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Characters featured in this chapter are:
HassanEddieUncle MikeWillRandySeth
And Featuring the Asian Twins Lee & Toni


Young Eddie kneels in the shower before the husky Marine Hassan and the soldier says, “OK, boy, let’s see what you got.”  Later, the young redhead Will and his dad Seth meet the newly arrived Asian twins Lee and Toni. The shy, inexperienced twins and brawny construction worker are total opposites – and wildly attracted to each other.  Seth growls. “Dammit, I wanna fuck.  You kids ever take it up the ass?”


In the previous chapter

The painful episode in the relationship between the cop and his boy was finally over.  It had begun when stress on the job caused motorcycle cop Mark to suffer a period of depression where he distanced himself from his boy Jamie, turned his back on him and treated him coldly.

To heal the wounds Mark and Jamie had come out to the desert to the Palm Springs home of their friends Mike and Larry. The serene atmosphere of the expansive ranch-style home helped Mark to shed his demons and reconcile with Jamie by making passionate love.

The final hurdle was Mark’s guilt for having hurt his boy.  To make amends he needed to suffer and for Jamie to see him suffer.  Mark’s buddy, the macho Arab Marine Hassan, took the lead in this in the basement of his small house in the remote desert.  In his desert dungeon he tied up the shirtless cop and the naked young jock.

“Now that is a pornographic sight.” Hussain said.  “A muscular cop shirtless in chains, his body like it’s stretched on a rack.  Facing him is his boy, a beautiful, naked young jock, also helpless in chains.  And the master will be forced to watch his boy submit to the lust of the Arab soldier.” 

It was the worst punishment imaginable for the cop, as Jamie crawled in sexual submission to the soldier.  But eventually Hassan called a halt, tied master and boy chest to chest and fucked Jamie while Jamie kissed and made love to Mark and they climaxed together.

When it was over they both looked round for Hassan but he was gone.  Alone now they sank to the floor in each other’s arms.  “Sir,” Jamie said.  “About all that stuff I said to Hassan, I …”

“Jamie, there’s no need.  I understand and there’s no problem.  You know I have loved Hassan for many years and now you can share that love.  He’s a magnificent man, inside and out, and we’ll be honored to count him as our special friend.  He gave me exactly what I needed, agonizing as it was.  I have purged the last of my demons … and I love you, Jamie.

At that moment Hassan was walking in on Mike and Larry, still stripped to the waist, his shirt thrown over his shoulder, carrying the shredded remains of his tank top in one hand.  “Well look at you, soldier,” Mike grinned.  “Can we assume that things went well?”

“Better than I could have expected, Mike.  Everyone’s happy, everyone’s in love … and everyone got his rocks off.  It don’t get better than that, dude. 

Mike chuckled, “So, in the words of the Lone Ranger, captain, ‘your work here is done’.  Now you can relax for a whole week. I cleared everything with Bob, and your boy Eddie is coming out here with Will.  That young redhead is thrilled to be joining the party and cooking for us.” 

In fact Eddie and Will were already on their way, Will sitting excitedly beside Eddie in Eddie’s truck.  With his dog Norman on his lap Will said, “I brought extra aprons and chef’s hats, dude, ‘cos I’m gonna need help in the kitchen feeding that hungry crowd.  Damn – a Marine, a cop, a surfer and mechanic.  Like the opening scene of a porn movie. I didn’t like leaving the twins though. They always miss me.”

“Oh, don’t worry about them, dude.  They won’t be lonely after that phone call from those twins.”

Will frowned.  “Twins?  What twins?”

“The Asian twins … what, you don’t know?  They never told you?  Well kid you’ve come to the right dude ‘cos I got all the scoop on that.”  And Eddie was only too eager to share it. 

“Dude, it was sooo cool … About five years ago.  Bob, Hassan and Jason took their boys – the twins, Ben and me – to Chicago to teach us how to behave like young gentlemen instead of just slopping around in shorts and tanks fucking our brains out all the time.  We stayed in style at the Four Seasons and were waited on at dinner by – wait for it – two identical twins – Chinese boys, totally gorgeous with those smooth bodies they got going on and those, er, incurable smiles.”

“Inscrutable, Eddie.”

“Yeah that’s the one.  Anyway, the Asian boys, Lee and Toni, ended up in our suite, and they had this weird connection with our twins.  You know how Kyle and Kevin can read each other’s minds. Well all four twins could do the same just by looking at each other.  It was like they were in their own world, did everything the same – it was like nobody else existed. [In Chapter 209]

“Long story short, everyone had a ton of sex and when we left the hotel Lee and Toni promised to come and see the twins if they ever visited L.A.   “Well everyone promises stuff like that, and nothing happened.  But fast forward to a few days ago and the Asian kids called our twins ‘cos they were coming to L.A.   Kyle and Kevin were real stoked and can’t wait to get back together.

“So kiddo, looks like you’re gonna be dealing with two sets of identical twins when you get home.  Better sharpen the old mind-reading skills, dude.  I’m surprised they didn’t tell you.”

“Yeah, me too,” Will murmured.  His mind was racing and he felt somehow troubled.  He knew he could never match that kind of twins-to-twins connection. He loved being the twins’ boy, but what if these other twins got in the way of that?  Where would that leave him?  How would he fit in?  And what if he didn’t? 

“OK,” Eddie breezed on, “forget all that, we’re almost at Uncle Mike’s.  Can’t wait to find out what’s been happening out here – get all the gossip.  Boy, this is gonna be fun.”


*********************   CHAPTER 461  *********************


Arrivals at Uncle Mike’s house always caused a stir, especially when the irrepressible Eddie was involved.

Mark and Jamie had already returned to the house after the stunningly homoerotic scenes in the desert dungeon, to find Mike and his boy Larry relaxing by the pool with Hassan.  There was an emotional reunion between the cop and the Marine whose already close friendship had been intensified by Hassan’s muscular intervention, involving bondage and submission.

