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Characters featured in this chapter are:


And Pablo's Boy TYLER


Young Tyler meets the Aussies, Adam and Nate.  “Adam looked stunning with his muscular, gym-honed physique and smoldering smile, but Tyler focused on the long, uncut cock swinging between his thighs.”  Then Tyler meets his screen idol Grady, from the Tarzan movie he has so often jerked of to. The muscled Tarzan sprawls naked on the grass but Tyler is shocked when Grady says, “You know what I want, boy.”


In the previous chapter

“Holy shit,” Randy yelled to Pablo and his new boy Tyler, “that was one hot goddam fuck, boys.”

That hot three-way fuck was the culmination of Pablo’s efforts to get rid of Tyler’s shyness and nervousness, to instill in him a sense of pride and self-worth – to toughen him up. 

Previously Pablo, the construction company’s hot chief mechanic, had shown Tyler his new room and said, “This is your room where you’re free to do just as you like.  You’re the boss here.   I want you to learn self-confidence, to be assertive.   It was the same with me and Randy after we first met, and you know what the big tough gypsy said?  He told me to fuck him.”

So that’s what Pablo then ordered Tyler to do.   “Come on kid, you’re my boy.  You can do anything I tell you to – even fuck your master.”   Reticent at first, Tyler gained confidence from the macho mechanic and in the end, in a stunning reversal of roles, the shy young rookie was fucking the macho mechanic on his bed.

Charged with a recklessness he had never felt before, Tyler shouted. “I don’t care if I get punished, if you tie me up and fuck me.  It’s worth it to fuck my master.  I want to love you, fuck you, get punished by you – I want it all.   I love being your boy, sir.  It makes me feel like a man.”

Pablo had achieved his goal of empowering his boy, and before they went to sleep Tyler asked, “Sir, will I get punished for that?”

Pablo laughed.  “Shit damn you want it, don’t you?  You fucking want it.   Damn you really are my boy.  Like I said, all the boys fuck their masters sometimes, but what I didn’t tell you is that they pay for it later.  I’ll take care of that tomorrow. 

The next day Pablo took Tyler to the construction site to show him the business side of the tribe’s operation.  Tyler worked with Pablo’s assistant Ben, the young gypsy boy who was Randy’s kid brother.  They chatted like regular buddies as they worked, but during the lunch break Tyler heard Pablo yell, “Hey, kid, get your ass in here.”

Pablo was in the trailer office with Randy, the construction boss and Pablo’s adoptive father.  When Tyler got there the two alpha males, father and son, made a pretense of trash-talking the boy for having the nerve to fuck his master.  It scared the boy … and made his dick hard.

Feigning anger Pablo growled, “First you fuck your master’s ass, then when I give you a tongue lashing you get a fucking hard-on?   My dad’s right, you gotta learn what punishment is, kid.”  He pushed Tyler face down over the drafting table, pulled down his jeans and fucked his ass.

But Randy couldn’t just sit back and watch.  He had to join in … by fucking Pablo while Pablo ploughed his boy’s ass.  When Tyler looked up at Pablo and Randy in the mirror it felt like he was getting drilled by both of them.  Each time Randy thrust and Pablo winced, Tyler felt the thrust in his own ass as Pablo’s cock drove in hard.  The sensation drove him wild.  He was feeling exactly what his master was feeling, both of them getting their asses ploughed in sync.

The scene climaxed in a spectacular triple orgasm, ending with Randy’s shout, “Holy shit, that was one hot goddam fuck, boys.”

Then suddenly, abruptly, it was over and Randy said, “OK, guys, back to work.”  Tyler went back to assist young Ben, but the young gypsy was waiting not for help but for news.  His eyes sparkled as he said. “Well?  Spill, dude.   Which one of them fucked you?”

Tyler grinned, “Well, they both did … in a way.   Pablo threw me over the desk and fucked me while Randy fucked him.”

Ben’s eyes opened wide.  “Get outta here!   You’re kidding.  You’re not kidding.  Wow, you wait till the boys hear this one.  Dude, you gotta be one of the boys – Eddie, Brandon and me, we’re the three amigos, well four with Brian … five with you.”

Tyler already knew Eddie and Brandon.  Eddie had already become his best buddy, and when Tyler had met Brandon at dinner the night before he recognized him instantly. “You’re the guy in the wheelchair in the new Tarzan movie.  I saw that movie as soon as it opened and I …well, that guy who plays Tarzan is so hot that I … I jerked off in my shorts all on my own in the dark theater.  Did the same the second time I saw it.”  His eyes sparkled.  “Hey, I’d like to see the movie again … maybe we could all three go together.  My treat.”

Brandon grinned.  “Actually, dude, I think we can do a little better than that.”

“You mean … you get free tickets?  Of course you do, being in it and all.”

“No, even better than that,” Eddie said.  “One day real soon we’ll take you to a big house at the top of the hill and … well, you’ll see.”  He checked himself after a warning glance from Brandon reminding him that before anyone new was taken to the Grady House to meet Tarzan himself they had to get the OK from his lover Mario, always fiercely protecting Grady’s privacy. 

And now, as Tyler and Ben worked together the next day, Tyler said, “Funny thing, that.  I told them I loved that movie, jerked off in the theater watching the guy who played Tarzan, but when I suggested we all go see it they got kinda weird, real cagey.  Eddie let slip about some big house, but Brandon shut him up.  Someone else call it the Grady House.  What’s that, dude?”

“Oh,” Ben giggled, “the Grady House.  Well it’s … well, you’ll see.”

That’s just what Eddie said … ‘you’ll see’.”

“Well you will dude, all in good time.  You’ll see ….”


********************     CHAPTER 386      ********************

But Tyler would not discover the mystery of the Grady House for a few days yet.  The next morning he was to start work as the assistant houseboy in the tribe’s main compound. 

Pablo had slept with Tyler again that night and in the morning gave him a pep talk over breakfast.  “OK, this is your first day, kid, and I’ll be rooting for you.  Your boss will be Nate, you already met him yesterday.  He’s an Aussie just like his lover Adam, you met him too, the gorgeous musclehunk he lives with next door.  We call it the Aussie house. 

Adam has a senior position with QANTAS airlines and flies back and forth to Sydney a lot.  Looks great in his uniform, except I just wanna rip if off him all the time.  I bet when he works a flight and walks down the aisle of the cabin all the passengers are staring at him and mentally undressing him.  I know I would be,” Pablo grinned.

