost.  Conflicting thoughts rushed thought the boy’s mind – surprise, lust, confusion, wariness.  He had instinctively read the desire in Jason’s eyes and used the ropes to tie his wrists, but now he stood back and gazed down nervously at the homoerotic sight.

He had expected Jason to make amends by making love to him, but this … this came out of the blue.  It was a tradition in the tribe that a man got punished for mistreating a boy, but all Ben had wanted was for Jason to love him again.  But Jason had said he needed to make amends, to purge his guilt, and Ben had to give his master what he wanted.

His eyes focused on the black leather belt lying across Jason’s chest and he knew this is how Jason wanted to be punished.  But Ben hesitated.  Could he do it?  Could he do this to his own master, his hero, the man he loved?

Hesitantly he reached down, grabbed the belt and pulled it off his chest.  He held it dangling at his side and Jason saw his reluctance.  “Do it boy.  I need it.  That’s an order.”

Ben raised the belt and slapped it lightly across his chest. “Fuck you, boy.  I said do it!”

That harsh tone made Ben flash on the callousness Jason had shown to him in recent weeks that had hurt him and made him so unhappy.  Something snapped in him as he remembered the harsh way Jason had treated him. He raised the belt and lashed it across Jason’s chest. 

The fireman yelled, his body writhed and he pulled helplessly at his bound wrists.  The naked, suffering muscle-jock tied to the bed getting whipped was a pornographic fantasy that drove away Ben’s inhibitions and he lashed again and again. His stiff cock dripped pre-cum as he stared down at the fireman, his handsome face grimacing in pain, thrashing from side to side.

“Harder, boy,” he yelled. “Give it to me … all of it.”

In a confusion of lust, revenge and homoerotic fantasy Ben lost all restraint and watched red welts appear on the fireman’s chest and abs as he lashed harder and harder.  Jason’s howls of pain only plunged Ben deeper into the fantasy of the handsome captive struggling in bondage, pulling frantically at the ropes in a hopeless effort to escape the lashes of the belt.

This was the same young blond fireman that everyone lusted after, the gym-jock who got off on his own mirror reflection.  It was the macho guy in the calendar that all the boys had jerked off over, the man who had chosen Ben for his boy, the man Ben loved, worshipped.  He loved him, he loved him … and suddenly that single thought broke through his confusion and jerked him back to reality.

He became aware that tears were pouring down his face, and his arms fell to his sides, still holding the belt.  He tossed away in contempt and sobbed, “Sir, I can’t … I can’t hurt you … I love you, sir.  I don’t care about the past, I love you … I love you.”  He fell to his knees beside the bed and gently licked Jason’s chest and abs, tracing the red welts with his tongue.

Jason’s heavy breathing subsided and Ben made a move to untie his wrists, but Jason said, “No don’t, not yet Ben.  I’m sorry I made you do that, boy, but I needed it so bad.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, sir.  You’re my hero.  All I wanted to do was make love to you.”

“And you can, Ben, and still help me make amends to you.”

Ben frowned. “Sir, I don’t understand, I don’t see how I …”

“Fuck me, Ben.  Fuck your master.  You can punish me and make love to me at the same time.  I need your forgiveness, kiddo.  And this is the way.”

Ben was stunned.  He dimly recalled having fucked Jason in the distant past but …  But yes, it felt right.  This was his way of obeying his master while proving his love for him.   He eased himself on the bed between Jason’s legs and Jason smiled up at him.  “So, the boy is master of the man.   I’m all yours, Ben.  My ass is all yours.  Help me make amends to you.” 

Ben pushed Jason’s legs back and leaned forward and planted his palms on the solid bulge of his pecs.  The tip of his cock was touching Jason’s ass and with no effort he felt it sliding inside him – inside the naked fireman tied to the bed. 

It was an electrifying sensation.  He was fucking the very man whose picture he had first seen in a calendar, had drooled over, cum over.  But this was not the image of a distant unattainable sex symbol.  This was Jason, his master, the man who had chosen him and loved him.  And he was actually inside him!”

As his cock slid into the warms depths of his ass Ben struggled to believe that this was all real and not some half-waking erotic fantasy.  As he fucked gently he narrowed his eyes, seeing only the blurred image of a bound unidentified man.  He slowly opened his eyes and watched the contours of the fireman’s magnificent body and handsome face come into focus.  It was Jason, it really was, his master – he was fucking his master! 

Jason smiled up at the swarthy young gypsy with the pale blue eyes, so much like his big brother Randy.  He still couldn’t believe how much he had neglected and hurt the boy, but being bound at the mercy of his own boy, offering his ass to him, was a symbol of his remorse.  “I love you Ben, you’re my beautiful boy, and I need your forgiveness.  You know how to do that, Ben … please, show me you still love me.”

Yes, Ben knew how to do that.  He shifted his hands from Jason’s chest to his arms and pinned his biceps to the bed.  He would show him he loved him … he would show him he forgave him, though there was nothing to forgive.  He had never been so turned on by Jason as he was now.  He gazed into his eyes and his cock pistoned harder and faster in his master’s ass.