“Damn,” Hassan said, “we gotta go do that stuff again, buddy.  Give you a chance for payback.”

“You read my mind, soldier,” Mark grinned.  “But next time it’s the stud soldier who’ll be in chains facing an angry cop and his boy.  Then we’ll see just how much a Marine can take.”

“Hey Mike,” Hassan said.  “You just sit there smiling like a sphinx but I kinda suspect you were the one writing the script of this whole episode.”

“Who me?” Mike grinned.  “Nah, I’m just a background boy.  Well, maybe I, er, dropped a few hints, but you guys did the heavy lifting.”

Their casual banter was loudly interrupted by a screech of breaks outside, followed by slamming doors, and Eddie tornadoed through the door followed by the smiling young redhead Will.  Eddie flung himself at Hassan who wrapped him in his arms. “Did you miss me, sir?  Has a lot of stuff been happening here?  Did you sort out the cop and his boy, sir?”

Hassan laughed, “No … yes … and yes – in that order.”

“Wait a minute,” Eddie frowned and checked off the replies on his fingers.  “That first no – ‘no you didn’t miss me?’”

“Too busy sorting out the cop and his boy.”  On Eddie’s deflated look Hassan grinned, “’Course I missed you, kid, but don’t you think you should say hello to our hosts first?”

“Oh yeah, sorry sir.”  Eddie grinned at Uncle Mike.  “Hello, sir.  I should have said that first but when you’ve got a hot Marine like this …”

“I know, I know,” Mike chuckled.  “Hell, if I came in to a sexy Marine captain and old geezer like me I’d go straight for the soldier and give the geezer a miss.  But now you’ve done the Marine thing, anything left over for the old geezer?”

Mike held out his arms and Eddie jumped into them.  “You know you’re still a hunk, sir.  I missed the boat on that one … when I worked out here as your bar-back I should have become your boy and Larry wouldn’t have got a look in.”

“Hm, I think a certain soldier would have something to say about that now, though.  Remember the time he came roaring out here, found you on your knees giving blow-jobs in the back room, flung you over his shoulder and hauled your ass out of there?”

“Yeah and I’ve been scared of him ever since too.”

Hassan stood up, still wearing his combat boots and fatigues after his military maneuvers at the Marine base, his muscular chest covered in grease marks, camouflage stripes still on his cheeks. “OK, so while you guys reminisce I gotta get cleaned up.  You gonna help me, kid?”

“No, sir, don’t,” Eddie protested.  “You look way sexy like that, like a soldier in a porno.  Let me feast on that a while.”

“Right, so if Eddie won’t help me clean up how about it Larry?  You ready to strip a soldier naked, get in the shower with him, massage his tired body and give him a blow job?”

Larry jumped up with a grin.  “Sure thing, captain, I’m all yours.  Lead the way, sir.”

“No!”  Eddie leapt to his feet and waved Larry down.  “Dude, he don’t mean that, he wants me …”  Eddie winced, “… don’t you sir?”

Hassan shrugged.  “Suit yourself, either one.  You any good at blow jobs, boy?”

“Duh!  I’m a master cocksucker.  Got my training on the floor of that back room in Mike’s bar sucking all those …”  He stopped and winced again.  “Oops, sore point.  Sorry, sir.”

“Damn, I can see there’s only one way to treat you, boy.”  Hassan picked Eddie up bodily and slung him over his shoulder, his head hanging down the back.   As Hassan carried him into the house Eddie raised his head, gave them all an urchin grin and an enthusiastic thumbs up.”

The guys collapsed in laughter as Eddie made an exit even more flamboyant than his entrance.


“Sir, Yes Sir!”

When they got to the bathroom Hassan put Eddie back on his feet and said, “After that performance out there, kid, you better be good.  Let’s see what you got.”

“Aye-aye captain.”  Eddie saluted then leaned forward and licked the soldier’s throat, ran his tongue down the cleft between his pecs then flicked his tongue at his nipples, alternately licking and delivering short sharp bites.  God, the kid’s good, Hassan thought as his cock stiffened.

Eddie fell to his knees, braced his hands on the soldier’s hips and with his teeth pulled his fatigue pants open one button at a time.  Then he pushed his tongue inside, curled it around the semi-hard cock and pulled it out.  “Make it hard, boy,” the soldier growled.

Aye-aye, sir.”  Eddie only had to lick it – first along the whole length then running his tongue round the hard, sensitive corona of the head, then pushing the tip of his tongue in the hole where pre-cum was already oozing– and it was soon rock hard.  Eddie teased it by pressing his lips round the head, lowering his mouth all the way down until his face was in the soldier’s pubic hair, and squeezing his throat muscles tight.

Hassan inhaled sharply, then grinned, “Fuck you, kid.  You’re fucking great at this.”

“Thank you, sir,” Eddie said smugly, knowing it was true.  He bent lower, unlaced the dirt-caked combat boots and pulled them off one by one. Then he unbuckled the heavy military belt, undid the top button and slowly pulled the pants down and off over his feet.   He gazed up at the naked Marine, licked his muscled thighs all the way up, licked between the ridges of his rock-hard abs and rose slowly to his feet.

He ended up face to face with Hassan with a cocky smile on his face, knowing the erotic effect he had on the Marine.  Hassan’s dark chiseled features broke into a smile.  “Fuck you, boy.  I love the hell out of you.”  He curled his hand round the back of Eddie’s head and kissed him hard.   “Now get your ass in the damn shower … now!”

“Sir, yes sir,” came the sharp rookie-soldier reply. 

When they were both in the guestroom’s roomy shower Eddie turned on the hot water and watched it spray over the naked soldier’s black hair, and run down his face and the muscles of his olive-skinned physique.  He grabbed a face cloth and gently wiped the camouflage stripes from Hassan’s face.  Then he soaped up a sponge and lovingly ran it over the captain’s magnificent body, making love to every bulge and curve.