“As for Nate, he’s one of the senior boys, a great guy with that easy-going attitude Aussies have.  But he can be a strict boss too.  Has to be – it’s a tough job running a big house like this with so many guys living here.  It has to be kept clean, fully supplied, maintenance problems reported to Randy, expenses coordinated with Jamie in the office.  Nate and Jamie are best buds – met years ago when Jamie and Mark were at their beach shack and Nate was a tourist.

“I want you to follow Nate’s instructions, do what he tells you.  Like I said, he’s a real nice guy and I want you to be friends with him, get to know him and let him get to know you. See, there are big things coming up and I don’t want my boy to be the houseboy forever.  You’ll be seeing a lot of Eddie too whose job you took over, ‘cos Hassan’s real keen on Eddie setting up a house management company with Nate and Jamie, and I want you eventually to be a part of that.

“Anyway, that’s it for the pep talk kiddo.   I gotta get off to work.  Big day today on the site, major project and I’ll probably be working late.  Won’t be home much before midnight and I’ll be hot, greasy, sweaty and horny.  So you better be there waiting for me, boy.

“Yes sir!” Tyler grinned.

“Here comes your boss now.  Hey, Nate, here’s your new assistant, all present and correct.  Can I leave him at your tender mercy?”  Pablo grinned, “And if he gives you any trouble just report him to me.  I know how to deal with him.”

“So I’ve heard, mate,” Nate laughed.  “And rumor has it the boy knows how to top a horny mechanic too.”

“Fuck you, Nate,” Pablo grinned.  “That was a one off.  I’m the top man around here, you want me to prove it?”

“Uh-uh,” Nate said, backing off.  “I’ll take your word for it, mate.  But I’ll take good care of this young bloke here for you, dude, no worries.  Come on kiddo, let’s get to work.


As they did the tour of the facility Nate mixed instructions with gossip to help Tyler relax.  “You know, mate, my entry into the tribe was a lot like yours – we were both Peeping Toms.  I hear that you were hiding in a tree watching Pablo tie up and manhandle that muscle-stud Miguel, but the branch broke, you fell, and Pablo fished you out of the bushes.”   Tyler blushed deeply.

“Hey spare the blushes mate … no worries … it was the same with me too.  See, I was on a two week vacation from Sydney and went to the Guadalupe dunes.  I peered over a dune and saw a blond surfer and a cop (Mark and Jamie, of course) working out by their shack on the beach.  I jerked off watching them, but then two roughnecks caught me and started beating me up.  Mark came racing up to my rescue and told the thugs to get out of town pronto or he’d arrest them.

“Well, long story short, Jamie and me became best buddies and I ended up moving here and now, here I am …”

“My boss,” Tyler smiled.

“Yeah mate, how about that?  And talking of Jamie I better get you to his office over there so he can do the new-hire paperwork with you.  By the way, one real important rule about cleaning rooms.  You’ll have a master key and go into all the rooms to clean and tidy them up, so you get to know a lot about the guys.  But it is all strictly confidential, you keep it to yourself.   ‘Course, that’s super important at the Grady House for obvious reasons.”

“Not obvious to me, sir,” Tyler said.  “I keep hearing about the Grady House but then everyone clams up and won’t tell me any more.”

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough, kiddo.  We’ll run it by Mario and get his OK.  By the way, I told you before that when it’s just us here you don’t have to call me sir.  Mate or dude works just fine.  Same goes for Jamie, he’s real laid back – the surfer vibe, you know? 

“OK, so after you’ve done the paperwork with Jamie I’ll show you the rooms on today’s cleaning list.  Takes us a week to cover the whole house.  But I’ll make sure I deliver you back to Pablo when he gets home from work.”

“Oh, no problem there, Nate.  They’re working late tonight and Pablo won’t be home much before midnight.”

“Oh really?  Well, er, how would you like to have dinner with Adam and me in our house next door?   He’s working a flight from Sydney, due in later this afternoon.  Give you a chance to get to know us, and you can help me cook dinner.  You’d probably have to check with Pablo first.”

“I’d like that a lot, Nate.  Pablo said he would call me on his lunch break so I’ll ask him then.”

“Good onya, mate.  OK, here’s the office.   Hi, Jamie.  Can you sign this young bloke up fast?  I wanna put him to work.”

Jamie smiled at Tyler.  “Right, take a seat Tyler.  Now, I don’t suppose you have a résumé.”

“A what, sir?”

“Never mind,” Jamie chuckled.  “I know you’ve already worked at cleaning houses so that’ll do.  And it’s dude, not sir.  OK, just a few forms and he’s all yours, Nate.”

In half an hour Nate was showing Tyler the ropes, the laundry room and utility closets, and was impressed by the questions the boy asked and suggestions he made.  At lunchtime they went into the kitchen and joined Jamie and the twins.  They were the only ones in the house so it was an informal lunch round the kitchen table. 

Slightly intimidated at first to be seated with four of the senior boys Tyler soon warmed up as the boys included him in the conversation, pumping him with questions about his life in the desert before coming here.  Jamie learned more about him in that conversation than a folder-full of forms would have told him.  Jamie had been taught that skill by the therapist Doctor Steve, who had applied the same ‘casual conversation’ therapy technique on Tyler the day before.

The afternoon was busy, and Nate had been right about seeing intimate things.  Today was the day for Bob and Randy’s large master suite and in cleaning it up Tyler came across things like ropes hanging round the bedposts from bondage scenes, torn underwear, jockstraps and leather restraints, all of which Tyler stashed in what Nate called the ‘paraphernalia’ drawer.  

Just handling them gave Tyler a hard-on as he imagined the two alpha males using them when they fucked, but he didn’t comment on them even to Nate, remembering his warning about confidentiality.  He was quickly learning the houseboy skill of turning a blind eye.

While he was cleaning his cell phone rang … it was Pablo.  “Just checking up on you, kiddo, making sure you’re OK.   How’s Nate treating you?”

“You were right, sir, he’s been real friendly – him and Jamie and the twins.  I think I’m gonna like this job, sir.”

Pablo chuckled, “And you get to see all those sexy thing guys leave lying around eh?”