Jason strained against the ropes binding him, staring up at the wild young gypsy, shaggy black hair falling over his face, muscles rippling in his sinewy body.  “I love you, boy … I fucking love you.  Let me feel my boy’s jizz in my ass.  Forgive me, kid … fuck me … yeah!”  Ben shuddered, tensed, and howled as his cock erupted deep inside his master’s ass. 

Their breath heaving they gazed at each other with a passion that had reached a whole new level.  Ben quickly untied Jason’s wrists and fell on him, kissing him tenderly while his cock drained inside him.

Jason wrapped his arms round him and held him tight, each feeling the other’s heart thumping in his chest.  As their breathing subsided Ben said, “Sir, did you cum, sir?”

“Of course not, kiddo.  You know there’s only one way I’m gonna bust my nuts.”

Ben grinned.  “In my ass, sir?”

“It’s called payback time, kid.  A boy ties up his master and reams his ass there’s a price to pay. Do I look like the kind of guy who gets topped by his boy without fighting back?  Man, you are gonna get so fucking fucked – over and over again.”

Ben’s eyes sparkled.  “Oooh, I’m ever scared, sir.”

“Like hell you are, kid.  I told you, we got a lot of time to make up – even if it takes all night.”


Will Faces The Music

Meanwhile, young Will was nervous.  After he had left Jason and Ben alone and was driving back to the tribe’s compound his first emotion was huge pleasure that his friend Ben was back in bed with Jason and they were making their peace.  But when he turned his attention to himself the full enormity of what he had done hit him. 

He had defied Randy, the tough boss of the tribe.  He had barred the door to him, blocked him from seeing his own little brother.  He blushed as his own words came back to haunt him – “Sorry sir.  To get to them you have to come though me first.” 

What was he thinking?  It was amazing he had escaped a beating from the big gypsy who was always so quick to anger.  Instead Randy had ruffled his hair and said he loved him.  But that was then.  When word got around about the incident, as of course it would, Randy couldn’t lose face like that, being defied by the junior boy of the tribe, and his anger would flare. 

Only one thing to do.  He had to pluck up his courage and face him man to man – or rather man to boy.   He wanted to talk to the twins first, but when he arrived at the house and went to the kitchen Kyle and Kevin were not there.  They had left a message scrawled on the whiteboard.  “We’re over at Bob and Randy’s.  Come join us.”

They might as well have added, “… and face the music …” ‘cos that’s what they meant.  Will took a deep breath and steeled himself for his fate.  He walked across the garden to the house the leaders shared and went upstairs to their bedroom. 

He was still wearing the green apron he had worn at Jason’s and, oddly, pulled his chef’s out of his pocket and put it on.  It was his work uniform and Will subconsciously thought that it gave him a look of authority.  He tapped nervously at the door and went in.

They were having late night drinks.  Bob was sitting on a couch with the twins and Randy was sprawled in a chair.   “Hello, William,” Bob said.  “Everything OK now with Jason and Ben?”

“Yes thank you, sir, they’re just fine.”

Randy looked up at him.  “So, boy, what have you …?”

“Sir, before you say anymore I want to apologize.”  His words tumbled out in a rush.  “What I did when you arrived at Jason’s house was way out of line.  I should never have blocked the door and spoken to you the way I did.  I mean, you’re the boss of the tribe and I’m just a junior chef.”

“Look, kid …”

“No please let me explain, sir.  I was trying to take care of Ben and things were starting to go well – they were on the bed together.  But I thought when you arrived there would be a big fight and everything would get messed up.  I mean, you know how you are, sir.”  He winced, “Oh no, sorry sir … I didn’t mean to say that … it came out all wrong. 

“Anyway, I know that’s not a good excuse … there is no excuse for the way I defied you and I know I’ll get punished.  All I can say is … I’m sorry, sir.”  He winced as he trailed off helplessly, straightened his hat over his tangled red hair and nervously smoothed down his apron.

Randy pulled himself to his feet, towered over the fidgety boy and stared into his freckled face.  Will looked up at the big boss and braced for what came next.  There was a tense silence … and Randy’s face creased in a smile that quickly became a roaring laugh.  “You are priceless, Red, you know that.  Come here …”  Will walked forward, Randy spread his arms wide and wrapped them tight round the surprised boy.

Randy kissed him hard on the lips, then pulled back, held him at arm’s length and smiled at him.  “Listen up, Red.  I’m not mad at you, far from it.  I gotta thank you for taking care of my kid brother.  I’ve had the whole story now and I know how you stood by him while he was going through that shit with Jason.  You were a real pal to him, solid as a rock.

“As for the fireman, he’s a fucking hero, the way him and his guys put their lives on the line fighting those damn fires.  I hear that he lost one of his buddies so of course he was shell-shocked and distant when he got back to civilization.