When the body was lathered up he dropped the sponge and massaged every muscle with both hands, taking satisfaction from the soldier’s low deep groans of pleasure.  His hands drifted lower and lower until one hand cupped over his balls.  Hassan gasped as Eddie expertly manipulated his balls, smothered in soap, grinding the balls together in a succession of squeeze and release.

“Shit man you’re bringing me real close.  Fuck that feels good.”

Eddie curled his free hand round the back of Hassan’s neck, bent his face over his chest and gently bit his nipples, clenching them in his teeth and massaging the tip with his tongue, still massaging his balls with his other hand. 

Hassan’s body stiffened and flexed and he moaned, “No … fuck, I’m so close.  Don’t make me cum yet, boy … damn that’s hot.  Shit, I’m gonna cum …” He grabbed Eddie’s head and pressed his face hard on his chest, then tensed and howled as he spurted cum that splashed onto Eddie before being washed away to the swirling drain.


A Third Climax

“Damn, you made me cum too soon, boy.   Fuck you.”

“Oh no worries there, sir, I can make you do it again.  This is what I call a double-cum blowjob, my specialty.”

Despite his frustration Hassan couldn’t hold back a smile as he looked down at the eager face with water streaming down it.  “I doubt that, kid.  I already shot a load in Jamie’s ass an hour ago and now this.  I can’t cum again.”

“Let me be the judge of that, sir.  You’re talking to me, cock-sucker extrodin … thingy.”


“Yeah, that’s the one, sir.”

Hassan grabbed a towel from the rail and threw it on the shower floor.  “OK, kid, prove it.”

Eddie dropped to his knees on the towel and went to work again on Hassan’s now flaccid cock that still dripped cum.  It took longer this time but using every trick in his extensive book Eddie felt life stirring in the soldier’s cock.  “Damn,” Hassan groaned, “I don’t fucking believe it.”

“Mmm – mmm,” Eddie mumbled, his mouth full of the stiffening shaft.   As he sucked, Eddie wrapped his right hand round the soldier’s balls and rolled them like marbles.  His left arm reached up high and squeezed Hassan’s nipple, even digging his nails in it.

The Marine howled in an ecstatic mix of pain and pleasure, as if an electric current had passed through his body.  He was aware only of the pain in his chest, the hand working his balls and the exquisite feeling in his cock as it pistoned in and out of his boy’s expert mouth.

He Grabbed Eddie’s head in both hands, pushed it back … then rammed it down on his pulsing shaft and blasted semen down the boy’s throat, his third orgasm in the space of an hour. 

It took a while for Hassan to clear his head while his heart stopped pounding and his breathing returned to normal.  He reached down and pulled the boy up into his arms, warm water still streaming down on them.

He kissed Eddie long and hard, then pulled back and said, “That was incredible, kid – you sure know how to exhaust a man.  I’m fucking drained.  You wanna take a nap?”

They dried off, pulled back the sheets on the bed and seconds later Eddie was wrapped in the captain’s arms, his head resting on his muscled chest.  “Mmm, you feel good, kiddo.  Hey, did you get your rocks off in the shower?”

“Twice sir, but I didn’t say anything. I was always told as a kid not to speak with my mouth full.”

“Good advice, boy.  The only time you’re not talking is when your mouth is stuffed with my dick.”

“I know, right?” Eddie grinned.  “With me it’s either talk, suck or sleep.”

“OK, kid, so let’s give the third option a try, eh?”

“Aye-aye, captain.”  And they were asleep in seconds.


Uncle Mike Cheers Will Up

“So what d’you thinks keeping them?” Larry asked as the others all sat by the pool.

Mike laughed.  “You should know, kid, you’ve shower-sucked me often enough.  I bet young Eddie gave his soldier a workout that exhausted him, and they’re having a nap before dinner.

“Talking of dinner, sir, I should get to the kitchen,” Will said.  “I’ve been hired to cook after all.”

“Hey, hey, hey, Will, you’re not a hired hand.  You’re a guest like all the other guys.  It’s just that you’re the only one who’s a chef and we’ll pay you the going rate like you get at your other gigs.  But mostly you’re here to have fun for the week. 

“Come to think of it you’ve said hardly a word since you got here.  Not like you, kiddo, even though I know that with Eddie around it’s hard to get a word in sideways.  The boy has absolutely no filter.  But is everything OK with you?  Nothing on your mind?”

“No, sir.  Everything’s just fine.”

But he fooled nobody.  Everyone could tell by his flat tone that something was bothering him.  There was an exchange of knowing glances among the others and Mike let the silence go on.  He had learned long ago when interviewing guys that the longer a silence lasts the more likely the guy is to leap in and fill it.  And that’s when you get the truth.  That’s what happened now.

“Sir,” Will frowned, “did you ever hear the twins talk about two other identical twins?”

“Er, now I come to think of it, yeah.  Way back, about five years ago, Bob told me that when he took a bunch of guys to Chicago to teach the boys the finer things of life they did run across a couple of Asian guys – Chinese I think – who were identical and had this kind of bond with your twins that only twins understand.  But that was a long time ago, long before you became their boy, and I’ve never heard it mentioned since. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no reason sir,” Will shrugged, trying, and failing, to sound casual.  “Just that driving out here Eddie mentioned that those guys had called Kyle and Kevin and they’re coming out on a visit to L.A.   They didn’t mention it to me, though.”

Will’s voice had faltered as he spoke and Mark shot an anxious glance at Jamie who smiled reassuringly.   “Oh, that’s probably ‘cos they wanted it to be a surprise for you, Will.  You know they’re always springing neat stuff on you like that.”

“Yeah, that’s prob’ly it,” Will mumbled, staring down at his drink.

Mike’s keen eye and ear detected a deeper anxiety in the boy who, he knew, worshipped the twins and had always had them to himself.  Mike said conspiratorially, “Look, Will, if you talk to them on the phone while you’re here don’t mention that you know – you’ll spoil their surprise.”