“I … er … I’m not allowed to talk about those things, sir, even to you.”

“Good boy, quite right.   Even motor-mouth Eddie never spills the beans about that stuff.”

“Sir, I want to ask you something.  As you won’t be home till late Nate has asked me to dinner at his place with Adam.   Is it OK if I do that, sir?”

“Sure it is, kid.  Remember I told you that I wanted you and Nate to get to know each other well.  And to know Nate is to know Adam.  Now listen, kid, this is important.  When Adam gets home from a trip he’s usually pretty horny, like most of us guys after work.  So of course he fucks Nate.  And if they want you to join in, that’s OK with me this time.

“See, I want you to get used to that stuff bit by bit – but you always check with me first, OK?  And naturally, when I eventually get home you’re all mine.  ‘Cos it promises to be a bitch of a project, real messy, and Randy’s already in a foul mood.  So I’ll be wanting a lot of tender loving care, boy, in the form of a hot young ass waiting for me.”

“Absolutely, sir.  I’ll be waiting in my room.  Like Jamie waits for Mark.”

“You got the idea, boy,” Pablo laughed.  “Have fun with Nate and Adam.”


Tyler got to realize it was a theme in this tribe that when a hot and heavy master gets home from work he usually gets relief by fucking his boy, or in Randy’s case, Bob.  The daily ritual of Jamie waiting naked for his uniformed cop to come home was duplicated in one way or another in many of the bedrooms.  And today, Pablo wasn’t the only one having a rough day at work. 

After Tyler had showered in his own shower he dressed in new shorts and a polo shirt that Pablo had bought for him and went through the gate in the hedge separating Adam and Nate’s house from the main compound.

Nate had just shut off his phone.  “That was Adam, poor old mate.  His flight’s delayed by an hour and he says LAX is backed up so they’ll probably have to wait for a gate to free up.  He hates that.  It’s one of those double-decker jumbos and he’s the purser in charge of the whole flight, all the cabins, both decks.  Delays cause him a lot of headaches – connections and all that stuff.  But anyway, let’s get started on dinner so he’ll have something hot to come home to.”

“Apart from your ass,” Tyler grinned.

“OK, that too.  You do catch on quick, don’t you, mate?” Nate said in his slow Australian drawl.  “Yeah, after those long flights he’s usually horny as hell when he comes in.  I hope you don’t mind if we … I mean, you know … Pablo and all.”

“Oh no worries there, mate,” Tyler said, picking up Aussie speech patterns already. “Pablo said whatever happens here is fine with him, just as long as I’m waiting for him when he gets home.”

“Great, now let’s tackle that recipe the twins gave us.”  They worked for quite a while in the kitchen and everything was under control by the time they heard a car pull up outside.  Nate ran to the door and Tyler held back … and gaped when Adam walked in.

Tyler had met Adam before and knew him as a tall, handsome guy with a great build, but he had never seen him in uniform before, which made him even sexier.  His short dark hair and square-jawed features gave him a real macho look, and his gleaming smile when he saw Nate completed the picture.  He gave Nate a long, tight hug, then smiled at Tyler.

“Hey, kiddo, Nate told me you were stopping for dinner.”

“If it’s OK, sir,” Tyler said.  “Nate said you had a hard day at work and you and him would …”

“Ah, no worries mate, it’s good to get home and see two smiling faces after the flight I had.”  As he spoke he shrugged off his jacket and loosened his tie.  “We were late leaving Sydney and arrived here over an hour behind schedule.   Then we had to wait half an hour for a gate to clear.  You have no idea how tense it gets with five hundred angry passengers after a 14-hour flight demanding to know why we’re stuck on the tarmac another half hour without moving.

“As the chief purser I had to write a report on the delay and I let them have it with both barrels – incompetence of the Sydney ground crew, the LAX tower not giving priority to long-haul flights.  Damn, it took all the charm I could muster to calm down the passengers. I’m all charmed out.” 

But he disproved that by flashing a gleaming smile as he unbuttoned his shirt.  “Listen to me venting – typical airline talk, slagging off everyone in sight.  Come and give me a hug, Tyler.”.” 

Tyler had been gazing at Adam whose unbuttoned shirt fell open and gave glimpses of his muscled pecs underneath.  He felt Adam’s arms fold round him and his bare chest pressing against him.  And when they pulled apart the boy reflexively reached down and covered the bulge in his shorts with his hands.

Adam laughed, “Good onya, mate, thanks for the compliment.  But no need for modesty around here, Tyler.   We’re just good ol’ Aussies, we takes blokes as we find them, boners and all.  Now what I need is a shower, then a good fuck and some good grub, in that order.  Amazing how horny you get during fourteen hours at five thousand feet keeping a smile on your face when what you want is a cock in your mouth.”

The boys followed Adam into the bedroom where he pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the bed.   Tyler gulped seeing him shirtless – perfect pecs, washboard abs and slim waist cinched by the black belt of his uniform pants, but this time Tyler didn’t bother to hide the bulge in his shorts.  Adam kicked off his shoes, dropped his pants and walked into the bathroom in his boxer briefs.

They heard the shower start and Nate said, “OK, mate, learn from the best.  This is how a boy takes care of his man.  The shirt goes in the laundry basket, the uniform goes on this hanger.”  He hung it carefully, brushed it with a lint roller and hung it in the walk-in closet.  Tyler said, “When Pablo comes home I won’t have to worry about the shirt ‘cos he don’t wear one at work.”

Nate laughed.  “I think most of Adam’s passengers would prefer him not to wear a shirt either but, you know … company regulations.  “OK, so much for the clothes, now for the man.”  Without any reticence Nate quickly stripped naked and lay on the bed.  Just as Jamie does for Mark, Tyler thought.  He hadn’t seen Nate naked before and said, “Dude, you have a real nice body, great definition.  I can see why Adam comes home wanting to fuck you.”

“Ah, Adam’s a real gym jock and we work out a lot.  I’m sure Pablo will do the same with you.  OK, now I lie here and just wait – at my master’s pleasure.”

Tyler shifted uncomfortably.   “Er, what d’you think I should do?”

“I can think of something, mate,” came a voice from the bathroom door with a deep Aussie drawl and Tyler gasped “aaah!”

Adam had dried off after his shower and now stood naked with a towel thrown over his shoulder.  He was a stunning sight with his muscular, gym-honed physique, deepgolden tan and sharp tan lines at his waist and thighs.