“From what I hear you stood up to him too and spoke up for Ben.  And it’s mostly thanks to you that Jason finally broke down and made his peace with Ben.  As for me, charging in like a raging bull, you’re damn right about that too.  If I’d got into that bedroom I’d have probably beaten up Jason and terrified Ben. It was only you standing there, Red, that avoided a shit load of trouble.”

“Thank you, sir,” Will said.

“Tell me one thing, kid.  Did you really think you could stop me?  What would you have done if I’d shoved you out of the way?”

“Oh, I was bluffing, sir.  I’d have caved.  I knew there was nothing I could do if you got physical.” 

“But that’s where you’re wrong, Red.  I’m a hell of a lot bigger and stronger than you but I’ve seen smaller guys bring down a bully like me.  See, the bully’s blinded by anger so you just stick your leg out and trip him up.  And when he’s on the ground you kick him in the balls, hard as you can.  We’ll practice it next time I get you in the gym – well, except for the kicking in the balls bit.  I’ll fuck you instead, OK?”   Randy grinned to the twins.  “OK with you guys?”

“Whatever you say, sir,” Kyle grinned.  “Come here, kiddo.”  They threw their arms round him in a group hug and Kevin said, “We’re so proud of you, Will – proud that you’re our boy.”
“That goes for me too, William.”  Will turned to face Bob who also hugged him.  “You’re actions were an example to the whole tribe.  And I take my hat off to anyone who can get the better of this big lug.  I’ve been trying to do it for years.  And talking of hats, why don’t you take yours off, and your apron and join us in a last drink?

Randy reached out, whisked off the chef’s hat and ruffled Will’s hair.  Will pulled off his apron and sat on the couch between the twins, feeling happier than he had ever been.  They drank and chatted a bit more until it was time for bed. 

But Randy frowned.  “There’s just one thing bother’s me.  I mean, this kid is kinda scary, the way he stood up to me.  I won’t feel safe at night with him on the loose so I want him under strict supervision.  Kyle, Kevin, he’s your boy and your responsibility, so I want him in your room tonight and don’t let him out of your sight.  Tie him down if necessary.  Think you can do that?”

The twins looked at each other and Kevin said, “Hmm, thing is, sir, Kyle and me are kinda in a horny mood.  We planned on fucking a lot.”

“Hell, ain’t you guys got no imagination?  So fuck the boy.  That’s what boys are for, to get fucked by their masters.  The kid’s got a real sweet ass – and I speak from experience.”

“That’s all well and good, sir,” Kyle said, “but we have a rule never to force Will to do anything he don’t want to.  So, Will, Randy wants you to sleep with us all night, which means that when Kev and me make love you’d kinda get caught in the crossfire and get your ass fucked – a lot.  But of course, if you don’t want that …”

“Seriously, sir?  You can ask me a question like that?”  Then he saw the exchange of smiles between the four men and blushed.  “You’re playing with me, aren’t you, sirs?   I can’t never tell when you’re teasing.”

“Dammit, Red, for a kid who’s quick on his feet putting me in my place you can be slow on the uptake sometimes.  Something else we gotta work on, you and me.”

“OK,” Will smiled.  “You’re the boss, sir.”

“Really?” Randy grinned.  “Sometime I wonder …”


Will Clears His Schedule

Will’s dog Norman lay in his basket and kept one eye open watching the action on the bed, his master sandwiched between the guys who looked exactly alike.  Norman was always puzzled by what the three boys were doing – all he could tell was that there was a lot of action, a lot of limbs and a lot of heavy breathing.  But he always sensed his master’s joy and shared it, so it was with a contended sigh that Norman eventually closed both eyes and fell asleep.

After so much heavy action they all slept soundly and Will had no trouble waking up early, ready for work.  He slid out of bed, went to the kitchen in the apartment he shared with the twins, and made coffee.  “Rise and shine, sirs,” he said cheerily and placed the tray of coffee and warm croissants on the bed.  “And thank you for last night.”

Kyle rubbed his eyes and grinned.  “Ah, just following the big boss’s orders, Will.  Couldn’t have you wandering around in the night and beating up on Randy again.”

“Take no notice, Will.  My silly brother is just kidding.”

“I knew that, sir.  I’m not always so clueless.”

They showered together and went down to the main kitchen to start on the buffet breakfast they always prepared for all the guys in the house.  As they worked Kyle said, “We hear that you’ll be going away for a few days.  Jason has invited you to go with him and Ben up the coast to Mark’s beach shack in the dunes.  Sounds exciting.”

“It would have been, sir, but I can’t go.  See?”  He pointed to the whiteboard.  “I got a gig on Saturday, helping Tommy cook lunch for Steve and Lloyd and two of their buddies.”

The twins glanced at each other in that wordless communication they had perfected and Kevin went to the whiteboard.  “We can soon take care of that.”  He wrote beside the date, ‘Twins to sub for Will.’  We can easily do the gig, kiddo, and clear your schedule.  Saturday’s a slow day here so we’d love to go up there and work with Tommy.”