The freckled face under the shock of red hair looked up plaintively at Uncle Mike, waiting for more.  “And Will, my boy,” Mike smiled with an avuncular twinkle in his eye, “if you have some cockamamie idea that anyone’s gonna come between you and your twins get rid of it fast.  Kyle and Kevin are crazy about you, everyone knows that.  Bob’s told me he’s never known the boys take to a guy the way they’ve taken to you.  That’s solid, kiddo, and it’s for keeps.”

Will brightened.    “You think so, sir?  Thank you, sir.”

“Hey, Will,” Larry said.  “How about I show you the kitchen and help you unload your gear?  And me and Jamie will give you whatever help you need.”

The mention of the kitchen put Will on firmer ground and he stood up.  “OK, Larry, but I gotta make one thing clear.  When I do a cooking gig I’m the head chef – has to be that way.  You’ll be my assistants.  And if you help me cook dinner you’ll have to wear the green aprons I brought and chef’s hats – it’s a question of hygiene – plus it looks more professional.”

“Understood, boss, you’re the chef.  OK, let’s go.”  Larry followed Will to the house and looked back over his shoulder at the others with a wide grin and a thumbs up.


Driving Home With Norman

And so the group settled into what the trip was meant to be – a week’s vacation where the guys lazed in the sun by the pool, ate, drank, laughed and made love on the grass.  The two couples, Jamie and Mark, and Hassan and Eddie, were closer than ever after the events in the desert dungeon and Mike and Larry played the gracious hosts.

And Will was not left out of the festivities at all.  He was embraced by all six men as central to their fun, and his dog Norman made himself a lively and noisy main attraction.  Will loved being a star chef cooking for them and lording it over his ‘kitchen assistants’ Larry and Jamie.

Will had been assigned a small guestroom of his own but, after the initial uneasy conversation about the Asian twins, Mike knew that being alone would only make Will think and obsess about the four-twins situation.  “Hey Will, rather than sleep there alone how about sharing the master bedroom with Larry and me?   There’s tons of room for you and Norman.  It’ll be fun.”

Will jumped at the chance.  He looked up to the older man, felt safe with him, and got along well with the always cheerful Larry. 

That’s not to say that Will didn’t have thoughts about the twins always percolating in the back of his mind, with pangs of anxiety from time to time. In fact as the week progressed his imagination ran riot about what the future held for him.  The twins called him a couple of times to make sure he was doing OK but never mentioned the Chinese twins or their impending visit.  Maybe, like Jamie said, they were keeping it as a surprise but his uneasiness increased almost to paranoia.

A couple of days before their scheduled return to the city Eddie had casually mentioned that when they drove back to the city he wanted to go back with Hassan in his jeep.  He wondered if Will would mind driving the truck, and that gave Will an idea. 

“Uncle Mike,” he said.  “It looks like I’ll be driving Eddie’s truck back to L.A. so I was thinking about going back a day early and surprising the twins.  They’ve been coping in the kitchen on their own all this time.  I could leave a casserole in the oven for you guys’ last dinner.”

Not much got past Mike and he realized there was more behind this than a desire to surprise the twins.  However he thought it best to let Will do as he wanted, so he did not try to dissuade him.  And so it was that, a day earlier than planned, Will loaded his kitchen gear, and the ever-faithful Norman, into Eddie’s truck and with many goodbye hugs and pleas for him to drive safely, Will headed back to the city.

Whenever he drove with Norman seated beside him Will talked to the young pug like a best buddy.  “So what d’ya think, Norman?  You think I’m over-reacting to this news about these Chinese guys?   I mean, I know Kyle and Kevin would never do anything to hurt me, but up to now it’s always been just them and me – and you of course, buddy. 

“See, Eddie said the twins have this weird kind of connection to these guys, them being so alike – two sets of identical twins and all.”  He managed a smile. “If you and me were twins that might make it even, but that ain’t ever gonna happen even though I love you like a little brother.”

In the ensuing silence as the miles sped by Will tried to banish the fears and negative predictions from his mind but without much success, so it was with relief that a couple of hours later he drove up the hill to the tribe’s compound.  Now, he thought, he would see the twins, they would laugh away his anxiety and everything would be as it always was.  Wouldn’t it?”



At the gate Will jumped out of the truck with Norman trotting after him.  He would unload his stuff later, he thought, as he made straight for the kitchen.  He had timed his arrival for the down time between lunch and dinner when the twins would be relaxing in their room.  As he expected, the kitchen was empty and Norman was already bounding up the stairs.  Will followed him … but on the landing Norman stopped and growled.

Will frowned as his anxiety peaked.  He heard sounds from the twins’ bedroom so he quietly opened the door a little and peeked in.  There were four men on the bed – Kyle, Kevin and two dark haired young men, their limbs all intertwined.  They were making love.

Rooted to the spot Will watched as they kissed, nibbled, giggled and writhed on the bed, all four of them lost in each other’s eyes that communicated wordlessly.  He felt dizzy and steadied himself on the doorframe, taking deep breaths.  Acting mechanically Will closed the door silently and went back down the stairs.

He was in a daze and held onto the counter to stop the room from spinning.  His eyes caught sight of the blackboard with tonight’s dinner menu on it – and he found refuge in work.  Carrots.  The meal called for carrots, so he unthinkingly pulled a bunch from the crisper, sat at the butcher block and started to slice them.  Norman curled up in his basket and watched his master though mournful eyes.

Part of Will wanted to make sense of it all, to find an excuse for the twins.  They had the right to make love to others as any of the boys did.  These new twins were old acquaintances who had just dropped in for a visit.  But none of this helped.  The cumulative effect of his negative thoughts all week now crashed in on him as the worst possible realization of his fears.

And as his robotic state gave way to real reaction, tears stared to flow.  Mindlessly he stared at the carrots and tried desperately to focus only on them to block out the pain. 

And then the door opened and his buddy Brandon rolled in in his wheelchair.  “Dude you’re back, I saw you from the office window.  We didn’t expect you back until tomorrow and … hey, buddy, what’s wrong?  You’re crying.”