His short dark hair set off his finely etched features, and a smoldering smile in his clear, confident brown eyes.  But what Tyler focused on most was the long, thick, uncut cock swinging between his muscled thighs.”

“Yeah,” Adam drawled, “you’re looking in the right general direction, mate.  You know what a fluffer is?”

“Yes, sir, it’s a guy on a porn shoot who makes the porn star’s dick hard before he shoots a scene.”  Tyler blushed.  “I always thought I’d like to be a fluffer for some porn hunk.”

“Well now’s your chance, mate,” Adam chuckled.  “You think for a minute you could imagine me as that porn hunk?  There’s a porn boy on the bed waiting to get fucked and the hunk chooses you to get him hard?  Think you could go for that?”

“Definitely, sir.  Yes, definitely.”  He walked forward and Adam put his arms on the boy’s shoulders.  “Are you sure Pablo would be OK with this?”

“Definitely, sir, he said I could do what I liked here.”

“Good, and, er, have you been taking lessons from Eddie like most of the boys have?”

“Definitely, sir.”

“Brilliant.  So show me what he taught you, kiddo.”

Tyler sank to his knees, wrapped his arms round one of Adam’s thighs and pressed his cheek against it, the huge cock swinging inches from his face.  He flicked his tongue out and licked the long shaft, then touched it, slowly pulled back the foreskin and watched the head emerge.  He licked the head, sucked in the silky strands of pre-cum, then lowered his mouth over it and let the whole cock slide down this throat without gagging once.

“Fucking brilliant, mate.  Man that feels good.  Get it good and hard for me, kid.”  Tyler had to hold back his own orgasm as he pumped Adam’s cock, pursing his lips as he drew back, then swallowing it whole again.  He teased the Aussie hunk by opening his mouth wide and breathing on his cock without actual contact, then suddenly clenching his throat round it.

He had learned the skill of bringing a man to the edge of his climax, then frustrating him by breaking off contact.  “Fuck, you give great head, mate,” Adam groaned.  His hands were round Tyler’s head, pulling him forward onto his shaft, but suddenly he pushed him back.  “That’s enough, boy, or I’ll shoot in your mouth.  I wanna unload in my boy’s ass and you’ve made me good and ready.”

After his effort tears ran down Tyler’s cheeks as he looked up at the handsome jock.  “Kid, you wanna be a fluffer on a porn shoot?  You do what you did to me and they’ll be lining up to hire you – except I think Pablo would have something to say about that and it wouldn’t be pretty.   OK, Nate, your turn.  You know how I like it.”

Nate grinned and got on all fours on the bed facing the mirror.  Tyler, still on his knees, watched wide-eyed as the naked Aussie knelt behind Nate grabbed his hips and pressed his dick against his ass.  Your buddy Tyler’s already lubed my cock, mate, so here it comes.”

“Aaah,” Nate sighed deeply as he felt the familiar sensation of Adam’s rod driving deep inside him and then start a gentle rhythmic fuck.  

As Tyler watched, just as he had watched so many men of the tribe fuck, he realized that no two couples were alike.  Even though Adam had been real horny when he came in, having built up a head of steam on the long flight, he was fucking Nate not as his boy but as a buddy, a buddy whose preferences he knew well.  And Nate was smiling up at him in the mirror with that warm, deep understanding lovers develop over the years.

“Hey, Tyler,” Adam said suddenly, “you wanna help me out here and grab a slice of the action for yourself?   Get in front of Nate and let’s see if you and me make a good team.

Tyler jumped up to obey and stood in front of Nate who grinned, “Go for it, mate.  Let’s see what you got.”  Tyler unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock that had been rock hard ever since Adam came out of the shower.  He looked down at Nate’s sparkling eyes … and pushed his cock slowly in his mouth.

“That’s it, kiddo,” Adam laughed.  “Now let’s get that rhythm thing going.”   Tyler almost lost his load right there staring into Adam’s sexy brown eyes, but he held back and took his cue from the Aussie jock, fucking Nate’s face in sync with Adam fucking his ass.  “You’re good, mate, you know that?” Adam said.  “Careful not to bust a nut though till I give you the word.  Nate, your ass feels hotter than ever.  You OK, mate?”

Nate raised a hand off the bed for a quick thumbs up and Adam grinned, “OK, Tyler, you’re in a porn movie starring a couple of Aussies, and you’re helping the big guy fuck his boy.  You hear the word ‘Action!’ and you know what that means.  Let’s do it, kid.”  The Aussies were so much fun that Tyler laughed as he fucked, and fantasized that he was in a porn shoot, watching Adam’s muscular physique flex as he pounded ass. 

Nate was having the time of his life getting double fucked, with his man Adam in control, but eventually Adam leaned forward over Nate’s back and said, “I’m real close, guys … come on, Tyler, push me over the edge.”

Still face-fucking Nate Tyler leaned close to the Aussie’s face and felt Adam’s mouth press against his in a long, tongue searching kiss.   It was Adam who pushed Tyler over the edge as their kiss ended and Adam yelled, “Go for it, guys, this is it … I’m gonna cum … yeah … fuck … fuuuck!”   The sight of Adam’s superb body shuddering as he pumped semen in his boy’s ass made Tyler shoot in his mouth, while Nate bucked beneath them and blasted jizz on the bed.

There was a long pause, then Adam and Tyler pulled out and Nate yelled, “Dammit, you blokes spit-roasted me.  I feel like a stuck pig.”   Gales of laughter followed as Adam and Nate rolled over on the bed and pulled Tyler down on top of them.  “Mates that was brilliant.  Hell, I still feel I’m flying … at five thousand feet … in first class.  But now it’s time for the crew to roll out the meal service, ‘cos I’m starved.”

“Good,” Nate said, “’cos dinner’s in a slow oven, so please lower your tray table, sir, and …

“Ah cut the crap, mate, and let’s eat.”


Dinner was a breezy affair with the ebullient Aussies trading jokes, and Tyler so relaxed that he mimicked their accent with, “Sir, is it true that Aussies really say, ‘let’s throw another shrimp on the barbie’ like the guy says on TV?”