“And maybe work on him afterwards,” Kyle grinned.

“Really, sir?” Will asked.  “I hadn’t asked you for the time off ‘cos I knew I had to work.”

“Listen Will,” Kevin said.  “This will be a big break for Jason, time for him to heal after the fires, and we know he would like to thank you for helping him and Ben get back together.  You can’t disappoint them.  And you’ll have a blast with your best friend Ben.”

“Well, if you say it’s OK, sirs.  I already made up the menu for Steve’s lunch and bought some of the stuff, so …”

“So it’s settled,” Kyle said firmly.  “It’ll be good for you to get away for a few days.  Go have fun.”

Will broke the good news to Ben who was already in high spirits.  He and Jason certainly were making up for lost time, spending a lot of time in bed, then working out together in Jason’s patio gym.  The workout consisted mostly of Ben watching and hero-worshipping the muscle-jock fireman as he perfected his already perfect physique. 

Ben, plus Jason, plus a mirror made for a perfect combination.  There was something about Jason getting off on himself in the mirror that excited Ben.  Which turned on Jason even more, knowing that Ben was admiring him admiring himself.  And of course when the sweaty jock finished he was horny and his boy was right there to satisfy his carnal needs.  Ben would sure have a lot to tell his buddy Will.  He couldn’t wait.


Road-Trip Tales

Next morning saw the noisy send-off.   They were going in Jason’s big truck with plenty of space in the back for three surfboards.  It promised to be a hot day so they were all wearing board shorts – Jason shirtless, Ben in a tank top and Will wearing his favorite T-shirt. Randy had given him one of his own old T’s, which was far too big for Will and hung loosely over his frame.  

The twins were taking care of Norman while Will was gone, and while they helped the two boys excitedly load all their gear and supplies Randy and Bob pulled Jason aside.  “Man,” Randy said, “you know how I admire guys who are strong and tough, and I gotta say that the stuff you went through in those wildfires makes you a fucking hero in my eyes. 

“I don’t often admit I was wrong, but I was way out of line thinking you had neglected my little brother.  Hell, who wouldn’t have been remote and shell-shocked after battling that inferno!  The tribe’s duty is to close ranks round one of its own who’s hurting and support him, not beat up on him as I was gonna do till young Will stopped me. Dammit, Jason, you are one hell of a guy and I’m glad that Ben is your boy.”

Randy gave him a bear hug, then Bob shook his hand warmly.  “The whole tribe is proud of you, Jason.  Anything we can do to help, you just have to say the word.  And Doctor Steve is always there, you know.”

“Thanks guys.  Yeah, I might go see Steve when we get back.  It’s still tough trying to get my mind round the loss of our buddy out there and I still get flashbacks.  But seriously, coming home to all you guys helps more than any therapist can.  And especially having my boy Ben in my bed.  I love that kid, and I promise, guys, I’ll take good care of him and Will for you.”

Bob chuckled.  “I have a feeling it’s you who’ll be taken care of by those boys, which is as it should be.”

“Trouble is, Bob, like most firefighters the hardest thing I have to deal with is to accept help from other people because for so long I’ve been the one helping people.  It’s my job.”

“Well, just wait and see what the boys have to say about that,” Bob smiled.

Just before they left Eddie came skidding out to them.  “Couldn’t let you guys leave without saying goodbye.  And guess what!  Tomorrow Hassan has to go up to a meeting at Vandenberg Air Force base.  It’s only twenty minutes up the highway from the dunes so he’s gonna drop me off at Zack’s shack, then come back later to join me there.  So we’ll be neighbors, dudes.”

With that prospect ringing in their ears they finally took off.  On the truck’s front bench seat Ben sat proudly in the middle with his master Jason on one side driving, and his best pal Will on the other by the window.  They were all feeling good as they drove north on the coast road with the ocean sparkling on their left.  As the miles sped by Jason finally began the healing process and left the memory of the fires mostly behind him.  The news that the fires were now almost fully contained certainly helped.
He smiled as the boys chatted amiably beside him and for a while he was content to just concentrate on the road and let their words flow over him.  But then he saw a sign for a turnoff and said, “Hey, kids, you know what this is?  Whenever Mark brings Jamie up here this is where they turn off and drive into the sage brush.  Mark stops the truck, they get out, he pulls down the tailgate and lifts Jamie onto it.  He throws the boy’s legs in the air and fucks him.” 

He looked at them and they grinned expectantly.  “Nah,” Jason said.  “Not this trip.  Let’s keep going.  I need to just chill on the beach.”  After a few minutes he added, “Damn hot, though, the macho cop fucking the blond surfer on the truck in the middle of nowhere.”  The boys looked out the window and their dicks got hard in their shorts as they pictured the pornographic image. “It’s become part of the tribe’s folklore,” Jason said.  “Damn there are so many stories.’

Their minds began turning over their own stories and Will asked Jason, “Sir, how did you get to hook up with the tribe?”