No, dude, chopping onions – always does that.”  He grabbed an onion and sliced into it.

That clumsy excuse didn’t fool Brandon and he knew he had to tread carefully.  He immediately suspected that this had to do with the recent arrival of the Asian twins.”

Trying to sound casual Brandon said, “Hey, did you know those guys from Chicago are here?”

“I know, I saw,” Will said bleakly.

Oh god, Brandon thought.  What did he see?  Surely not the four of them in bed.  And instantly Brandon knew that was it.  He touched Will’s arm but didn’t know what to say next.  He groped for words that didn’t come.  It was Will himself who rescued him.  “Dude, you should keep clear when I’m chopping vegetables.  Actually, I’d like to be on my own right now.”

Brandon saw his cue.  He had to get help.  “OK, Will.  But only for a while, OK?”  He rolled himself out the door and was crossing the lawn when he ran into Randy, just home from the construction site. 

“Hey, Brandon, how’s it hangin?”  Dressed in his sweaty works clothes – jeans boots and a greasy tank top, Randy bent down, picked Brandon up bodily and whirled him around before replacing him gently in his chair.  That was his usual boisterous greeting of Brandon that always brought peals of laughter, but this time Brandon looked worried.

“Sir, I think Will’s in trouble.  He’s in the kitchen crying and I’m sure it has something to do with those Chines twins who arrived a little while ago and the twins took them upstairs.”

“Damn,” Randy said, clenching his fists.  “OK, kiddo, leave it to me.  I’ll take care of him.”  He walked into the kitchen and saw Will still mechanically chopping vegetables and crying.”

He pulled up a chair beside Will.  “Hey, Red, what’s up?  Onions is it?”

Will turned to Randy whose heart broke at the sight of young redhead’s stricken freckled face.  “Come on, Red, you and me both know this ain’t nothing to do with onions.”  The big tough gypsy boss, who could demolish two construction workers at once in a fist, fight now picked up a dish towel and gently wiped the tears from Will’s cheeks.

“Kiddo, you know I always told you to come to me if you’re in trouble.  So come on, tell me the truth.  Spill.”

Will sniffed, gulped and stammered, “Sir, I came home a day early to surprise the twins and I went upstairs and … and …”

“… and they surprised you, eh?  You saw them fucking with those kids from Chicago?”
“Yes, that’s it, sir and I … I know they’re doing nothing wrong, sir, but … I mean, I think they must love those guys and …and I’m not sure they still love me …”

“Right.”  Randy stood up.  “I’ll go up there and make damn sure they do.”

“No, please sir.” Will pulled Randy back down beside him again.  “Please don’t go up there and fight or anything.  You can’t just beat love into someone.”

Randy unclenched his fists and grinned.  “Nah, guess you’re right.  I used to do that with Bob and look how that turned out.  I almost lost him.  Then I realized he loved me all along in spite of the beatings … well, maybe even a bit because of them, you know how that goes.”

“Not really, sir.”

“Nah, of course you don’t.  Come on, Red, what you need now is one of old Randy’s special hugs.”  They both stood and Randy wrapped his muscular arms round the boy who pressed his face against the sweaty tank stretched over his solid chest.  And suddenly Will felt safe, safe from the fears and sorrows of the world.  Randy had that effect on boys, especially a vulnerable boy like Will.

Will’s cellphone rang and Randy released him.  Thinking it must be the twins he looked at the phone and said, “It’s my dad Seth, sir.”  He put it on speaker and Seth’s gravelly voice said, “Hey there, son, just checking in to see how things are going for you in the desert.”

“Sir, I’m not in the desert.  I came home a day early and … and I … actually I’m feeling a bit sad right now, sir.”

“No, we can’t have that.  Anyone taking care of you?”

“Yes, sir.  Randy’s here in the kitchen with me right now.”

“Good.  Hey, boss, thanks for being there for my boy. Tell you what, Will.  I just got home from work and I was feeling a bit lonesome up here in Steve’s guesthouse.  I suddenly missed your smiling face, that’s why I called.  So why don’t you come up here and we can drown our sorrows together.  Long time since we kicked back together and had one of those father/son chats.”

Will hesitated but Randy said, “Seth, old buddy, that sounds like a terrific idea.  Do the kid good to get out of this house for a while.”

“Great,” Seth laughed.  “I’ll go up to Steve’s, heat up a pizza in his kitchen and we’ll have a picnic here at my little house.  Leave right now, kiddo – mustn’t let the pizza get cold.”

He hung up before Will could object and the boy looked uncertainly at Randy.  “Great timing, Red, that dad of yours.  You need a little space right now, let the dust settle.  I’ll take care of the twins and the other two and when Bob has talked to them we’ll send them up to see you, OK?”

“I guess so, sir.  Thank you, sir.  Thank you for being here.”  He frowned.  “Sir, did I ever tell you I love you … a whole lot, sir?”   

“’Course you did.  And I hope you know I love you too, Red.  And I’m always here for you.  Now get that cute ass of yours in your truck and go see your dad.  He’s a real good guy.”


Will’s Dad Seth

As Will drove all the way up to the Hollywood Hills his mind was numbed by so many thoughts crowding in at once – the sight of the four twins in bed making love; Randy’s cheerful words and that reassuring hug; and now his dad saying that he was lonely and needed his company.  He wasn’t sure how all this fitted in or how it would play out in the end.

When he reached Steve’s big house on Mulholland Drive he parked at the gate and ran down the narrow dirt path at the side of the house and down the hill to Seth’s small guesthouse.  The sight that met him cheered him up.  Seth had set up a small table on the lawn in front of his house bearing pizza, beer and wine.  And the man himself, looking huskily sexy in sneakers, cargo shorts and a gray T-shirt, held out his arms with a beaming smile.

Will ran into the arms that wrapped round him and hugged him tight.  Will was a bit confused by the stiffening of his own cock.  This was his dad after all but – oh what the hell – he was major sexy in his big rough construction-worker way.