Adam roared with laughter.  “Kid that is the worst Australian accent I ever heard, and no, I’ve never heard an Aussie say that, though we do use barbie for barbecue.   Stick around with Nate for a few more days and you’ll have the accent and the lingo down perfectly.

It was a tribute to Adam’s easy going, fun personality that Tyler almost forgot he was sitting across form a spectacular-looking alpha male.  Well, almost forgot, except for the permanent boner in his shorts.   He also lost track of time, until his cell phone rang.  It was Pablo sounding tense and hyper.  “Hey, kid, I’ll be home in ten minutes.  Bitch of a fucking day.  You be there in your room waiting for me?”

“Definitely, sir.”  Tyler shut off the phone and said, “Guys, I gotta go.  Nate, you want me to help you clear up here?”

“Certainly not,” Nate grinned.  “That was your master’s voice, boy.  You better skedaddle.”

With warm hugs, many thanks from Tyler and compliments from Adam and Nate, Tyler ran from the house, through the gate in the hedge and up to his room.   He knew exactly what to do – exactly what was expected of a boy when his master comes home after a tough day’s work – whether it was Mark after a long shift, Adam after a long flight, or Pablo after a long day on the construction site.

He quickly pulled off his polo shirt, kicked off his sneakers and dropped his shorts.  He pulled back the bed covers, lay down naked on his back on the bed – and waited.

He didn’t have long to wait.  He heard a truck screech to a halt outside and a few minutes later heavy footsteps pounding up the stairs.  The door flew open and there stood Pablo, looking wilder and fiercer than he had ever seen him.  As usual he was shirtless in filthy jeans and muddy boots and his upper body and face were covered in dirt, grease and sweat.

His eyes blazed as he said, “Fucking pig of a day … rough work, tempers flaring, big row with Randy, the son of a bitch.  Boy, you are a sight for sore eyes … I need you bad …”

He walked forward ripping open his jeans, knelt on the bed, hooked Tyler’s legs over his shoulders and spat on his cock.   Tyler looked up at the fierce mechanic, scared but hugely turned on.  It was his duty as a boy to make his master feel good and he braced for the … “aaagh” … the thrust of his cock deep in his ass.

Pablo was still high on testosterone, adrenaline and anger and the boy’s ass bore the brunt of all his frustrations.   Pablo was borderline out of control but there was still that sliver of restraint deep down that protected his boy from real pain.  It was the most ferocious fuck Tyler had felt as Pablo pinned his arms to the bed, holding him captive, at the mercy of the relentless pile-driver pounding his ass.

As he vented his anger on his boy Pablo re-lived his day and growled, “Fuck ‘em … mother fuckers … fuck Randy … asshole … fuck ‘em all.”  Then suddenly his focus shifted and he seemed to see Tyler for the first time.  “Shit, you feel good.  Great to come home to, kid.  You been a good boy for me today?”

“Yes, sir … definitely, sir.”

Good.  I love you kid … and your sweet ass.  So fuck ‘em all … I’ve got my boy … and he’s mine … his ass is mine … I’m gonna bust my nuts in your ass, boy.   Fuck … fuck …yeah … fuck ‘em all … aaagh!”

His yell echoed round the room, his cock erupted in his boy’s ass and he watched the freckled face thrash from side to side as the boy spurted jizz up so high it splashed on his master’s heaving chest.

Pablo thrust a few last times to drain his cock and stared down at Tyler, a smile replacing his anger.   Then, at last, the adrenaline drained and he gave in to exhaustion.  He pulled out of his boy’s ass, fell on the bed beside him and grunted.   “You OK, kid.  I didn’t hurt you?”

“No sir, I loved it.”

“Good.   You’re a good boy Tyler.  Did you have fun next door …?”  And he was asleep.

Gently Tyler gently pulled away from the sleeping man and eased himself off the bed.   He carefully undid Pablo’s boots and pulled them off, then slowly pulled down his jeans.  He remembered how Nate had carefully brushed Adam’s uniform, folded it on a hanger and hung it in the closet.  He smiled as he held up Pablo’s dirty oil-streaked jeans.  Not exactly airline-uniform neat but still he hung them on a hook in his closet.

He looked down at the naked Pablo sleeping soundly.   He slid beside him and Pablo stirred and threw his arm over him.  Tyler recalled how Adam had showered right after taking his uniform off, but now here was Pablo fast asleep, still dirty and sweaty from the construction site.  And Tyler didn’t want it any other way.


Tyler’s first day of work had started well and it continued in the same way.  He worked hard and his previous experience as a house cleaner gave him confidence to offer suggestions.  Nate was impressed and reported so to Pablo.   Eddie was often there to help, though he spent considerable time in the office with Jamie and Nate planning the outline of their new house management services project.

With the extra pair of hands work went faster than usual and, as a reward, Nate gave Tyler and Eddie Friday afternoon off.  “D’you wanna hang out together,” Tyler asked Eddie eagerly.

“Dude, I got something special in mind.”  Eddie went off and made a call to Mario at the Grady House to put his suggestion.  Ever protective of his famous lover’s privacy Mario made a few calls – to Bob, Pablo and Doctor Steve – then called Eddie back and it was all set.

Eddie rushed back to Tyler, eyes shining, and said, “OK, dude, we’re on.  Time I took you to see the Grady House.  There’s a bunch of guys in that great big house who are really part of the tribe but they live a kinda private life up there cos – well you’ll see.”

“Eddie, that’s all anyone says to me about that place, ‘you’ll see’.”

“Well you will dude – and today’s the day.  But Mario suggested you talk to Pablo first.”

So Tyler called Pablo at work and told him where Eddie wanted to take him.  “Yeah, about time, kiddo,” Pablo said.  “I was starting to think they were leery of you meeting … well, you’ll see. 

“But there’s something I wanna make clear.  You know how Nate told you that whatever you see when you’re cleaning rooms here is confidential.  Well the same goes for the Grady House – only more so.  There’s a saying – what happens in the tribe stays in the tribe.  And I know I can trust you on that, kiddo, ‘cos you’re my boy and I love you. OK, go with Eddie and have fun, kid.”