“Oh, that’s one of the hot stories, Will, in more ways than one.  It was all because of the twins.  One day they decided to cook outdoors and unwisely set up the barbecue under a tree.  The leaves on the lower branches caught fire and sparks caught the surrounding brush alight.  They called us in a panic and we got there soon enough to contain it as a small brush fire. 

“When we had it out the crew left me here to dampen down hot spots.  It was blazing hot so as I walked around I took off my shirt and that’s when the twins gasped.  Seeing me stripped to the waist they recognized me from the August page of that fireman’s calendar.”

Again Jason had sent their pulses racing and the boys instinctively reached over and rubbed each other’s bulges as he continued his story.  “The twins offered me a beer and I realized how gorgeous they were.  I told them to take off their shirts and when I saw their bodies, damn, we were off to the races.  I asked if they wanted some action and unzipped my uniform pants.”

In the truck Ben and Will were so turned on they did likewise.  They unlaced each other’s shorts, pulled out their cocks and stroked each other as Jason went on painting his erotic picture. 

“In no time the twins were on their knees taking turns to wrap their mouths round my cock, driving me crazy.”  Jason reached over, pulled Ben’s left hand toward him and put it on his bulge.  “Of course it didn’t stop there.  Soon I was staring at their flawless identical butts debating which to fuck first.  Man that was a trip.  Imagine – a shirtless fireman, streaked with sweat and dirt, fucking identical twins one after the other.”

Ben sure was imagining it as he unlaced Jason’s board shorts and wrapped his hand round Jason’s cock on his left and Will’s on his right.

“Man did I pound ass that day.  But I had just shot my load in Kevin’s ass when everything suddenly ground to a halt ‘cos a cop showed up.  It was Mark and he went apeshit seeing me fuck the boys of the man he loved, Bob.   He handcuffed the twins to a tree then ripped off his shirt and came for me.  We got in a major knock-down drag-out fight.  Damn, Darius should a’ been there to film that, a bare-chested cop and fireman wrestling on the ground.”

Ben was so turned on by the thought that he pounded both cocks harder while Will jerked Ben’s. 

“Finally Mark had me pinned and we stared at each other. Up to then I was strictly a top man but as I looked up at that Greek-God face I knew what was gonna happen.  For the first time I felt a cock in my ass as the cop slammed his into me.  It hurt like crazy and he pounded me good but as I looked in his eyes I wanted it – I craved the cop’s rod in my ass.  It was making me cum … I felt his jizz streaming in my ass and I screamed as my own cock erupted in the most spectacular orgasm I had ever had … aaagh!” 

The triple shouts of Jason and the boys filled the cab of the truck as semen blasted from their cocks and splashed down on their heaving chests.

It took a while for their breathing to subside and they shoved their cocks back in their shorts.  Jason put both hands on the wheel, smiled as he looked at the road ahead and remembered.  “Right after that Bob showed up and calmed things down as he always does.  He told me to call my crew to pick me up. He looked at my badge and said he knew my fire station and would look me up.  He did, we fucked, Randy found out and he fucked me – and I was one of the tribe.”

Jason turned and smiled at the wide-eyed boys.  “Like I said, kids, a lot of hot stories in this tribe.  This one was as good as the one where Mark fucks Jamie on the truck.  Only difference with us is we didn’t even have to pull off the highway.”

The boys chuckled and soon laughter was filling the cab.  Their holiday had begun.”



The triple hand-job had released any remaining tension in Jason – for now anyway.  The rest of the journey was spent with smiles and quiet reminiscences and a deeper intimacy between the fireman and the two boys.

But the tranquility didn’t last.  It was broken by an incident that occurred just before they reached Guadalupe.  In the distance behind them they heard the faint sounds of a siren that grew louder and louder and Jason pulled over to a stop.  An ambulance sped past with sirens blaring and lights flashing.

The boys saw Jason clench his jaw and grip the steering wheel hard. “Ben looked anxiously at Will then at Jason.  “Are you OK, sir?”

“What?  Yeah, yeah sure, kiddo.  I still get flashbacks triggered by stuff like that siren and the lights.  Takes me right back there.”  There was a long silence as they sat in the truck by the roadside.   The boys knew they should stay quiet.  Then Jason said softly, as if to himself, “How come Chuck’s gone and I’m still here, alive and well?”

Ben squeezed his hand and Jason turned to him with tears in his eyes.  “I keep running over it in my head, Ben – if I had seen the danger sooner, got him out quicker he would still be …”

“Sir, I don’t think you should beat yourself up like this.  We’ll be at the dunes soon and me and Will are gonna take care of you.  Would you like me to drive, sir?”

“Nah, I’ll be OK, kid.  But boy, am I glad you’re here!”

Jason put the truck in gear, pulled back onto the highway and they drove the rest of the way in a tense silence.   Ben looked at Will who nodded slightly to him.  They both understood what their job was this trip – to take care of Jason.