Seth pulled back, held him at arm’s length and gave him a quizzical smile as he studied the freckled face and shock of red hair.  “Looking cute as ever, kiddo, but sad eyes.  We’ll soon fix that.  Take a pew and have some pizza, it’s still hot. Beer or wine?”

“A glass of wine, please, sir.”  Seth poured a glass, opened a beer for himself and clicked it against Will’s glass.  “Here’s to us and your safe return, Will.  So how was your trip to the desert?  Uncle Mike treat you well?”

“It was a great trip, sir, and I love Uncle Mike.  And there’s a whole big story about Mark and Jamie and Hassan out in that desert dungeon Hassan’s got.  Eddie will tell it, I’m sure.  But it all ended well and everything’s hunky dory again with Mark and Jamie.”

“Good …”  Seth smiled at Will.  “But not so hunky dory with you, eh son?  Hey, this should be a great time for you.  So why the long face?  Where did that cute smile go?”

Will frowned and launched right in.  “Sir, have you heard about those … those Chinese twins that came to see Kyle and Kevin?”

“Heard about them?” Seth chuckled.  “I met them.”

“You did?”

“Sure.  In my lunch break I came to the house for a meeting with Bob and Randy.  And what d’ya think?  Randy wants to make me a foreman on one of the sites – moving up in the world, kiddo.  Anyway, we were having a bite to eat in the garden when the twins came back from the airport after picking up the Asian kids.”

“And … and what were they like, sir?”

“Terrific.  The twins introduced them to us and they were real polite – kinda quiet and respectful if you know what I mean.  They couldn’t take their eyes off Randy and me, they were obviously turned on.  I mean, I don’t know how experienced they are … you know, sex and stuff … but I know that look and I think they’re into big rough gypsy guys like Randy and me.”

“So you liked them?”

Seth grinned.  “You know, I’ve always been intrigued by that oriental look – the smooth bodies, black hair and sexy almond-shaped eyes – total opposite of your big rough old musclehunk dad.  I don’t mind telling you, kid, I got a boner just looking at them.  Damn, I’d go for a roll in the hay with those kids any day of the week.”

Seeing Will wince, Seth grabbed his hand.  “Oh, sorry, kid, here I go rattling on about myself and my raging hormones and ignoring how you feel about those boys.  Forget what I said, Will.  I wouldn’t go near them if I thought it would hurt you.”

“No, no sir, that wouldn’t bother me at all.  It would be kinda neat if you had fun like that – ‘specially if I could watch.  It’s my twins that worry me.  See, Eddie told me they have this special connection thing going on with the new twins, like they can read each other’s minds.  And …” there was a catch in his voice … “when I came home I … I saw them all in bed making love and they seemed … as if they matched, like they fit together perfectly and …”

“And you think that would cut you off from your twins?  That’s a bunch o’ bull, kiddo.”

“I know it’s prob’ly just my paranoia but … Eddie said the Asian guys didn’t seem very experienced and I think they’ve prob’ly fallen in love with my guys and …”

“Will, cut the crap will ya?  The looks I was getting from the guys I would say your twins ain’t the only guys that make their dicks hard.  Hell, it would probably put your mind at rest if I did fuck with them and prove that I’m right.”

Will smiled for the first time. “Well, sir, at least Kyle and Kevin would have time alone with me.”

Will!”  The shout came from the top of the path.  They looked up to see four guys running down the path – two sets of twins.”

Kyle and Kevin wrapped their arms round will in a three-way hug.  “Will, we weren’t expecting you home ‘till tomorrow.  Quite a surprise.”

“Yes, sirs, for me too.”

“Yeah,” Kevin said gently, “we’ve been talking to Bob and Randy and we need to have a long talk with you.  We were planning a surprise for you but it backfired and we’ve messed up big time.  But first we want you to meet our new friends, Lee and Toni.”

The identical twins had been hanging back respectfully and now stepped forward and shook Will’s hand in turn.  “Hello, Will,” Toni said, “it’s a real pleasure to meet you at last.  Kyle and Kevin never stop talking about you.”

“Hello, sirs,” Will said politely.

“Oh please Will, don’t call us sir,” Lee said.  “You are Kyle and Kevin’s boy.  We are just visitors from out of town.  I think the American term ‘dude’ works just fine.  Eh, dude?”  His soft, almond-shaped eyes crinkled with a smile.”

“And guys,” Kyle said, “you already met Seth here at lunchtime.  This is his home, a good place for you to get better acquainted.” 

Will could read the look in Kyle’s eye and he had a strong feeling that the four twins had already talked a lot about Seth.  The Asian boys stepped forward shyly and shook hands with Seth in turn.  Their hands held on a lot longer than was customary and so did their penetrating gazes.  It was a fair bet to assume that all three of them had hard-ons.

“Gentlemen,” Kevin said.  “Doctor Steve, Lloyd and Tommy have invited us to have dinner with them up at the main house.  But before that we are going to pull our boy Will away for a much needed chat.  So we’ll go up to Steve’s pool and leave Seth to show Lee and Toni around if that’s OK with you Seth.”

“Fine by me,” Seth grinned, rather too lasciviously.  He was never good at subtlety.  Eddie had told Will that the Chinese boys were inscrutable but their eager gazes now were anything but inscrutable.  They had lust written all over them.

Kyle and Kevin held Will’s hands and walked up the path with him.  As he grinned over his shoulder at Seth Will was starting to feel a whole lot better about the way things were going.


Seth & The Asian Twins

There was an embarrassed silence now that Seth and the twins were alone.   As Seth had said, he and the twins were from different worlds – literally and figuratively.  The quiet, refined young men with their Chinese upbringing now worked in the rarefied atmosphere of a 5-star hotel with its attention to style and etiquette.  Seth’s background was manual labor and getting shitfaced with the guys in a beer-bar after work.