As Eddie drove them up the winding hill he said, “Personally I think they take all this privacy a bit too far.  Like, do they really think we’re gonna go shooting our mouths off all over the place?  Have you ever heard me gabbing so much I …?”  He grinned, “OK, don’t answer that, dude.  You’d either have to lie or call me a bigmouth, ‘cos I know I have a certain reputation of talking too much.  Totally undeserved, I might say.  Like, I always remember the time when …”

He was off and running until Tyler nudged him, grinned and ran his fingertips across his lips and twisted them at the corner, imitating Eddie’s frequent (and ineffectual) vow of zipping and locking his lips.  Eddie frowned for just an instant, then burst out laughing. “Dude, you know me too well already.  Hey, we’re almost there … it’s right at the end of this long drive.

It was hard for Tyler to believe that there was actually a house here, there just seemed to be a whole mass of tress.  But then they came to tall iron gates that were blocked off so you couldn’t see through them.  Eddie pulled up at an intercom pad and pressed the buzzer.  Tyler watched wide-eyed as security cameras turned in their direction and then an excited young voice said, “Dude, you’re here.  Brandon’s already here, we’ve been waiting for you.  Hi, Tyler.”

The big gates swung open slowly and silently, then closed behind them after Eddie drove in and pulled up at the garages in back of the house.  They got out and Tyler looked up at the big house, much grander even than Doctor Steve’s, even from the back.  

Suddenly round the corner raced a boy in a wheelchair, with a fresh open face and a big smile.  “Hey, guys.  And Tyler at last – welcome to the Grady House … I’m Brian … me and Danny kinda keep the place running for Mario and … Come and meet Brandon, you know him already.”

As Tyler went with Brian and Eddie round to the front he said, “Yeah, I knew Brandon even before I knew him ‘cos I saw him in that Tarzan movie – twice.”

“Yeah,” Eddie said, winking at Brian, “and jerked off twice in the dark watching the guy who plays Tarzan.  Tyler’s crazy about that actor, Brian.  Gets a boner just looking at his picture.”

When they came to the front of the house Brandon was sitting in his wheelchair in the shade of a big tree with Danny the house manager and chef.  “Hey, dude, you made it at last.  Too busy at work to come sooner, I hear.  Nate says you’re doing a great job and Ben told us all about you getting fucked at the construction site by Pablo while Randy fucked him.  Wish I’d been there to see that.”

Tyler blushed slightly and said, “Word sure gets around.”

“You know it, dude,” Brian laughed.  “And you know Danny, of course.”

“Sure,” Danny smiled.  “Tyler was one of the audience watching my boyfriend Tommy get fucked by Lloyd.  Hey, kiddo, good to see you again.  Ah, here’s Mario.”

Tyler looked up and saw emerging from the house a tall, dark-haired man dressed in casual beige slacks and an elegant floppy white shirt unbuttoned down to the middle, showing the curves of his flawless pecs underneath.   He was classically handsome with the square-cut features of a foreigner, Spanish maybe, Tyler thought.

Mario beamed, “Ah, il giovane Signore Tyler, at last.  Come and give me a hug, bambino.”  He folded his arms round Tyler who breathed in the sweet, musky essence of cologne.   Mario held him at arm’s length and smiled at him.   “Yes, yes, a young beauty ripe for the plucking, and Pablo has plucked you … fucked you too from all I hear.  And why not … you are perfect for him.  Come, sit down.  The boys and I were drinking white wine and you and Eddie will join us.”

In these opulent surroundings and the presence of such an elegant, exotic man Tyler could have been intimidated but he was put at ease by the company of the boys and the lilting accent of the beautiful Mario (whom he had realized was Italian).  “Do you like our house, Tyler?”

It’s … it’s beautiful sir.  And the grounds are gorgeous.  Did you do all this, sir?  Eddie mentioned that you are a landscape gardener.”

“Well, amico, I planned most of it and did a little of the work, though we had several gardeners working on it.”

Like the one over there, sir?” Tyler asked, squinting into the distance at a figure bent over a flower bed.  “Is he your assistant?”

Mario chuckled.  “No, amico, rather the reverse.  I help him in his work.  You see, he is my lover. Hey, amore,” Mario called out.  “Vieni qui … come and see.  Tyler’s here, come and meet him.”


On the other side of the garden by the rose bushes the figure stood up, shaded his eyes, then ambled toward them.   Even from this distance Tyler saw something familiar in the way he walked – the long, loping stride – and as he came closer realized that he had a stunning physique – broad shoulders, ripped chest and abs and a long sexy waist.  He was wearing only old baggy cargo shorts, smudged with dirt from his gardening.

Then Tyler saw his face, that beautiful masculine chiseled face just like the one he had drooled over in the darkened movie theater.  Suddenly nervous, he reflexively reached for his wine glass and took a long swig … then choked, sputtered, and spat it out in a long coughing fit. 

“Oh, it’s happened again,” Grady laughed.  “What he call in the business a spit-take.  I get so many reactions like that when people first meet me.  The studio crew teases me, ‘How many did you kill today Grady with that killer smile?  I apologize, Tyler … all my fault.”

Eddie was thumping Tyler furiously on the back to stop the choking, though he was probably doing more harm than good and Grady grinned, “Eddie, if the coughing don’t kill him you certainly will.  Take a few deep breaths, Tyler, and all will be well.”

Tyler finally got control of himself and sputtered.  “But, sir, you’re exactly like that guy in the Tarzan movie.  Are … are you his double or something?”

“Mama Mia,” Mario laughed, “please, let there not be two of them.  One is quite enough.  No, Tyler, Grady is the real thing … the real Tarzan.”

“I … I can’t believe it, I …”

“Oh no,” Grady said, “if you don’t believe in me how are we to be friends?  Here, let me prove who I am.”  Grady cupped his hands round his mouth and gave a loud Tarzan yell that echoed round the garden.  “There, are you convinced, Tyler?”

Tyler blushed deep red and shrank back into himself, embarrassed by his own behavior, embarrassed by the massive boner in his shorts, and totally intimidated to be in the presence of a man he previously worshipped on the big screen.

See,” Eddie said, trying to buck him up, “now you know why we were always so cagey when we talked about the Grady House.  This is a whole ‘nother world up here, a real private one.”

But, like a startled crab that is suddenly scared, Tyler quickly drew back into his shell. Nobody quite knew what to do … except for Grady.  He knew that this called for quick action and said plaintively to Mario.  “Amico, do I really have to carry on weeding the garden?  I’m tired of it.”