“Whatever You Need, Sir”

At last they pulled off the highway and bumped along the sandy track that ran along behind the dunes to the remote spot where Jason pulled up behind the old beach shack.  Mark had once bought it from a fellow cop and later given it to Jamie who now technically owned it.  But it was always understood that it was available to anyone in the tribe who needed to get away for a few days rest and relaxation.  And Jason sure fitted that description.

It was by chance that two miles further down the beach there was a similar shack owned by Zack.  It was a hideaway that Zack had fled to years ago when his life had taken a turn for the worse and he was a mess.  One day he had saved Mark and his boys from a boating accident and later met Randy and Bob …  And he was now one of the senior men of the tribe.

Ben and Will loved the stories of the dunes related by Bob.  He had told them that from the 1920’s to 40’s there had been a group of artists called the Dunites living in shacks along the beach and in the dunes.  These two shacks remained from those years and Randy always said that the men of the tribe were worthy successors to the free-living and free-loving Dunites.

But as they climbed out of the truck now Ben and Will forgot about the Dunites and focused solely on Jason.  He helped them unload the surfboards and haul their gear round to the front of the shack but the boys could see that his eyes were still dull and lifeless with none of the spark of that earlier silliness when they had laughed at their sex games as they drove.

Jason unlocked the shack and they hauled their stuff inside.  Then the wind seemed to go out of Jason and he sat hunched on the bed.  Ben knelt in the floor in front of him.  As Will watched from behind he noticed a new decisiveness in the often shy Ben, a determined set to the jaw as he faced his dejected master.

“Sir, now that we’re here, here’s what’s gonna happen.  Like I said before, me and Will are gonna take care of you.  Anything you want, you got it.  You wanna eat, we’ll cook … you wanna play, we’ll play … you wanna be alone, we’ll leave you alone.  I love you, sir, I’m your boy and a boy has to take care of his man.  And right now, I’m the boss.”

Jason looked up at him and smiled.  He leaned forward and pressed their faces against each other cheek to cheek.  OK, kid, I’m in your hands.  Er, what you just said, that list … it didn’t include ‘if you wanna drink’ … as in beer.”

“Coming right up, sir,” Will said cheerfully.  He pulled a beer from the cooler they had brought and said, “You wanna sit on the porch, sir?”  Jason went out to the porch and sat back in one of the Adirondack chairs.  He took a deep breath, held it, and exhaled slowly.  He took a long draft of beer, then closed his eyes.  He listened to the boys’ low excited voices as they tidied the shack and he knew he was in exactly the right place for what he needed.

As the boys worked unpacking and setting things up Ben said, “Dude, I’m so glad you’re here.  Somehow you give me courage, especially when I remember how you barred the door to Randy.  And he didn’t punish you or anything?”

“There’s a lot more to Randy that a lot of guys don’t see,” Will said.  “Except Bob of course, he sees everything and that’s why he’s so crazy in love with him.  And hell, you know what this shack must have looked like before Randy got to work on it?  Those Dunites were kinda primitive, happy but primitive – no electricity, real basic plumbing, no proper kitchen.  Your big brother came in and did a whole number on the shack, then helped Zack do the same to his.”

“Yeah, I noticed the floor length mirrors in the bedroom.  My brother, I guess.”

“Oh sure.  Eddie told me that Randy did that to every bedroom in the tribe.  He figures that every guy would be wanting to fuck and watch themselves doing it.”

“Yeah,” Ben laughed, “and he sure got that right.”

They heard a dull thud from outside and went out on the porch.  Jason had dozed off, his face fallen to one side, and the half-empty beer bottled had slipped out of his hand onto the deck.  Will stooped to pick it up and the sound made Jason jerk awake.  He opened his eyes, disoriented for a second, then grinned.  “Must have nodded off.  More tired than I thought.  Funny, when you finally get to relax and let all the stress drain away exhaustion really kicks in.”

“Sir, would you like to lie down?” Ben asked.

“You know what I would like, kiddo.  I’d like to lie in the sun and breathe in the fresh sea air instead of smoke.”

“Done,” Ben smiled.  He and Will pulled out the biggest blanket they had and spread it on the sand in front of the porch, scooping up a small pile of sand underneath for his head. They found Jason’s Speedo briefs and he took off his board shorts and put them on.  He stood up and stretched and the boys stared up in awe at the magnificent body clad only in dark blue Speedos.

He stepped down off the porch, flopped back on the blanket and rested his head back with a huge sigh.  “You going for a walk, guys?”

“If you want us to leave you alone, sure, sir,” Ben said.  “But we were thinking we’d stay here while you slept in case you need anything.”

Jason smiled.  “Good, I was hoping you’d say that.  You’re such a good kid.  Yeah, I’d like to feel you both close to me.  And maybe I will need something.  Never know.


Wet Dream?

Now that their gear was stowed, the shack was tidy and Will had prepped the food for lunch, the boys could relax.  They got a couple of beers and sat on the porch, like a pair of young guardian angels looking down at Jason as he slept, his superb body sprawled on the blanket on the sand.