The twins had tight, well-defined compact bodies, with delicate features and neat black hair.  Seth was a big, sprawling roustabout, with a muscled physique, heavily stubbled chin and a wildman mass of tousled hair.

But these fundamental opposites created an uneasy silence not because they feared their differences but because they were attracted to them.  Seth finally found his tongue.  “So, you guys want me to show you around a bit?”

“Yes please, sir,” Toni said.  “This is a charming house. May we see inside?”  Seth hesitated but then opened the door and they went inside.  The twins gasped and grabbed each other’s arms as they stared at the bed with its rumpled sheets strewn with underwear, socks, tank tops and sweaty T-shirts.

They found the mess very sexy but Seth was embarrassed and said, “Hey, you wanna come outside and see the pergola down the path.  It’s kinda neat.”

They went out and he closed the door thankfully behind him.  He led them down the path, through the hillside scrub and sage bushes to a round wooden pergola perched on a promontory, still on Steve’s property but seemingly surrounded by wilderness.

“See, I brought an old bed down here and on hot nights I sometimes sleep down here with nothing but cicadas and the howl of coyotes to keep me company.  It’s kinda magical.”

The whole concept of this rugged, muscular man sleeping alone out here made the twins’ boners harder than ever.  After another awkward silence Lee spoke up in his softly accented voice.  “Sir, my brother and I don’t have much experience with … well, what I think you call foreplay.  But we would like you to know that we find you extremely sexy.”

Toni added, “We’re not sure how to express that because up to now we have had sex only with the twins and … and with each other, sir.  But … but could we at least see you lying on the bed and,” he winced shyly, “maybe with your shirt off, sir?”

“Sure, kid, if that’s what you want, no problem.”  Flashing a gleaming smile in his swarthy features Seth pulled off his T-shirt and threw it to them.  Lee caught it and smiled at his brother.  Seth threw himself on the bed and lay on his back, hands linked behind his head which made his biceps bulge.

The twins gasped and walked round the bed staring down at him in awe, like a creature from another planet.  “Sir,” Toni asked, “would you mind if we pulled our cocks out?”

“Look, kids, you don’t have to ask my permission every time.  Do what comes natural.  And while you’re at it, how about your take your shirts off too?”

“Thank you, sir.”  Together, in perfect sync they pulled off their matching blue polo shirts and laid them neatly over the rail of the pergola.  They unzipped their white shorts and pulled out their cocks – two identically shaped uncut seven-inches, though no match for Seth’s monster.  

Gently they stroked their cocks and kissed each other, and it was Seth’s turned to gasp, watching these exotic identical boys make love.  When they separated Lee said, “May we touch you, sir?”

“You damn well better kid or I’ll fucking cream my shorts just lookin’ at you.”

They smiled and knelt on either side of the bed.  Moving in harmony they touched his chest tentatively at first, then more boldly when they brushed his nipples which made him inhale sharply.   As they became more confident they examined him like a precious object.  One ran his fingers through Seth’s shaggy hair while the other touched the ridges of his eight-pack abs and even ventured down over his waist and gently cupped the growing bulge in his shorts.

Then they concentrated on his face.  Together they licked his forehead, kissed his eyes, his cheeks and then his lips.  His mouth fell open and he felt both tongues probing his mouth.  Fascinated by the rough stubble on his jaw they licked it, then pressed their cheeks against it feeling the coarse hair scrape against their skin.

“Holy shit,” Seth groaned as they pulled back, smiled and kissed each other only inches above his face.  His cock stiffened even more as he stared at the fine-boned, perfectly smooth faces, their slanted brown eyes open as they made love to each other.

As if the kiss had empowered them, Lee and Toni went back to work on Seth’s body, licking it all the way down from his throat to his waist.  Then bolder still, their mouths came together, clamped over the bulge in his shorts.

“Dammit it, boys, suck that fucking cock, you know you want to.” 

The harsh command excited the boys and together they opened Seth’s shorts and pulled out his long thick cock, hard as iron with pre-cum oozing from the tip.  Again they gasped, and together they licked the shaft, one on each side, right up to the head where their tongues flicked at the head and drew out the fine threads of pre-cum. 

“Suck it, guys.  Suck that fucking dick, that’s an order.”  The gravelly voice turned them on so much they pulled back to avoid cumming in their shorts.  After a few deep breaths, communicating with their eyes, they did as ordered.  Lee closed his mouth over the head of the cock and carefully lowered his face down on it, while Toni wrapped his mouth round Seth’s balls that smelt faintly of sweat and dried piss.

“Fuck,” Seth growled and pressed his hands on their heads as they worked on his cock and balls.  The twins found their rhythm and alternated, one sucking his cock, the other feasting on his balls.  Seth gazed down at them, these beautiful young men, muscles rippling under their thin almost translucent skin, their eager faces focused on giving him pleasure.

“Damn, you two are so fucking hot,” he moaned.  “Shit that feels good.  You’re bringing me so close, I … No … back off … stand up!”

Startled, the twins jumped to their feet and stared down at him trembling.  “Sir,” Toni said, “did we do something wrong?”

“Nah, you were too damn good – almost made me bust my load.  So let’s get fucking naked here, OK?”   Seth pushed his shorts off and lay on his back stroking his cock slowly, staring up at the Asian boys as they dropped their shorts and stood side by side butt naked.  Now he could see their beauty in full – the identical exotic faces, lean, smooth bodies, and long slim waists. 

Seth was excited in a whole new way and he knew without doubt what he wanted.  Toni said, “Sir, you are very beautiful and we are very close.  Would you like us to come all over you, sir?”

“Hell no … I wanna fuck.  I’m the kinda guy who fucks, dammit.”

He sprang off the bed and stood behind the startled twins.  “Turn round.”  They turned to face him, their backs to the side of the bed.  He put his hands on their chests and shoved them hard so they went sprawling on their backs on the bed, side by side.  Hugely excited but a bit frightened they stared up at the swarthy wildman, his muscular body flexing, stubbled jaw clenched and eyes blazing.

“You two ever been fucked up the ass?”