Mario was stern.  “Grady, you know Dr. Steve said that gardening is great therapy for you to relieve the stress of the studio.  You’ve got a couple of days off from filming and surely you don’t want to spend it all in bed, do you?   OK, scrub that, you probably would, but working with the earth is much better for you.  I promised Steve I’d make you do it.”

Grady pouted like a child.  “But I get lonely out there all on my own.  You know how I love to gossip.”  Then he perked up.  “Hey Tyler, do you wanna give me a hand?  Do you know anything about gardening?”

Surprised, Tyler gulped, found his voice and mumbled, “Er, nothing at all, sir.”

“Neither do I,” Grady laughed jubilantly, “not a thing.  See, we’d be a prefect team.”   He grabbed Tyler’s hand and pulled him up out of his chair.  “Kiddo, you are hereby deputized as gardener’s assistant.  Let us venture forth and conquer the weeds.”

As the others all laughed Grady threw his arm round the startled boy’s shoulder and guided him across the garden. 

Mario watched them go and his eyes sparkled with pride.  “? fantastico, our Grady, eh boys?  So often he meets tongue tied youngsters like Tyler and one thing fame has taught him is how to put them at their ease.  That’s what he is doing with Tyler, because he wants them to be friends.  Especially with Tyler – he always has a soft spot for shy kids like him.  You watch, he’ll go to any lengths to make the boy feel at home.”

Grady was already treating Tyler like an old friend.  “You know, kiddo, you’re famous around these parts.  Thanks to the grapevine we’ve been hearing all about your exploits right from the start when you fell out of a tree at Pablo’s feet.  What an entrance!   Actually I do that for a living, swinging down from a tree.  But I swing on a vine, I’ve never actually fallen down.  Maybe they should write that into the plot.”

“Tarzan would never fall from a broken branch, sir,” Tyler said softly but adamantly.

“You know, you’re right, Tyler.  Unless … unless the villain had partly sawn through the branch.”

That might work, sir,” Tyler said more boldly, then got intimidated again realizing who he was talking to. “Anyway, sir, I’m not famous … you’re the one whose famous.”

“Only outside these gates, dude.  In here, like Eddie said, it’s a whole other world, and I’m just one of the guys.  I hope you can get to treat me like just one of the guys, buddy.  But first you gotta help me with the flower beds here.  See, they’re making me do the weeding but I don’t know a weed from a flower and I’m scared of pulling up the wrong thing.  Here, take off that shirt or it’ll get dirty and get on your knees here – what do you think?”

They knelt side by side and Tyler said, “Well, I’m pretty sure those are weeds, sir.  They’re dandelions.”

“But they’re so beautiful, with their big yellow flowers.  I think things of beauty like that deserve to live, don’t you?  Who cares what they’re called – weeds, whatever?”

Tyler looked up at the movie star’s handsome, earnest face and saw a really kind and gentle man … and it made him smile for the first time.   And that was it … Grady knew they were off to the races.  “Dude, when I said to Mario I love gossip I wasn’t kidding.  I love to hear what’s going on in the tribe.  Stuck up here I feel like I’m in prison.”

“Sir, I once went to visit a cousin who was in prison and it weren’t anything like this place.”

Grady laughed.  “Well, this is a better class of prison.  But listen, while we weed away here I want to hear all the gossip from you.  Like I said, we heard a lot about what happened with you, except rumor has it you spent an evening with the Aussies, Adam and Nate, but they’ve been tight lipped about it.  With that hunk Adam coming home after a long flight I bet there was sex … was there … was there, kiddo?”

Grady’s eager, questioning gaze was irresistible and Tyler spilled the beans.  After all, it was all in the tribe so it was allowed.  

Grady listened with rapt attention and said at the end, “Wow, I would love to have seen that, Nate getting spit roasted by you and Adam.  We don’t get to see those two up here too often – the Aussies tend to keep to themselves.  But Adam is such a hunk, perfect body, I guess he works out at the gym a lot.  Man, what I wouldn’t give to have been in Nate’s place, getting my ass ploughed by that Aussie stud.”

Tyler looked shocked.  “No, sir, Tarzan don’t get fucked.”

“Maybe not, but Grady sure as hell does.  I can’t get enough of it.  Mario gives it to me several times a day – he’s a terrific fuck, but I think I wear the poor guy out.   He’s nice and gentle, totally different from Randy who can get real savage.”

In disbelief Tyler said, “Randy fucks you, sir?”

“Most mornings, yeah.  See, he’s my trainer, gives me early morning workouts in his home gym before I go to the studio.  And he usually fucks me at the end, depending on how hard I’ve worked.”

“You mean he punishes you if you slack off, sir?”

“Nah, he rewards me if I work hard.  And I sometimes get fucked by the boys in this house, too – Brian and Danny.  Matter of fact, after Randy’s brutal fucks I love the gentleness of the boys.”

There was a long silence as they knelt side by side tugging at the weeds.  Grady kept glancing at the boy, his freckled face and lithe young body.  He loved that Tyler had come out of his shell but knew that he was still intimidated by him, and Grady hated that.  He really wanted Tyler to become one of the boys and treat him like one of the boys.

Suddenly Grady said softly.  “Would you like to fuck me, Tyler?”

Tyler almost choked again but breathed deeply and steadied himself.  “You … what?  You want me to … Oh no, sir.  Me?  Fuck Tarzan?  I couldn’t do that.”

But you wouldn’t be fucking Tarzan, you’d be fucking me, Grady.”  His face fell.  “Sorry, kiddo, it was unfair of me to ask.  Besides, I know you’re still intimidated and a lot of guys can’t get it up when they’re nervous like that.”

Oh that’s not the problem sir.  It’s up already – it’s been way up since the minute I saw you – even before I recognized who you were.”

Grady brightened.  “So you see … you’re turned on by me, not by Tarzan.”

“But what about Mario, sir?”

“Oh he would love it if we did.  He always wants me to have fun.  I’ll show you.”  Grady stood up, dropped his shorts and, butt naked, waved to Mario, who waved back happily.  Tyler stood up and Eddie gave him a boisterous thumbs up, cheering faintly in the distance.

“See?” said Grady.  “They’re all for it.  But what about Pablo?”

“Oh he’d be proud of me.  Only thing he don’t want is other guys fucking me.”