“Dude,” Will said, “Jason is such a beautiful man – that body, that face.  He’s even more handsome than his picture in the calendar.”

“Yeah,” Ben said, “but you know some of the guys think that’s all he is.  You know how he gets off looking at himself in the mirror when he’s working out.  Well some guys think that makes him superficial.  But you know how you said there’s a lot more to Randy than the guys see, all except for Bob and that’s why he loves him so much.  Well it’s the same with me and Jason.  I see stuff in him that no one ever does, and he’s as beautiful inside as he is outside.

“You know,” Will said.  “Something I’ve learned since I came to the tribe is that we’re wrong when we look at a relationship between two guys and think we understand it.  You can’t know it all unless you’re inside it.  Only the two guys know how it really works – that’s why we should never judge a relationship from the outside.”

They chatted comfortably in this way, solving the problems of the world, for some time, when they saw Jason jerk and shudder in his sleep muttering short sounds.  Ben looked concerned but Will said, “He’s prob’ly dreaming.  My dog Norman does that, jumps and twitches and woofs softly in his sleep.  I always think he’s dreaming about chasing a cat.”

“Yeah but … I don’t wanna wake him up, but if he’s having a bad dream about the fires …”  Ben got up and stepped down off the porch onto the sand.  Will watched as he knelt beside Jason, leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the cheek.  The twitching stopped, a brief smile crossed Jason’s face and he moaned softly in his sleep. 

Ben gazed down at the handsome face and brushed his lips over Jason’s half-open lips.  Again Jason moaned and stirred a little.  Ben looked up and beckoned to Will.  He came down and knelt on the other side of Jason facing Ben waiting for his cue.

Ben looked down and saw the pale red lines that still showed faintly on Jason’s chest from when Ben had whipped him with his belt.  He bent down again and ran his tongue gently along the marks.  Will copied his friend and soon the two boys were licking the muscular contours of the fireman’s chest.

Still Jason did not wake – he was in the deep sleep of total exhaustion.  So the boys were emboldened to do more.   Ben kissed his face all over while Will licked his neck before moving down to take turns licking the beads of sweat from the hollow below his Adam’s apple.  They grinned at each other and moved down his chest to his abs where they licked the clefts between the washboard ridges.

They came at last to his waist and the top of his briefs.  They grinned at each other and Ben whispered, “Let’s go for it dude.”

“OK, but real, real careful.”

With their fingertips they touched the Speedos and slowly, carefully pulled them down in short jerks.  They paused when Jason stirred and moaned, but as soon as he settled again they went back to work until they exposed the tip of his cock.  They carefully pulled the sides of the briefs down to reveal the rest of the fireman’s cock, his pubic hair and then, at last, his balls.

They stared down in awe at the long cock stretching up diagonally from the tangle of blond pubes and resting on his tanned flesh.  They smiled at each other again and Will whispered “sshh”.  They stretched out their tongues and touched the long shaft with the tips, moving slowly up and back, and paused excitedly when they felt movement under the skin.”

“This is incredible, dude,” Ben said softly.  “OK, let’s do it.”  They licked harder and even brushed the head with their lips.  When the fireman’s cock was semi erect they gave each other a light congratulatory kiss above the head, then went back to work. 

They moved down to the balls, licking them on both sides, then buried their faces in the nest of blond pubes.  Will kept licking the balls while Ben worked on the cock, running his tongue from the base right up to the head.

Suddenly the cocked reared up slightly, hard now, and Jason moaned loudly.  They pulled back as his hand jerked and rose as if to touch his cock.  They held their breath as the arm stayed poised … and then flopped back down on the blanket like the leaden limbs of dreams.

The boys looked at each other uncertainly and Will smiled.  “I say go for it, dude.  I don’t think he’ll wake up.  It’ll be like he’s dreaming.  Look …”   He pointed at the tip of Jason’s cock that was oozing a fine thread of pre-cum.    Ben caught it on the tip of his tongue then said, “Hold his cock, Will.  Careful.”

Will touched his cock lightly and raised it gently.  Ben slowly slid his mouth over the head and paused as Jason moaned louder this time.  But he subsided and Ben went for the gold.  He kept his mouth open wide as he lowered it right down to Jason’s pubes, paused then pulled back up.

“Mmmm,” Jason moaned and stirred but he didn’t wake.  Ben sucked more boldly and the boys were treated to the erotic sight of the sleeping fireman’s muscles rippling as his magnificent body writhed slowly beneath them as if he were dreaming.

“You can do it without waking him, dude,” Will whispered, “I know you can.  I’ll help.” Will moved up to Jason’s chest, leaned down and touched his nipple with the tip of his tongue.  “Mmmm ...” Again the near-naked fireman stirred and it seemed that his dream was intensifying.