They glanced at each other and Lee replied.  “Only by each other and Kyle and Kevin, sir.  But, but never by a cock as huge as yours.”

Seth grinned.  “Does it scare you?”

“Yes, sir ... but we want it, very much.”  In unison they hooked their hands behind their knees and pulled their legs back.    Seth looked down at the hairless twin asses side by side and moaned, “Holy fucking shit.”

He knelt on the bed at Toni’s legs, licked his hand and massaged his ass.  “Your mouths made my cock good and wet, kid, and that’ll have to do.  But I don’t wanna hurt you so yell if it hurts.”

Seth pushed a finger in the boy’s ass and massaged inside, making him sigh with pleasure.  Then he pressed the head of his cock against the smooth hole and eased it gently inside.  But tears sprang to the boy’s eyes and he moaned, “Sir, it’s too big … please, sir, it hurts.”

Seth pulled out gently and said, “It’s OK, kid, don’t worry.  A lot of guys can’t take my cock at first.  Let’s see how your brother handles it.”  Seth shifted over, massaged Lee’s ass and said, “Now take deep breaths, kid, that’ll help.  That’s it …grab hold of your brother too.”

Lee grabbed Toni’s arm and stared up into Seth’s deep brown eyes.  He wanted it so much and breathed deeply as he felt the head slip inside him.  He felt a jolt of pain and instinctively turned his head to the side and Toni kissed him.  That calmed him and they remained locked in a tight kiss while Seth’s rod sank deeper and deeper inside him.

It stopped and Lee felt Seth’s wiry pubic hair pressing against his ass.   He stopped kissing Toni, opened his eyes and stared up at Seth’s craggy smiling face.  “I’m inside you, kid, all the way.  How’s it feel?”

Lee hesitated, he wasn’t sure.  Then his almond eyes sparkled to life and he smiled, “It feels wonderful, sir.  Oh yes.  Please, sir.  Please fuck me.”

“Thought you’d never ask, kid,” Seth grinned.  “I’ll go easy on you.”  Seth gazed down at the delicate features and slim body and was overcome with a protective feeling to the boy who looked so vulnerable.  Seth could be savage, but now he made tender love to this kid’s ass.

Soon he looked over at Toni’s pleading eyes.  He pulled out ever so gently, shifted over and eased his cock in Toni’s ass, this time with no resistance, only deep sighs of pleasure.  And so it began, the tough construction worker fucking these exotic identical twins in turn as the boys reached over and stroked each other’s cocks.  He was seeing double, couldn’t tell one from the other.  As he switched from one to the other it was like fucking the same boy over and over.

It was a whole new experience for all of them.  The boys were so different from himself that Seth had been intrigued from start, and that initial attraction had turned into a sexual mix of lust and affection. 

The twins’ prior sexual experience had been with each other and with Kyle and Kevin.  They never imagined they would be attracted to a rough, rugged muscleman like Seth, but their fascination began the minute they met him and now it culminated in this.

It was inevitable that this double fuck could not last long – the intensity could end in only one way.  It was Lee’s turn again and he said, “Sir, you are so sexy, your cock feels so good inside me, but … but I don’t think I can hold back, sir.”

“That’s OK, boy.  You wanna cum?  I can make you cum right now.”  Up to now it had been a gently caressing fuck but now Seth’s cock became a pile-driver for a few seconds while Toni pounded his brother’s cock harder.  Lee threw his head back, his shouts echoed round the hills and his cock spurted stream after stream of juice over his flawless body.

“Me sir, please sir,” Toni pleaded.  Seth pulled out of Lee and plunged his cock into Toni who almost instantly bucked under him, howled, and blasted jizz all the way up to his neck and face.

“Damn, that looks fucking incredible,” Seth growled.  He jumped to his feet and stood astride the twins.  They stared up at the heaving body, at the stubbled face and blazing eyes as the wildman flexed his muscles and pounded his own cock in his fist. 

Instinctively they opened their mouths as the deep voice growled, “Fuck … fuck … yeaahh!”  His body tensed, he uttered an animal roar and his cock exploded, pouring hot jizz down on their eager faces and into their open mouths.  They gulped down the master’s semen until his cock had drained, then turned to each other and kissed, exchanging the cum that had just poured into their mouths.

Seth sank to his knees over them, they stopped kissing and smiled up at him.  Together they pulled Seth on top of them, he licked the cum from their faces, and their mouths closed together in a churning three-way kiss.


A Tangled Web

A few minutes later they were lying together regaining their breath.  Lee sighed, “So you are Will’s father, sir.  He is so lucky.  We look forward to getting to know Will.  Do you make love to him often, sir?”

Seth was startled by the blunt question but realized it must seem normal to them as they made love to each other all the time.  “Well … well, I guess we have … couple a’ times.”  Then, anxious to change the subject, he asked, “How about you?  Ever had sex like we did?”

“No, sir,” Toni said.  “You were so … dominant.  The twins were gentle and loving … although …”  He glanced at Lee who took over.  “Well actually, sir, in Chicago the twins did … like … tie us to the bed while they fucked us.”

“The hell they did,” Seth grinned in surprise.  “And how did you feel about that?”

“It was new to us, sir, but we loved it.  And if you ever wanted to …”  Lee blushed and tailed off.

“All in good time, kid.  Right now we should go back to my house, clean up and wait till the twins have finished their long talk with Will.  They’re probably hatching plans too, I bet.  And of course, you ain’t met Doctor Steve and his lover Lloyd and their house manager Tommy – he’s a real hot gymnast.  His boyfriend Danny is my boy too.

“So many new people,” Toni said.  “It’s a bit scary.”

“Ah, no worries, kids.  Steve’s a good guy and the twins will keep things running smooth.  I just gotta make sure my boy Will is OK with all this – I mean you and the twins.”

“And what we just did, sir.”

“Yeah that too.  It’s what we call a tangled web, boys.  But it’ll all sort itself out … I hope”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 462

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