“So there you are, a perfect fit.  Look.”  Grady dropped to the ground and lay naked on his back on the grass.  Tyler gulped as he looked down at the muscle-god movie star sprawled naked on the ground.  Still bewildered he nervously dropped his shorts, but wasn’t sure he could do it.

Seeing his hesitation Grady said, “That is a beautiful young dick you got there, dude.  Tell you what.  I ain’t an actor for nothing and I love a little fantasy.  I know you can’t get Tarzan out of your mind, so let’s go with it.   I want you to do something.   See that tree behind you, the one with the low branches.  I want you to climb up a way, just like you did in that tree you fell out of when you spied on Pablo.  Just do it, buddy, do it for me.”

Still not sure what he was doing, but feeling his excitement mount, Tyler did as instructed.  It was an easy climb and he sat on a branch naked, eight feet up and looked down.  There below him was the man he had jerked off to in the cinema, the beautiful, sexy muscle-hunk Tarzan, his magnificent body spread-eagled on the grass, naked except for a loincloth. 

Grady had covered his groin with a small, dirt-covered towel they had been using, simulating the loincloth, and he lay there with his limbs splayed out, head tilted to the side, eyes closed.  There was almost no need to fantasize.  There lay Tarzan, asleep on the ground, and Tyler was in a tree gazing down at him.  “Fuck,” Tyler breathed, feeling the same reckless power surge through him that he had felt when he fucked Pablo.  “Oh yeah … fuck yeah …”

Tyler swung out on a branch and dropped to the ground buck naked.  Grady’s eyes opened and he groaned, “What the fuck?”  

“You’re gonna get fucked, man … Tarzan’s gonna get fucked up the ass.”  Tyler fell to his knees, yanked the towel off Grady whose cock sprang up long and hard.  The boy spat in his hand and ran it over his cock, then pushed Grady’s legs up high just as he had done with Pablo several days ago. 

Looking down at the stunning, rugged face he had watched on the screen Tyler pushed his cock between his ass cheeks and eased it slowly inside, brushing past the warm velvet membrane in Grady’s ass.   Grady sighed and moaned, just as Tarzan had in the movie’s love scenes and Tyler paused, his cock buried in Grady’s ass, to stop from climaxing too soon.

Grady smiled up at him and said, “Fuck me, man … I want it so bad.”

Tyler’s intimidation vanished and he felt empowered, just as he had with his master Pablo.  Now, lost in the fantasy of fucking Tarzan sprawled naked on the ground, he pulled his cock back and plunged it in again, faster and deeper this time, staring down at the beautiful body as it flexed beneath him.

The fantasy took flight.  He flashed on the scene where the soldiers captured Tarzan and worked him over.  He leaned forward, pinned Grady’s wrists to the ground above his head and pounded his ass, watching the prisoner grimace just as he had in the torture scene.  When he had jerked off in bed after watching the movie Tyler had imagined the soldiers actually fucking Tarzan’s ass … and now it was happening … and he was doing it!”

He fucked harder than he had fucked even Pablo, spurred on by the sight of the helpless jock’s handsome face thrashing from side to side, body writhing and struggling to get free.  He saw pre-cum oozing from his cock, felt his own cock shuddering in his ass and knew it was time. 

Lost in the fantasy of the torture scene the boy snarled, “Fuck you, man.  Not so tough now, are you, with a dick up your ass?  You’re finished.  Give up, man, you know you have to.  Submit … surrender.” 

His cock pistoned deeper into the hot ass, the rugged face grimaced in pain and Grady yelled, “OK, enough … I can’t take anymore … I’ll do what you want … I give up … I submit … aaagh!”  Grady’s cock reared up and shot a plume of cum high in the air that splashed down on his heaving chest and writhing face.  The image of Tarzan admitting defeat, begging for mercy, thrilled Tyler and his cock exploded in his ass, flooding it with his cum.  

He stared down at Grady’s face, fearing he had gone too far and hurt him.  But suddenly the face broke into a gleaming smile and Grady said, “Un-fucking-believable … beautiful … you sure know how to fuck, kiddo, with all the trimmings … great imagination, great script … who writes your material?”  He struggled to his feet, pulled Tyler up beside him, smiled and held out his hand.  “Just one of the guys?”  Tyler shook his hand.  “Just one of the guys, sir.”

They pulled on their shorts and walked back to the group.  Mario smiled up at Grady. “That was some show you two put on, amico.”

“Well I tell you one thing,” Grady grinned.  “It sure beats pulling weeds.”


Grady sat close to Mario, kissed his lips and gazed into his eyes, as he always did when he had played around like this.  “Thank you, amico, for letting me do stuff like that.”

Mario laughed merrily.  “Amore, your sexual appetite is so insatiable that I’m pleased to get help in satisfying it … especially from a shy new boy like Tyler.  You were wonderful with him – all his nervousness and intimidation have gone.  Just look at him with the boys.”

Tyler had been surrounded by Danny, Eddie, Brandon and Brian, all showering him with praise.  It was something of a rite of passage for a boy to fuck Grady, and Eddie, as Tyler’s best friend, was glowing with pride at his performance.   “Dude, we took a vote and decided that from now on you’re one of the boys – one of the amigos  

Danny, the house manager, said, “And Tyler, Pablo called a while ago and he’s coming up for dinner.  I told him he had to wear a shirt,” he chuckled, “but he’s still coming.”

Mario added, “And I would remind you all that tomorrow we are being joined by Zack, Darius and Miguel – the leathermen as we call them up here.  Don’t know what they have in mind but I’m sure Grady can write a script for them.  Bob is coming for a business meeting with Grady and me, and Randy and Mark will be here for one of their monthly security checks.  So we’ll be quite a crowd.  Tommy and the twins are coming to help Danny in the kitchen but I would like all you boys to pitch in and help too.”

Grady kissed Mario again.  “And now, signore, if you have quite finished bossing everyone around, I need a shower to wash off all the garden dirt …”

“… and of course you want company” Mario smiled.  “Ah,” he sighed, “the things I do to keep my jungle man happy.”

They went together into the house and Tyler noticed Brandon and Brian wheeling themselves away together, looking kind of conspiratorial.  “Eddie,” Tyler asked.  “I haven’t worked it out yet … but are those two guys lovers?”

“Good question, dude, a very good question.  We can’t work that out either.  But I have a feeling we’re soon gonna find out.” 


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 387

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