Ben didn’t dare to suck the whole length of his cock again so he worked on the head, opening his mouth over it and bathing it in warm air, then carefully licking the hard sensitive corona at its base.  Will matched his buddy by licking Jason’s nipples harder.

The sleeping fireman writhed and his breathing became heavy.  “Almost there” Will whispered.  Suddenly Jason’s body jerked and he sighed deeply as his semen spurted in his boy’s mouth.  Ben swallowed it down, then pulled off and gestured for Will to take over.  Will lowered his mouth over the head just in time to catch the second spurts of cum and gulped it down. 

Feeling sure he would wake now the boys pulled back, held their breath and watched.  The muscular body jerked a few more times, but Jason didn’t wake.  Instead he finally subsided with a deep sigh and a smile on his face.  He settled back into a deep sleep that the boys could swear was more peaceful than before.

Will gave Ben a thumbs up and they grinned at each other triumphantly.  They waited a few more minutes to make sure he was fast asleep again and then carefully pulled his Speedo briefs back up, covering up the splashes of cum on his cock.

Ben kissed Jason softly on the cheek and they returned to the porch and settled back with their beers, smug in the feeling of a job well done.


Looking Forward

The boys loved gazing down at the handsome fireman, or the sleeping beauty as Will dubbed him irreverently.  And it was quite a while before he finally stirred.  He winced as he flicked a sand fly from his face and opened his eyes.  Dazzled by the sun he closed them again, then flicked the same fly from his chest.  Disoriented at first, he was finally awake and looked over at the porch where the boys were sitting where he had left them. 

“Feeling better, sir?”  Ben grinned.

“Yeah … yeah actually a whole lot better.  I feel great.”  He brushed sand from his chest and abs and stopped when he touched his damp speedos.  Damn, what’s this?”

The boys came down and stood beside him.  He grinned, slightly embarrassed.   “Shit I think I had a wet dream.  Long time since I had one of those.  Yeah, I remember now.  It was like two guys were working me over, sucking me off and …”

He shielded his eyes from the sun and stared up at them, both with wide mischievous grins on their faces.  Dammit … you little monsters, it was you.  It wasn’t a dream was it?  But it was in a way … it sure felt like it, the hottest dream a guy ever had.”   Jason jumped to his feet and put his arms round both of them.  “Boys, you sure know how to make a beat-up fireman feel good.”

Ben grinned, “Sir, you’re my hero and I’m your boy. I said we would take care of you, so we did.”

“All part of the service, sir,” Will grinned.

Jason frowned.  “Ah yeah, the service.  As I recall your words, Ben, you said, ‘you wanna play, we’ll play … you wanna eat, we’ll cook’.  Well you’ve had your fun, and I am fucking starved.”

“No problem there, sir,” said Will.  “We’ve already prepped it.  Lunch in twenty minutes.”

There was a whole new lightness to Jason that was contagious.  Gone were thoughts of fires and flashbacks.  Jason was truly relaxed, his old fun self, and the holiday stretched before them.

It was a noisy lunch – laughing with their mouths full, until suddenly Jason’s cell phone rang.  He looked at it puzzled.   “It’s Miguel.  Hey amigo, what’s up?  Yeah, just fine … sure …”  It was quite a long conversation, with Jason mostly listening and throwing in the occasional “uh-huh”.  It ended with Jason saying, “Yeah sure no problem.  They’ll be in Zack’s shack, right?  OK, bro, thanks for the heads up.  And don’t worry, amigo.  It’ll be fine.”

He shut the phone off and said, “Seems Miguel’s having more problems with his boy Finn.  You know he took him on ‘cos the boy was a challenge, him being an ex-hustler and all.  Well for some reason the boy’s been playing up real bad and Miguel wants a short break.  Darius stepped in and offered to take the boy off Miguel’s hands for a few days and bring him up here. They’ll be here tomorrow afternoon and stay in Zack’s shack.

“Sounds to me that a dose of Darius is just what the kid needs.  Darius is not Zack’s boy for nothing.  He’s become as tough as Zack and don’t take no bullshit from anyone.” 

Will said, “And don’t forget, sir, Eddie mentioned that him and Hassan will be dropping by too.”

Ben was frowning.  “Sir, I worry about you.  This was supposed to be your time to rest quietly.”

“Oh, we can still be alone if we want to kiddo.  That don’t change.  We’re a couple and we can do whatever you want to.  Like you said, you’re the boss.  But it’s about time I rejoined the land of the living – and I’m ready thanks to you two.”

“Thank you, sir,” Ben smiled. “How about you, Will?”

“Like Jason said, dude, it don’t have to change anything with us.  But it might be fun, add a little spice to our trip.  Finn’s always seemed like a wild card to me and it’ll be interesting to see how Darius handles him.  I might learn something, like how to handle you, Ben, when you get uppity and play the ‘boss’s-kid-brother’ card.”

“Fuck you, dickhead,” Ben laughed.

“Now play nice boys or I may end having to manhandle you.”

“Yes please, sir,” the boys said in unison.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 451

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