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A Trial of Strength is a continuing saga of the adventures of a group of beautiful, rugged men who discover the joys of intimate relations with other alpha males.  They are what could be described as pornographically handsome, icons of supreme masculinity straight from the pages of erotic art. Think Tom of Finland in words. Their sex can be rough at times, even painful, with the always-present competitiveness of strong, virile men challenging each other for sexual supremacy.

It begins with Randy (a tough construction worker) and Bob (a stunningly beautiful businessman) who meet in a bar at the shabby end of Hollywood Boulevard.     They are both confident, straight men until their chance meeting changes their lives forever.   Later, other men appear and come to share their lives.   There is Mark, the gorgeous cop with the blonde looks of a Greek God, and Zack, the handsome black man whose body seems to have been carved in ebony.

These men have their boys, too.    Darius comes first, a beautiful, lean black man with a rapier wit and an infinite capacity for fantasy.  


Pablo is an exotic Latino, a mestizo, quick with his fists and his mischievous grin.  Finally Jamie, whose blonde good looks make him worthy of being the cop’s boy. There are many chapters in their journey together.   The narrative is continuous, so read the chapters in sequence, as one follows from the other.

I hope you enjoy reading about these guys as much as I enjoyed creating them.  But writing is something you do in a vacuum, so I welcome your comments and suggestions.   Give me your feedback and tell me what turns you on most.
I have even been able to weave readers’ suggestions for events and characters into the stories, so don’t hold back.

Above all ..... Enjoy



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